When a Death Occurs

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, and calling us first can greatly simplify the process of returning your loved one back home. Contact us when a death has occurred.

Under Physician’s Care

If a death occurs at a nursing home, hospice, residence or hospital and the deceased is under a physician’s care then the family, nurses or professional staff can contact Smith-Corcoran. Leave the funeral home’s contact information with the nursing home or hospice. One of our funeral directors can gather general information to be able to transfer your loved one.

Death at Home or Not Under a Physician’s Care

If a death occurs at home or another facility and the person who has died is not under the care of a physician, the authorities need to be notified and come to the location before the body can be transferred into our care. If you have any other questions about if a death occurs at home or at work, call our staff at Smith-Corcoran.