At Smith-Corcoran Funeral Homes, we make the arrangement process as seamless as possible. Here are the important forms needed to arrange services with Smith-Corcoran at any of our locations in Palatine, Glenview or Chicago, IL. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.

General Price List

The general price list has all of our staff and service prices, funeral packages for both burial and cremation options, along with a list of the most commonly selected funeral merchandise. We want to be transparent as possible and that is why we make our price list available online. Many other funeral homes will not post their general price list online. We believe all families should know their options and be able to make well informed decisions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our prices, packages, or services.

Death Certificate Form

This form has all the information that is needed to complete a death certificate in Illinois. Our staff handles the coordination of completing the death certificate with the doctors and county offices. The certified copies of the death certificate are mostly needed for financial assets, i.e. banks, pensions, homes, cars, or anything else with a title. Also, as part of the death certificate process the social security administration is notified.

Cremation Authorization

The state of Illinois requires that the next of kin or power of attorney for health care signs an authorization for cremation. This is needed to obtain the cremation permit from the local county health official, either the coroner or medical examiners’ offices.

Death Notice Blank Form

Many families choose to place a death notice in one of the local papers. This form helps organize family names in the proper order. Normally all surviving immediate family members are listed followed by a short biography of the deceased, donations, and lastly the information for the services. Our staff are well versed in writing personalized death notices that highlight your loved one’s life and accomplishments.

Cremation Next of Kin Form

This form is to verify that the person signing the cremation authorization is the legal next of kin or power of attorney for health care.

Release Authorization

This form is need when someone passes away in a hospital or other medical institution. We are required to bring a signed copy with us before we can transfer your loved one into our care.

Embalming Authorization

Embalming is not required by law but will be necessary if there is any public viewing or if the services will not be held for several days. The next of kin needs to authorize the embalming as part of our services. Our staff of highly qualified embalmers go above and beyond in their training and attention to detail to ensure your loved one looks their best. It is always helpful to bring in a recent photo.

Checklist of Things to Do After a Death

Many people are unsure of what needs to be done after the funeral services are over. Who needs to be contacted? What are the next steps?, etc. This form helps guide you through step-by-step of who to inform and what needs to be done. Our staff is also happy to assist in guiding you through this process.