Cremation is a widely selected service. It offers a variety of options for memorialization. The services can be as elaborate or as modest as desired. Each arrangement is as unique as the person making them, allowing for the creation of a meaningful and touching service. We are here to help guide you through the process and create an experience that will be remembered.

Questions to ask A Cremation Provider:

  1. Do you have your own crematory?

    Smith-Corcoran: Yes, we have our own crematory used exclusively for our client families located at our cremation center in Skokie. Most funeral homes or cremation societies do not have their own crematory and entrust your loved one to a third party serving many other firms.

  2. Where is the deceased’s body held after transfer?

    Smith-Corcoran: We provide dignified, climate controlled on-site possession of deceased at our locations.

  3. How do you verify the deceased’s identity?

    Smith-Corcoran: We require either a viewing identification or a recent photo. Along with a positive identification we track all deceases using our SeruIDy system. This uses bar code technology along with a metal disk to maintain positive identification through the process. This far exceeds state requirements.

  4. When will the cremation take place?

    Smith-Corcoran: Having our own crematory allows us control over when the cremation can occur. Once the necessary permits are received we can proceed with the cremation ensuring that all cremations are done in a timely manner for peace of mind and ease. Our directors will also keep family members informed throughout the process.

  5. May I attend the cremation?

    Smith-Corcoran: Since we are transparent in our cremation procedure we do offer families the opportunity to witness the cremation with a dignified description of each step. The witness allows you to see the start of the cremation.

  6. What is a cremation society?

    Smith-Corcoran: These differ from funeral homes because they do not offer a full range of services and many of the services they provide are a la carte add-on options. Cremation societies are primarily setup to process a high volume of calls at a minimum cost, often through sub-contracted facilities. We are a full service funeral home available 24 hours a day with our own crematory allowing us flexibility to meet all families’ needs and wishes. We rely on higher standards and quality of service to separate us from cremation societies and other funeral homes.

  7. Why are there differences in price?

    Smith-Corcoran: The level of professional service and level of accommodation varies greatly between funeral homes, crematories, and cremation societies. At Smith-Corcoran we provide the highest level of professionalism and service while accommodating families’ wishes to create a meaningful, personalized rememberance.

Public or Private Viewings Funeral Service

Public or private visitations provide a time to say goodbye face to face in a peaceful, tranquil setting. It also allows friends and family the opportunity to express their condolences. During visitations families may set the room as they like by placing photographs and favorite keepsakes throughout. Having a time to grieve and say goodbye surrounded by family and friends often allows the healing process to begin and memories to be shared.

When families select to have a visitation the cremation will occur after instead of burial. Many families choose to have a visitation the night prior to a service usually either at the funeral home or a local church. Following the cremation the cremated remains can either be buried, properly scattered or given back to the family for safe keeping.

Families often select an urn to hold the cremated remains. Urns can range from eloquent works of art to something as simple as a jewelry box all designed to provide a dignified resting place. This is the most widely selected cremation option.

Memorial Service

Cremation prior to the ceremony is another possibility. We do require families to identify their loved one either in person with a private viewing and a chance to say goodbye or through a photograph. Arranging some type of gathering or memorial service is very important in the grieving process as a way to honor your loved one and it also gives other family and friends an opportunity to pay their respects and show their support. The memorial service can be done with or without the urn present and be as unique as the individual’s life.

Immediate Cremation

Non-ceremonial cremation is another alternative were the cremation is done directly with no service or ceremony. We handle the transfer of your loved one into our care and file all necessary paperwork to proceed with the cremation.

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