Top Reasons Why Cremation Services Have Surged in Popularity

Have you noticed that cremation services in Palatine, IL seem to be more popular than ever before? You’re not just imagining things! Cremation services have surged in popularity in recent years as more and more people have chosen them both for themselves and for their loved ones. Wondering why that is? Well, there are actually a handful of reasons why cremation services have become so popular. Check out some of the top reasons why cremation services are so popular nowadays below.

People aren’t as scared of cremation services as they used to be.

A lot of people used to be scared to choose cremation services over burial services. They had all kinds of misconceptions concerning cremation services. For example, some of them thought that a person’s body was placed into a pit of fire during a Palatine, IL cremation, which is simply not the case. Fortunately, many of the misconceptions surrounding cremation services have started to dry up, and as a result, cremation has turned into a more attractive option for people. They’re not as scared of cremation as they once were.

Cremation services are more readily available than in past years.

As recently as just 20 years ago, there weren’t very many funeral homes that could help families plan out cremation services. Most funeral homes spent almost all of their time focused on burial services. But that has really changed over the last two decades, with most funeral homes now offering cremation services to some degree. The availability of cremation services has put cremation on the map for many people and forced them to at least consider it as an option. This alone has resulted in some of them choosing to go with cremation services over burial services.

Cremation services often cost a lot less than burial services.cremation services in Palatine, IL

You could make the argument that this is the top reason for the sudden surge in cremation’s popularity. Cremation services are usually significantly cheaper than burial services at most funeral homes, and this has led to a lot of individuals and families taking a good, long look at cremation and considering it a viable option. Many times, people are able to save a nice chunk of change by cremating a loved one versus burying them.

Many of the world’s major religions have started to embrace cremation services.

Almost all of the world’s major religions were against allowing cremation services at one point in time. They didn’t want to see people choosing to be cremated rather than buried. But over time, most of these religions have softened their stances against cremation. There are still a few, namely Judaism and Islam, that doesn’t allow cremation. But many of the others have come around to it and now allow it in some form or fashion.

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