Preplanning a service in advance with Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes relieves your family and friends the stress of making funeral arrangements during an already difficult time. There are many decisions to make when planning a funeral or cremation. Choose for yourself how you want to be cared for. This offers you the opportunity to make decisions without the emotional stress of a death. It is important to choose options that are best for you and your family.

We strongly believe in the importance of gathering and honoring the lives of our loved ones. We encourage you to plan a meaningful service that not only eases the stress for family members when a death occurs, but it also gives your family a chance to discuss what is important to them. We at Smith-Corcoran are here to help answer any questions and guide you through arranging a service.

Preplanning has become more mainstream over the last few decades. Our staff are highly trained to ensure all your wishes are met. Families also have the option to choose whether to pre-pay services or just have your funeral arrangements written down. For those families that choose to pre-pay we guarantee our service charges and allow families to put money aside for merchandise and other third party charges. We safely place family’s money in life insurance policies. We work with Great Western Insurance CompanyĀ (GWIC). GWIC is our proud partner as they believe as we do that our services are “About the People.”

The below preplanning pages give you information about what services are available, a pre-need checklist and other valuable insights. Our staff can answer your questions and make the preplanning process a meaningful experience to help your family focus and have the chance to remember, reflect, and honor your life. We care as only a neighbor can.


Preplanning Palatine IL Funeral Services

Why Preplan?

When you preplan a funeral with Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes, you save family and friends the stress of planning a service during duress.

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Preplanning Palatine IL Funeral Home And Cremations

Preplanning Checklist

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Preplanning Glenview IL Funeral Home And Cremations

Preplan a Funeral

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Preplanning Chicago IL Funeral Home And Cremations

Preplan Cremation

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