How to Plan a Memorial Service for After a Loved One’s Cremation

Would you and your family like to hold a traditional funeral service for a loved one prior to their cremation services in Glenview, IL? If so, you’re free to do this if you want. But you’re also welcome to wait until after your loved one has been cremated to pay tribute to them. Many families choose to hold memorial services for their loved ones once their cremation services are complete. If this sounds appealing to you, here is how to plan a memorial service after a loved one’s cremation.

Figure out when you want to hold the memorial service.

There are some families who make the decision to hold a loved one’s memorial service a day or two after their loved one’s Glenview, IL cremation. There are others who opt to wait for weeks and sometimes even months before holding a loved one’s memorial service. You should check in with your fellow family members to see what makes the most sense to you. You might want to push back your loved one’s memorial service just a bit to allow for out-of-town family members to come to it.

Decide where you want the memorial service to be.

In addition to figuring out when you want to hold a memorial service for your loved one, you should also give some thought to where you want it to be. Do you want to have a memorial service for your loved one at a funeral home? In a church or another place of worship? At a park? You can have a memorial service in almost any location that you want. You should kick around some ideas with your family and see what sticks in the end.

Customize the memorial service to make it extra special.

After you know when and where you’ll be holding a loved one’s memorial service, you can really start getting down to business. You should set out to customize your loved one’s memorial service to make it extra special for them. You can do this by handpicking readings, songs, etc. that were important to your loved one. You can also do this by working photos and videos of your loved one into the mix during their memorial service. You should try to go above and beyond to make your loved one’s memorial service as unique as it can be.

Make sure you invite people to attend the memorial service.

When people find out that you’re not holding a funeral for your loved one before their cremation, it might give them the impression that you aren’t holding any kind of service at all. You should letcremation services in Glenview, IL them know otherwise by making a note about how you’re going to hold a memorial service following their cremation in their obituary. You should also use everything from social media to word of mouth to spread the news about your loved one’s memorial service. It’ll give people a chance to come out and pay their respects to your loved one during it.

If you and your family need a hand with planning a memorial service for a loved one, Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes are always here to help. We can also help families with everything else that comes along with planning out Glenview, IL cremations. Give us a call to see why you should trust us to serve as your cremation provider.