Cremation with Confidence™

Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes in Chicago, Palatine, and Glenview is a trusted Cremation with Confidence™ provider.

We own and operate our own cremation center. Many surrounding funeral homes and cremation societies outsource your loved one to third party crematory providers. At Smith-Corcoran your loved one never leaves our care.

By keeping everything in house, we are able to track all cremated remains using our SeruIDy system, which uses bar code technology along with a metal disk to ensure positive identification. This advanced system far exceeds state requirements to ensure the cremated remains you receive are in fact your loved one.

Most importantly, our professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics to guarantee your loved one is treated with love and respect throughout the entire cremation process. We go through a 10-step process for each cremation.

  1. Your loved one never leaves our care
  2. We safeguard personal identity with an individualized wrist band
  3. We have a unique tracking system with personal identification discs and bar codes
  4. We offer family identification either in person or via a photo
  5. We have at least two staff members check all forms and authorizations to ensure checks and balances
  6. We keep a cremation log on our software system and a hand written log by each technician
  7. The identification disc is placed in the chamber along with the bar code being scanned before and after each cremation
  8. The identification disc is attached to the cremated remains before placing them in an urn and the bar code is scanned again
  9. Our staff will then notify you to schedule a time to receive your loved one’s cremated remains in the tranquility of our chapel so you can have a few moments for privacy and reflection
  10. We can assist in planning a service before or after the cremation that honors the life lived in a meaningful and powerful way

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