An increasing number of families are requesting cremation services in Chicagoland. We are one of the few funeral homes or cremation societies to own and operate our own crematory, Smith Family Cremation Service. This ensures your loved one is treated with respect and dignity, giving you peace of mind. Other funeral homes outsource your loved ones to third party crematories who cremate people from multiple other funeral service providers. We are focused on providing the highest level of service and we cremate only the loved ones of the families we work with. We give our utmost attention to every family we serve and that is why it was important to us to open our own crematory.

Let us assist you in making your cremation decisions. At Smith-Corcoran, all of our personalization and memorial options are available with cremation; at other surrounding funeral homes, that is not the case. Many people do not realize the vast array of option available with cremation. Our staff can arrange services from an open casket visitation and church service to an elegant private family ceremony. Each day we work with families to create meaningful services to include important aspects of your loved ones life. We can create a video tribute with photos, arrange for beautiful musical performance, or even a military salute.

To be the best you have to work with the best and that is why teamed up with Matthews International. They are the market leader in manufacturing cremation equipment and they set the standard for continuing education and training. All of our operators are certified by Matthews. Many others firms do not encourage or require continuing operator training. Our passion is to exceed expectations and we know that starts with our team members. We invest in them so that your family is served at the highest level.

Smith-Corcoran is a market leader in providing cremation services. Use our website to gain valuable knowledge to help you make the right decision for your family. Our staff is here to assist. We are always just a phone call away.

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We are excited offer a new option to our cremation families. Traditionally the only option after cremation was to receive your loved one in ash form. We know that burying cremated remains or even scattering are not for all families. Many families keep their loved ones at home but they may not know what to do with the urn. Parting Stone is a new process of solidifying the ash into beautiful stones. Solidified remains are a complete alternative to cremated remains that allow you to live comfortably with your departed. The solidification process compresses conventional cremated remains into a beautiful collection of 40-60 “stones” that you can hold, share, scatter, and travel with. 







The appearance of each collection of solidified remains is 100% natural. People can result in different hues and textures making each set unique. Parting Stone empowers families in their grief by providing a form of remains that can be touched and held. 


Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes is proud to be one of the only funeral homes in the Chicagoland area to offer this service to our cremation families. We will always work to provide our families with options, services, and products that meet the needs of our communities.


Click here for more information about Parting Stones


Any questions please call us at 773-736-3833

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