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What Makes Us Different

  • We work tirelessly to ensure each family we serve is met with respect, compassion, and grace. Our staff takes the time to listen to your needs and helps educate each family on all available options. We know the stress that comes when a loved ones passes and with this knowledge we understand making funeral arrangements can be an overwhelming task. This is exactly why we are here, to walk with you and your family every step of the way.


  • Our staff are experts in arranging meaningful experiences that help families capture the life of their loved one. We design unique services ranging from visitations with church services to memorials, cremations, and burials that give family, friends, and neighbors a chance to remember, reflect and unite to support each other. No one needs to go through the loss of a loved one alone and we want to make sure no one ever has to.


  • At Smith-Corcoran we have the facilities, expertise, resources, and compassion to make meaningful experiences a reality. We are passionate about helping people.


  • We have designed our website to give you information about all of our services from burials to cremations and more. Please use our website as a resource. We are always here and happy to answer any questions. We look forward to serving your family and creating a meaningful tribute.


Here is a list of our service offerings for your convenience.

We are happy to walk you through options and pricing. Please call with any questions:


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Our Commitment to You

Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes guarantees a heartfelt funeral & cremation service in Illinois. For more than a century, one of our main focuses has been telling the story of the departed loved one. In addition to this, we make sure that we don’t lose our focus on the families left behind, and that sets us apart from other funeral homes. As a family-owned and operated firm for four generations, we know how details are very important for you. We offer dignified funeral home and cremation services in Chicago, Palatine, and Glenview, IL. Contact us!

Recent Obituaries

Elaine M. Beaulieu thumbnail

Elaine Beaulieu

09/16/1927 - 05/09/22
Robert Zalesky thumbnail

Robert Zalesky

02/05/1957 - 05/08/22
Joseph “Jack” Gauthier thumbnail

Joseph Gauthier

09/27/1929 - 05/08/22
Timothy Joseph Horn thumbnail

Timothy Horn

04/11/1948 - 05/06/22
Joseph G. Smith thumbnail

Joseph Smith

12/07/1929 - 05/09/22
Nicoletta “Niki” Kotsonis thumbnail

Nicoletta Kotsonis

10/08/1938 - 05/07/22
James “Jimmy” Stuart thumbnail

James Stuart

03/22/1946 - 05/07/22
Franchesca Munoz thumbnail

Franchesca Munoz

02/21/1991 - 05/05/22
Evangelia Anninos thumbnail

Evangelia Anninos

02/09/1932 - 05/07/22
John B. Watson, M.D. thumbnail

John Watson, M.D.

04/15/1925 - 05/05/22