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Smith-Corcoran is family. As a family owned and operated full service funeral home, we show care and compassion to the families who walk through our doors. It is our privilege to serve you and your loved ones during life’s most difficult moments. For four generations, Smith-Corcoran has been the trusted name in funeral service. We play an active role in community organizations and proudly serve families of all faiths and ethnicities. Since our inception over a century ago, we have expanded to three locations and have remodeled all of our facilities, but one thing will never change, our dedication to top quality, considerate service.

Recent Obituaries

Mrs. Barbara Damko thumbnail

Barbara Damko

12/03/1937 - 08/30/15
Mr. Charles V. Falkenberg, Jr. thumbnail

Charles Falkenberg, Jr.

01/29/1930 - 08/30/15
Georgia Socki thumbnail

Georgia Socki

09/02/2015 - 08/29/15
Mrs. Audrey A. Rhine thumbnail

Audrey Rhine

09/27/1929 - 08/30/15
Julia Ann Casey thumbnail

Julia Casey

10/06/1926 - 08/30/15
Donna Van Pelt thumbnail

Donna Van Pelt

01/13/1933 - 08/28/15
Charles Edward Arman thumbnail

Charles Arman

10/05/1949 - 08/25/15
Raul Lagunas, Jr. thumbnail

Raul Lagunas

09/02/2015 - 08/23/15
Robert Faber thumbnail

Robert Faber

07/18/1972 - 08/21/15
Diane Kefaliotis thumbnail

Diane Kefaliotis

09/02/2015 - 08/24/15