Would Burying a Loved One’s Cremated Remains Be Your Best Option?

When you and your family are trying to decide what you’re going to do with a loved one’s cremated remains following their cremation services in Palatine, IL, burying them might not be something that lands at the top of your list. Some families don’t ever get around to considering burying remains as a viable option. But there are some reasons why you might want to think about burying a loved one’s remains versus doing something else with them. Here are some of the ways in which it’ll benefit you, your family, and your loved one.

Burying a loved one’s cremated remains will keep them safe.

From the moment that you take possession of a loved one’s remains following their Palatine, IL cremation, you’re going to want to do everything in your power to keep them safe. You might think that you can do this by bringing them home, but if your house is ever broken into or if it ever catches on fire, it could put your loved one’s remains at risk. You won’t have to worry about these kinds of things having an impact on your loved one’s remains when you bury them. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that they’re 100 percent safe in a cemetery.

It’ll put them in a centralized location for your family.

In the years that follow the death of a loved one, your family members are going to want to visit your loved one’s remains every so often. It might be hard for them to do this if your family decides to keep the remains in a family member’s house. But it’ll be easy for them to do it when the remains are buried in a cemetery. They can visit the cemetery whenever they want to in order to spend a few minutes praying for your loved one.

It’ll provide your family with an opportunity to invest in a permanent memorial.

If you keep your loved one’s remains in a family member’s home, creating a permanent memorial for them is obviously going to be out of the question. But if you bury the remains, you can invest in a flat marker, a headstone, or some other kind of permanent memorial and place it on top of their burial plot. This is a fantastic way to celebrate your loved one’s life. It’s also a really good way for you to ensure that future generations of your family will be able to learn more about your loved one down the line just by looking at their memorial.

It’ll allow your family to abide by your religious beliefs in some cases.

Although most of the world’s major religions have come around to allowing families to cremate their loved ones, there are some that still ask that families bury their loved one’s remains.cremation services in Palatine, IL Catholicism, for example, is one religion that requests that families bury their loved one’s remains rather than keeping them at home or scattering them. If your family’s religion calls for cremated remains to be buried, you’ll be making the right call by going the burial route.

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