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Mary Ellen Ferraresi wrote:

I was so sorry to hear the sad news about Ginny. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time.


Ruben Rodriguez wrote:

I'm so sorry your loss


Karen from State Farm in Skokie wrote:

Fond memories of Fanny coming into the State Farm office on Oakton St. Always pleasant to work with and a smile to share. Condolences to Lil & Louis and to your family.


Susan Kasluga Regina ‘65 wrote:

For Jill, family and friends I am singing prayers of sympathy. Susan Kasluga Regina’65



Kathleen Edwards wrote:

A candle is lit for my Godmother/Aunt Doree who has always brought a bright light & smile to my days. I will always love her & cherish my memories of her. ❤️😇




In memory of Rosie Odeshoo, thank you for all your kindness God Bless you , you are always remembered


Paul Gross wrote:

It was VERY VERY SAD to hear that one of my best buddies growing up from grade school, junior high, high school and on had passed away. “Swishcat Sellergren” and Athlete of the Year 1969. Even though we ended up living a thousand miles apart it was always a great joy to speak with him and bring back the GREAT memories and laugh about the old days. My heart does go out to Pat, Bobby, Karen, Sandi, Mike and all his friends and extended family. May he Rest In Peace and continue to smile down on you all. 🙏


Annabelle White Kania wrote:

For me Sue was a kaleidoscope of opposing qualities blended in to a one of a kind delight. She was pragmatic and idealistic, earthy and airy, responsible and playful. Feet firmly on the ground preparing nourishing meals and whimsically creative making beaded jewelry, leather works for craft fairs, and capturing the essence of people through her portraiture. I have her oil pastel “Owl in a Cactus” still hanging in pride of place in my entry that she gifted to her brother Jim and I more than 40 years ago. Sue was a larger than life person for me. I admired her and wanted to be her at times. She was a significant part of my journey to find myself and be happy with who I am just by being so wholly herself. Sue created many things that added beauty and interest to the world but she herself was not materialistic. Sue was Mother Earth, looking after other people, caring deeply about the environment from way way back, like 52 years ago when I first met her, and caring about her fellow earthlings all while having fun. She contributed so much to the lives around her but I have no doubt she considered her greatest contributions to be Marie and Matthew. I regret that I have never met Matthew, my loss I’m sure. The memory I hold most dear is a spring day spent with 23 year old Sue, 4 year old Marie, and my 15 month old son Tobias: I was about 20. It was a gorgeous, breezy, sunny, soft Detroit day with empty lots filled with pink and white flowers and dandelions. We were walking from a craft shop near 12th and Canfield and stopped in a field overrun with dandelions to rest. Sue had made fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with honey and flavored with crushed mint leaves. So refreshing! Birds singing, bees buzzing and butterflies floating. We all played in that field and made dandelion chains and enjoyed each other and the day. We were young and joyful with a lifetime of possibilities ahead of us! We took different routes but Sue and I did both find that road of happy destiny. I think of Sue now as an earthy, concrete yet lighter than air whimsical creative woman. A light filled being now lifted in to a spiritual world where that fresh, sweet smelling sun flooded day is forever. My life has been richer for having known Sue Schmittroth. My love and heartfelt condolences go out to all the Schmittroths, John, Steve, Teresa, Marie, Mathew and Tobias, an honorary Schmittroth, for this profound d loss.


Nancy Sellergren wrote:

I was so sad to hear about Chuck’s passing. Our hearts will hold all the memories of us as kids and as adults. Chuck will surely be missed. My deepest sympathies to Patty and Bobby, and Karen, Sandy, Mike and Joan. My thoughts are with you.


Dr James J Stamoolis wrote:

Erica, Evy and I offer our condolences on the passing of your dad. You were a devoted loving daughter, especially during the period of COVID. Blessings and prayers.


Nanci LaSusa Meyer wrote:

It is with sadness I say goodbye to my favorite cousin. Linda Lou, you are the mascot of the Mauro dynasty! The memories are endless, and the laughs were many! I will miss our late night phone calls, the reminiscing, the laughs, political discussions and most of all, I am going to miss YOU! Every time I hear those oldies, but goodies, from the 60's, I will raise my hands up to you!! Thank you for all the memories, you will be forever in my heart, until we meet again.XO



Diane Vivalda wrote:

Our heartfelt sympathies to the entire family on the loss of Mom. She had a zest for life and a heart of gold. When my Dad passed, she was one of the last people to speak with him and she felt so privileged to have done so. He adored her!!!!! I'm sure there was a long line of loved ones waiting for her to plan a party when she reached the heavens! I know he was there saving her a seat and waiting for a song. Keep her memory alive in all your hearts.


Lacey Family wrote:

Oh no Stacey, I am heartbroken to hear of your passing. We lost touch after our old boy Elvis passed away. You took such wonderful care of him for 16 years and no other groomer ever came close to your standards. Your ability to work with a dog’s energy not to mention give a fabulous haircut was astonishing! We finally healed and rescued another pup who is in desperate need of some Stacey love but alas, you are gone. So sad you had to go. So many regrets at my end of not staying in touch, especially because we were both fae Scotland! Now you soar above the hills and glens, may you be at peace always.❤️ With deepest condolences to Stacey’s family.


john archibald wrote:

Chas, your infectious smile and classic laugh represent who you are. Positive, always available to lend a hand, great athlete and greater friend. Heaven is glowing with your smile. Love ya buddy. Arch.


Fr. Ken Fleck wrote:

Fr. Don was a faithful member of the ACP and a member of the coordinating board. He was a voice that challenged authorities on issues for the poor, a true witness to his faith and vocation. May he rest in peace. Well done good and faithful servant!


Jacquie Passarelli wrote:

Mothers play such an important and valuable role in the family arrangement. Even after they fall asleep in death, their impact and influence on our lives remains. No mother is perfect, but it is a blessing to have had one who was loving and devoted to her family. Life is a very precious gift from our Creator and we were created with the desire to enjoy it with our loved ones forever (Eccl. 3:11). Our Heavenly Father wants that for his children and will soon make that possible under the Kingdom rulership of his son, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 6:9,10; Ps. 37:10, 11, 29) Until then, may pleasant memories of happy times with your mother (and grandmother) gradually supersede the present sadness in your hearts and give you comfort and hope. Sincere condolences to your entire family.


Jeff and Nancy Tierney wrote:

While words fail to capture the pain of losing grandma, we find comfort in the many memories we made with her throughout the years. Grandma was very special, it was always evident how she loved and cherished her family. She enjoyed giving gifts in any way she could. We find comfort in Hebrews 6:19 “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, both sure and firm.” Just as an anchor keeps a ship steady during a storm, the sure hope of a reward from God can reduce anxiety and help us to maintain emotional and mental stability. Hope can also strengthen us to endure hardships like this one. I hope we can see grandma again and she’s young and healthy.


Beth & Rick Smart wrote:

Beautiful woman! You will be truly missed!


Matt Sobczyk wrote:

Sue, you were a very special person in my and Holly's lives. The astilbes you planted in our front planter will be a great reminder of your presence every time they bloom.


John Carranza wrote:

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your father! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Susan LaRoe wrote:

I will miss you forever my dear friend I Love you!!!


Judit Brown wrote:

A limb has fallen from the family tree, that says please don’t grieve for more me. Remember the Best Times, the laughter, the song, the Good Life I lived while I was strong! This endearing soul like someone said did have a ‘strong presence’ her children were examples of that by their care and love shown to her ! Marie was tickled when she felt that love ! I never met her but heard her many times talking to Denise and her expressions of gratitude for her wonderful family and the love Jehovah God had given to her! Marie’s expression of Faith was heard thru her genuine prayers and how that delighted Denise. So now we look forward to that grand hope of the Resurrection and growing young with her . (John 5:28) Deep regards and sympathy


Marian Serafin wrote:

It is with heart felt sadness to hear the passing of my beloved Aunt Marie. Aunt Marie was full of life and had a strong presence. I am blessed to to be part of her life. May she Rest In Peace with her husband and brother. With loving prayers, Marian and Rich


Doris Pucilowski wrote:

To my cousins - Aunt Marie was such a special person. My fondest memories of growing up were holidays and summer picnics spent with the DeCarlo family. Many years later, I was so happy to return the favor when she and Uncle Jack came to my house for those events! I always felt so privileged to be her godchild. Her presence was always like shining a brighter light in a room. With much love, Doris


Julie De Carlo wrote:

Mom, you proved it’s possible to love 5 children and always be there for them at once. I will never forget all you taught me because I use it constantly. You were always getting me ready for this day. You protected and worried about me until the end. We had a saying that became ours’ “I Love You To The Moon and Back”. Every day I will say it and I know you will be listening, then maybe it will help us to miss each other just a little bit less. Thank you for being my amazing Mother and my best friend.


Marty, Su & Matt Maneck wrote:

Dearest Schmitty, please accept our deepest condolences. Just remember Matt, Marty, and I are here for you!


Terry nardi wrote:

I don't know where the saying came from but I think it's very poignant here. And that's the saying that the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I believe this is the case with you Denise and your mom. Your dedication and honor of your mom was continuous without let up. Your mom's love for people and their care is another earmark of what you got from your mom. I'm so grateful to Jehovah that your mom will never have to go through illness again. She may not have always remembered all the things that you and your family did for her but Jehovah does. I know that she will be very grateful for all that you taught her about Jehovah, and what a wonderful reunion it's going to be when she wakes up and you'll be right there. Luv u


Amy Malloy wrote:

I only got to meet you a few years ago, but remember fondly our little talks. Your ability to see the bright side was comforting, and the courage you showed meeting your illness was inspiring. Now at peace and pain free, you deserve nothing less. I will miss you. God Bless.


Marie LaPierre wrote:

Mom you’ll be missed so much! You’re the best mom anyone could have asked for. I love you! Love, #5


Denise wrote:

My Thoughts on Marie - Mom, Grandma, Great grandma She really was a remarkable woman. Despite her own insecurities and anxieties, she managed to find joy in her life. Much of her joy came from taking care of her husband and children. She delighted in making family and friends happy through her special meals, outdoor barbecues, family vacations, elaborate parties, special dinners and holiday traditions. In her later years she sought out reassurance that she was a good mom, expressing many regrets for some of her past actions. The remarkable thing Is she used those regrets to motivate her to make positive changes. She wanted to be a wonderful grandma and great grandma, and found much joy in spending time with them and giving them gifts whenever she saw them. You could see that Joy reflected in her smile, a smile that lit up her whole face and endeared her to many. Also remarkable was her desire to get to know her heavenly father in her later years. She often said in her prayers, how grateful she was for the wonderful life that she was given, and how she loved Jehovah God and appreciated greatly the love of her family. She diligently studied Galatians 5:22,23 - “On the other hand, the fruitage of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control..”. She carried around a piece of paper with these qualities written down, and worked hard to apply these in her life. This resulted in her becoming beloved by the caregivers at Sunrise and enabled her to develop many friendships there prior to the pandemic. And she was able to maintain her joy throughout that isolation time, showing great patience and finding much joy in the porch visits with her family. She found comfort in the hope of the resurrection, looking forward to being reunited with all those that she has lost in death. She really really loved Life, and had confidence that her God would awaken her from sleep, just as Jesus awakened Lazarus. To know that her last thoughts were that of hope, not despair, brings me much joy and comfort. I pray it does the same for you.


Jules Zimmerman wrote:

Sue was such an inspiration with all her creative talents… I loved all the different kind of things she would make…. Stuffed animals… jewelry…paintings …. Sculpture… she was a delight!! I will miss her laugh & her friendship…Peace be with you Sue!!!


Brian Amado wrote:

Sue and Jim always treated me like family. Some of my best memories are with Matt during sleepovers and spending time with their family. Matt and I were best friends ever since we met. Sue meant so much to me I am thankful the last few years we would still exchange Xmas cards, and I will never forget the nice gifts she gave us after the birth of our twins.


Barbara Devers wrote:

So sorry for your tragic loss, many send sympathy and wish you strength, peace.


Charmaine Wittig wrote:

Shary and family, So sorry for your loss. I remember working with George in Nexteer purchasing as we found New technology companies to work with. Keep the memories in your heart. Charmaine WIttig


Margaret Jackson wrote:

So sad, heartfelt empathies to Patty and family. Chuck was friendly, smiling and talented, so sorry. Know that he will be remembered.



Sue was very talented artist and incredibly patient with novices like me. I did my first in life pumpkin carving using Sue’s design, tools and under her supervision. It was so much fun! Very grateful for having known her for all those years!


Carolyn Burton wrote:

Chunky you always had a smile on your face, fun to be with, you were everyone’s best friend, and loved by all. You always reminded me of Richie Cunningham from Happy Days, someone you can’t help but love. Going to miss you a lot.


Betty Phillips Posey wrote:

Betty Phillips Posey Fr. Headley was a good friend and mentor to my parents, Ed and Betty Phillips, who were parishioners at Our Lady of Mercy Church for many years. He was at my father’s deathbed offering special prayers and communion and we will always be grateful. May Fr. Headley rest in heavenly peace.


Carol Goldman wrote:

I remember when Sue brought chocolate chip cookies with walnuts to a meeting I was at and I loved them so much!! She was a wonderful baker and a wonderful person. Love and miss her. Carol from Carol’s Cookies


Jackie Feinartz wrote:

I met Sue over 14 years ago on the first day I entered The Chapman Center in Highland Park. There sat a woman approx 10 years older than I (I was 54 at the time) with long blond hair and large earrings. - everything about her said "I was a hippy & still am!" Through the years Sue & I became close friends - we shared a love of gardening, cooking/baking & the fellowship of AA. Her 'free spirit" showed in everything she did. On my 60th birthday she made me a beautiful Menorah that sits in a place of prominence in my living room. Her special laughter will always ring in my ears! Gonna miss you lady - rest in peace ... Love Jackie


Dennis Phillips wrote:

Fr. Don was instrumental in shifting my faith from adolescence to adult. His preaching inspired me to also want to preach. Although I don’t preach from the pulpit I preach through my relationships and work. He also did the same with more actions than words. My Family was fortunate to have him as our pastor at OLM. May the Angels lead him to paradise. Rest In Peace Fr Don, good and faithful servant. D Phillips, Houston, TX


Ronald Rosito wrote:

One morning during eulogy Father Don asked me what was Jessica cooking for supper tonight I told him Jessica isn't allowed by the stove she's 5 years old He scolded me because every where else in the world children are working younger than 5 And I still believe him He was always there for us all at Our Lady of Merry I miss you Father


Steve Schmittroth wrote:

All in all a pretty good sister


Caren wrote:

I wish you healing and peace and hope you feel surrounded by much love my friend


David Harwell wrote:

Father Don was my pastor at Our Lady of Mercy parish in the 1990’s, I learned a lot from his sermons and he always had a way of making me a a young child understand the story of the Bible by giving real life examples from his trips to Panama amd life in general! It’s been over 20 years since I seen him last but I still remember him and held him dead to my heart. May he Rest In Peace!


James Brooks wrote:

Garden Star We met Sue at a community garden She shared her sunny smile and Bonny bright spirit with us Our friendship grew like the plants in our plots Unconditionally she gave all of us novice gardeners Her expertise and gardening tips Eyes twinkling and shining She would patiently explain How When Why To plant certain vegetables Her patience was Job-like Her knowledge vast as Lake Michigan Her generosity boundless as the Sahara We grew as gardeners and as friends Our vegetable plants reflected our own natural cycle, they Sprouted Fruited Seeded Died Sue’s spirit will continue to shine on our garden— And our lives. by James Brooks July 2021


Jim & Sue Klein wrote:

A great neighbor, good friend, honorable man and professional on all levels. I know you will certainly be missed by all. Your spectacular acrobatics hopping from balcony to balcony to open a neighbors locked door, to the quest for perfection in replacing that "ONE" deck board that was just a bit thicker than all others, and your sailing skills that were beyond question. You will always be known as "Movie Star" Chuck by our friend Katy and crooner extraordinaire to all others. Enjoy that duet with Mr. Darin, as I am sure the two of you will be having a great time. Until we meet again, Always Jim & Sue



Tom E. wrote:

Thank you Uncle Terry for the memories, laughs, confirmation sponsorship and all the money you slipped to us while Mom wasn't looking :)


Tobias White wrote:

May My dearly beloved Aunt (not by blood, but at least as strong) Suzie rest in peace. I think of her fondly from days as a child in 1976. Though her passing saddens me deeply I am grateful for the last time I spent with her at the TI buffet in Las Vegas.


Frank Klein wrote:

Padre Donaldo was a great influence on me when I was a young seminary student. When he was in San Miguelito's Cristo Redentor Parish he opened the doors to a group of young Chilean exiles that included my future wife to call attenetion to human rights abuses in Chile when literally no one else would. He helped arrange my stay with a mission in Panama after he could no longer return there. He will be remembered as a true servant of God's people. May his memory be a blessing to all of us.


Jimmy wrote:

My 💜🙏 and love are with you. God bless you all.


Thomas Thoren wrote:

Jim and family , I'm so sorry for your loss I just learned of it now. Your dad was a great man, I have many fond memories of us fishing . Especially in Spooner Wisconsin. You guys take care you are in our thoughts and prayers


Linda Durdov wrote:

My husband “Mike” and I have been parishioners at SMOW for 45 years so we have known Father “Don” for many years. For Mike father Don became the go to “confessor” on Saturday before Mass from the start. After mass they would linger and chat they would become almost “Buddies”. They had a lot in common-same age, dry sense of humor and interests. These last years they shared illnesses had to get used to not being as physically active using a cane a walker and some serious illnesses and setbacks. But they both would recover often through sheer determination and get back to doing what their interests and purposes was. For Father Don it was his parishioners and for my husband Mike it was family. Today these two wonderful men are again sharing similarities - God called both of them Home on the same day JULY 16 2021.


Linda Jacobson wrote:

My deepest sympathy and prayers go out to you and tour family Patty Dudeck. So many wonderful memories I have of Lee and you that go back to the 80s that I will cherish forever. From all the times spent with you both from Chicago to Las Vegas, Lee always made sure everyone felt at home and always laughter around him. I am thankful for the all the laughter and experiences and welcoming me in your home when you lived in Las Vegas and made me feel like family. Lee was a such a kind hearted man and when you were together always brought out the best of each other! Will always keep him in my heart, My thoughts and prayers Patty. Love Always Linda Jacobson


Rose Llanes wrote:

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Durdov and extended families. It was a privilege to meet and know Mr. Michael Durdov, even in such a short time, as he was kind, funny, and a very sweet man. Sending thoughts and prayers to you all. Love Always, Rose (Bing)


Larry and Sue Kroll wrote:

Sue and I would like to express our deepest sympathy to Lee’s family. I first met Lee in 1957 when our families moved to the Wilson Park neighborhood. I’ve always been jealous of his “gift of gab” and engaging personality. Even though we haven’t seen each other in years, I do remember him fondly. Rest In Peace, Lee.



Kelly Fernandez wrote:

I am so very sorry for your loss. My many thoughts and prayers are with you.


Chris (Howell) Higgins wrote:

I am so saddened to hear about Susie! That is how I knew her as! We went to Mercy together. I loved being her friend and having her for a friend! We lost touch through the years but reconnected a few years ago. I am so glad we did! What an inspiration she was! My condolences to all of you who will missing this sweet, lovely lady.


Les and Carol Roth wrote:

May each of you feel the peace and comfort of God's love with the wonderful promise of a blessed reunion in heaven with George. Wishing you Christian sympathy and love, Les and Carol Roth


Gary Zirulnik wrote:

John, Steve and Teresa, My sincere condolences to you and yours. Although I have not connected with you all for years, I did share a FB connect with Sue. I've never forgotten those formative years and the times we shared. All the best to you as you deal with this loss. Gary Z


Thomas Reitmeyer wrote:

Sue will be missed by many. She was a great friend, always thinking of others and how she could help. I will always think of her whenever I eat a peanut butter pie, turn over my rock, or see a brown eyed Susan. Love you Sue


Sandy Yang wrote:

George and Shary were my host family when I studied at Saginaw Valley University. Both of them are very kind to me and treated as one of their family. I am very glad to meet them when I was studying in the United State. As I remember, George is a person who is very kind and has a soft heart. He always very patiently explained many things to me even I was not very good with English at that time. Moreover, he is always very enthusiastic to help me out if I confront any difficulties. I remember once I was struggled to write a paper, the first philosophical article in my life. He tried to give me some key points and guide me how to write. Even it was late at night, he told me he would not go to bed until I finish the paper. George always smile and use soft tone to talk. On the other hand, his singing left a deep impression on me. The first time I heard he sings in the church; I was surprise that he had such beautiful and deep voice. The way he sings just like a mid-bass in an orchestra. Suddenly, so many memories occurred in my mind. George, I miss you. Wish you find the peace in the heaven.


Frank Malito wrote:

Knew and respected George for over30 yrs on Cpd. May he Rest In Peace


Don Rouzan wrote:

Knew Lee back in our high school days from playing unorganized football against each other at local parks. Lost contact with him shortly after that and as fate may have it we met again as rookie Policemen in the old 15th District. Had many many laughs and many many beers together. Haven’t seen each other in quite a long time but always considered him a good friend. Thoughts and prayers to the family. RIP my Brother in Blue.


Hidalgo and Ranola Families wrote:

Out family sends you condolences to your family. May Tito Rene Rest In Peace ✝️


Brenda Hollis wrote:

Elette, I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your Mother. Even though I did not know her personally, I feel as if I knew her through you. All my love to you and your family at this time.



Aziel D. Sollano wrote:

My deepest sympathy to the whole family of George especially to his loving wife Kathy and sweet dog baby, Bella. May George's soul rest in peace in the Lord's arms. I have known George as my patient for only a short period of time but I am very honored and blessed to have provided my services to him as his nurse. I pray for God's comfort to his family and friends that he left behind. May they find solace in God's love in this difficult time.


Mark Mueller wrote:

Very sorry to hear about Paul's passing. On behalf of the Chicago Chapter, 82nd Airborne Division Association, we offer our condolences to Paul's family and friends. He was a good friend of our organization and he will be missed. Airborne!


Jeffrey Oehrlein, US Army, Master Sgt (Ret) wrote:

I served with (Lt Col) Dr John in the 801st General Hospital, US Army Reserve, Chicago IL. She was so kind and humble. I always enjoyed talking and working with her. I am so sad to find out in 2021 that Dr John passed away in 2019. Peace be with Dr John and her Family. God bless her soul.





Zoa May wrote:

Shary - so sorry to hear about George. I have many fond memories of spending time together when we both lived in Reese and our children were young. Thinking of you, Trephina, Anika, Serian and families. Sending deepest sympathy and love to all. Zoa Prahin - May


Judith Amberg wrote:

Dear Janet, Colleen, Sean, and Caragh…and Peggy, John, and Patty, I was saddened to learn at Jack’s Visitation that Tim had died in June of 2020. As the Director of Alumni Relations Emeritus at Saint Viator High School, I offer you the sympathy and prayers of the Saint Viator/Sacred Heart of Mary community, as well as my own. Know that our hearts go out to you as you deal with Tim’s death…and now Jack’s…and move through your journey of grief. You are in our prayers as you continue to share the stories, laugh and cry, and find ways to celebrate Tim’s life and the love he shared with you and so many others. As I read the obituary notice for this “beloved husband,” “proud father,” “loving son,” “dear brother,” and “loving nephew, cousin and friend to many,” I thought of the reading from the Book of Sirach used at Jack’s Mass. This is one of those times we can say: “like father, like son.” Let us praise a special man, faithful to his family and friends, strong in his love. At peace in his heart and his world, he has left us his good name, and we recount his life of praiseworthy deeds. A generous man his good works will never be forgotten. Among his family and friends remains a rich inheritance born of him…. His name lives on from generation to generation. We gather to sing his praises. We proclaim his wisdom and love of life all our days. We want you to know that Saint Viator will remember Tim and celebrate the fact that Tim continues to be a member of our community. In October we will send you information about our annual Alumni Memorial Mass, which will be celebrated on Sunday, November 7, in the Alumni Memorial Chapel at Saint Viator. In late October a small plaque with Tim’s name will be placed on our wall in the chapel along with the names of other deceased alumni from Saint Viator and Sacred Heart of Mary. Also, Tim’s name will be listed in the "In Memoriam" section of the fall issue of our news magazine, A Lion for Life. May you be comforted by the fact that death cannot take away the love, the memories, the faith! May the knowledge that Tim lives on in your goodness give you peace and hope! Take care and God bless you with those gifts you most need! Judith Judith Wampach Amberg Saint Viator High School Director of Alumni Relations Emeritus


GARY wrote:



Elizabeth Szteliga wrote:

Elette, Please know that our every thought is with you now and as you bury Mother on Friday. We hope that you can find comfort in the love of your family and friends and that this can carry you through this most difficult time. Sending lots of love, prayers, strength and peace to you. Deepest sympathy for your loss. All our Love - Fred & Liz The Villages, FL


Vicky Zanis-Kerlin wrote:

Deepeat sympathy



Ching fernandez wrote:

You will be missed Mng Ren. Rest in peace.



Beverly Nowak wrote:

My Dearest Uncle Lee, I Love you and I will miss you Forever and a day!! You were and always will be my Hero!! RIP my Dear Uncle, you certainly deserve it!! All my Love, Beverly XOXO


Patricia (McHugh) Gentile wrote:

Sister- u were my 3rd and 4th grade teacher at St John Nepomucene and my favorite - I remember u as Sister Ellen Marie - many of us ur students still cherish u in our childhood memories- wish we knew how close u were to us but now we do know where u are and we will see u in our prayers - God Bless u


Ms Pat Patricia Urbanus wrote:

Well done good and faithful servant. We at the British Infant Schoo loved you.


___ wrote:

In loving memory of Shirley Huett… Dear Shirley - you were loved very much and will be greatly missed. I’m so glad you were born. Rest In Peace. ♥️


ilene De wrote:

Though I wasn't blessed to know Jill, I was blessed to know Judith and Jill's nieces well. What an incredible family and how amazing Jill was in life. My love and prayers go out to her family, people I came to love and admire over the years. God bless all.


Jukie Wilson wrote:

This George I knew was a true follower of Jesus Christ. George and Shary were very involved in the International Students Ministry at Saginaw Valley State University. I was one of the students who had the privilege to meet George who was always humble, kind and patient with me. I have fond memories of George. He's a blessing to whomever knew him. I will miss him dearly. Shary, I pray that God’s love enfolds you and comforts you through the pain.


Lynn Berk wrote:

You will be truly missed Jane. You were one of God's soldiers and you served many people from the St. Theresa community. We will miss your smiling face but we know that you are with our dear Lord in heaven. We love you Jane. The Berk Family.


Dr. Kathleen Burke wrote:

Jill was a year behind me at Regina Dominican. She entered the Adrian Dominicans shortly after I exited, but our paths crossed at DePaul & again at Regina when her nieces attended. Jill gave tirelessly to the Dominican and DePaul communities, and to her family and friends. I know the angels have led her into paradise where, at last, she can rest in peace.


Ron Kryger wrote:

Dear Terry, Your struggles are over. God bless and rest in peace. Love, Mary & Ron


Mary Proteau wrote:

For anyone that cannot make mom’s funeral mass on Monday and has interest in attending, please see attached link below:



Despite his med condition Jim was liked by the other kids back in the old neighbor. He wanted to play cards, softball, baskteball etc, with the smaller kids. At the Emerson Pk rocks he got to know the bigger kids, hear their stories, a few times he rode around in their cars and felt like one of the guys. No one tried to corrupt him with sinister drugs, but I am sure Jim enjoyed a beer at the rocks at least 1 time. I also liked seeing him walking around the neighborhood saying hello to many. Sorry to hear about Jims passing and condolences to all his family.


Walter Tylka wrote:

My condolences to the entire family. Tom was a fantastic mentor to so many young professionals at the FHBLC. His legacy will live on in so many of us he helped. May God watch over you and comfort you in His graces.


Kathy Manrriquez wrote:

As a volunteer Girl Scout Leader for her 3 nieces' Brownie troop, Jill shared her enthusiasm, professional skills, and creativity to make a memorable experience for all the girls. Jill and Judy presented a "Broadway-level" production of the "Brownie Story" that brought down the house! The girls learned so much with Jill and Judy as leaders! Jill was a gift to us all.


Diane Oberlin wrote:

So sad to lose a dear friend much too early. Loving thoughts and prayers for Shary and the whole Frahm clan!


Pamela Wilk wrote:

Dear Peggy and family, We send our may thoughts, deepest sympathy, and many prayers to each of you. While this is a sad time, may fond and happy memories of special days/years spent with Jack and God's choicest blessings comfort you. Wally and Pam Wilk Saint Theresa School


Cecil Williams wrote:

Cindy, Rob and family: Our deepest condolences on the loss of your mother. May the Lord bless and comfort you. Cecil Williams Williams Funeral Directors


Mary Lee Odders wrote:

Jill was a long-time Lay Dominican in the Central Province, whose contagious laugh and joy are legendary! She was deeply committed to the Nona McGreal Center for Dominican Studies (archives) at Dominican University, especially after being a past Lay Dominican provincial president and provincial secretary. Lay Dominicans of our province stand on Jill's shoulders, as she was responsible for the strong foundation of our Provincial Council bylaws, our governing document based on the Rule and Guidelines of the Central Province. We were all the grateful beneficiaries of her wisdom and ability to communicate effectively. Jill will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, dear friend.


Jack McKenna wrote:

Al was a long time member of the STLE and a very helpful volunteer. He was a gentle soul and will be missed by me and many in our industry. So sorry for your loss. He was small in stature but huge in spirit. May he rest in peace.


Honora Werner, OP wrote:

Jill was a faithful, joyous, and generous member of the Board of Parable Conference for Dominican Life and Mission in the 1990’s. Her ideas, her hearty laugh, and her constant energy gifted us all. Thanks Jill. Rest in glory and pray for us!!


Michelin Lentino wrote:

Very saddened to hear of the passing of a longtime friend. I knew Jill at Queen of All Saints and Regina Dominican. She was a very kind soul and we picked up where we left off whenever I saw her. I urge her family to think of her spirit as a flame glowing within their hearts fir eternity.


Gwen Upshaw wrote:

My sincere sympathies to you Jessica and your whole family. I pray God's comfort in the coming days as you remember the life he lived and how it touched/enriched you.


Glenn P Machometa Family wrote:

Our deepest sympathy to the entire Sullivan family, we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.. Jane may be gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Godspeed into heaven.


Mary Lu O'Halloran wrote:

Jill, I will always remember you as your obituary described you. You were a professional since our high school days at Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette, Illinois. You are and were a warm loving precious person… kindhearted, gentle, fun, brilliant and compassionate. You led a blessed life. You will be missed. God Bless you Jill I am so glad I knew you-you touched my life in a very positive way. Love, Mary Lu Loari-O’Halloran


Elizabeth Vivona wrote:

We are keeping the Considine and Cawley families in our prayers. Sending you much love. Elizabeth and Johnny Vivona


Mark & Sheena (Cawley), Dublin Ireland wrote:

Our hearts go out to Peggy and the whole family. Fond memories of good times spent with Jack on both sides of the Atlantic. While it may be too soon now, I know you will (eventually) find solace from a full life of shared memories.


Susan Rooney wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jane was a lovely person, who touched so many lives. She will be missed by so many. John & Susan Rooney


Joseph Komadina wrote:

My sincere condolences to Jill’s family. I have known Jill for many years as a fellow member of the Central Province Dominican Laity. She served us in many roles in the Provincial Council over the years. She served as Provincial President any years ago and continued after her term ended to take an active part in Council affairs over the years as, variously, Inter-Provincial (regional) Delegate, Recording Secretary, Co-Promoter of Preaching, a Provincial delegation member at the Congress for the Mission of the Order at the Angelicum in Rome, and most recently as Archivist and our presence in her role as board member of the McGreal Center. Her competence, meticulous attention to detail, wit, charm, warmth and faithfulness will remain a constant memory and model for those of us who were her sisters and brothers in St. Dominic.


Sherry and Jerry Jacobs. wrote:

Condolences to the entire family. Jim we are sending prayers. Your brother sounded like great and amazing man.


Sherry and Jerry Jacobs. wrote:

Prayers to the family of George. Condolences to Jim and family. Your brother was amazing man.


Doug and Esther Ambrogio wrote:

Our hearts go out to Tricia and Ambrose Gillon. We are sorry for the loss of your Father .We know you have always been a loving daughter. You have Our Sympathy and our Prayers go out to the both of you and your families.


Josette Buehlman (Miller) wrote:

Jill and I were friends at Regina. We lost touch after graduation. She went on to live an amazing life. I am sad she died while she was still doing so much. All her family and friends will be in my prayers


Alva Luz Rodriguez wrote:

It was a beautifully done service. He was a very special friend. I loved him as a friend & bro. I hope that he's resting in peace. I hope that all of you won't be sad for too long. take care.


Marianne Strumberger wrote:

On behalf of a fellow sister Girl Scout, we send our condolences to Jill's family. Both Jill and Judy lead troop #28 at QAS for years. Jill will be missed.


Pam Heavens wrote:

Larry was an advocate's advocate. He never backed down from a cause. Larry's record of 25 ''good trouble'' arrests will not be broken. I hope that Heaven is accessible to all. If not, Larry will raise HELL! Thank you,Larry for everything that you taught us Rest in POWER!.


Bonnie and Bud Hausman wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire precious family. We will see you on Sunday and, if you need anything, please let us know. Much love



Sarma Manurung wrote:

Your great passion and approach to live out Jesus' love will be remembered


Joe Fiduccia wrote:

My deepest sympathy to Dolores, Mandy, Rebecca,, and Jessica on your loss. He will be missed by all of us who knew him. Tom will be remembered by me as dedicated to his family, his work, and his friends. It was my great pleasure to be his friend. Rest in peace.


Kim Tibbetts wrote:

We were blessed to have “Opa” in our lives the past 7+ years. He’s a beautiful, loving soul and we will miss him here on earth.


Kinan from Indonesia wrote:

I was blessed by the ministry that Shary and George was doing in my university in Indonesia. They shared movie night with us, they hosted us for dinner. They encouraged me and my classmates to learn English so we can be a professional nurse that blessed many souls not only Indonesian but many more. I am thankful for George life ❤️ Thank you Opa! We miss you but you are in the better place and you are singing praises to the LORD!


Mary Sullivan Proteau wrote:

On behalf of the entire Sullivan and Proteau families we send our condolences. We are comforted in knowing that Jack and mom are keeping each other company at Smith Corcoran this week. You are all in our prayers and we have fond memories of spending time together…may your minds be filled with wonderful memories too!


Gregory Clausen wrote:

My wife Ann and I met Laura in Chicago in the mid 1990s. We all became instant friends and spent many evenings out together. We loved Laura's contagious smile and witty sense of humor. We moved outta town and lost touch, as it happened we were in Chicago today 7/6/2021 and randomly stopped by Laura's home to surprise her. Sadly we found she has passed. The world had lost a wonderful soul. Respect and condolences to the family.


Jacqueline Nolan wrote:

Jackie nolan



Patricia Bobowski Ortiz wrote:

Larry was like another brother to me. When Larry and my brother Tom Bobowski would get together, the laughs never stopped. I am so sorry for the family. Please know that he will always be remembered.


JENN thomas wrote:

I started my career in disability rights in the late 90s at pcil. Where I met and learned so much from Larry. We often had lunch together at times I assisted in helping him make phone calls , eat , or just laughed with him I will miss you my friend


Barb wrote:

So very sorry for your loss. I will keep your family in my payers.


Bruce Evensen wrote:

I knew Jill for 33 years. I was one of the first hires in 1988 for the Communication Department at DePaul University that Jill helped to create. A great many of us have found work at DePaul in the years that followed because of Jill's great skill and vision in helping to create the department and in building its future as one of the great colleges in the country. That is quite a lasting legacy. Jill was a wonderful sister and aunt and loved her family. She fought the good fight against an autoimmune disease with great fortitude and equanimity. It is a wonderful example of courage under pressure. She is a heroine of the Catholic Church. Jill always wore a ring to show her devotion to the church and its teaching. Jill, you leave us triumpantly after an enduring record of service that moth and rust will never corrupt. You now enter into your Father's home with great gladness.


Jesus m Campuzano wrote:

i will alway miss him


The Behland's wrote:

We offer our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. May Emma's soul be at peace with our Heavenly Father. We pray for peace and comfort for you and your loved ones at this difficult time and offer our condolences to you all.


Karina Ayn Mirsky wrote:

My deepest condolences to Larry's friends and family. I had the good fortune of officiating Ryan and Alexa's wedding. One of the highlights of that day was dancing with Larry at the reception. I will never forget his contagious smile.


George Webber wrote:

A terrible loss to a wonderful family. Cannot think of anyone that could say anything but wonderful things about Pat. May she rest in eternal peace in the arms of the Lord.


Alva Luz Rodriguez wrote:

To a very dear friend who really cared for me. People didn't know that Larry went to the same schools that I did.- Walter S. Christopher & Jesse Spalding high school. We didn't know each other then. I met Larry at progress center & he helped me to bring myself out of my shelf. He was one of the truest male friends that i had & that i mind helping while being a part of progress center. When the pas were busy. I didn't mind helping Larry eat or put on his coat , etc. He always made me laugh. He's 1 of the very few guys who i felt comfortable & safe with being myself. I do & did love Larry as a friend. I hope that he's resting in heaven.


Gerry Mears wrote:

My deepest sympathies to Lyanne's family and friends. Chris, know that you and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers.


Toby and Kathy Patterson wrote:

Dear Paul, Rest in Heaven, dear friend. We will miss your wellness calls and your just-to-chat calls. And we will miss you at SF meetings and events. Your friendship meant everything to us. We hope you knew this. We will see you again.


Special Forces Association Chapter 37 wrote:

We are saddened by the loss of Paul. He was a huge part of our Chapter that will be greatly missed. As our past President, Newsletter Editor and great individual, he left a legacy that other will try, but not match. Our sincerest condolences to the entire Medici Family during this difficult time. Our thought and prayers to you all. Thank You Paul for all you did in this life and Airborne All The Way & De Oppresso Liber in the next! The entire Membership of Chapter 37 Special Forces Association


Dermot, Fran & Seán Hargaden wrote:

Our deepest condolences to Peggy and family. We have many fond memories of Jack’s trips to Ireland and how we were welcomed on our own trips to Chicago. We are thinking of you all.


Stephen J. Corcoran wrote:

He was such a gentleman, and a great help to my transition as President of our Chapter. He will be missed.


Karen Rosekranz wrote:

Sending my prayers and thoughts to Peggy and all the Considine family. It is never an easy road to travel may God strengthen and sustain you with peace. Karen Rosenkranz


Ann wrote:

Saddened by the loss, but happy for the many years Wendy was blessed with. It is comforting to know she is at peace, in God’s loving care. John 5:28,29; Psalms 37:29 My prayers are with you.


Debbie DiNello wrote:

Dan was a family friend from our old neighborhood. He was always upbeat, caring and the life of the party. I am proud to have shared the honor of being Godparent with Dan for our nephew Jimmy Day. Condolences to the family. It was a pleasure knowing you Dan. Love, Debbie & John



Alice R Schulte wrote:

My cousin, who I always called Paulie, was a special part of my childhood and my life. I miss him very much.


Brid Hargaden wrote:

Deepest sympathy to Peggy and all the Considine family on the sad passing of Jack. We are thinking of you and will be with you in spirit over these sad times. Brid & Eamonn Hargaden, Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland.


Claudia Gillham wrote:

I met Pat and Dick through the wrestling program at St. Tars elementary. Pat was the matriarch of the St Tars wrestling family, and we spent many a Sunday sitting in the bleachers at wrestling tournaments cheering our kids on. My condolences to all of the Duggan family...she was a sweet, generous lady who will be missed by all that knew her.



Jean OConnor wrote:

Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss


James Pritchard wrote:

We send our sincere condolences to all the family. We were very glad to have met Ruth and had the opportunity to get to know her a bit at family gatherings when she visited Toledo. I can still hear her informing us of materials science--she made it sound quite compelling! Wishing you peace, James & Diane


K. Percy wrote:

Larry, I'm still waiting for this to be one of your jokes. Pop out, now...worth a try. You are one of the fiercest, funniest quickest people I know. I won't say were yet, you're gonna hold the throne a while as a king among jokers, advocates and friends. Really not gonna be as fun on this side while you're on the other.


Mariellen Bronesky wrote:

My deepest sympathy to the Duggan family. Pat was like another big sister to me. I remember working with her at Brunswick, babysitting, her dying my hair and so many more memories! I know how deeply she will be missed!


Damian Ellis wrote:

larry biondi is a adapt he is a funny nice person to meet when we have the adapt meeting at access living we going to miss larry biondi to the family of larry biondi we want to say thank you and the staff of access living team we going to larry biondi thank you



Paul Stanton wrote:

Don’s spirit of life ignited a spirit of love and compassion in everyone with whom he was in the presence of. It was my great pleasure to be a chaplain alongside Don at Holy Family Hospital. The many times Don and I were at Archdiocesan events the time we spent together was some of the most fun and quality time I had during the year. Don was a saint in my life. I will hold all of you in prayer. Paul



Michele Clark wrote:

In loving memory


Sara Feigenholtz wrote:

Larry left an indelible mark when he visited us in Springfield lobbying for policy reforms. He was an outspoken, fierce advocate and a lovely human being. He will be missed terribly. My condolences to his loved ones.


Janice Ratkowski wrote:

So very sorry for your loss I know Pat will truly be missed. At all the St. Tars and Resurrection events Pat and Dick were always cheering on from the stands and you could see the love they shared for their family. With my deepest sympathy...



Nancy Mitchell wrote:

My favorite "LyAnne memory" goes back a long time - over 29 years! My sister and I planned a nice baby shower for her - rented a hall, ordered food, got a cake, put up decorations, invited lots of guests... BUT LyAnne decided not to come... Instead, she went to the hospital ... Yes we freaked out a little at first for sure! But Aunt Jeanne and Uncle George sat in the center of the room and opened all the presents, we played a few games, and had lunch. AND on the way home, we were thrilled to go meet Christopher! Quite a day for everyone! (And PS we did bring LyAnne some cake)


Richard Koffski wrote:

So very sorry for your loss. Pat was a wonderful lady. So very genteel at all times. I will miss her at family gatherings.



Patricia A Phillips wrote:

You will be truly be missed and not forgotten. From all the residents at Hill Arboretum Apartments. You will remain in our hearts always.



Samuel Knight wrote:

Larry Biondi was the best example of how to advocate for and with the disability community. I will continue to honor him by trying to live up to the example he set.❤️


John Gregory wrote:

So sorry for the loss of LyAnne. I am a broker in NY and LyAnne has been my go to person for 7 years. I had the privilege of meeting her on several occasions at our mutual client renewal meetings. Always knowledgeable, friendly and a person you could see cared about others. My heart and prayers go out to her family and her friends at BCBS.



Susie Calvert wrote:

To the entire Wehling Family, We send you strength as you honor and celebrate the spectacular man who taught you so much and loved you so much. We are so sorry it was time for him to go. We pray for your comfort. Love, Susie and Anna Calvert


Chuck Burns wrote:

I was saddened to hear of Bill’s passing. He was a wonderful guy who was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I sang for many years with Bill in the choir at Holy Family. I will miss his strong faith, sense of humor, and will always remember his devotion to his wife Sandy and their family. Thanks for all the laughs and inspiration Bill. You now are with your Savior and Lord.



Debra Zei wrote:

Such a lovely lady. Always enjoyed seeing and talking to her on dog walks. My family is saddened by her passing. She led such an impressive life. We feel so blest to have known her.


Dianne Donahue wrote:

When Tony showed up on a job, he was there to help you. When he was desk Sgt. you knew you’d have an interesting night. He was smart, funny and a no bs kind of guy. My sincere condolences to his wife and family.


Diane Lama Ludwig wrote:

Condolences to your family on Jim’s passing. Many memories of growing up together on Wolcott Ave. Wishing you all peace and comfort during this difficult time.


Julia Granum wrote:

Shocking news. My deepest sympathy. Your family is in my prayers.



Rick Vega wrote:

My deepest condolences to the Marquez Family. May God guide them and may wonderful memories of Emma give them peace. Rest In Peace Emma and God Bless You Forever.


Ellen Feinberg wrote:

There were too many wonderful times to mention. Dan was always the life of any social outing he participated in, and I will always remember him.


Gina Millette wrote:

Ginny, you will be sorely missed here, but you've got a great group ready to greet you up there. You turned out to be one of the warmest, sweetest and most generous people I know, in spite of your antics as a young 'un, of which I often reminded you. You've left a wonderful, loving family behind you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.


Larry and Lynne Fisher wrote:

We are so saddened by your death. We considered you a friend and you will be missed. Condolences to your family.


richard hubert wrote:

RIP Clear 6 and blue skys


Hubie wrote:

RIP wish you blue skys and a clear 6 it was an honor to have served with you


Mike Temple wrote:

MCA and WTA won't be the same without you. You will be missed. Condolences to your family.


Carolyn Hill wrote:

Sorry for your lost of an amazing woman to work for. When I first starting working in the marketing area with BCBS, I had the pleasure of working with Lyanne as one of the AE's I supported. She was a very kind, patient and knowledgeable women I have ever known. I learned a lot from her. Lyanne Anderson will truly be missed. My prayers goes out to the family.


Frank Lacny wrote:

To my friend Dan........You and your family will be in our prayers! Thanks for all your help in the MCA over the years!


The Dunhac Family wrote:

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the Don Wehling family. Wishing your peace, comfort and cherished memories to forever hold in your hearts. The Dunhac Family


Brenda Sullivan wrote:

Sending my condolences. Lyanne was my co-worker. I enjoyed working with her and she always made me laugh. She will be missed. 🌸


Mary Kay Minaghan wrote:

I met Dan through Rena Berke and CEA. We officed in the same great building at 117 N. Jefferson. The site of some great rooftop parties. My prayers are with Helen and the girls. He couldn't stop talking about you.



MCA of Eastern Missouri wrote:

I remember meeting Dan for the first time in Longboat Key. He was enjoying the sunset and a cocktail. He was boisterous and laughing. His love of life was always evident.



Cesar & Ester Sendaydiego wrote:

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. May God bless you in this time of sorrow.. Cesar & Ester Sendaydiego



Raymond Liedtke wrote:

May he rest in Gods Tender, Loving ,Care


Kevin Condon wrote:

The world has dimmed without Dan’s shining light. Hard to believe. Our deepest condolences to his family. I was part of his MCA family where he will be greatly missed.


James Broussard wrote:

I knew Tony from his being a customer at Central Auto. He was a great guy and will be missed. My condolences for the family.


Lisa Nuske wrote:

I have not known Dan as long as many other people, but I grew to love him like a sassy brother in the time I did know him. He was funny, sweet, talented and a great guy. I know he will be sorely missed by all of his friends in Sine Wave including me. I feel lucky that I got to make music with him and have many laughs. Rest in peace, Dan. xo


Michelle Laurinaitis wrote:

I worked with Lyanne, and you really couldn't find a nicer more genuine person. She brought me many laughs and smiles every time I saw her. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Joseph Liberty wrote:

I've known LyAnne for almost 25 years. One of the nicest people I've ever known. One of those rare people who never compromised her principals. She will be missed.


Jodi Beaudoin wrote:

Christopher, I am so sad to hear of the passing of your Mom, though I have never met you she was my rep from BCBS and shared many stories about you. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.


Deb Curcio wrote:

My condolences to Francis' family and friends. So sorry to hear of this sad loss. I came to know Francis from the many years he visited MAY I HAVE THIS DANCE Studio where he shared his love of dancing (-- especially SWING) and his gentle personality. He practiced and took classes when he could -- rebuilding his spirit and body after his terrible motorcycle accident years ago. He was such a nice person and great dancer. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to know and to have danced with him. I pray he is at peace. 🙏


Bernie Brennan wrote:

Tony will be missed. He was a great guy to know. My sincere condolences to his family


Glenda Adams Riley wrote:

There are no words that I can say to reverse what has happened. I pray that God blesses the entire Riley family with strength and comfort. May you are forever cherish the fond memories of Bridish and Isaiah in your hearts. Bridgette, you are such a good mother and I'm sure an awesome Nana to your grandchildren. I am very saddened for your loss. I know your heart is aching. When time permits it, whenever that may be I am and will be here for listen, talk, or just be a shoulder to lean on. My Mom and the Adams Family extend their deepest condolences to you and yours. God Bless you Bridgette.


The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth wrote:

We were so sorry to hear of Donald's passing. Though we know he has gone home to God, it is still difficult for the loved ones left behind. Donald and his family and friends are in our thoughts during this difficult time. The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth are praying for all of you, now and always.


Betsy van Die wrote:

I am so sorry and sad to hear about Julie passing away. I have many fond memories of Julie - we worked together at AANS and she was a breath of fresh air. We discovered we had a lot in common and supported each other through many difficult work-related situations. We shared quite a few laughs, commiserated on a daily basis, and hung out at annual meetings. We even discovered a common friend she knew from Centel and I became close to at Cambridge Communications. We got together regularly for several years after leaving AANS and I was sorry we lost touch. I enjoyed hearing about Alex and Edward, as well as her many siblings. My heartfelt condolences to the Quattrocchi and McHugh families.



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

RIP sweet angel.....



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

RIP dear Bridish.....



Angel amos wrote:

Rip 🙏


Billina Riley McCoy wrote:

I Remember when bridish was the new baby in the family when she got the name new news our little girl that was a beautiful joy to see with her smile looking so cute walking and playing with her 2 big sisters always singing, acting putting on the show with them.i watch her grow up looking up to her older siblings and quiet sometime in her on space. I would drive out to her choir musical and take them with me too the zoo, over night stays with me and bar be ques and a whole lot more. She grew up with my youngest son like a sister instead of a cousin. I remember when she was a little baby, a toddler a teenager and a adult and then a mom. I will never forget watching her grow up with our private talks and time shared. We had a good relationship and I will never forget the day she was born and was raised to become a beautiful sister, cousin, niece, aunt and friend to us all that loved her children. Her first born Isaiah that went home with her to be with the lord. This is hard for me as I type this still can't hardly believe my niece new news is no longer here with us but I will never ever forget you my love bug 💖😥😭 with tears streaming down my face that you both will always be in my heart always. I will miss you and Isaiah love you always your auntie Billina Riley McCoy 💋🤗


Diane Esmael wrote:

Our prayers and condolences to the Wehling/Lowery Family. A great man and it was our honor to know him. Peace and Prayers from Kalilh and Diane Esmael and family.



Penny Petropulos Haritos wrote:

Rest in peace Don. May your memory be eternal.



Helen G wrote:

To Eileen and Joe, Cathy, and all the Handley Family, I was so sorry to hear about Jim's passing. My sincere condolences to all. A lot of years have passed since I've seen Jim in the halls at SGHS, but I remember him as a sweet and gentle guy. May he rest in peace, and may God bless all of you with wonderful memories.


Toni Gogliotti wrote:

He was one of the good guys. So sorry to see he passed.


Mick McCann wrote:

Another memory I have is the on and off relation tony and Lynn Hayes had with Shirley zindars. Never knew for certain who was dating Shirley but I knew it wasn't tony when he called me and wanted to go cruzing in his folks 57-58 ford fairlane (white). Then I would walk up town to wait on the square for someone would pick me up and there would be Lynn Hayes so I knew tony was back dating Shirley. Too funny when I think back . We did double date in that ford also. I would get our car when Karen didn't have it and I would take Lynn or tony around our little city for any fun to occur..Tony was a great cousin. We spent alot of time together family and all during those days.


Mick McCann wrote:

Tony,john Oakley and I lived and worked in Chicago during summer of 1961. Tony and I got the idea to enter the armed services marines. Tony called Betty,his mother ,and informed her he was entering the armed services. I calledy mother and father to tell them the news and I got the worse tougue lashing a young man of 19 would want to get. They had plans for me like finishing my college studies and not joining the armed forces. Hence tony went on and joined the marines and I continued working on a factory until I left Chicago to continue my college studies. Never forget those days.


Anthony morabito wrote:

It was an honor to have served with Daniel Nash, a great American, RIP 🙏🇺🇸


shirley gilday wrote:

Tony once thanked me for letting him find the love of his life. Semper Fi....RIP until you and Sandy, meet again


Allan Schaefer wrote:

May God receive John Tony Rice into his open loving arms for his ultimate welcome home Rip Nam 66-67 🙏🙏🇺🇸


Michael Fleming wrote:

My sincere condolences to the Rice family. Tony was always a guiding light for his fellow police officers. Thanks again Tony.


Andy Rice wrote:

You are my big brother always will be. You guided me through lots of times and I followed you in some. Like the MARINES. You will always be with me my brother. I love you


Mark DiMeo wrote:

Tony was my Sergeant in 015 when I first got on the job. He was there for us all in the old school way of letting you come up with the answer. He did not suffer fools. A relationship with us developed. Although I didn't see or talk to him often I still considered him a friend. I was stunned, shocked and saddened by learning of his passing. The world is diminished as a result. Rest easy, Marine.


Suzanne Rice Darby wrote:

Tony was like a cannoli, hard shell on the outside, sweet as can be on the inside, with some nuts and tangy rind in there for good measure. I’ll miss him so


Morag wrote:

Thinking of you today on your birthday Stacey. I have many fond memories of our youth in Glasgow. I found out so late as we had lost touch over the years. To the Scott family I was so sorry to hear about Stacey 💕



Candy Hanslik wrote:

Tony was my uncle, he always believed in me from childhood until today, he always believed the best in me. I am so sad we didn't get to make tacos before you passed on to the heavenly realms. May the Lord embrace You with His eternal presence and power, and I am so thankful you have no more pain. Love, Candy


Nanci Rice Mitchell wrote:

Tony was my big brother-the oldest of 6. Our dad died when I was 4, Tony 15. So I didn't have a dad growing up--I had Tony. My handsome Marine brother has always been my hero. It's hard to imagine life without him. He was was the leader of our pack. Family reunions will never be the same....



John Hegener wrote:

So many fantastic memories of my childhood involve Tony. So sorry for your loss.



Chrissy Olson wrote:

My Forever you dad!


Chrissy Olso wrote:

Love you dad! We couldn't have been more blessed to have you as a father. We will be watching for you to wave to us from behind the moon!


Ron A. Nied wrote:

I have known Lee as a brother-in-law, and I will remember him as always willing to provide a tool or so for a project of mine, if it was available. I will miss the occasional phone call to touch base with his relative. He is and was a moral Christian, who faithfully upheld the Catholic traditions with is wife, Dolores. He really wanted the best for his children and grand children. He believed in the potential of an everlasting life. Thanks, Lee, for all the good things, activities, and intentions you gave to me and others. The world needs more like you!


Annie wrote:

I am so very sorry to hear that Emily has left this earth. When we were young, we played a lot of softball together, hit the bars hard, and loved each other dearly. Altho time had separated us, I loved her and John just the same. May God give you all strength to get thru the sorrow and then celebrate the beauty of her. (Annie Corso)


Michaela 'Mickey' Nelson wrote:

There are some people who come into our lives who make a special place in your heart. They have the love, joy and essence of God's presence deeply & humbly in their being ... touching everyone they meet. Bill was that man. He made us smile and in our Holy Family choir, he became our favorite brother who teased and was affectionately teased back as only a loving family do. He cared for his friends, family & their needs... offering prayers were second nature & sincerely offered ... that you knew he was not ashamed of his faith or his tears. Bill personally blessed my family in singing for my father's memorial Mass and he did this for many families for 20 some years in our Ressurection Choir. He claimed he wasn't a great singer, but our souls knew otherwise. So our hearts are broken, yet we celebrate knowing him and confident he is home with our Lord and His Blessed Mother Mary. There will be another saint to greet us one day, which softens this sadness today. I'm certain "Well done, good & faithful servant" rang through the heavens on June 19 2021. God bless Sandy, his family & all of us in the days to come.


Mary Ann and Frank Skutta wrote:

We've known Lee as a friend and neighbor for the past 43 years. He was devoted to his faith and family. Both he and his wife, Dolores, were active in the church. He was a gentleman, always greeted one with a warm smile and he had a good sense of humor. He will be missed!


caroline ramos wrote:

Shortly after we moved into the neighborhood, Angelo befriended my son, Alex, and me when he would see us riding our bikes and walking the dog. Angelo was unlike anyone we ever met – he introduced us to the Sandhill Cranes that visited his yard, beautiful greenery including the Scheffelera and fascinated us with his many talents. He was an absolute joy - such a kind and warm person! We are very grateful for the short but wonderful time we had with Angelo. God Bless you Angelo! We won’t ever forget you.


Olga Krzeminska wrote:

The most wonderful times when Dad played the Christmas Carols on the Holy Night each year either on the piano or an accordion. May Angels in Heaven play the same beautiful notes to you Beloved Dad. RIP 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖



Olga Krzeminska wrote:

I lit the candle around this time of the Father's Day for my Dad. I really want to say how much I appreciate had having a wonderful Dad like mine. I lit this candle today in a memory of a great humanitarian and big hearted man, who was always the best Dad I could ever wish for. Rest in Peace Dad. I love you. 💖


Bob Iberle wrote:

Bill demonstrated his deep faith by praying publicly with many of us at Holy Family during Rosary recitations and Mass on Monday evenings in our Chapel. He was a genuine and humble man and was always friendly to anyone he encountered, We believe that Bill now has begun enjoying eternal peace with our heavenly Father and Jesus (and His mother Mary). Hopefully, he will joyfully encounter other souls he met earlier in life who preceded him in death. He earned abundant reward for being a good and faithful servant. We're proud to have known you, Bill.


Tina Lesniak wrote:

He was my cousin, 9 years older but I thought he was so handsome like a movie star. He had a very comforting gentle manor and he smiled with his eyes. Love you Bill. Sending my love and condolences to family, he will be missed.


scott adelman wrote:

With a saddened heart and fond memory and lots of Love i will truly miss you Francis! Loved your joy filled smiles good times and joyful spirit. Rest in peace brother and may your family be comforted by your memory Love Scott The light love puma


Ed Woronicz wrote:

Sorry to hear of Bill’s passing. Many fond memories of conversations and events attended at Holy Family Parish. A real gentleman, always with a smile and kind word. RIP Bill 🙏



Megan O’Brien wrote:

My sisters & I first met Uncle Angelo, Aunt Peg & the Polvere clan during our Summer 1976 cross-country visit to see our grandparents in Boston. For the next 40+ years, I was always amazed at Uncle Angelo’s feisty intellect, passionate personality, creative artistry, and enduring love for his family. Sending love & prayers to my dear Polvere cousins and all who mourn Angelo’s passing. May he enjoy eternal peace with his beloved Peg & the extended family who await him in Heaven.


Megan O’Brien wrote:

One of the last photos I took during our 2018 trip to see the Polvere clan! I love seeing their smiles of pure joy 💙🙏🏻🍀


Megan O’Brien wrote:

During my sister’s & my 2018 visit to see Uncle Angelo & Peg, I took this photo of their wedding day. The joy on their young faces absolutely captures the magic that filled their long-life marriage together. Here’s to his peaceful reunion with his true love in Heaven. Sending love & prayers to my Polvere cousins and all who mourn the loss of a true Renaissance man. 💙🙏🏻💙🍀


Anne-Marie O’Brien wrote:

Megan and I had such great trip in 2018 visiting with all the Polveres! I took this shot because I was so amazed by Uncle Angelo’s skill with the vines. Loved watching him and Barb hard at work and so in sync. Uncle Angelo was truly a man of many talents and one of a kind!


Dan Dickel wrote:

Miss Costabile married to become Mrs Rojek was my art teacher at Franklin Park Main. She was an amazing and empowering spirit who helped me to expand my art for a lifetime.


Stephen Barnes wrote:

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.


Adam Wikary wrote:

Dearest Sue - May your father Rest In Peace, I know he meant a lot to you and your family, I’m very sorry for your loss. Sending strength and love 💙


Deborah Gidlof-Hogan wrote:

To my co-worker and my friend gone to soon I will miss you dearly...My prayers go out to your family...see you on the other side


Dale Jaacks wrote:

I'm so sorry to hear about Jan's passing! I can't imagine the shock it must be for your family. We worked very closely together at Hausner for over two years. Such a great guy! Our prayers are with your family.


Paula Koterba Martino wrote:

I'll miss you my sweet Auntie left us w cherished childhood memories from youth.we Always celebrated the fullness of love...soon we'll meet again.we love you sooo much.Our Beautiful Lord has you now love Paula Koterba & Tony & Katie Martino😍🐑🐑🐑


Paula Koterba Martino wrote:

Dancing & camping...we spent alot of love & time & sweet family memories from my youth.soon to meet again! I heard Jesus is sooo Beautiful.Cant wait love you! Paula Koterba Martino Tony & Katie Martino🐑🐑🐑😍


John Joyce and family wrote:

So sorry to hear the passing of John. Dolores and family you are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.



Maria wrote:

Angelo I was very lucky to have met such an amazing person. May you rest in peace.


Linda Hycnar wrote:

m so very sorry to hear about Jan. We played horseshoes and cribbage together at Twin Lakes and had many great conversations! It was such a pleasure pitching with him. He will be greatly missed. Prayers, Linda Hycnar


Robin Giampaolo Mahler wrote:

Sending love to Colleen and her family - one of the most beautiful obituaries.


Douglas Conover wrote:

It was my honor and privilege to have worked with Jim for many years as officers of Elliott Donnelly TU, and also to have spent time with him pursuing trout. He was passionate yet practical, serious but humorous, capable of being a big picture person while paying attention to details, a leader by example, and principled but flexible. I learned a lot from Jim. I will miss him very much.



Lisa Ann Chesser wrote:

Fun times bowling and karaoke! Rest In Peace ♥️


April Stark wrote:

Theodora shaped my world view in the early 2000s. Challenging me to consider the "little people." I had a wonderful opportunity to housesit one summer for the DeRoulets and got to know her, and her daughters. I am so sorry for all her children's loss. Your mother was an amazing woman.


kelly scruggs wrote:

You were simply the best....Love, the Scruggs Family



Marcy Woyner-Sutton wrote:

You were one of a kind, love ya sister Pat....


DeLois Terrell wrote:

My sincere condolences on the loss of Marc.


Charlotte E Tantius wrote:

Dear Inge and Family Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers and that happy memories will help support us all at this time. Love to you Dieter&Charlotte


Leonard & Euna wrote:

You were respected, and loved more than you know. We were blessed for you to be in our lives for 45+ years.


Joanna Krzywicki wrote:

Deb, I feel your pain and heartache at losing Jan. Hoping wonderful memories will console you from time to time. I can’t begin to count the number of pizzas the 4 of us shared over the years, nor the cups of coffee & cake we had as we talked for hours. Perhaps Jan & Ken are shaking hands now, or better yet, giving each other a big “man-hug.” Much love and prayers, Jo


Kim wrote:

A Whitty, sweet man. Who knew about so many things, loved his family and weathered storms to come out with many blessings!!


Sandra Antablian wrote:

Inge, my prayers are with you and your family during this time. I am unable to attend the funeral services. I'm sending God's Blessings to you and your family. All My Love, Dolores Urgo


Andee Kaskiw wrote:

Debbie, I may not have seen Jan in many years, but the years I was blessed to know him still remain in my mind. He was funny, caring and a great father and husband. Your loss is overwhelming but take solace in knowing you found one of the few good ones. ❤️


John and Rhonda Serafin wrote:

Jan and Debbie were our neighbors in Arlington Heights while our kids were growing up. We had lots of fun times together. We are so sorry for the family's loss.


Yolanda wrote:

There aren’t enough words to heal the lost of a husband or a father. He is someone who can never be replaced as a Dad. He shaped who you are and made you strong. He will be with you and will watch over you forever more. Hugs & Prayers ......Yolanda


Bojan Petrovich wrote:

I knew Mr. Neckermann my entire life. As an adolescent, I’ll never forget how he always stood behind us despite all the referees, teachers and sometimes the police trying to convince him otherwise. From the study breaks in high school to get ice cream, to the Chinese food on New Year’s for bowl games, I was lucky to have Mr. Neckermann as part of my childhood. As an adult and parent, Mr. Neckermann’s life reminded me of the true passion to work, while encouraging your own kids to find the same. I will always be grateful to Mr. Neckermann for all the memories and experiences he created. My condolences to Mrs. Neckermann, Lisa, Mike and the rest of the family.


Barb O’Brien Hunter wrote:

Mike, We are sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Maureen, Cheryl, and Barb


Sheilah wrote:

I'm going to miss you dear friend and so will the boys...God's speed.


Louise Braun wrote:

What a fantastic and honorable legacy Roy bestows on his beloved family! Indeed, he never gave up! Roy will live forever in the hearts of his family and friends. I send Ingeburg, Lisa, and Michael my sympathy and loving thoughts as you send your dear Roy back to God.


Gary wrote:

Great principle


laura and bob Tomei wrote:

Dear lisa I am so sorry for your loss of your Father hugs and prayers


Terry Jinks wrote:

Suzanne was a neighbor, passing by my house regularly we became friendly in the way she became friends with all who met her. My condolences to Ed and his family. So sad. She will be missed. R.I.P.


Anna Gershman wrote:

Dear Uncle Rolf, Roy, Cindy and family, The tribute video with all the pictures was beautiful. It brought back so many wonderful memories. It made me laugh and cry and feel the instant love of your family around Ron. I will always cherish my memories of him and your amazing family. God bless you all.



Mary Easterday wrote:

My sympathy to John and Mary Flesch


Bill Collins wrote:

I would like to send my condolences to the BarRay family. So sorry for your loss. May God bless all of you and give you comfort and peace.


Peggy Lagodny wrote:

Aunt Elaine was my favorite aunt. I loved her stories and her sense of humor. I will miss her very much. Love and healing to my cousins and her friends.


Janet and RJ Scholz wrote:

To our friend in your time of loss. We pray for strength and healing as you grieve the loss of your wonderful and caring mother.


Effie Pappas wrote:

Effie Pappas


Joe Hartford wrote:

I just learned of Bob's passing on 4 June 2021. I want to express my condolences to the whole family. I worked with Bob in the 18th District from 1971 until his promotion. Like Bob I served in Vietnam with the USMC. We spoke of this many times. I'm sure he will be missed by all.


Frederick M Fenig wrote:

Tom was a good friend, a great teacher and a wonderful gentleman. We have so many wonderful memories of Tom and the joy he brought into our lives. A very good man is gone but his wonderful accomplishments live on. We are grateful to have known Tom and he will always be a part of our lives. Fred & Tong Fenig


Fabio A. Ortega wrote:

I was really sad to hear about Sean’s passing. He was an integral part of my high school experience as he was for many of our other classmates. Though we had different friend groups, we interacted enough as he was in my freshman peer group, my home room junior year, and I’ll never forget the strong emotional story he shared at our Kairos retreat. And how can the entire class of 2001 forget how he shaved half of his head for our graduation ceremony? Hahaha! He was charismatic jokester, and we both shared a deep love for our beloved city. It was also always cool running into him at different bars in Lincoln Park in our post high school and college years. You’ll be missed very much by everyone, Sean. Sending my sincerest condolences and a big hug to the entire Murphy family and all those close to Sean.


Mary Jeanne Reich wrote:

Our deepest condolences to the family of Barbara A. Jenkinson! May The Dear Lord receive her in his arms! May He give you all strength and faith to go on with your every day life’s! Our prayers are with you all! 🙏


Rose Marie and Carrie Small wrote:

Scott, Katie and Francis Family, we are very sorry for the loss of Jeff. The video/audio tribute was so beautiful and your love for Jeff shined through with all the moments of his life. Jeff’s speech at your wedding was so entertaining and heartfelt. We wish we knew him better. Gone way too soon. Big hugs to all of you. Jeff, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Those combat photos will never be forgotten.



Matthew Tsang wrote:

Sorry for your loss! I pray for peace and comfort for you and your family at this difficult time.


Heidi Rank wrote:

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of my dear, longtime friend. My first real job was with Rein at Schacht-Johnson and we worked together for 10 years. We kept in touch always. He was like a dad to me, always giving me financial advice, telling me what camera to buy and passing on his music equipment or furniture. He also encouraged me to travel and up until a few weeks ago sent travel articles from the WSJ to me. I wish I could give him one last hug! RIP Rein.


Marilyn McDole wrote:

Luise, Ted. Thinking and praying for you; Sean was indeed a gentle giant.


Mary Ann Rowland wrote:

My Deepest Sympathy to the Murphy Family!🙏


John Thomas Donovan wrote:

Murph was a great friend, and a truly special person. He really was one of a kind. Words cannot explain how much I am going to miss him. To me, he will forever be “The Mayor of Lincoln Park,” and I will always think of him when I visit Notre Dame or stop somewhere to say a prayer. Thank you for all the memories, and RIP my dear friend. You’re deeply missed by the Donovan family.


John Shanahan wrote:

Very sorry for your loss



Kemal Kucuk wrote:

Always loved, forever missed...



Miller family wrote:

The cutest red head with the biggest smile. Loved our Cullom days together.


Dennis Mertz wrote:

John: We first met the day you entered the Academy and I was fortunate to be your HRI. Many years have passed since that day. Our time golfing in outings, Geneva National, Asset Forfeiture was unforgettable. Mary, you have a beautiful family around you and an Angel in Blue in Heaven protecting all of us. You are all in our thoughts and Prayers. A special one has left us here to protect us from there Denny and Kathy Mertz


Gayle wrote:

R.i.p. my friend we will miss you sooo much.



Rachel Resendiz wrote:

U were the best 8th grade teacher I had u are gona be deeply missed


Elizabeth Munoz wrote:

Beautiful person and wonderful teacher. My sincere condolences.


Arabella Gulick wrote:

Ed, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Suzanne was my cousin. She was my mother Susanne Ameer Monasa’s maternal relative. We always wanted to get to know each other better but did not have the opportunity but we were FB friends. My mom and I attended your wedding which was amazing and I’ll never forget it. And you attended my daughter Sarah and Tim’s wedding in Ohio. You honored us with your presence and kindness. I’ll always remember Suzanne and her generosity of spirit. Love and with sympathy, Arabella Gulick


Susanne Ameer Monasa wrote:

dear Ed, I was saddened about your Mom's untimely passing. I am thinking about you and sending you and yours my love. Your Mom and I were cousins and FB friends. I enjoyed reading her posts and she admired my family pictures I posted on FB. I have fond memories from the time she invited me to your wedding. My daughter,Arabella and I still talk about your wedding. I also remember when your Mom and you attended my granddaughter, Sarah Morris' wedding in Ohio. Everyone was happy to see your Mom and you at the wedding. Even though, we lived far apart, we always stayed in touch. I will miss Suzanne very much. With sympathy and love, Susie Ameer Monasa


Trayce Lindenfelser wrote:

Dave always referred to us as “Cousinette’s’” Although he felt much more like that favorite Uncle. I will forever hold in my heart the sound of your voice, your contagious laugh, your smile and the twinkle in your blue eyes. You always reach out at Christmas and my birthday. Which ironically was the last text just 3 days before your passing. All of us are better people for having you in our lives. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. You taught us how to mix a dark beer with a light beer that we always refer to as a Dave Green. We raise a glass to you. Thank you for always being there and loving our family. It was always noticed 🥰🙏


Helmut Gernedl wrote:

Aus dem Leben bist Du uns genommen, aber nicht aus unseren Herzen! Adieu liebe Ingrid bis wir uns wiedersehen.


Helmut Gernedl and Family wrote:

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. Adieu dear cousin! Your forever loving relatives of your old homeland Graz


Carlene Lutz wrote:

So sorry to hear this news. We taught together at Hearst yrs ago. Treasure your fond memories, Edward & family.


Frankie Sims-White wrote:

You will truly be missed, your smile your humor and you concern for all 🙏💕



Natalia Perez wrote:

She was such an awesome teacher always cared for her students .. She had a heart of gold. My condolences to her family.. ( One of Your Moos Students


Delaiza wrote:

She was the best role model a student can ask for ... She was not only my teacher but for my older siblings as well I was class of 2002 from Moos elementary if it wasn't for her I'd be so lost in this world she is my role model nd now my guardian and right along with my grandmother whom she also got a chance too meet...



Keelyn Brown wrote:

Sending lots of prayers and light during this difficult time.


Brian O'Halloran wrote:

Very sorry to hear, my condolences to the Murphy family.


Gary Hurst wrote:

One of the greatest teachers ever rest easy god bless



Brian Flannery wrote:

Miss seeing you....



Tom White wrote:

Dear Mary and Family, Please accept my most sincere condolences for the loss of John. I was fortunate to have played on the same offensive as John at Northeastern and held him in the highest regards no only for his football skills but as a true gentleman, wonderful teammate and friend. May God welcome John with open arms as he enters the Kingdom of Heaven and grant you and your family peace during this time of loss. God Bless you and your family, Tom White


Laura Brown wrote:

I was a lunchlady a Rhodes elementary. Tim was always there first thing in the morning to make sure there were no problems in the cafeteria. He had a great sense of humor and always a smile on his face. One great human being. He'll be missed



Devin Garcia wrote:

Suzanne, since the time I met you I knew you were life changing. Our walks on the tracks at Galter Life Center and all our conversations will never be forgotten. You were brave, you were confident and you were beautiful. You will be very missed and you were loved deeply. See you one day again my friend.


Claire Baaba Rosenfeldt wrote:

Will miss you and pray that you are RIP...



Terry Collins wrote:

My condolences to John's Family, he was a true Gentleman and will be missed by all!


Kelly wrote:

I have nothing but positive and great memories of my cousin Ian, and so grateful for the goodness he brought to our family. There were two things he said that have brought comfort. He was helping us with a house... we were on the phone and Mary said in the background tell her to (..I don’t remember) and he paused and said back to Mary “It’s Kelly she’s going to do what she wants” I still smile at that and say Yep pretty much ;) The world knows him as John, but his cousins know him as Ian (Irish/Scottish for John :)). Well recently I realized everybody called him John and I still called him Ian so I thought maybe he wants to be called John so I called him John. He said so what I’m John now what happened to Ian. You will always be Ian and always be missed! Thank you for being you. Love you cousin. Mary, JeanMarie, John III, Uncle Sean and Auntie Jean I so wish we could ease your grief. Love, Hugs, and Prayers


Pattie and Bob Frey wrote:

Drear Downes family, John was a great guy and we are saddened by his loss. You have our deepest sympathy and condolences.



The first time I met Dave was at a Green family Christmas Eve at the Clements’ home. He & Ethel were both great friends from the very beginning, and I always enjoyed being around them at our many Texas Green events. He was always kind & loving & always had a great story or a great joke. He always felt more Ike a brother to both John & myself, and we always looked forward to seeing him again. He treated everyone with respect & love, and I remember how much he & Grandpa Bob Green loved their Chicago sports teams! He had great admiration for all the Texas Greens and was so nurturing & pastoral at the loss of Grandpa & Judi. It’s not hard to believe he got his pastor’s license when Adam & Leesa were getting married. From then on, he was pastor Dave. That’s how I’ll always remember him. And how I’ll miss him. He was one of the greats!


Chris & Sonja (Bergie) Quicksell wrote:

When I first met Donna, after speaking with her for 5 minutes, it was like we'd been friends for years. She was so welcoming and easy to talk to. I'll always remember her warm hugs and the sparkle in her eyes. Sending our love to Bob, Lisa and the entire family during this difficult time. You're in our hearts now and always. Love, Chris & Sonja


Dan & Deanna Diaczun wrote:

Even though we haven't been neighbors for very long we'll still miss you Donna. Our condolences to you and your family during this difficult time.


Connie Vickers wrote:

I remember lots of adventures when visiting The Green family in their home in Chicago. The four cousins, my sister Donna, myself and David and brother Danny were close in age and we looked forward to visits to Chicago where my great-grandmother lived with them and times Uncle Al took us all out to their favorite restaurant always telling lots of fun stories about living in Chicago. Aunt Hilda was caring and connected to all the relatives in Carmi and especially close to her little sister, my mom. It was very comforting when David and Ethel attended my mom’s memorial service and we got to spend a little time with them. They obviously were a very devoted couple and fun to be around. David’s kindness really stood out and we could tell he was a caring person. Our thoughts go out to Ethel and hope she will be comforted by her memories and those who loved David.


Kathy & Scott Phillips wrote:

We worked with Rich at Hoffman Estates High School. Our paths crossed daily; so many conversations were had through the years! Rich aided us with set-ups to more programs than we can count! Rich would always guarantee that 'the show would go on', and it did - through his expertise and good cheer. Please accept our condolences.


Eric Ferrell wrote:

Dave was an amazing gentlemen, and I use that term intentionally. He was invested in every conversation that he had with someone and truly cared about people. He greeted the world with his bright smile and kind eyes, that sometimes sparkled with his playfully mischievous twinkle, and an ever-present grace that made those around him instantly comfortable. I’ll miss his laugh, his playfulness, his attention to detail in the kitchen, his great storytelling ability and his love for those he cared about. I never saw him without a smile on his face or with thoughtful approach to any situation he was in….and I’ll miss that a lot, he was one of a kind and the world is worse off without him here.


Kerri, Dave, and four legged Addy wrote:

Donna was such a good sport about everything! Our pup Addy knew who she could go to for extra pets and maybe a nibble under the table of Donna's delicious food. We enjoyed parties, boating, trips, and tours with Donna and were also lucky enough to be at Star Lake for a day of fun at Bob and Donna's 60th. You are now smiling on us from heaven!


Pete and Cindy Burban wrote:

Our feelings go out to you Bob, Lisa, Don and the entire extended Kobetsky families as we wish God's comfort to you for the loss of Donna - a very special wife, mom and friend. She lived a great life! We remember Donna as fun loving with a big smile and a bigger heart. She even trusted John to give her a jet ski ride! We are in prayer for everyone. "May the peace of God... guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus" (Phil 4:7, the BIBLE)


Josh Bergie wrote:

Thinking of you during this difficult time. I came to know Donna through my folks neighborhood holiday get together parties growing up a couple houses down from John and Lisa. Donna always had a warm smile that you noticed from across the room. She was pleasant, inviting and all around a person you could approach and have a great conversation with. Very down to earth and was a woman who had great stories and I found her very welcoming. My condolences to you and family.


Marcy and Brad Bergie wrote:

Dear Bob and John and Lisa Donna was the best! Brad and I are so glad to have known her. She had such a great sense of humor, and loved our kids and all of our dogs over the years. And they loved her back. We always were glad to see her on her visits to Minnesota. She was so full of life, it’s hard to imagine that she’s gone. We are so very sorry for your loss.


Rosie Jansen wrote:

Karen - So sorry to hear about your loss. Sending much love, Rosie


Lisa and John Burban wrote:

Opps date is 1996


Mary Clark and Bill Kuzma wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We hope that your wonderful memories of great times will help you in the coming days.



Mary and Bill wrote:

We light this candle with fondest memories of Donna.


Bonnie and Len Juran wrote:

Dear Bob and Family, Please accept our sympathy at this difficult time. We were sad to hear of the loss of your beloved wife and mother Donna. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Bonnie and Len Juran



Janine & Merle Larson, Mr. Conor Fitzgerald wrote:

Ms. Meyer & Me My earliest memory of you was at the age of 7 years old, when my mother and i would meet you downtown for lunch on days when she brought me to work with her. You would always have a package of gummy bears hidden away for me in your bag. I remember you at many of our family event through the years, (holidays, birthdays, graduations). You were always there with that big beautiful smile of yours. In recent years my family and I did what we could to help you navigate your way through the "Senior Citizen" years. i would always call you and say "This is your well-being check or I'm calling to check on the Elderly." You got such a laugh out of that, and we would be on the phone laughing for extended periods of time after I said those words. We would usually be talking about the pandemic, and all the bad news my mother would share with you after watching too much nightly news. You would refer to it as the "Doom and Gloom." You were such an important part of my daily life that I can't believe you're no longer with us. But I know you are in the loving arms of our Lord, and that your loving family welcomed you and your brother with open arms as you entered heaven's gates. i would like to thank you for being our family's Angel here on earth. It was an absolute pleasure to know you and to spend time in your presence. No one will ever fill your shoes, but it brings me great peace to know you're in heaven now looking down on us, and blessing us from above. You no longer need me to check on your well-being because you are now in eternal bliss with our Lord. Rest In Peace My Sweet Friend. You have been reborn and are young again. You will always be one of my favorites and Merle's and Conor's too.


Robert M. Berger wrote:

Miss Pietch was my Advanced Placement English teacher at Senn High School in the late 1950s. She was a demanding, devoted, highly skilled, outstanding teacher from whom I learned a great deal; I have held her in the greatest esteem over all these years. She had a very powerful, positive influence on many generations of the students who were privileged to be her students.


Joanne (Owens) Leslie wrote:

Dr. Pietch was my principal for 7th & 8th grade. I have fond memories of her. She encouraged me to take a creative writing class at Taft High School the summer between 7th and 8th grades which made me feel very special!.


Nancy (Strass) Reilly wrote:

Dr. Pietch was the principal of Ebinger Grammar School during my time there. She encouraged and fed my love for reading as well as my desire to write poetry. I have fond memories of her smile and voice. May God lift her up on eagles wings.



Louise Braun wrote:

Blessings to you, Frances! I have lots of memories of you and your beloved caretaker, Flor. The neighborhood will miss you and Flor. Thanks for all of your contributions to educational excellence.


Ginny O'Connell wrote:

Dear Katie, we are so sorry to hear of the passing of Bernie, a great and funny guy and dear friend. Please know we are thinking of you and your family during this difficult time. Sending our love and prayers to you all, Terry and Ginny O'Connell



Guardian Angle wrote:

Forever Gone, but NEVER forgotten


Lee DEMAR wrote:

My Prayers



Dear Ingrid: I will always remember our wonderful birthday gatherings at Reza's and Olive Garden. I so loved our many chats while at Kirkland and beyond. You were a true soul mate. I will truly miss you dearly. Love, Janice Classen


Bob Erdmann wrote:

Fond memories of our days at Loyola Academy with my wonderful buddy-Bernie. His presence will be missed.


Michael Brown wrote:

May my Aunts memory be eternal!


Ed Pyrcioch, Ret. CPD wrote:

My condolences to the entire family. Bernie was a great guy and one of the nicest people I met on the police department. Rest in Peace


JoAnn and Fred Johnson wrote:

Our dear friend Ingrid, how we miss your laughter and the kindness in your voice. You were the brightest of lights, light that can only shine from a heavenly angel. You were a once-in-a-lifetime friend who will never be replaced or forgotten. You have left an indelible mark on our hearts and made us better people. Thank you for your incredible love for Fred and me, and for our entire family. You made each of us feel very special. You are finally together with your parents, grandparents and brother. Enjoy your joyous reunion, and we pray that we’ll see you again. ♥️


Bernard Brennan wrote:

My sincere condolences for the loss of Barney. He was respected by all who had tHe privilege to have known him


Jill Rechtien Schaefer wrote:

Patti (& Jim) & Colleen I am very sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I hope that all of the great memories you have, carry you through your grief during this time. And may God hold him in the palm of His hand. All my love. To the entire Finnegan family, my deepest condolences.


Sandra Ziegler wrote:

Das Schönste, was ein Mensch hinterlassen kann, ist ein Lächeln im Gesicht derjenigen, die an ihn denken



Sandra wrote:

Menschen, die wir lieben, bleiben für immer, denn sie hinterlassen Spuren in unserem Herzen


Bill and Ellie Langowski wrote:

When a good soul passes on, there remains a hole in the fabric of the lives of many. Bob was one of these. For those whose lives he touched, it seemed like he would always be there. How else could we imagine things. Bob or as I knew him, Bobby, was always someone who appeared larger than life, not just in stature, but in his choices and in his doings. He served as my confirmation sponsor in our church. With achievements in both football and track, he was famous at our high school (De Paul Academy). He volunteered to fight our generation’s war, serving in Vietnam. Upon return from service, he married a young woman well received by our family and chose a career considered prestigious in our circles. From time to time his career exploits inspired awe. Ultimately, he served at the 24th District - Rodgers Park as a Lieutenant. My cousin was in charge of the police in the neighborhood where I grew-up! I was proud and bragged about him often. I saw his life from a distance. Perhaps my view was a touch unidimensional. However, those close to him got to see a complete human being. I know from the results I have seen and the discussions that I have had with people who knew and worked with him that their experiences were richer than mine. I also know he was a good man with a good soul. His close family lost a loved one and a champion. Other’s of us lost a hero. When my tears well-up at Bobby’s passing I want to remember Theodore Seuss Geisel’s words: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Bobby thank you for sharing your life with us and for positively influencing each of ours. Betty, Debbie, Michael, Michael, Carrie, Nicholas, Josh, Cookie, Jim, Pat and Ernie thank you for sharing Bobby, your love, with all of us. Know we share your loss. With sympathy, Billy and Ellie Langowski



Deborah Wolley wrote:

A sweet and gentle soul has earned his angel wings. It was an honor to have known you and you will be greatly missed. I hope you are listening to wonderful Austrian music and drinking a nice glass of wine! Rest in peace, Mr. Meyer.



Deborah Wolley wrote:

Rest in peace, dear Ingrid. You were always so sweet and kind to me. I know your dear brother was there to meet you, and for that I am grateful. You will both be so very missed.


Karen Thomas wrote:

Cary and family, I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you and comfort you at this difficult time.


Mel Traharne wrote:

I worked with Ray for about 10 years at Datapoint in the late 70’s. Barb and Ray were dating at the time. After Datapoint, out paths would cross occasionally and we would catch up on life. He had many friends at Datapoint which still remember him today. Ray was a big guy, with a big heart and a terrific sense of humor. From all your friends at Datapoint, RIP my friend.


Geila and Robert Plucinski wrote:

Dear Cary and family, Our thoughts prayers are with you and your family. Sorry for your loss.



Katie Culotta wrote:

Dolores was such a wonderful woman of faith and had such a good heart. I will miss her always.


Sharon Smolinski wrote:

Ingrid: what a beautiful person. Always a smile and a good word for everyone. It was always a joy to share lunch with you, Dee and Cathy. Wow we had good times and shared a lot of memories, learned about each other, and made each other laugh. I'm sorry to hear about your brother. Both of you will be kept in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You and Alois. Rest in Peace my friend. Until we meet again.


John A Fleming wrote:

Betty, Debbie, Michael, Nick and Josh please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing of your wonderful husband father and grandfather .I have many memories of Bob and will always know how supportive he was to his daughter Debbie. Both Bob and Betty couldn't have been better parents to both their children son-in law Carrie and grandchildren. May you keep him in your heart forever. May he Rest in Peace.


Tracey wrote:

Lolita was the best friend of my aunt, Bernice Anderson, who lived nearby on Kedzie. I had the extreme honor and pleasure to meet Lolita on a few occasions while visiting with my aunt, who passed away from late stage Alzheimer's at the age of 85 in 2011. She was a dear and lovely lady, kind and sweet, warmly hospitable, and a truly unforgettable person.


Linda (Obuchowski) Beck wrote:

Bob - you will be missed. Living in the same building for many years was always a lot of fun - you even introduced me to my first boyfriend! My heart goes out to your family -- way way too soon.


Mike & Marilyn Sullivan-Tarpon Springs, Fl. wrote:

Aggie and Family, Our deepest condolences to you & your family. Ken was a kind and caring man and a pleasure to work with at O'Hare field. You two were also always such a pleasure to know and visit with.


Michelene Alexa wrote:

It was my honor and privilege to work for Lt Obuchowski for several years. There were not, and are not, many leaders like him. My thoughts and prayers are with the Obuchowski family at this time of sorrow.


Tim Kreutter wrote:

Don and family, sorry about the loss of your mom. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve. Tim Kreutter


lee bakakos wrote:

so sorry to hear about Mr Alexis' passing. Just saw this so forgive me being late. RIP and my condolences. Frank I hope you're well!


Jim and Sherry wrote:

Gary and Liz, Scott and Katie, we are very sorry for your loss. Scott's tribute was truly moving and emotional and highlighted Jeff's deep love for both his family and his country. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Monty - Mary Beth Williamson wrote:

We will miss Norman - he was always a joy when he came into our place of business. So sorry to read about his passing.


Martha Garcia wrote:

Jorge, Mario and Erika, I was saddened to learn of Diana's passing. I'm sorry I did not know until today. She was a wonderful and gracious woman. Welcoming to everyone and loved by all who knew her. May she rest in peace.


Jim Froberg wrote:

I wish to offer condolences to the family. One of the best teachers I ever had. She had the ability to present math concepts with exceptional clarity. A genuinely nice person as well.


Maureen and David Bevan wrote:

Danny, Maureen and the Schaedel family - so sorry for your loss - keeping you in our prayers. God bless your dad.


Carol Schulze wrote:

Would like to pass on our condolences to you all at this sad time. It is so hard to say goodbye to a loved one; especially your mum! Thinking of you all Rainer, Carol Schulze & family xxxxxxx


Vicki Limas wrote:

Dorothy had a soft smile, kind spirit and generous heart. She was my mother-in-law from 1974 to 2000. Beyond that time she, Joe and Cindy continued to treat me as family, always with love, kindness and caring. I have warm and happy memories of times spent with them over these many years.


Monica Watermann wrote:

Dear Uncle Jerry, Ellen, Carolyn and Mark, Just wanted send you my deepest sympathies on Marianne's recent passing. I always felt that she was a bright light in this world. I have such happy memories of her, always with a smile or a joke for everyone and a shoulder if you needed it. Sending blessings and love.


Gary Schlapinski Family wrote:

Rest in Peace Cousin Howard, always a gentleman. A personality that was kind,caring and larger than life. Thoughts and prayers to Valerie and the family.


Mike Graft wrote:

To the Stark Family.....We had so many fun golf games together! Howard and I were competitive on every hole. Afterwards, we'd sit and have a drink or two with our fellow golfing pals and talk about golf, and other worldly things. Besides being a good golfer, he was a gentleman and a sportsman! I will miss him....we all will!


Peggy Molina wrote:

My deepest sympathies to Val and the whole family on Howard’s passing. For so many years he was an integral part of the food pantry. He tirelessly worked to feed so many people in need. I loved working with him. His advice and common sense was invaluable. And then he’d tell us about a great restaurant or how to cook something delicious. I will miss him.


Tom Schaefer wrote:

I had the pleasure of working with Scott at JPMorgan. Scott always found a way to make everyone smile. I even saw him a few times after I changed jobs, and every time he could pickup the conversation as though we still sat next to each other. He will be missed by all that were fortunate enough to know him. My condolences to Scott's family.


Chris Lorentz wrote:

I worked with Rich for years when I worked in the athletic office! He was always friendly & kind! I will miss him. Not only that our son worked for him for several years and left a lasting effect on him and his work ethic!



craig woods wrote:

DEAR George and family it is with a heavy Heart that I just heard the news about Diana,s passing.I worked at walgreens with Her I think we started around the same Time.She was a great friend and person my deepest sympathies.


Mike and Debbie Cieplak wrote:

Liz, Gary, Scott and Katie, We are so sorry for your loss. Jeff was a true American Patriot. Both videos were very powerful and portrayed Jeff as a loving and caring young man toward his family, friends and animals. Thank you so much for your service. RIP Jeff.


Bob and Nancy Lyons wrote:

Rich was one of those people who made Hoffman Estates a great place to work. He did his job with skill, consideration to others, and he was positive. He had a smile and a kind word always. My condolences to his family.



Frank Hill wrote:

I was a teacher who talked to Rich almost every day. He was always in a great mood, and did his job extremely well, even if asked to do something extra. We lost a great guy!



Chevell Robert Evans wrote:

Her light will always inspire.



Maria Fernandita wrote:

Nellyta. Tan dulce, tan buena. Como te gustaba volar!! Siempre te recordare con cariño. Descansa en paz junto al Señor.


Holly and Peter Geraci wrote:

Dear Darlene We still cannot believe John is gone. He was a force of nature and larger than life. There wasn’t anything he couldn’t do. We miss him dearly. His thoughtfulness and kindness will live forever. Our Love and prayers Holly and Peter


Kathy Georgopoulos wrote:

My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father. My his memory be eternal.


Barb Kramarczyk wrote:

So sorry to hear about your mother's passing. She was such a sweet person. Always enjoyed her company at parties. She will be missed.


Nora wrote:

Pat missing you every day, but memories are all around in the beautiful plants you gave me. We miss you so much!


George and Stacy Marinakis wrote:

We are so sorry for the passing of our dear friend Peter. We are visiting Mayo Clinic this week and we will not be able to attend. He was a beautiful man! May his memory be eternal.



Michelle, Kc and Liam wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss she was an amazing woman and will be missed dearly❤️


Carole Pluta Sziel wrote:

So sorry to hear of the passing of Diane. We went to elementary school together, and were close friends. We also shared the same birthday. May she R.I.P.


Rigali Packaging wrote:

Our sympathies to Niko and family


Noelle Lukasik-Shannon wrote:

Tim, so very sorry to hear about your mom, I remember her joyful smile. 84 years and still not enough time... Keep her close at heart... 💜 ~ noelle


Michael and Julie Quinn wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Butler family. We have fond memories of Mrs. Butler. God bless.


Dan Flynn wrote:

Tim, Sorry to hear that your Mom passed away. She was a very nice woman every time I met her. My condolences to you and your family.


Paul Andrzejczak wrote:

i will miss you, you were not only my aunt but a friend.



Margaret Costello Brockert wrote:

Going to miss you more than you will ever know RIP Auntie


Dan kane (Ronnie's son) wrote:

Although I have been distant every time I would see Arlene she would always greet me with love felt kindness and affection. I will always remember her kind heart and she will be missed.


Monica Goral wrote:

Dear Mark and Mary, Sending deepest condolences on the loss of your loved one. Love, Aunt Monica


Brad Carter wrote:

Condolences from the Carter family


glen kataura wrote:

Sorry for your loss, healing energies to the family. Auntie Gloria Thornburg sends her condolences as well.


Nina Buzyna wrote:

Nancy was such a sweet person. She was a wonderful tennis player and had many interests. She was always cheerful and upbeat. I always enjoyed talking to her. She will be missed by her many friends and family.


Coleen Daniels wrote:

I am so very sorry for your loss. Loved your mom like one of our family. Praying that she is resting in God's arms. What a party in Heaven!!


Greg Jacobson and Faith Jacobson wrote:

We will certainly miss him. He was quite and always did a great job at work. I am sorry for your loss Michael.


Mary Ann Sorokie wrote:

I always enjoyed being with Nancy at our Dickens meetings...and I will surely miss her smile....such a gracious person...


Jean Reynolds wrote:

Danny was a very special man with many talents. He was always kind, patient and very caring toward others. He will be missed by so many. My condolences to his family.


James & Connie Zakarian wrote:

Our deepest condolences to Arlene's family. Arlene welcomed us to the neighborhood and treated us as one of her own from day one. I will miss our chats in the backyard and our summertime BBQs will never be the same without her. She was a wonderful woman and will be greatly missed. May she rest in eternal peace.


Margie, Gregory, Dillon and Michael Brockert wrote:

Jerry, Rita, Denise and All Arlene's Grand and Great Grandkids, Losing a mother/grandmother leaves a heartache that no words can heal. Please know that I am with you in mourning her loss. Wishing you all the love, strength and courage needed to get you through such a sad time. RIP Aunt Arlene you will be very greatly missed.


Paula Adam wrote:

Our hearts are filled with sorrow for your families loss, there is no words to express our condolences, having comfort knowing she's is in God's great care, until you meet up again, hopefully will bring some solace. Love Paula and Richard Adam.


Billy Costello wrote:

Deepest heart felt sympathy for someone who will be missed by all


Toni Lorvig wrote:

My deepest sympathy goes out to Arlene's Family. She was a beautiful lady and a good neighbor for over 40 years. She will be missed! I know she is with Paul in Heaven!


Anne Suh wrote:

Dear Mark and Mary, Our thoughts are with you both and the entire Butler family on the loss of your mother. We are keeping her and all of you in our prayers. Anne and Al, Grace and John and Ruth


Caralyn Kempner wrote:

No words can describe how sorry our family is for your loss. Love, Scott, Caralyn, Casey, Jamie & Gina


Mike Hull wrote:

My sincerest condolences to the whole family. Over the past few years, I had the pleasure of working with Ray and talked almost daily. Ray always had a way to to lighten the mood and make everyone laugh even in the most serious of moments. I will surely miss Ray and will remember all the good laughs we had together.


Katie Mallinson wrote:

Dear Ellyn and Caroline, So very sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom. May her memories always be a blessing. Katie Maher Mallinson



Paula DeLaFont wrote:

Jim and I send our deepest condolences. You all are loved and in our prayers.


Mark Hoss wrote:

RIP Jeff. You will be greatly missed. I’ll never forget our PAFA days and you making amazing diving catches to keep drives alive. Thank you for your service. To the Francis family, I hope you find comfort in memories and the amount of lives Jeff touched during these difficult times.


Audrey Iheme wrote:

I worked with Danny for many years. He was a very kind person and very mild mannered. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.


Bob and Roberta Stubing wrote:

Our condolences to the Francis family. Jeff was a true American Hero. The beautiful tribute video and Operation Fishing Freedom clip told the story. Jeff will be missed. Take care. Our thoughts and prays are with your family.


Amy Woodell & Sean Donahoe wrote:

To Dolly, Colleen, Chris and Johnnie, Our thoughts are with you during this really hard time. Thank you for streaming the uplifting service for John/your Dad. We hope you all find some comfort in your many memories of how big hearted, fun loving and dedicated to family John/your Dad was.


Chris Haney wrote:

Barbara, Charles, Katherine (and the rest of the family), I am so very sorry for your loss. I can not imagine the pain you are feeling and although I can't take that away, I want you to know (I am sure you already knew) that Ray was an amazing man! I had the honor of working with him for several years during my time at HDR. He made me a better IT professional and man just being around him. My heart breaks knowing the world lost such an a truly wonderful man. Please know that you have been, and will continue to be, in our prayers!!! Hold each other tight and remember the good times.... don't ever stop talking about them or him!!! Keep his memory alive.


Arlene and Mike Hogan wrote:

Our sympathy to Liz and Gary and Scott on your loss. Scott, your video condolence was very strong and sweet. Take care and our prayers are with your family.


Mike De Matteo wrote:

RIP Jeff. I will always remember our Tecmo Bowl & 6 Cup tournaments along with every other good time we shared. Love and miss you man



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

RIP Jeff....


Karen Rosenkranz wrote:

My deepest sympathy to your entire family. I remember Jeff at St. Theresa School and I am not surprised by the way he touched so many lives during his short time on earthl May you all experience God's peace as you remember Jeff lives in glory now. Karen Rosenkranz



you willl always be my sister but more importantly my best friend i miss you so much but knowing you are no longer suffering brings peace to me, have a cup of coffee and some coffee cake ready so we can catch up when we see each other you forever say hi to frank


Pam Barnett wrote:

My deepest sympathies. Jeff was a true HERO. I will never forget him. Thank You Jeff for all the love you had shown to your Pawws family. You belong to Heaven now. Take care of all the Pawws Dogs until we meet agian💔💔💔🐾


Pam Barnett wrote:

Thank you for your selflessness and your love of animals and others. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to protect our country. I will miss you and all the words of inspiration during our conversations. Your smile was true💕 as well as your heart ❤️. You have loss your final battle but you belong to Heaven now. Your work is not through you only will be working from home now for all eternity. Pawws be with you always🦋🐾 Until we meet again take care of all the Pawws pups. 💜



Kim Tobin wrote:

My memory of Jeff and his brother, Scott when they were very young, came to work with Liz and we walked to Cheesecake Factory and strolled Michigan Avenue one afternoon and they were so well behaved and funny. Rest in peace Jeff and you will be missed greatly!


Lori and Eric wrote:

Scott and his family have been great neighbors for about 18 years. Friendly and considerate, we enjoyed our conversations with him. His presence will be sorely missed in this neighborhood.


Natalie medina washington wrote:

I grew up as one of his sisters best friends. I feel like Scott was a big brother to me. My memories of him are when we went to state and he was on that special team! Rest easy and fly high!


Carol Lasfalk wrote:

Fran,Ben,Nikki,Frank & Family🕯Bill & I are so very sad to hear of your MOMS passing😢 Such a beautiful soul has now been Welcomed into Heaven by her Loving Husband Frank💙 She Was A Giving & Loving Woman. Rest In Peace🙏


Clark Miller wrote:

Ray was our IT guy when I worked with him at HDR. I always enjoyed his sense of humor and general sense of calmness. I knew Ray to be a kind, thoughtful and friendly guy. It was my pleasure to have had Ray as a colleague. My sincere sympathies to Ray's family.



Vicki Kirkpatrick wrote:

A true gentleman with tremendous creative art and building skills. You were always so warm and loving and truly enjoyed many fond memories of chats. My love and comforting hugs to Mike and to all of his family. 🙏❤️💐


Leo Yedor wrote:

I will always love you my second mother, your what every woman should aspire to be, a great, mother, wife, friend, aunt. I will miss you and give frank a big hug from me please.


Steve Quirini wrote:

Dear Pete and the entire Timmer's Family, We send our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family. Rose was a saint and always cared so much about others-especially her family. May family, friendship and prayers ease you through this difficult time. -The Quirini Group



Stanley Kusy and sister-in-law of Joanne Kusy wrote:

In loving memory of my sister, Fela Kosiec May the Lord take her into his loving care


Richard sockol wrote:

Franny and Ben so sorry for your loss, condolences to your family The Sockol family


Philip Rubin wrote:

Sweet man! Our condolences goes to Michael Goddard & Family. We’re with you in spirit. ❤️ Philip Rubin & Cliff White (Palm Springs, CA)


Karen Deering Brogan wrote:

Jorge, Mario and Erika. My deepest condolences on the loss of Diana. I worked with Diana in the late 1980s and kept in contact over the years and miles. I loved Diana as a sister. Diana was the most kind and generous person. Always a smile on her face to brighten your day. I will deeply miss and cherish her memory. May your family and friends care for you at this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Diana.



Bob Starbuck wrote:



Mary Eischen wrote:

To Jorge, Mario and Erika...I am so very sorry for the loss of such a wonderful wife and Mother. Diana and I worked together for many years and she was truly a beautiful person inside and out. She always was so positive and kind. She was loved by everyone! I know she is smiling down on all of you with that beautiful smile that we all know so well. Rest in Peace, Diana...


Bill Pfeifer wrote:

I have so many good memories of my Aunt Maryellen. All the summers we spent at the cottage in Michigan with our family. My condolences to my Uncle Bill for his loss.



Gayle FioRito Starbuck wrote:

Marcella always had a smile on her face, which made everyone around her smile. She was surrounded by so much love and always loved everyone. I am blessed to be considered family. Now she is with her love Frank and I bet their dancing in heaven. Marcella I miss you already, but I know I will see that smile, cause Your whole family has that same beautiful smile. Keeping all in my prayers. With all my love Gayle


Gayle FioRito Starbuck wrote:

Marccella always had smile on her face, and she made everyone smile. I feel so blessed to have been part of her life. Family was so important to her, and you can tell by the love that surrounded her. Now she’s with Frank and I hope their dancing in heaven, no I’m sure they are. To my second family, you are all in my prayers always, stay strong and please continue to smile, cause I see Marcella’s smile in everyone ❤️ With all my love Gayle


Francine Yedor wrote:

I will MISS you very much, as so many will. We had a great friendship and closeness being married to your brother Ronnie. Rest in Peace Marcella I always Loved You >.Francine


Mark P. Helling wrote:

Conrad Family, best to you regarding the passing of John Conrad. Dad loved coaching football players like John at the University of North Dakota. Go Sioux!


David Cartwright wrote:

We enjoyed the pleasure of working with Plaza Excavating on numerous Projects, such great memories spending time on project sites with John...lots of stories and lots of laughs! Our deepest sympathies to the Conrad Family David & Sue Cartwright


Pete Nelson wrote:

John helped us solve problems and was a force in the earth moving industry - sorry to hear of your loss.


Adam & Barbara Kazlauskas wrote:

Dear Pete and family, we were so sorry to read about the death of Rose, please accept our deepest sympathy. Rose was a lovely lady. Keeping you all in our prayers.


Bobbie Desprat wrote:

In my heart forever my dear friend. Best to Nick and Maxine.


Bobbie Desprat wrote:

In my heart forever my dear, dear friend.


Lee & Joe Nicosia wrote:

To my Beautiful Birthday Buddy, how sad we are for your loving family. And, knowing how you fought this battle we know that now you stand with those who have gone before you in the glory of the Lord. My happiest memories with you were listening to all you great stories. My dear friend, you were a wonderful son, husband, father and friend. We will watch over your darling Darlene. Enjoy some time with your father.



Aleks and husband wrote:

Be at ☮️



Aleks and husband wrote:

Please be in peace You are in gods hands Safe and sound


Jeff Czech wrote:

We will miss our “Babee”. He loved us dearly.


Jackie Ladas wrote:

Sharon and family, peace, love, and prayers! May you always hold Don’s Fond memories in your heart! Jackie Lakowski/Ladas



Gus Hare wrote:

Ray, Your passion to mentor, coach and be a great teammate and friend to all will be missed. Thanks for always making me feel like we were lifelong friends in the brief moments we spent working together. You will be missed but not forgotten.


Frank Perham wrote:

I only recently learned of Paul’s passing and though it has been some years, my warm feelings for him compelled me to leave a belated message. I worked with Paul at Community Counseling Centers in the 1990s and later, I recruited him to work with me at Resurrection Health Care. Paul was unwavering in his devotion to his clients and to the recovery movement but he was not “all work”; we enjoyed dinners together, casino trips and many laughs. My condolences to his family. May Paul find rest with the Lord.


Larry Kean wrote:

Mario & Erika - my condolences and prayers on the loss of your mother. How sad I am for you. May she rest in the peace of Christ. Larry Kean - Marquette University


ANNA KAHL wrote:

I am so sorry to hear about Emily's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I used to babysit Anthony and Allison when they were young.


Karen Z. wrote:

Mary Ellen was my sister and best friend. We talked almost every night and we never ran out of things to say. She was the most generous person I have known and she would do anything for family and friends. She gave up her Saturdays to be with me during my own bout with cancer. She always showed up with lunch or a treat. We took long walks together that were full of laughter as we reminisced about growing up together. She fought her battle bravely and kept a positive attitude until the end. She will forever be in my heart. - Karen


Don Thiele wrote:

I worked with Diana for 20+ years. She was the nicest, classiest, ladies I'd ever met. RIP Diana. Humbly.



Caroline Heyworth wrote:

A truly remarkable woman. I enjoyed it when she would show up to social gatherings.


Bill Cargill wrote:

Janet and I have lost both parents, a brother-in-law and a nephew from brain cancer at age 47 after a long struggle. None of these deaths have had as powerful an effect on us as Diana's death. She was such a sweet person. Our only comfort is that we know she is with our King and Savior now.



Ed coffey wrote:

Our first gig as wise guy at Tom foolery’s What a great guitar player we have lost You will be missed


John Vito Moraglia wrote:

John was instrumental in my becoming a man... he set me up with my first job in Wall Street back in 1976 and guided me into becoming a Options Trader for 7 years as I moved to the West Coast to challenge the world. I am so Thankful for his wise council, and his generous and honest nature. My sincere condolences to my cousin Susan and his whole family and I will light a candle tonight in his Honor..


Rafael Carvajal wrote:

Jorge, Mario y Erika,, desde la distancia los acompaño en estos difíciles momentos. Un afectuoso saludo.


Mary Rose Teahan wrote:

My sympathy to all the family. I did not hear the sad news until Thursday. Rest In Peace Dan.



John & Mary Ann Ruskuls wrote:

Our deepest sympathy. You and your family are in our prayers.



Ody Noa wrote:

My heart is with you, Jorge, Mario, and Erika in your time of sorrow but may you take comfort knowing there's one more angel above us.


Diana O’Shana wrote:

My love and condolences to all of the family. Good rest his soul, love and prayers 🙏✝️


Nellie (Toscano) & Michael Flannery wrote:

Jorge, Mario & Erika- Please accept our deepest condolences on the passing of Diana. She was such a wonderful person, always willing to help others. She was always so sweet to our entire family, especially my parents, and for that I will always be grateful to her. Our prayers are with your entire family at this time. May she Rest In Peace.


Chrisse Petrov wrote:

Dear Jorge, Mario and Erika Words cannot express the sorrow and grief we are feeling for your loss of your beloved Diana. It is just unimaginable. We are devastated Please know how sorry we are ,how much we care , we are here for you in any way . Heaven gained an angel We will truly miss our dear friend and true neighbor who gave us so much love, with her big heart and beautiful smile genuine kindness! We were truly blessed to have known her. She will never be forgotten ! Memory Eternal. God rest her beautiful soul.



Gail Cristoe wrote:

My prayers are with you at this difficult time. Your mother was a beautiful person. I have such wonderful memories of her, Mario, and Erika. Rest in peace.


Ann Eberle Thomas wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you grieve the loss of Diana. We remember her beautiful and vivid spirit - may she watch over all of you and bestow that spirit on you from Heaven. Much love, the Thomas family


Howard Woerner wrote:

We apologize for not being able to attend the affair on Wednesday. John was Howard's lighthouse when he was in very rough water. For this we will be forever grateful. Elaine and Howard Woerner


Mary and Brendan Sheehan wrote:

George, Mario and Erika - You are in our thoughts during this difficult time. We will remember Diana's bright and beautiful smile. God bless all of you.



Laura Schmidt wrote:

Emily was the best cheerleader of her children, she lived for each of them to the fullest. She was a force to reckon with when anyone challenged her children. The relationship she shared with John was something to admire whenever she took on any task she fulfilled that and exceeded much more. She is a beautiful life and will live on forever in all of our hearts May God allow her family to heal with all of her love she so graciously shared.


Ron Lino wrote:

Jorge, I'm so sorry for your loss. May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss.


Ronny Millco wrote:

She was a very nice person who raised 3 wonderful children Bob, Glen and Janet, she would drive her yellow dodge to work as she worked at a bank at Lincoln and Irving, I wish we would have been closer, Ken her husband a Chicago Firer fight er had issues but inside was a good person, Her children and I went to school together at Budlong, and then at Amundsen Please seek us all safe and you now are in the spirit world with God, hello to my mom God love you


MSGT William G Karmik USAF Ret. wrote:

May God give Emily the wings of an angel to watch over her family. I’ve known Emily since our days at Mather HS. John & I go way back to St. Timothy’s Catholic Elementary school. Emily’s love, laugh & smile will be missed. She is in a better place & will prepare a spot for her family. May God Bless you all. ✝️


Amalia & Patty Toscano wrote:

Jorge, Mario & Erika, we are so sorry for your loss. Our hearts go out to you all. We pray that God gives you peace and understanding during this difficult time. We pray for the soul of your beautiful wife/mom and you all will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Joe Mullarkey (St. Pat's, 1979) wrote:

What a great lady! And a determined, no-nonsense educator. Her knowledge and force of personality far exceeded her height. Yes, she intimidated me. Doing so, she brought out the best in me. I am forever grateful for studying under her for two years.


Fran and John Golus wrote:

John, Anthony, Allison, Steve and Heather, Although, we only knew Emily for a short time she was a sweet soul. God Bless her and all of you. May God give you the strength to carry through.



Beatriz Nuñez wrote:

Lamento profundamente la partida de nuestra querida Dianita, me uno a la pena de nuestra familia Asencio a pesar de la distancia, siempre en nuestro corazón, QEPD


Love, The Clemans Family wrote:

John, Anthony, Allison, Heather and Steve, You are in our thoughts and prayers. Please know we are with you in spirit. Emily was such an amazing woman and will be missed.



Wilson n Maria T Garcia wrote:

Rest in Heaven our Dear Nini


Wilson n Maria T Garcia wrote:

On behalf of The Garcia, Ortiz, Ramos, Reyes, Lunas, Crespo and Patel Dearest Jorge, Mario, Erika, Luis, Adrian and Family. We have no words to try to ease your pain. The loss of a spouse, mother, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, or friend, it's hard. We know it's GOD'S will and we cannot fight with that. Know that we are here for you at anytime. Nini was a great soul. Gave so much in her time here on earth. When ever you feel that you are missing her, touch your heart, ❤that beep, it's her telling you I'm here with you. Never forget her. It hurts a lot right now, but remember God doesn't give you something that he know you cannot handle. Because you can, you will. May God Bless each one of you. Rest in Heaven our Dearest niece Nini. We hope you are now with Mary and Julian. We will always Love You. We will always miss your beautiful smile. Big Hug. Much Love❤


Patricia Abrego-Santucci wrote:

Dearest Sunny - I am so sorry fort the loss of this wonderful woman. Reading the comments, I can see how much of her is you. Your kindness, your sincerity and always giving I can see come from your beautiful Mother. May she be at peace and know that she will always be with you. I cannot wait to see you and hug you. God Bless you my friend.


Nora Sheahan wrote:

We wish to extend our sincerest sympathies to all our cousins and their families on Uncles Dan's passing. We enjoyed my happy times with him in Ireland. We saw his funeral mass and thought it was very fitting for him. Nora and Henry Sheahan, Glin Co. Limerick.


Laura (Malz) Byram wrote:

Oh my dear friend, I will miss you so much! You were such a treasured childhood friend and the memories we shared will always be fondly remembered. The three of us (you, me and Laurie T) were always together each and every day of our childhood hanging out in the park and at each of our houses. The Skokie gang was so blessed to have each other throughout our younger years. Rest In Peace my dear friend. You will always be loved as I carry you in my heart forever!


Teresa Mulvihill (nee Browne) Athea wrote:

Sincere condolences to all on the passing of Dan. May he rest in the arms of the Angel's.


Hector Torres & Family wrote:

Sharing in your sadness as your family remembers Diana.Holding you close in our thoughts and prayers. With our deepest condolences


Kevin Woods wrote:

Condolences to the entire Esquibel family.



Kevin Woods wrote:

Ray was a terrific boss and an even better friend. I will miss him very much.


Betty Reinhold wrote:

She was looking forward to the postponed wedding last year and this year. I’m going to miss my dear friend. So sorry for your loss


Loly Maria Pulido Lopez, Alfredo Pulido Garcia y Familia wrote:

Con profundo dolor hoy despedimos una vida armoniosamente matizada con insuperables momentos de felicidad, la de nuestra GRAN AMIGA, la Sra. Onelia Penedo. Llegue a sus hermosas hijas Carmen, Sunny y Nely, a sus esposos, hijos, nietos y familia, a los que amaba intensamente, las más sentidas y sinceras condolencias. Somos privilegiados por las profundas huellas que deja en la memoria y en los corazones de cada uno de los que tuvimos la inmensa dicha de conocerle y tratarle. Agradecidos por su dulzura, por su infinito amor a los suyos, a los amigos, a sus alumnos, a su profesión, a los pequeños detalles… Agradecidos por el derroche de amabilidad y nobleza! Agradecidos por su esencia y su grandeza! EPD Alma Buena, EPD Señora Bonita.



Martha Pulido Lopez y familia wrote:

One, mi familia y yo, agradecemos a Dios el haberte tenido cerca siempre. Tu amor y amistad hacia nosotros nos acompañara por siepre. Tu linda sonrisa seguira iluminandonos y, con orgullo y admiracion, siempre les hablare a mis hijos sobre ti. Llegue a sus hijas y familias un abrazo y mis condolencias. Te queremos, One. Descansa en Paz.



Dolores Maria Pulido Lopez (loly) y esposo wrote:

One, cuanto te voy a extrañar. Tu amistad siempre fue un regalo de Dios y tu sonrisa nos seguira iluminando. Gran dama y maravillosa madre, llegue a sus hijas y familiares nuestras condolencias. Dios te acompañe siempre. Descansa en paz.



Alfredo Pulido Garcia y familia wrote:

Onelia, mi niña de siempre, cuanto te extraño y siento tu partida. Siempre estaras presente en nuestra familia. Llegue a sus hermosas hijas y familiares nuestro apoyo. Dios te acompañe. Descansa en Paz.



Reinaldo Pulido Lopez wrote:

One, tu partida me llena de dolor y soledad pero tu linda sonrisa y tu belleza espiritual y humana siempre me acompañara el resto de mis dias. Gracias, One, por todo. Dios te tenga en la Gloria. Descansa en Paz.



Alfredo Pulido Lopez y Rebeca Rodriguez Souto wrote:

Onelia, siempre estaras presente en nuetros corazones. Tu sonrisa perenne y tu enorme sensibilidad seguiran iluminando nuestras vidas. Gracias por ser parte de nuestra familia. Dios te cuide siempre. Descansa en Paz, One


Freddy Torres & the entire Torres Family wrote:

Jorge, Mario, and Erika. Words cannot express the depths of sorrow we feel for you. Our cousin Diana has entered into eternal rest and is now with her parents, and the Lord. Though our time with her was brief, she left an indelible mark on everyone she met. We will miss her big smile. When our family gathers to make pasteles for Christmas, we will be reminded of how she made a trip to Boston to be with us and make them. With or deepest sympathies and love.



Susan Sander wrote:

Don, I loved you so much and loved being your cousin. My deepest sympathy to Sharon, Lori, Ken, Judy, and all grandchildren. Crying remembering how we would end our conversation with "I love you" before saying goodbye. Crying remembering so many times throughout our lives and will hold onto them in my heart. I love you, Susan


Sandra, María Elena, Marco Antonio, Valeria wrote:

Familia toda la familia de Puebla les mandamos nuestro más sincero pésame por una pérdida tan grande de una prima muy querida ya Dianita ya está descansando y Dios la tenga en un buen lugar, Jorge no hay palabras en este momento tan doloroso por la gran pérdida de una gran mujer y de una gran compañera de vida, sólo me resta decirte que ella siempre va a estar a tu lado y que la vida continúa al lado de tus hijos, Mario y Erika sobrinos muy queridos su familia de aquí de Puebla les mandan un abrazo Yo sé que también es una gran pérdida y más que es el de una madre, pero la vida va a continuar y ella estar a su lado y estará muy contenta de todo lo que ustedes lleguen a forjar en esta vida los queremos los abrazamos y sentimos también la pérdida de una prima lamentamos mucho no poder estar con ustedes , pediremos a Dios por toda la familia por mis primos por la pérdida de una hermana y sobrinos por la pérdida de una tía desde Puebla con todo nuestro cariño con todo nuestro amor un abrazo a todos ustedes y pronta resignación. Los quiere la familia Enríquez Márquez, familia Sánchez plata, familia Núñez, familia García.



Eloisa Luminiello wrote:

Mi hermana linda te boy a extrañarte mucho



Eloisa Luminiello wrote:





Erika, Mario y Jorge les mando un abrazo y pido porque pronto se recuperen de tan grande perdida. Duele porque se apago una luz que brillaba como hija, esposa, hermana, amiga y mamá. Esa luz que hoy se apaga se va a encender en el cielo como estrella que los cuidara a partir de hoy y para siempre. Es difícil para nosotros despedir a un familiar que a pesar de la distancia fue querida por todos nosotros. Un abrazo a Luis, Adrián, Tío Juan y familias.




Jorge, Erika y Mario. Les envío un fuerte abrazo y pidiendo que tengan fuerza para soportar tan grande pérdida. Se fue una gran mujer, buena hija, esposa y una inigualable madre. Perdieron la fuerza familiar, la que une y abraza. Se apago una luz en la tierra pero se encendió una en el cielo que los va a cuidar de aquí en adelante. Yo perdí a una amiga solidaria y magnifica persona. Su dolor lo comparto con ustedes. Un abrazo a Luis, Adrián y a Tío Juan y familia.


John and Nora lynch Leitrim Middle Moyvane Co Kerry wrote:

Sincere sympathy to the Lynch and extended family on uncle Dan’s passing rip I have great memories of him on several visits to our house. I was also in his house in 1966 on a football visit to Chicago from New York and had dinner with you all in north major. During his first visit home in 1953 he gave us many a spin in the self drive car thanks for the memories and now u are reunited with Kathleen rest in peace


Bill & Ina McCarthy wrote:

Our deepest condolences. Your father will be missed. We enjoyed his company, his sense of humor, and his hearty laugh for many years. You were lucky to have such a great dad. Unfortunately, we cannot be there personally because we are out of town until Saturday.



Caroline Thomas wrote:

For Diana who brought a lot of light into the world. You will be missed.



Familia Asencio: Les mando mi mas sentido pésame por el fallecimiento de Dianita, siento profundamente su perdida, fue una gran persona que siempre voy a recordar y tenerla en mi corazón, que Dios les de fuerza para seguir adelante un abrazo a ti Jorge, Luis y Erika


Donna o'driscoll wrote:

To the Lynch Family, The loss of one’s father marks one of the most profound rites of passage in our life. I hope it comforts you to know that your grief is shared by all of us who knew your dad. He was a wonderful man and he will be sorely missed. I truly enjoyed taking care of Beans. I enjoyed our chats when I was caring for your dad. My condolences to the Lynch family for the passing of your father. There will never be another man like him. Warmly, Donna


Donna o'driscoll wrote:

The loss of one’s father marks one of the most profound rites of passage in our life. My condolences to the Lynch family for the passing of your father. There will never be another man like him. Your dad was a wise man, but at the same time, he had a great sense of humor. He will be missed greatly and remembered often. I really enjoyed my time with your dad when I was taking care of him. I enjoyed our chats. He will live on in our hearts forever.


Familia:Acosta wrote:

Nos sentimos privilegiados de haber conocido a un ser humano tan especial como nuestra querida Lela siempre estarás en nuestros Corazones❤️descansa en los brazos de nuestro señor Jesucristo.


Marianela & Douglas (Mari & Doug) Peterson wrote:

Dearest Carmen…Sunny…Nely… All of your children… Grandchildren… Spouses… And all of Onelia’s Loved Ones: Throughout the years and decades, her graceful beauty lingered, evident on her face, especially when she smiled. Underneath the surface radiated a deeper and quite robust loveliness, for there resided a most extraordinary heart filled with empathy, love, and compassion for everyone she met. Her life touched so many, and her words and example instructed us, too. We all secretly wished to be adopted by her to receive the affection, understanding, and blessings she poured into her children and her grandchildren so unconditionally. Onelia was a remarkable lady, a genuine woman of substance, a strong human being, and an unforgettable personality. She was also an angel on earth, not just to her family, to her patients, to her young students, to her colleagues, neighbors, and friends, but to anyone whose life she touched. Her joy for life as evidenced by her dancing at every wedding and celebration, her never-ending faith in God as reflected in her optimism and resiliency, and her connection to the divine as heard in her uninhibited, emphatic laughter are things we shall always remember and treasure. May God welcome Onelia into His Kingdom without end where she will live in peace with joy and love eternally. And may God embrace her family and loved ones here on earth with His Blessings, Love, Care, and Protection. May all your hearts begin to heal, finding solace and happiness in joy-filled memories to replace the current heartbreak and tears. All our love always, Marianela & Douglas and the Peterson Family.


Sylvia Mekstan Paprzyca wrote:

John will be remembered as a great friend and client. John's ability to bring people together with his humor was legendary. A lovely man who will be missed by all.


Jackie and Jess Chico wrote:

The world has lost a beautiful & charming soul; the epitome of class, kindness & love. There’s such s special bond with parents and it is so difficult losing them. May you find a moment these next few days that floods you with love and fills the empty hole in your heart with her soul. May the angels carry her to Heaven where she may Rest In Peace for eternity. Sending you love, Jackie and Dad


Cousins John, Maria, Laura and Robert wrote:

We will forever cherish memories of your visits to Toronto with your “Canadian cousins” and the summers we spent with our kids swimming, going to soccer games and just hanging out having fun. You bright smile and infectious laughter will never be forgotten!


Kathleen Woods wrote:

So sorry to hear of Dan’s passing. The end of an era for sure. May he rest in peace.


Chuck and Jean Poley wrote:

Chuck and I met this beautiful lady late in our lives We immediately fell in love with her. She left foot prints on our heart as I know we left some on hers. GOD hss gained a special angel. Our prayers come to All the family as the try to hold on to the fact we will all reunite.


Kathryn Adinamis wrote:

Dear Becky, I was so saddened to get your call about Evans" passing. He was such a sweet and dear man I have fond memories of Evans, you and your lovely children when I attended Annunciation Cathedral with my parents. I enjoyed hearing all about your children as they grew into wonderful adults. Evans and you were a terrific couple with a terrific family. God bless you all and may his memory be eternal. Love, Kathy Adinamis


Kathryn Adinamis wrote:



Amy Maloney wrote:

Things will just not be the same without Emily's bright smile and laugh. We will miss her so much. Thanks for all the fun time, Em!


Maura and Gavin Curtin (grand niece, Brosna, Co.Kerry, Ireland wrote:

We were saddened to hear of Dan's death. Ar dheis dhe go raibh a anam.


Kristin Alexander wrote:

Prayers for the Dongo family during this time. Her love, teachings and memories will live on with you forever. I am forever grateful Mrs. Dongo raised a beautiful, independent, and caring daughter who is true light in this world.



Gerard Zawislak wrote:

Love you, Emma. Loved riding on the handle bars whenever you'd put up with me.



Thea Smith wrote:

To the family of our beloved, Oneila Penedo: Grace and Peace be multiplied. I extend my deepest sympathy. I hope the word's of our Savior will give you comfort. John 14:1-4 "Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going." Mother Oneila knew the way therefore be comforted in knowing that our Savior have taken her unto Himself. God Bless and Keep you all. Evangelist Thea Smith


Mary T & Denny Mulvihill (Kelly's Athea) wrote:

Sincere sympathy to all the immediate Lynch family on the death of your dad and our cousin Dan. We also extend our Sympathy to all the O'Connor, Langan & Lynch families & extended family on the death of Dan. I have lovely memories of him calling to our house to visit my mom, Peg Kelly R.I.P. whenever he came home from Chicago, he loved Athea and keeping in touch with his cousins and neighbours and he was so jovial always with a smile on his face. Lovely memories that will live in all our hearts forever. May you find strength and comfort to help you through this time of sorrow. Your Cousin Mary T


John langan wrote:

Sorry to hear of the death of my grand uncle Dan. Condolences to his family.


Pa langan wrote:

Sorry to hear about Dan rip uncle



Daisy wrote:

Todo sea por dios... Descanse en paz mi señora Onelia


David Pease wrote:

With Love and gratitude for enriching my life, I thank God for John Downey. Laughter seemed non stop. Wishing you peace at this most difficult time, David Pease and Betty Robertson.


Lisa Leidecker wrote:

Karl we all love 💘you. You had a beautiful heart coupled with a great sense of humor. Your smile and laughter lit up the room. There are many memories we all shared. I will always remember when you first arrived in the USA. Your style was new dresses in your red and white jogging suits. I remember when I was in 8th grade and there was a dance at my school I was upset because no one invited me to go from my school 🙃. You felt bad and offended to accompany me. We did not go because people would have wondered why I was accompanied by an older disguised 20 year old. You were like a brother to me and I will miss you dearly.


Lisa Leidecker wrote:

Karl you are so very special to me and many others. Your smile and laughter lit up the room. Your heart full of love and caring for others. I will always remember you and hold you close to my ❤.



Richard Potempa wrote:

I'm so sorry to of your loss.


Ted and Juanita Sigg wrote:

We're very sorry to hear about your father/grandfather's death. Our prayer is that your happy memories of him will be a comfort to you.


Steve L. wrote:

Pat had some of the funniest and most clever comedic ideas that I have ever heard. His premises, and ensuing consequences, were both hilarious and brilliant... clearly a man with a great mind, who also was a great conversationalist and had a very kind and generous soul. Pat always spoke glowingly of his wife and family, and I could tell they meant the world to him... Pat will be missed, my condolences to his entire family.


Jim Konzen wrote:

My deepest condolences to you and your family. Al was an important colleague, always willing to help. He will be missed.


Melvin PAMATOT wrote:

Linda and Family...Like all of us I was so saddened and shocked to hear of the passing of Pat. So many special memories from Macomb. My sympathies and prayers go out to you and your family. Mel and Julie Pamatot


Geoff and Susann Carlson wrote:

There are so many good things to say about Martin and Erica. Martin bringing his special brandy to the Halloween corner to planting flowers in the Catalpa garden. Erica was my treasurer in the community club and both of them always had sage advice concerning neighborhood needs. They had a great anniversary party at the Brauhaus where we all celebrated. He will be missed.


Patdee Mullarkey wrote:

Jimmy was not only a man of integrity, but a very nice man, too. I am sorry for your family's loss. "Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day."



Patricia Halpin wrote:

As a childhood friend of MaryEllen, I have fond memories of her when we were kids going to St. Gabes. She was a kind person and she will be missed dearly. MaryEllen and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Karl I will miss you, We had many of great fishing trips. It was fun,It was great, It was the best of times. God bless you until we see again.


Nancy and Gary wrote:

We are sorry we couldn’t see her this past year due to Covid restrictions but will remember our last vacation in Hilton Head with fond memories. We will miss her very much.


Mike Galbreath wrote:

Pat and I were on the same football team in college. He was an excellent receiver and a lot of fun. One evening he surprised many of his teammates when he performed folk music in a small coffeehouse in East Chicago. He was enthusiastically well-received. His talent was very evident even then.


Michael J. Nelson wrote:

Martin was one of the nicest men I have ever met. He had such a great sense of humor and wonderful wit. My condolences to the entire Lutz family.


Lee Aimers wrote:

Cousin Pat was a great part of my childhood. I always looked up to Pat and my cousin Scott. They were a few years older than me and in my young eyes they were bigger than life. I often reminisce mentally about days at William's Park playing whiffle ball, and football games at my home in Wauconda. I am not sure if it was Scott or Pat that came up with the "Go long, I'll throw the ball in the pine tree, you run in there and catch it play." They also were instrumental in toughening me up as a little kid. Lots of good stories. I still miss my blow up Yogi Bear. I was also jealous when the 2 of them came to our house and stayed overnight on the sleeper sofa in the living room. They go to stay up late, and I had to go to bed. I regret not staying in closer contact with Pat as we aged. I missed him, and still do. Rest In peace Pat.


steve de la cruz wrote:

Our deepest condolences to the entire Lutz Family.


tony indovina wrote:

Pat was one of the funniest guys I ever met.Besides being a great writer, he was a very a great athlete in baseball, he was also a very good 16 inch softball player. We had some great times together playing softball. Linda my prayers will be with you during this time.


Linda Chin wrote:

The residents of Forest Glen send their deep and heartfelt condolences to Erika and the family. She and Marty were such beloved and cherished neighbors. We missed them when they moved. Their wide smiles and joyful hearts were a blessing to us all. May Marty rest in peace and may Erika be comforted by the wonderful life they shared - with each other and so many folks. God's peace!


Mike Petrie wrote:

Nells was one of the truly good guys I grew up with. Baseball, softball and hanging out at Doherty’s.. Remembering his Dad’s tile store on Touhy. Linda, I remember when the guys visited your apt in Palatine- first couple to move out on your own.


Marianne Strumberger, President - Society of the Danube Swabians. wrote:

On behalf of the Society of the Danube Swabians we send our deepest condolences to Erika and her family. Martin was a dedicated and talented man. He always enjoyed helping to bake all the holiday cookies with the women's club. Martin made beautiful bird houses and donated them for fund raising efforts. We thank Martin for his love of German food, culture and beautiful bird houses. Martin was a great butucher and made delicious meals. He was a quiet and thoughtful man. May he rest in peace.


John Vasilopulos wrote:

A most honorable and worthy man. Great neighbor. Wonderful friend. Life well lived. Thanks Marty.


Rita Keaton-Richardson wrote:

I remember Denise’s kind smile in high school and saddened to hear of her passing. Prayers for healing for the family.


Charmaine Mason wrote:

Annette and family, My deepest condolences on the passing of your brother. Please know that I am thinking of you at this very sad time. Charmaine


Sandy Stoelinga wrote:

Condolences to Ted & Kathy’s families. What a wonderful man — he will be missed by many. We were good friends for lots of years with him and Kathy. They both were such a blessing to us and our kids. Now they’re together forever. 🙏🙏


Nancy Wysocki wrote:

There are a few people that I have been blessed to know in my lifetime that sets the bar to being strong in the face of life's challenges, and Betsey is one of them. Being her hairdresser for the past several years, we would talk about many things. Betsey was a beacon of strength for me. Her ability to speak from the cuff and tell you like it is, made her the most impressionable person to anyone that knew her. Generous, and a true caregiver to animals and those that matter to her, she will be truly missed. I know because I miss her...


Juanita Wills-Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund President wrote:

Ted was a loyal friend of the Marx Fund for many years during his tenure at Juvenile Court and after he retired. He always remembered the Marx Fund and we will remember him. We extend our deepest condolence to the family. Stay encouraged.


Rick Tekip wrote:

Ted was the man who interviewed me for my job as a Probation Officer. He was also my first training supervisor. When I was hired, he encouraged me to "give yourself a year" and not get frustrated too soon on such a challenging job. Here it is 29 years later and I'm still with the court.


Sandy S wrote:

Sorry for the loss of your father. He was my Chemistry teacher at Rezin Orr HS andI I really enjoyed going to his classes.



Marie S. Marasigan wrote:

Rest In Peace at God’s Eternal Paradise Albert. 🙏


Michael Flis wrote:

Mr. McGee was an incredible and loving member of the St. Thomas community. When I was a student at St. Thomas, he volunteered to tutor me and help with my reading and writing skills. I am forever grateful for his kindness. He will be missed


Tom Ochal wrote:

So very sorry to hear of Ted's passing. We were classmates at Weber HS. I've notified the other 'mates, and we will offer our prayers now and through our Alumni Association's Mass.


Eileen Moran wrote:

I will always remember the fun times with Bill and Barb. He had a wonderful sense of humor and filled a room with his kind presence. We were all blessed to know him.


Juan E. Lagares wrote:

Georgia was a blessing to have as a coworker, where we met at the old publishing house CCH. Always wit, funny and with a heart of gold, over the years i joined her core group of CCH friends, and became friends and i truly enjoyed outings, travels and many years of camaraderie. One trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico was particularly awsome and full of good memories. We will truly miss her. My condolences to all who will be remembering her also.


Amor Eden Saenz-Seneris wrote:

My sincerest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to Tessie, his bereaved the bereaved wife,and his family. Goodbye, Albert, Rest In Peace with the Lord and Mama Mary!


Amor Eden Sarnz-Seneris wrote:

I am deeply sorry for the demise a dear friend and co-member of our Tagalog Core Group from our former parish church, Transfiguration of Our Lord Church and now our new St Padre Pio Church, ALBERT PALAFOX! My sincerest sympathy and condolences to his bereaved wife and family! May he Rest In Peace!


Rodolfo Bautista wrote:

My deepest symphaty to Albert family , may his soul rest in eternal peace.


CJ Lewis wrote:

I Love You More


Jack and Pat Devron wrote:

Remembering Mike - a loving friend always ready to listen. May he be united with our loving God and his dear wife Elaine.



Jack and Pat Devron wrote:

Always a great sense of humor and so generous. Remembering a fun day on his pontoon boat at Fox Lake. Remembering his love of flying airplanes in the Forest Preserve. Remembering his fish pond in his backyard. Remembering his humor.



Arlene Mckittrick wrote:

Betsy was always so kind to me. We had so much fun on our trips to dog show in Michigan with Betsy and her sister Marylou , Adam, Marylou and I those were fun. When I go by the house she always welcomed me with open armed and asked how I was doing. Rest In Peace Betsy. Your our angle 😇😇😇


Barb Curl wrote:

So very sorry for your loss.


Shirley Calabas wrote:

My deepest sympathy and condolences to Albert’s family. May his soul rest in eternal peace,


Jennifer Prislinger wrote:

So saddened by Ted's passing. Sending prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. May Ted rest in peace. Our dear Kathy I'm sure is delighted to be united with Ted once again.



Pamela Villa del Rey wrote:

Rest in Eternal Peace Mang Albert


William Brin wrote:

Tom was a friend and brother for over 60 years! He was a great athlete and great mans man! If Tom was your friend he was always there for you! He loved his family and hi wonderful son Matt! No words can ever explain how much he was Loved! God Bless you Brother! BFF Bill


William Brin wrote:

Tom was a brother for over 60 years! No words can ever explain what a wonderful and loving person he was! We will all miss him beyond any words can explain! God Bless you Tom BFF Forever


Jeffrey King and Family wrote:

Deepest condolences to Matt and family. Your father was a great man with the highest integrity. It was a pleasure working for him. It was a greater pleasure being his friend. Rest in peace War Dog.


Jeffrey King and Family wrote:

My deepest condolences to Matt and family. Your father was a great man with the highest integrity. It was truly a pleasure to work for him. More importantly it was even a greater pleasure to be his friend. Tom, go to your wife and daughter now and be with them for eternity. Godspeed.


Bill Rodriguez & Family wrote:

Our condolences to the Walton family. Tom was a gentleman and my friend. As my first partner on the Job and as my boss down the road Tom was a leader who always treated everyone with respect and integrity . RIP Tom (We will miss you)


leonard goduto wrote:

Tom WALTON was one of the best CPD bosses I have ever worked for. God Bless him and his family.. he will be sorely missed! condolences from Detective Leo Goduto


Diane Lokiec wrote:

Regina, my deepest sympathy and you are in my thoughts and prayers. May happy memories of Jesse bring you comfort.


Ellen Beth Jensen wrote:

When I sat near Georgia when we worked at CCH, we'd laugh so hard together. She was one of the funniest, brightest people I have ever known. We had standing jokes that lasted over 30 years. Every year I'd get a birthday card, reminding me that I was 180 days older than Ga, "but who's counting"? Even though I'd see Ga only 1-2 times per year over the last few, we had emails and exchanged funny memes, so I am already feeling the gap in my life. Ga, you are already greatly missed and your friends are saddened. I'm sorry I cannot attend your funeral.



Maria Sopena (Sauganash School) wrote:

Dearest Georgas Family, I am so very sorry for your loss. He was truly a ray of sunshine. It was always a pleasure to see him and chat with him at school when he was picking up the kids. Sending many hugs.



Judy wrote:

Thinking of you every day mom and missing you more and more 😢


Hanna Przybylski wrote:

My condolences to the Czabafi family, remembering your father as a wonderful person who cared so deeply for his family and who was a colleague at Senn H. S. May his memory live on.


Martin Klauber wrote:

I worked with Bob for many years with several different banks. He was very smart, got up really early and was at his desk at 5 or 6 in the morning. We played a lot of golf together and went to a lot of sporing events, a lot of breakfast and lunch meetings. When I would say that someone was a good person he would always say "very much so." He said that all the time. I will miss him.


Tyler Adams wrote:

So very sorry for your loss Regina. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.


Breno L. wrote:

Professor Theodora Ayot will be missed by all who had the privilege to learn from her. I will be forever thankful for all the life lessons, teachings, and all the encouragement she gave me. As her student at North Park University, I witnessed in every class and every conversation, her beautifully positive view of life. She made us believe in ourselves, and every day she pushed us to achieve our goals. Through her lessons of history, she showed us how to reach to one another, how to communicate and learn from one another, and how to respect and care for all - no matter who they are, or where they came from. I will miss the moments away from the classroom as well. Her presence in the neighborhood was felt all around, and you could always spot her contagious smile blocks away. If you were lucky, she would invite you over for tea and share her amazing life stories - from her time in Georgetown in the USA, to her lifelong memories of Kenya and her beloved Rusinga Island. Theodora Ayot’s passion for life has deeply touched mine forever. Rest In Peace, my dear friend and mentor. You will be forever missed.


Kari Tschech wrote:

Dear Miss Beth, We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved brother. May you be comforted by the memories you hold dear in your heart of him. May our God of peace, love and comfort hold you close in His loving arms as He promises to do for those that mourn. You have my deepest sympathy.


Bob Schwind CPD retired. wrote:

To all Tom's loved ones and family I offer my deepest condolences on Tom's passing, I worked with Tom when he first came on the job in 020 and a more dedicated, honest, courageous.loyal and by the book person could not have been found. I hope I was able to smooth some of the his rough edges and taught him to see every call or interaction was based on it's own merit and was not a one size fits all occurrence. Tom brought me to the Police Academy later in my career and requested I expound on my approach to policing and community involvement and I profoundly thank him for that. Tom was a good man who loved his family. RIP Commander and welcome home brother, may God bless you for your work in life.



Camille Hjelm wrote:

Just learned of Stan's passing. Sympathy to the Kukla famiky. Always enjoyed being in a room with Stan. He always made people laugh and be happy. Rest in peace Stas'


Peggy Benandi wrote:

So very sorry to read of Bill's death in the Tribune Today! Bill was a good Father, Husband, and Friend. We shall remember and smile as we reflect on Bill and his life! John, Peggy, and Josey Benandi


Mark Alexander wrote:

I remember Tom as CaptainTom Walton of the 18th District at West Chicago Ave. He greeted me in the 90s as if he'd known me for years. He wrote a really nice letter of recommendation to try and help me get into CPD. As I am from the UK unfortunately it wasn't to be. He was a fabulous person and I regret not being able to work for him. Rest in peace Tom thank you for introducing me to some wonderful Chicago Police officers and friends forever.


Angela Tzimogiannis wrote:

You will be missed Thio Niko, forever in our thoughts and prayers


Maria Diplas wrote:

RIP Thio Niko, may your memory be eternal. 🙏🙏


Terry & Sandy Shields wrote:

Linda & Jerry, So very sorry for your Loss.. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Terry & Sandy Shields



Angela Kontaxakis wrote:

You will be missed and forever remembered.


Angela Kontaxakis wrote:

Goodbye Thio, may you rest in peace now that you will see Thia again and know that we'll always love you.


Carol Karamitos wrote:

Farewell Theo Niko, love from Boukie and Little Stefania..........


Robert J Fuggiti wrote:

Jimmy will be missed by his Knights of Columbus Brothers. He was a wonderful person who spread joy to so many of us. May his Soul and all the Souls of the faithful Departed Rest in Peace. Amen


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Tom will be remembered at the next Police Mass. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Jennie Schmid Detterbeck wrote:

I was deeply saddened to hear of Julie's passing. I met her when we worked for Centel, back in the late ’70. We trained on phone systems and had a wonderful friendship that I cherished. Thru the years we would cross paths and it was like we didn’t miss a beat; she was a gentle soul with a warm smile and kind heart. My deepest condolences to the Quattrocchi and McHugh families.


David G Pyles wrote:

Jerry, Linda and entire Nagode Family, I am very sorry to learn of your loss. Your mom, was always so nice to be with and I had spent a good many times sharing conversation at the events on the backyard deck while raising our kids. I know she will be missed. Please accept my condolences for your loss. I hope time will eventual heal your hearts and allow you to reflect on the wonderful days shared with her.



Wally & Jackie Marx wrote:

Bob brought a quiet strength to our family. He and Sue were loved by all. We were blessed to have had him in our lives. .He will be missed, but will always remain in our hearts.


James J. Reidy, MD wrote:

I was a beautiful spirit, and that spirit will live on amongst those that knew her. She will be missed.


John Wotring wrote:

To the Walton Family, I worked for Capt Tom in the 18th District. He was a true leader of the Police Dept. It was an honor to have worked for and with him. He was also the best Cmdr that the Chicago Police Academy had. God Bless.


Dave Ehnot wrote:

Ever since Jesse moved back to Chicago it was very rare that a day went by in the shop without someone bringing up a memory about Jesse. The connections he made with all of us are as concrete as the floor we work on. My youngest brother moved to Chicago about a year ago. When I told Jesse that during a chat one day right away he told me to give my brother his number, that if he ever needed anything being halfway across the country in a new city away from his family he would be happy to help. Our family was so happy to know a good friend was there. Jesse was truly special, one of a kind. God bless. On behalf of my family, the Firestone family and myself I am so sorry for your loss


Marlene Schwendau wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May you treasure the memories.


Celeste Wilson wrote:

Regina I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.



Nejla K Lane wrote:

Mr. Walton was my dear paralegal's (Rocio Walton's) beloved Father-in-Law, I heard nothing but nice things about him. His kindness to everyone and his good nature will be missed. This world needs more great people like Tom, too bad, the good ones go first. Sad! RIP. Enjoy your companions in heaven. Now you are an Angel above looking down to human kind, who is not so kind anymore. RIP wonderful human being.


Ray Cowell wrote:

Condolences to the Walton family on Tom's passing. He was a welcomed addition to the 018th district family. He was a knowledgeable and respected Boss. Rest in Peace Sir.


Amy Burklund wrote:

Ivy was an amazing leader, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. May her memory be a blessing to those who love her.



Michael Chin wrote:

Bob was a great colleague at the work place. He valued his employees and took pride in their success. You will be missed.


Cindy Reid wrote:

I have been a colleague of Marty's for over 20 years. Even though I am in Detroit and he in the Chicago area, I always enjoyed talking with him on the phone about logistics and his sailboat. He taught me a lot about logistics and global cargo movement.. I am grateful I had the pleasure of meeting him in Lexington, KY at a company conference around 15 years ago. I sincerely send out my condolences to his family and loved ones. We have all lost a great one!


Dave Sandlund Retired CPD wrote:

What a true gentleman and a great boss. My condolences to the family.



Sara Galloway wrote:

Grandparents Day was always so special for the Gurion and Shapiro girls because of him......


Dennis M Dragon Ret CPD wrote:

Walton Family: Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of your loved one Tom. May the Lord comfort all of you at this time of great sorrow and may Tom now REST IN PEACE WITH THE LORD OUR GOD. I was a member of his Tactical Team in the 13th District may years ago and can say he was a great man to work for and a person i had a lot of respect for.


Bill & Tracy Mason wrote:

Regina, Vanessa & Darrin, Our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Jesse. We are old friends & neighbors from some years back. Many fun meals & laughs were had and Jesse always spoke of his love for his Mom and those he held near & dear. We are devastated along with you and will keep you in our thoughts. May the love you all shared give you the strength you need. Jesse will be dearly missed...we will miss his sense of humor, great cooking and taste in music just to name a few things...Please take care and God bless.


Retired Lt. Dennis Ross wrote:

I worked with Chief Walton when he first came on the Chicago Police Department, we were both working in Uptown, then later again when he was a Captain and then later when he was my Deputy Chief in Area Five. He was a good man, an excellent and standup leader which on todays Police Department is rare. May God keep him with him.


retired Sgt. Earl Olsen wrote:

I worked for Captain Walton when he was a watch commander in 018 . What a fine man, great boss and stand up guy ..God bless him and welcome him into theaven.


Lawrence Healy, Lt. Ret'd CPD wrote:

Tom Walton was a man of the utmost character and compassion. He demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities as the Commander of the Chicago Police Academy. It was an honor and a privilege to serve with him. Semper Fi.Capt Tom Walton,USMC


Camille Vena wrote:

My heart goes out to Gail and the Dooley family. May a band of angels lead Marty into heaven. He has left this life, but his life has not left you.


Fr Thomas Nangle, CPD Chaplain retired wrote:

An exceptional man, with strong re-bar in his soul which he shared with family, friends, his USMC and CPD. It was an honor to have known you. Be in God’s peace now, Sir.


Deb Gills wrote:

Tom Walton was an awesome boss to work for (025th District). He was a Very Proud and Honorable man, always willing to listen. My deepest condolences and respect to his family. He will be missed.



Robert Lottman wrote:

May God bless you and thank you for your honorable service.


Nick Stasinopoulos wrote:

Tom Walton was a great boss and I had the privilege of working with him in the 13th district where he was my tact team supervisor. A man of honor and great values who had your back when you were right or wrong. My condolences to the Walton family on your loss. REST IN PEACE TOM!🙏🙏


Lawrence D Beyer wrote:

I knew Captain Walton during his stay in 25th District, he was always a pleasure to talk with. I also remember that he was fond of wolves. Echoing what someone else has already said "He was always a gentleman and a good boss."


"Sgt. Al" (Piantkowski, CPD, 018 ret) wrote:

Captain Walton, Sir... I'll always remember and respect you for your fair, principled and dedication to law enforcement throughout the years when we served together in 018, "on the job." May you now personally witness the reference in the traditional hymn, and find that the streets of Heaven, "are guarded by...The United States Marines." May the good Lord now invite you into His Kingdom for your ultimate, "Welcome Home." Semper Fi !


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Bill will be remembered at the next Police Mass. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Frank Libby wrote:

My condolences to Regina and her family on the passing of Jesse. His passing was much too soon and I was both shocked and saddened to hear about it. Jesse was always kind to me and I enjoyed seeing him. I remember his BMX riding/racing days when he was young and glad to see he kept his joy of riding a bike right up to his last day, too.


Bridget Farrell wrote:

I worked extremely closely with Ivy and can say she was an shining star in this sometimes dark world. She was a friend, mentor, and beautiful soul who looked past people’s circumstances and saw them as human beings. I will never forget her radiating compassion and humility.


John Jager wrote:

I find it difficult to put into words, when I heard the sad news today. I want to express my deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathies to Gail and the Dooley family. I have too many wonderful memories to share or to pick one. Marty and I first met in 1998 as his company provided excellent service to our company. It would be safe to say, I liked Marty right away and became friends along the way. He will be missed, but not forgotten as I will cherish the memories and laughs we have shared over the years. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal".


Linda Patenaude wrote:

Regina - I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.



Caryn Tierney wrote:

Always full of laughter! You will be missed!


Matt Clark wrote:

Regina, so sorry for your loss.....words can't begin to express my sadness at this time. I can only thank you for letting me spend time with him earlier in his life, and I wished I'd spent more time when later in life. He will not be forgotten by those he touched in life........


Matt Clark wrote:

So sorry to hear about this, spent a lot of time with Jesse as a kid, but never much as he grew older. It was great to catch up with Vanessa and Jesse while in town in 2019. We agreed to catch a ballgame or concert next he came through sad that won't happen. Life can be so short, but, I will always remember how proud he was of where he'd gotten himself to in Chicago, particularly with Vanessa. You will be missed, my friend.....


Wendy Houghton wrote:

Sending heartfelt condolences to you, Regina. I’m so very sorry.


Lisa Galinski wrote:

Regina, Holding you in my heart with care as you process the unexpected loss of your beloved son. I’m so sorry. May you allow your grief fully, as it comes straight from your love.


Bob & Kathy Yaksich wrote:

First of all, we are so very sorry to hear of Bill's passing. Bill was a true legend in his own ways. He was bigger than life, had such a contagious laugh and made every one around him always feel so special. We always enjoyed seeing him for Octoberfest, at Mike & Janes, and other dining extravaganzas. We will definitely miss him. During this most difficult of times, we home his family will be able tuck all those great memories of him deep in their hearts and draw on them whenever they're sad.


Winsont wrote:

“Those we have held in our arms for a short while we hold in our hearts forever” – Unknown... I am so sorry for your loss, Regina. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Bob & Kathy Yaksich wrote:

First of all, we are so very sorry to hear of Bill's passing. He was a legend of a special kind. Bill was the kind of guy that you could not help to like the very first time you met him. He was larger than life, had a very contagious laugh and always made everyone around him feel very special. We will miss sharing Octoberfest and other special dinners with him. We wish Bill's family the very best in this most difficult of times and hope they can lock all the great memories of him deep in their hearts.


William Looney wrote:

Captain Walton was a Watch Commander in 020 when our paths crossed. He would look you in the eye and ask you if there was anything he could help you out with. Usually it was the other way around with Captains telling you what you need to do for them. Rest In Peace.


Gary & Diana Schenkel wrote:

Another Marine reporting having served his country twice. Semper Fi


Mary Ann (Ritt) Farias wrote:

Bill had such a big personality, such a jokester, he certainly was entertaining. Around 50 years ago we were all involved in a musical group called the Vociferous-Vox-Pox-Vocalist. We practiced in St Gregory’s Cafeteria, Bill was always ready for a good joke or some kind of a prank, you never knew what to expect from him. It was a pleasure knowing Bill. God Bless You Barbara, Billy, Lisa, Katelyn & Kyle. RIP Peace Bill.


Dori Deloughery wrote:

A real treasure for the CPD. A real pleasure to know and work with.


Victor Scimeca wrote:

Tom was a good man and a great policeman! I remember when he first came to 020 as a recruit. He volunteered to work a few days of his furlo on the tac team to get experience. I remember riding with Tom one of those days. I think I learned more from Tom, then anything he might have learned from me! Tom you were known and respected and loved by many. May you rest in peace my brother.


Mike Mahlock, Alexandria, VA wrote:

Cokins family, I could write memories for days. However, life since high school has gone way too fast and my multiple attempts to find Bill through the years have failed. Just by Googling his name a few times over the last few decades and after reading his recent obituary I discovered that he was always living the life one would wish for an old friend! Pam, Eileen and Becky, I hope comfort comes through memories of Bill’s brilliant mind, all he accomplished and his obvious love and loyalty to you, his family. Even as children it was obvious he had great pride in family. I sometimes tell a story about Bill’s drive, determination and focus. We were sitting in junior high school social studies and the teacher, to prove a point because many students performed poorly on a quiz, asked some of the poor performers (of which, I was one) and some of the high performers where they would be 10 years after high school. Most of the students were lacking an answer. The teacher asked Bill (a high performer) who was picking his teeth with his pencil as he often did, the same question. bill replied: “I’m not sure where I want to be but would expect to be making over 6 figures.” I’m not quite sure many of us even knew what he was talking about in 1978! Point is, I still use him as an example, not just because of that instance but for other reasons also! Bill was a great person who was taken way too soon.


Thaddeus Z SZEWCZYK wrote:

Semper Fi, Marine


Kevin Morrison wrote:

My prayers to the Walton family. May Tom rest in the eternal peace of the Lord forever! He was always a gentleman and a good boss.


Kelly Vachon wrote:

Regina, I am sorry beyond words for your loss. Wishing you loving memories of Jesse to forever hold in your heart.


Michele McFarlane wrote:

Sending sincere condolences Regina on the death of your beloved son Jesse and to all family and friends who knew and loved him. May God Bless you during this difficult time.


Joseph F. Gandurski wrote:

Tom and I were classmates in the police academy. Throughout our respective careers I always knew Tom to be the hallmark of professionalism, integrity, and a valued friend. Rest in Peace. Prayers and condolences to family.


Cecilia Kenny wrote:

Ivy will be missed by so many. I will never forget how much we laughed and how funny she was. Working with Ivy was a treat! I love the stories of how she loved her drum set and how she loved her music. She loved her family and her wife. She shared many stories of her passions. I will truly miss Ivy. With deepest sympathy, CC



Renee Whelan Kalis wrote:

Dear Eileen and family, I am so very sorry for your devastating loss and the heartache you are all experiencing now. Words can’t even begin to heal the void in your lives you are experiencing now. What an amazing life Bill shared and built with you all. I am sure he has left the world a better place by his many accomplishments and selfless contributions. Please know I am praying for your family and will light a candle today in memory of Bill. Much love, Renee


Beth Hassell Northcott wrote:

What a genuine bright light Ivy was. She was so loved by her wife and friends. I hope the memories will bring some feeling of comfort.


Tim Fitzpatrick wrote:

I am so sorry to hear of our loss of Ivy. I have so many happy silly memories of time spent with her and know everyone that knew her has their own as well. All my love and support to her family and friends.



Judy Cogswell wrote:

Dear Eileen and family so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband Bill the love of your life Sending our love and prayers The Cogswell’s Judy, Steve,Julie and Jeff


Kirsten Kent wrote:

Travis and I send our heartfelt condolences to you and your family Jess. Sending you a big hug and much love.


Amy wrote:

Rick and I send our condolences to you and Mitch and your family.


Brenna & Chad Huovie wrote:

Dear Holmes family, you are in our prayers. God bless his soul in heaven. We are sending you our thoughts during this difficult time❤️


Tom and Anita Hohenstein wrote:

So many great memories, it’s hard to know where to start. Spring Fling after parties, camping trips, cookouts, dinners shared, 4th of July at Columbia Yacht Club and so much more. You lived life big, Marty, and will be missed more than words can express.


Solon Tsaoussis wrote:

Steve, my condolences for your father. May his memory be eternal.


Al and Linda Hunsicker wrote:

This man! Devoted husband, loving father, proud grandpa, shrewd businessman, dear friend! You will truly be missed on this earth, but heaven is a more joyous place with your presence. Here’s to you, Marty!


Kate O’Donnell wrote:

So sorry for your loss, your Dad was a wonderful man and friend to my mom Dolores Bakjian, and your mom also. I’ve known your parents since I was 10 years old, now 65, and they were so special to me. My condolences to you and your family and may he Rest In Peace.


Ron Kilker wrote:

I was deeply saddened by the passing of Julie. She was admired by everyone at the Villa. I treasure the talks that we had over the years. The Villa is a little darker without her but Heaven became a whole lot brighter


Michael A. Chambers wrote:

Please accept my deepest condolences on the passing of Julie. She was both loved and cherished to all who knew her here at the Villa. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Dennis Herrle wrote:

Julie, I am saddened to learn of Terry’s death. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I looked up to and admired Terry very much. Sorry that I did not keep in better touch with him. Dennis


Jennifer Sweis wrote:

Dina, Raad and family, I am so sorry to hear this news. I loved seeing your dad walking in the neighborhood, always smiling. I'm thinking of you, dear friends. Jenny


Roger and Nadya Northrop wrote:

Rich: Our condolences to you and your family. I will never forget how you always referred to Julie "My Bride". That touched me as to the great appreciation and love that you have for Julie, and rings in my mind how wonderful a life that you had with Julie.


Debbie Argyropoulos wrote:

Dear Becky and family, I was so saddened to hear about the passing of your beautiful husband, father and grandfather. May his memories be eternal. Strength to you all. Your distant cousin Debbie and Nick from Australia


Betty Sunagel wrote:

Russell & Mary, I am so sorry for your loss! I have known Carol for about 75 years & she was a dear friend! We have so many memories!!! Carol was a wonderful person, always looking out for everybody else! She was sort of the leader of our group of gals that all went to school together, she always wanted to keep us together. She was my maid of honor at our wedding 61 years ago and the Godmother of our 1st daughter! She will be dearly missed by everyone! God Bless you Carol, love you!


Mark J Murphy wrote:

To the Georgas Family- Our sincerest condolences on the passing of such a great man. So sorry. If the world was full of more Evans Georgas, no doubt be a much better place. He is blessed to have left such a legacy. A legacy that embodies love and kindness. If you look up the definition of Altruism, he would be listed as the example. RIP Mr. Georgas Love Mark, Kristi, Catherine Murphy.


Daniel and Kathleen Harris wrote:

30 years ago I had the pleasure of being a classmate of Steven and eventually his partner. In addition at the end of my career I was blessed by having the honor of working for Spiro. The whole Georgas family is in our love and prayers at such a time of sorrow.


Renee Ramirez wrote:

Julie was special. There was an aura about her. Also dressed to perfection at work...always witty, kind and warm. I'll miss going to the shredder and having talks with her. She was so easy to get to know. She loved her family more than anything. Our AV family misses her. She was a friend to all and one-of-a-kind person that I will forever think about and miss. Praying for peace and healing to the Q Family. - Renee



Larissa Lichthardt wrote:

Dear Erin and all your family, my heart is breaking into little pieces for all of you. May God hold Ellis close and help your family!



Olga Karahalios wrote:

Sending a thought of comfort and condolences to the Holmes family.



Cabrina Williams-Leneau wrote:

We will always remember the stories that have been shared with the Glenwood Elementary family during our Wednesday morning staff meetings. Dorothy's daughter Marybeth always shared during our "Good News" sections the many fun things and her mom. She will always be a member of the Glenwood Family. To Marybeth and the rest of the family: Be blessed and hold on to the wonderful memories.


Phil Holmes Doherty, Edel & Aisling Doherty wrote:

Sincere condolences to Jim and family on the passing of your father Seamus, from Phil and family in Ballina, may he rest in peace in the arms of the angels. Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, Still loved, still missed and very dear.” “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal.” Fond memories of a fun loving, gental soul. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.


Vicki Dowell wrote:

I have cried and grieved deeply with all of you during this great loss of your sweet son and grandson who is now your precious little Angel. I have and will continue to keep all of you in my prayers, 💛🙏💛


Steve Groshek wrote:

Jimmy was a great Usher for QAS - working multiple Masses on Sundays. He will be missed.


Bríd Fallon Griffin wrote:

So sorry to hear of Jimmy’s passing RIP. I lived with Maureen & Jimmy on North Drake Ave for afew years in the 60’s. To his son Jimmy & family my deepest sympathy. May Jimmy’s soul Rest In Peace. Bríd Fallon Griffin, Oak Lawn IL


Megan Reddy Linton wrote:

Ellis' bright light of joy and love will continue to shine in our heart and memories. May he be honored in the moments - big and small - as his spirit soars beside those he loved most.


Martina and Michael Sigmund wrote:

Right from the beginning Julie was a true friend to us when we first met. We had moved from Germany to Barrington and her way of welcoming us and our kids with open arms was wonderful. Julie was a very special person. Besides the sadness over her loss we are so greatful to have been friends with Julie since almost 25 years. Our thoughts are with Rich, Alex and Edward during these difficult times.


Ann Gigounas wrote:

Heaven has a new angel. May Ellis John’s memory be eternal and for a blessing to you and your family forever.


Sylvia Modjeski wrote:

The most beautiful soul, taken far to soon. So much love being sent to Cam Erin and Callan. Love you heaps



Family kleszczynski wrote:

Just want to give us deepest condolences to the family of Louise Ranahan who left the world but will be leaving in our hearts she was the kind, caring and loving Now she will looking on us reunited with her husband and son in Gods kingdom Us deepest condolences again Love Urszula,Ed,Lukasz,Michelle Kleszczynski


Margaret Nickele wrote: have left a hole in our hearts and lives. We miss you so. We love you with our whole heart and will never ever stop. Give John a hug from us...we love and miss him too


Lisa Kennedy wrote:

Mr. Georgas always made me smile and gave the biggest hugs. My sincerest condolences to the entire family. God Bless.


Trish Deering wrote:

Thinking of you and your family Erin and praying hard for our Heavenly father to protect, heal and restore pieces of your soul that are broken from such an unimaginable loss. Sending you so much love, comfort and heartfelt prayers. XoXo



Judy Amiano wrote:

Julie was an outstanding example of compassion, integrity and selflessness. I am so blessed to have known her in her role with Franciscan Ministries. My deepest condolences to her family during this time.



Urszula, Ed, Lukasz and Michelle Kleszczynski wrote:

Just want to give my deepest condolences to the family of Louise Ranahan who left the world but will always and forever be living in our hearts. she was the kind , caring and loving. Now she will looking on us reunited with her husband and son in Gods Kingdom My deepest condolences again. Love, Urszula, Ed, Lukasz and Michelle


Nora wrote:

Remembering our St. Patrick's day celebrations ! Thanks for all the great memories! Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit


Sgt. Al P. (Chicago Police, 018 ret.) wrote:

Mr. Georgas, As the good Lord welcomes you into His open and loving arms, may you rest in peace knowing that you leave behind a very loving and supportive family.


John Kennedy wrote:

Steve, son Chris has been telling me for years what a great guy your dad was. So sorry.


The Gaul Family wrote:

Our family was blessed when we moved next door to Julie & Rich a few years ago. They always had a smile and kind word to share while in the yard or out walking Rosie. I am so sorry that Julie has passed and the loss Rich, Alex, Edward and even Rosie must be feeling. I pray that your hearts and minds find comfort and peace through the sharing of happy memories and story telling when family and friends gather to celebrate Julie's life. With much love, Linda, Jerry, Alexander & Hunter Gaul


Roger Brassard wrote:

Deepest condolences to the Quattrocchi and McHugh families. While having never met Julie in person, know with certainty the wonderful person she was by the way Rich always describes his "bride". Their love/adoration for each other have raised the bar as an example for all. From recurring references, one would have thought they were still newlyweds even after so many years and two amazing sons. My heartfelt condolences on the families' loss.


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Mr. Georgas will be remembered at the next Police Mass...not a Greek Orthodox service, but the next best thing! In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Robert Quattrocchi wrote:

Thanks for being so kind to me. Love you


COL and Mrs. Kevin Johnson wrote:

Cam and Erin, Marcy and I are shocked and saddened by the loss of Ellis. We can only hope that happy memories of his bright, too brief life will shine through the grief and endure in all our hearts. We love you. Kevin and Marcelyn



DeBruin Family wrote:

Ellis will forever live in all our hearts. So much love and so many prayers are being sent his way, and to all of you. May his life be forever a blessing ..


Janet Hoggay wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. Mrs R. was a patient, loving mom. Many fond memories of her trying to corral the Ranahan boys for dinner, and her St. Paddy’s Day spread. You are all in our thoughts with love - Janet & Mike Hoggay


The Waite Family wrote:

Lifting you all up after such a devastating loss. May a measure of peace, comfort and hope be yours today and in the days to come.



Michelle Martinez wrote:

You were an amazing boy who touched so many, Evan ones that didn’t know you! Your smile and light touched many and forever you will continue to spread love and light !


Judy Diamond wrote:

So very sorry to hear this news. I knew Julie from my working at the Villa. She always had a smile,an uplifting word and a positive attitude about everything. She went above and beyond her job responsibilities and always made me feel special and appreciated. I’ve been away for a year because of the pandemic so I had no idea she was ill again. She will be sorely missed by so many and may her memory be of a blessing.


Rose wrote:

Dear Mrs. Krpan, Michael, and Kata, We are very sorry for your loss. WE shall keep your husband and father in our prayers. God bless and Love, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Ciciora


The Westin Family wrote:

Erin, Cameron, Callan and family, the loss of Ellis is monumental. So is the love you shared. It is evident in your photos, your videos of his sweet smile and contagious laugh, the way you speak about him. Loss cannot change that love. May it bring you some small comfort to know that there are so many that will support you as you navigate this journey of grief.



Sylvia (Nana) Modjeski wrote:

A beautiful funny, mischievous grandson. You will be greatly missed. In our hearts forever 💕💕



Sheila Stachura wrote:

For Ellis. May your light shine always.


Jeffrey wrote:

Dan I am sorry for your loss I know how much your Moment to you Love you I am here for you


Sheri Hilliard wrote:

Nancy and family, my heartfelt condolences to all of you. Keeping all of you in my prayers through this most difficult time.


Rita Wilkinson Pirie (cousin) wrote:

Rest in Pease, Jim. You will always be remembered for all of the fun family times in California.


Kathy Ebens wrote:

My heart is broken for you. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.



The Eckert Family wrote:

Ellis is so very loved. Praying for you all.


Julie (Meeker) Courchene wrote:

Dan, Marianne, and family, I am saddened to hear of your Mom's passing. She was such a sweet, gentle soul. May she rest in peace and now be reunited with your Dad after all these years. My sincere condolences on your tremendous loss. Moms are irreplaceable. Take care of yourselves. Julie


JIM DYRA wrote:

I wish to convey to the entire Ranahan family my sincere sympathy in the passing of Louise. While she will be missed immeasurably she leaves a living legacy in the family she nurtured with love, faith compassion and honor. While her physical presence will be missed her spirit will endure and this I hope brings comfort to her family.


Pat Kramer wrote:

Julie & Family, I was just notified of the passing of Terry. I’m sorry that I wasn’t at Terry’s memorial/ funeral services. Let it be known that Terry was such a wonderful human being! I know he and I didn’t hang around all the time, however, when we did it felt like we were the best of buddies. We both had a vast knowledge of the environmental industry and it was a pleasure discussing issues, etc. I considered Terry a true friend and he will be truly missed. With much kindness and Love. God Speed!



Betsy Ross wrote:

I truly feel so blessed to have known Megan during her last decade.I’m pretty sure I met her at Maddie’s Christening, in 2011. Aside from Megan being the best aunt ever, I also aspire to adapt Megan’s way of keeping in touch with lifetime friends and family. One of my last fond memories of hanging with Megan was hysterically laughing over the many matching Christmas pajamas she showed up with& was so honored to be the photographer! RIP Megan. You will always be remembered.



Betty Gavrilos wrote:

My dearest Georgie, my heart will go on with an emptiness inside me. I will love and miss you always. One day we shall be together again. Until then Rest In Peace my love.


Louise Riley wrote:

So very sorry for this enormous loss of a man who was taken too soon. Our deepest sympathy to the entire family. God Bless



Kim Fox wrote:

Miss you, my dear friend!


Linda Sajpel wrote:

Just heard of Lois’s passing. I worked at the bank and enjoyed waiting on her. She was very feisty and I loved that about her. She seemed to be so opposite of your Father. Sorry for your loss.


Spiro Harisis wrote:

Pops, you were a great father in law. We had our ups and downs, but we got through it all. We had fun working around the house together. I will miss our little talks and working in the house with you. I love and miss you always. May you Rest In Peace Pops.


Spiro Harisis wrote:

Dad you were the best father inlaw I can have you where funny we had some good talks and fun times together I loved fixing things with you even thought we butt heads sometimes we got it done I will always love you and forever. I will miss you 😢


Zeinab Ali wrote:

I met joe through this friends - Andy and Bea. He left too soon. We will all miss him. Rest In Peace Joe. My sincere condolences to his family and Friend.


Zeinab Ali wrote:

I am a friend of Bea and Andy and met you on their wedding. You left too soon and you will be missed. Rest In Peace Joe. Regards, Zeinab


CELIA Jenssen wrote:

Frank good friend of my brother HERB JENSSEN since childhood. Always friendly when ran into him at BIASETTI’s. Rest In Peace.


Scott & Rachael Binder wrote:

Although we never met in person we spent the last 5 or 10 years discussing phone systems. We compared noted swapped equipment and stories. What fun it was to have a friend that enjoyed phones as much as I did. Gina we never met not did I get a chance to meet your cute kids. I hope you can find peace in knowing what a great man joe is!!


Ramon Ferralez wrote:

What a wonderful man. He was my brothers sponsor in AA many years ago. We are those shrimp every chance we had back in Brighton Park. Farewell and rest easy.


pat martin wrote:

So sorry for your loss! Deepest Condolences!


Christy Ogilvie McCreary wrote:

Julie, I want to send you my heartfelt condolences. I can't imagine what this loss must feel like, and just want to send you the biggest virtual hug. All my very best, Christy


Marlene P. wrote:

In loving memory to Frank Aubry Family 💌🙌🙏 the Pufpaf Family



Betty Gavrilos wrote:

My Dearest George, you left us to soon. The pain that your gone is unbearable. I only hope to be with you soon. Until then may God have mercy on your soul. I love you always and forever. May your memory be eternal.



Helen Harisis wrote:

Daddy, your memory will be eternal. You’ll always and forever be in my heart. I love and miss you.


Ellen Beckman wrote:

I was new to management at a company in Franklin Park 25 years to 30 years ago and I can still remember what a huge help Terry was to me in dealing with water regulations and EPA compliance. Such a down to earth great guy and I never forgot all his efforts on behalf of the company. My deepest sympathy to Terry's family and loved ones on losing such a wonderful guy.


Mary Beth Ong wrote:

Dear Julie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Scott Fadziejewski wrote:

George was such a character! He was so good to me whenever we met. He always helped me see the bright side of things. God bless!!!



Corrie Pearson-Sailer wrote:

George was such a great man. I remember building the shed with him and doing other projects around the house. He will be missed. My prayers and condolences to the entire family.


Elenh Harisis wrote:

Dad, I still can’t believe you are gone. It doesn’t seem real. You are the greatest dad in the world. You will always be my hero & king. I will always be your little creature. I love and miss you daddy. 💔😢❤️😘


Jim & Cindy Prochaska wrote:

My husband Jim & I enjoyed our time working with Joe, at Walgreens. Joe was a good, hard-working, sincere man. He will be missed by many.


Manju Sharma wrote:

My heartfelt condolences to the O’Brien family. I had the pleasure of working with Terry and attending a few contentious public meetings with him. He was a consummate professional and leaves behind a incredible legacy of achievements and admirers. Rest In Peace 🙏


Nora wrote:

Missing our wonderful brother and great friend on his birthday. He left us suddenly and way too soon. We were blessed with his presence in our lives and treasure the precious memories. Our family chain is broken but as God calls us home one by one, the chain will link again. We love and miss you Pat! Breithlá Sona Pádraig.


Nora wrote:

lá breithe sona do Phádraig


Connie Poulos Lipa wrote:

Rest In Peace, dad. You were a hard-working provider for your family and loved us with all your might. ❤️


Mary Wand wrote:

Mom, we love you with our whole heart and never stop. When you meet Johnny tell him we love him too.



Pamela Brown wrote:

Dotty worked with me at Allstate for over 15 years. She made every day a joy with her kindness, interest in me and others, and her warm and wonderful personality. Dotty Lived in Faith: She lived a successful life by retaining a sense of spirituality She possessed a quality of true caring and concern for others Every person she met was touched by her warm and caring nature that radiated with her beautiful smile. Dotty demonstrated courage by being strong and courageous in the face of her illness and pain. For Dotty, it is appropriate to recite Hebrew Proverb 31, (אשת חייל, Eshet Chayil) in honor of Dotty, a Woman of Valor. A woman of valor, who can find? Her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and nothing shall he lack. She renders him good and not evil all the days of her life. She opens her hand to the needy, and extends her hand to the poor. She is robed in strength and dignity, and cheerfully faces whatever may come. She opens her mouth with wisdom. Her tongue is guided by kindness. She tends to the affairs of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness. Her children come forward and bless her. Her husband too, and he praises her. Many women have done superbly, but you surpass them all. Wherever people gather, her deeds speak her praise. Everyday Dotty worked to be true to her inner faith as a wife, mother, and friend so others knew what they expected from her. She used her defined purpose as her north star to guide her actions. For me this is the formula for a happy life. Dotty was a second mother to me(but I suspect to all who knew here) .Her kindness radiated hope and joy. We know and pray that G-d, full of mercy, will protect Dotty forever. The Everlasting is her heritage, and Dotty's kind and cherished soul will always be a part of us:


Carol Bozenhardt wrote:

So sorry for your family’s loss God Bless.Walgreens Employee retired 35 year


David Reedy wrote:

So sad to hear the news. Terry was a true husband, father and statement. I have lots of fond memories with him your family and the entire James gang. Rest peaceful that he joins Corrine and all the related passings that protect and guide us. Huge hug to you all.



Jim Abbate wrote:

Dear Brother Tom, Truly sorry for your loss. Please remember you are not alone....we are always here for you.


Gilroy Family wrote:

From the moment we met Frank on that beautiful sunny island Cozumel we knew we had a life long friend. Words seem so inadequate because Frank was larger than life. Everywhere he went Frank left a trail of friends like a comet. When you were with him he assumed his friends were your friends. We miss you dear buddy. You will always be in our hearts. Love Jim, Lisa and Anamae.


Chris Campbell wrote:

My deepest sympathies to Joe’s family, and especially to Michele. Hope that you all will be able to cope and remember only the joy and good times.


Erika Bauers wrote:

I loved Joe like he was my brother, he had the best humor and he always made me laugh even on the worst days. He would have had the best Dad jokes! His passion for life, his family, grocery stores and hunter boots made him a truly unique and amazing person. My first memory of Joe was him being interviewed on the news about Marshall Fields being renamed Macy’s and I thought who is that passionately about department stores! That’s when I realized what a cool guy he was, miss you so much Joe. I am so sorry for his family to this great and deep loss.


Tim Foley wrote:

Joe, you were a gentle soul and a sensitive fellow, an amazing father, husband, and friend. You will be missed deeply. You liked finding things on the internet, so here’s one for you: Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal. Rest easy, brother.


Bill Halm wrote:

3/6/21 Dear Tom and Family, It was with much sadness that my brother Mike informed me of the passing of your beloved Karen. Though I did not know her, I'm sure that as your wife Tom, she must have been a remarkable person, as well as mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, and friend. Please know of my heartfelt sympathy, thoughts, and prayers for her soul and each and every one of you at this most difficult of times.



Delphus S. Levy wrote:

It was truly a pleasure working with President O'Brien for over 20 years. He will be deeply missed. Sending my condolences and prayers to the family!


Jennifer Gutierrez wrote:

Aunt Karen, to this day my favorite hairdresser❤️ She permed my hair so many times, even against her better judgement I think. She did it because I asked and I loved her for it.


Sharon and Tom wrote:

Please accept our condolences on the passing of your beloved mom and grandma. Dotty was beloved to us. She was always on our minds and in our hearts. She was always up for a tennis match or luncheon. On the courts, she amazed us with her skill and competitiveness! We will never forget her!


Joe Kennedy wrote:

My deepest condolences to the entire O’Brien family. Terry was somebody I looked up to at John Carroll University both as an athlete and leader. He was a great guy that everybody loved.


Carlton R Marcyan wrote:

The Marcyan family expresses its deepest sympathies to Terry’s family. He was a stellar individual who was a friend to all and accomplished so much leaving his county and country a better place. Always a smile on his face and a good word to those around him. Cannot think of a better fellow. We are fortunate to have known him.


Rick Kapryan wrote:

Terry is what God had in mind, when he created man. I was fortunate To have Terry as a friend..


Bob Flood wrote:

To the O’Brien Family Our Family reaches out to pray with you and give our thanks to coming to know Terry. We knew of each other and got a chance to share stories when Kevin and our Son, Bobby played baseball together, Edgebrook vs Arlington Heights. Our friendship continued along the paths of Irish families in Chicago. Terry will be missed. a man who lived his faith and a man who lived by a hand shake. We will miss him. Our prayers are with his family. Bob and Sue Flood and Family


Judith Amberg wrote:

Dear Tom, Justine, Rory, Kyle, Kaitlyn, and Family, As the Director of Alumni Relations Emeritus at Saint Viator High School, I offer you the sympathy and prayers of the Saint Viator High School community. As you hoped, you did Karen proud with an obituary that gave us a glimpse into this amazing wife, mother, grandma, daughter, sister, and friend. Our hearts go out to you as you move through your journey of grief. We pray for you as you share the stories...laugh and cry...and find ways to celebrate Karen’s life and the love she shared with you. As I read the obituary notice about Karen, “Grace” and “Mama Bear,” who “selflessly and unapologetically made those around her better,” I was reminded of an adaptation of a reading from the book of Sirach. “Let us praise an illustrious woman, faithful to her family and friends, strong in her love. At peace in her heart and her world, she has left us her good name, and we recount her life of praiseworthy deeds. A generous woman her good works will never be forgotten. Among her family and friends there remains a rich inheritance born of her…. Her name lives on from generation to generation. We gather to sing her praises. We will proclaim her wisdom and love of life all our days.” May memories of Karen comfort you. May the knowledge Karen lives on in your goodness give you peace and hope. Take care and God bless you with the gifts you most need! Judith Judith Wampach Amberg Saint Viator High School Director of Alumni Relations Emeritus


JoAnn & Al Prusko wrote:

Dotty was more than a life long friend (knowing each other since we were teenagers). She was more like a sister. We shared many happy times together over the years watching our families grow. She will be truly missed.


David G Pyles wrote:

To the entire O'Brien Family, please accept my condolences for your loss. I am so very sad. Way way too many good memories throughout life's events raising our families as neighbors and within the community. My heart goes out to each of you on this day as I can only imagine how very tough this is upon you. I am so very sorry for your loss.


Catherine Cotter widow of Richie wrote:

Praying with you, my late husband worked under Terry they are in Heaven


Gail A Cristoe wrote:

My prayers go out to the entire O'Brien family. I taught his children and the family was so nice and caring. My prayers are with you during this difficult time. RIP!


Lyn, Jodi, Sonia wrote:

To Justine, Philmore and the Mullen Family: You are in our thoughts and prayers during this time. May you soon find peace in the cherished memories, knowing that she is ever present in your hearts.


Rich Kenney wrote:

As a member of the John Carroll University Class of 1978, I remember Terry as a friend, and as a true John Carroll Blue Streak. The Blessing of God on you Terry.


Sabine Fioretto wrote:

My condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. "Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day; unseen, unheard but always near, so loved, so missed so very dear!"


Chris Marcyan wrote:

My deepest condolences.



Frank and Sadhaf Pucher wrote:

Deepest condolences to the O’Brien family. God bless.



Ron and Bonnie Klaus wrote:

Initially we met Tom and Karen a long time ago through Kiwanis Club. Karen and Tom made us feel so comfortable. I just talked with Tony Viola and he and Julie feel the same way as we do. God has a special place for Karen in heaven. God bless , Ron and Bonnie.


Jermimah Akuchu wrote:

To Justine and family, My deepest sympathy. You are your family are in my prayers and may you rejoice in the beautiful memories of her.


Terry Boland wrote:

Dear Tom and Family, I was so saddened to hear of the loss of your wife and mother, Karen. She and all of you will remain in my prayers and my family’s prayers too. Trust in the Lord’s Loving embrace for her soul and your grieving hearts. I know this from my own wife’s passing. God Bless & keep you all Terry Boland & Family


Pete and Cindy Solverson wrote:

Our heart goes out to the Mullen family. Living in Elmwood Park, way back when., we were neighbors. Karen was a great friend to everyone on the block. She was truly loved and adored by her family and friends. She will be definitely missed. God bless to her family.


Mara Lazda wrote:

Dearest Julie, although I did not know your husband, I can feel in my heart the tremendous loss you and your family are experiencing. My deepest condolences to all of you. May Terry rest in peace and God's love help you through this sad and difficult time..


Pamela and Dean Niro wrote:

We are so sad to hear of your loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May she Rest In Peace.


Joe Tamburino wrote:

As Mayor of Hillside I got to know Terry very well over the past 35 years, more importantly we became very good friends. His kind way and smile were infectious. I am a very luck person to have had a Terry as a friend, I will miss him, I will never forget him. My he Rest In Peace, My prayers are with him and all his family.


The Frighetto Family (Mark, Nancie ((Karyl and Liz's niece)), Reid and Reese) wrote:

Our sincere condolences to the family. We are thinking of all of you, and praying for Karen.


Deborah Kapnistos wrote:

Dear Joanna’s Family, I’m so sorry to learn of Joanna’s passing, I knew her through our flying career as well as at St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Church. She was always great company, and very fun to spend time with. It’s very hard to lose a beloved member of your family. May her memory be eternal, Zoe Se Sas. Peace, love and comfort to all of you, Deborah Kapnistos


Frank Elmi & Family wrote:

Whether I ran into Terry twice in a month, or once in 5 years, he had the same smile and genuine concern for old friends and family. My condolences to his family. I'm glad I knew him.



Tim Herlehy wrote:

My condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you Coach Mullen and your family.


Chris Brown wrote:

Justine and Mullen family. My deepest condolences on your loss. Her spirit, charisma and overall being lives on through the great family that you all are and for that she is always here. May peace and comfort find you all today and forever.


Joette Fleming wrote:

Tom, Kyle, Kaitlyn, Justine and Rory, So very very sorry to have heard this news. My deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers to you all at this very difficult time.


Brian Olds wrote:

Terry was a great friend and colleague. His wonderful Irish humor & quality of person will always sustain me in my memory of him. God bless you Terry.


Brian & Amy McPartlin wrote:

Julie and Family, Our deepest condolences on the passing of Terry. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. He was a great public servant, but a better friend. We send you this Irish blessing. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." He has left us too soon, but memories to last a lifetime.


Judge Sheila O'Brien wrote:

Terry was a gem of a person, a great public servant, a gentleman with class. Personable, kind, funny, good. Years ago, met Terry and his brothers when we were all campaigning. He treated me like family even though unrelated. Rest In Peace Terry. You made every O’Brien proud to have our name.


Rich and Ellen Kamysz wrote:

Dotty was always fun to be around and we loved seeing her at family gatherings. Her beautiful, welcoming smile was her signature and a trait we will never forget. We will miss her.


Brien Comerford wrote:

A very nice guy and longtime friend of our family. A close friend of my late father and my sister. I met him ten years ago. He had an amiable personality. He was a true blue good person.


Lawrence D Beyer wrote:

A salute to John W Northern Jr., Sgt of Police, friend and caninophile. If John was your friend, you could not have had a better friend. He was always there to help, encourage, and assist you. John, you will be missed but we know you are in a better place with the multitude of friends who have preceded you.


Mike and Judi Cibelli wrote:

Tom and Family, we are very sorry for your loss. Karen was one of the nicest and kindest people we ever met. We will be praying for you and your family during this time, please accept our deepest sympathies.


Tony Sherlock wrote:

Justine and family, we are so sorry for your loss of your mother. Thinking about and praying for you and the family during this time.


Bill Jansa wrote:

Met Terry along with his Mom & Dad, his brothers Greg & Bill, & his sister Kathy & her husband Bill when they came to Cleveland, Ohio to visit John (OB) for a John Carrol function or to visit relatives. The few times I was with Terry & his Family they always were kind and warm, caring people with a good Irish sense of humor. My deepest sympathy on the Loss of your Brother, Husband, Brother in law, & Father. May Terry REST IN PEACE, & May you all find strength in the love of Family & the warm embrace of friends, 🙏🙏


MSGT William G Karmik, USAF Ret. wrote:

Terry left a great void among his family, friends and the city he loved. Mission Accomplished Sir! RIP🇺🇸✝️


Diana Wilczenski wrote:

Dotty was always thinking of others before she thought about herself. She was more than a sister-in-law, she was a best friend.


The Blumenshine Family wrote:

A great person and a good friend. He will be missed. RIP Terry. Our prayers are with the whole O'Brien family.


teresa Duffy wrote:

Dear Julie and Family, we are so shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Terry our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to you. We will miss seeing that beautiful Smiling Irish Face with his wit & humor. May He Rest In Peace.


teresa Duffy wrote:



Jeff Hokl & Family wrote:

The Hokl family, Terry and the O'Briens go back to our days of softball, touch football or Johnny tackle in the Episcopal churchyard on Maplewood. Life long friendship carried through all these years & he is truly missed.


Pamela Taylor wrote:

Terry was truly one of a kind, he will never be forgotten. He will live forever in the memories of anyone who was fortunate enough to meet him. He was genuinely a good person and a man of his word. He will definitely be missed. I offer my deepest condolences and I am praying for your family. Pamela Taylor, MWRD



Judy wrote:

I will always have you in my heart ❤️ Mom. Give dad a hug. I know you are at peace and are in the happiest place you can be!! See you again someday so I can give you that hug I didn’t get to do...


Rich Peslak wrote:

Terry was one of a kind, he always made it a point to stop in and say hello. We will keep all of you in our prayers.


Jack Kibik wrote:

To the O’Brien Family, Terry was a wonderful man who I had the great privilege of working with. I got to know him on a professional basis and a friendship blossomed. He will be missed. There is little one can say to ease the pain of your loss, but I hope the great times you enjoyed with him are comfort to you during this difficult time.



Carol Maloney wrote:

My deepest condolences to the whole O'Brien clan. Terry was such a great man and will be missed by so many . RIP Terry ❤️


Dan Bowman wrote:

Terry O’Brien - good man, good Blue Streak, good Rambler. RIP



Anne and Tom Ruedi and family wrote:

Julie Kevin Therese and Patrick and all your family, we are so saddened in this time of great loss. Terry was the greatest brother-in-law and uncle to his many nieces and nephews and great and kindest friend to everyone who knew him! When you talk w Terry he knew you and cared for you with his whole self. May God’s peace, love, mercy, and consolation flood your hearts. So thankful for our hope of heaven. May Our Holy Mother cover you all with her mantle of peace and love. May the angels guide Terry into paradise. 🙏☘️😘 we love you all! Rest In Peace. ❤️


Holly and Tom O’Connell wrote:

Our hearts are full of sadness to learn the news of Tom’s passing. Remembering him as a kind soul with a constant smile, he would always wave from his porch or stop for a visit while walking the dogs. Our neighborhood has lost a fine man. Cathy, Brent and Mallory, please know that we are thinking of you with much love .


Edward Barrientos wrote:

My condolences to the Salutillo family. Much love and respect. May he Rest In Peace. God bless.


Joyce Cachapero wrote:

We are sending our prayers, love and deepest sympathy to our cousins Jesse & Joy and to their families throughout this extremely difficult time. Rest in Peace Auntie Lagring. Our fond memories of you will live in our hearts forever. We will miss you! (Joyce & Vin from Los Angeles)


Richard and Gemma Cachapero wrote:

Our deepest sympathy to our cousin Jesse and Joy and family.May your soul rest in peace auntie Lagring 🙏 ❤


Rick and Toni Straubel wrote:

Met Art 35 yrs ago when joined CTA. Spent a lot of time rotating in substations, platforms and the like. We also spent lunchtime at substations and played chess on many occasions he would bet me by letting me take everything but his pawns, then would handily gain piece back to call checkmate..he was gracious winner and would say next time we both knew better lol. That graciousness was also exhibited by his family. My wife and I hosted a cookout with everyone bringing delicious dishes and their family to our little home. Art brought Lita, AJ, BJ and Liezle..also a full cooler of egg rolls called lumpia..only the best we ever tasted. Surprise delivery of lumpia..thanks AJ..I know the production behind it we sang your praises. And now today, could not bear Lita's words came Toni and I just at a loss. Now Art you have transitioned to be with your beloved wife and roomate and our hearts are with your babies. AJ, BJ and Liezle. Your parents have left you with tools, love being one of them. If you need anything call on us. With Deepest Condolences and a Heavy heart.



Debby wrote:

Tom was a kind, gentle soul and will be greatly missed by many, and certainly by me.I remember the many times he pulled into my driveway to pick me up to go for bagels. The bagels were great but the time spent together even better. Cath, Brent, and Mallory, I’m so sorry for your loss.


Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh wrote:

Ed was such a kind, giving man, and so devoted to Our Lord and the unborn! For years, he was a tremendous help to our ministry at the Respect Life Office! He designed and managed our donor database, added information, processed thank you letters and so much more. He was a Godsend because we were so short-staffed. I left a decade ago to raise my kids and just thought of him and saw this obituary. Ed and Dona were joyful, loving, kind people and will be greatly missed!



Annie Cabuyadao Ulery wrote:

Manang Lagring, you will always occupy a space in my heart, we will miss you terribly. Rest In Peace with our Creator in heaven, till we meet again. We love you dearly.



Joyce was a marvelous person with a fabulous personality and great smile and laugh!!She did a beautiful job of raising 4 great boys by herself for the last 42 years .She is now with her love of her life and he is welcoming her with stretched out arms !! Joyce was a wonderful example of love and faith.She leaves behind a fabulous family who will carry on her examples of love ,laughter, kindness,generousity and thoughtfulness .


Mickey Williams Agee wrote:

Learning of Kendall’s passing was so very sad that a young life of such dear promise be cut short. Kendall always brought light to the world, and I am so very sorry for your loss. Prayers and warm thoughts to your family.


Mary Kay Condon wrote:

Dear Finans, I’m sorry that you are now separated from your mother. Your obituary was an accurate description of the woman I was always pleased to meet. I hope she didn’t suffer..You are the people she loved and lived for. She will rest with God and pray for you.



Norma wrote:

Mila, you will be surely missed!May you Rest In Peace. Condolence to the bereaved family!


Margaret G Mock wrote:

Dear Finan Family, Its a time to gather - to surround you with love. Next best thing, is that Ill be with you today at the virtual service. The celebration of Mrs. Finan's life is one that will continue in each of you as the days and years unfold. I'm certain that she lives on in you and will lead you in only the direction of love. My condolences.


Gianni Gasparre wrote:

mom is amazing, she provided as much as she can for her kids , I've witnessed it and i can tell you im glad now that i helped her out so much back. she deserves to be in a place with no harm or hurt, or sadness. she deserves the absalute best


Edward Simon wrote:

So sorry for you loss



Wendy, Adrienne and Robynne Green wrote:

Thinking of you all and keeping you our prayers at this very sad time.


Malcolm Bacon wrote:

We offer our sincerest condolences to the entire wonderful Finan family. God Bless.


Nevenka Smalcelj and Family wrote:

We send our deepest sympathy to Tonka and her family. May God give you strength and comfort at this difficult time. May Peace be with you Martin.


James Gallagher wrote:

Dear Finan Family: Please accept our thoughts and prayers for both Joyce and John and also for the rest of the family in this stressful time. We remember a fun time event with Joyce and John at a Halloween party at our house with the "Potluck" group at St. Giles when they arrived as a married priest and nun. Hilarity reigned all evening after that. We remember you fellows too as the perfect paper delivery service who always put the paper on the front porch out of the elements! With Love from Carol and Jim Gallagher


Paul and Diane Millies wrote:

So sorry about Jackie. We only met her 3 times and sadly never got to know her very well. We always thought there would be more time. The pandemic didn’t help, that’s for sure. We sincerely wish things were different. Luckily you have each other to lean on during this shockingly sad time. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you.


Peter Glowacki wrote:

Our deepest sympathy. Our hearts go out to you and your family.


Brando wrote:

Your dad was one of the nicest person I know. Always, smiling and offering me foods everytime we come visit. I am truly sorry for your loss. I would like to offer you and your family our deepest and most sincere condolence and may the soul of your dad rest in peace.


Bill and Karen Pinchak wrote:

Ila, Dave, Daila and Dean, Thinking of you all at this time of sorry, praying for your hearts to heal and the sense of Peace in your souls



Laura Vergel wrote:

Lea, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, for the loss of your much beloved grandmother.


Pat Vance wrote:

Always in my prayers, Rest In Peace you are so loved


Mickey McGuire wrote:

Joyce and your Dad were such an important part of our group-actually the glue that kept us together for over these past 70 years-that a very special part of all has gone with her.. We shared so many good times, laughs, sad times and tears with them, especially your Mom, that we shall never be the same. All of us marvelled at how she accepted her life after your Dad's death, and carried on by raising her boys to be such good, strong, caring Men. Her last years have been difficult, but her wonderful sons looked after her like the true Queen she was. May Joyce enjoy the true reward she so justly deserves and Rest in Peace, dear Friend. Your HOC Group


Trankina Family wrote:

Dear Finan Family, You have our deepest sympathy. We have wonderful memories of Joyce and John; growing up together at HOC, our times together during the service while stationed in Germany, raising our children in Oak Park and many visits in Glen Ellyn. Joyce always had a smile and a kind word for everyone. We are blessed to have had Joyce and John in our lives and we will cherish their friendship forever.


Joseph DiCanio wrote:

Marty so sorry for your loss thoughts and prayers are with you and family, Jack sorry for the loss of your grandmother I know you will stay strong i am so proud of you and love you



Luz Giron wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss. It seems you are a very close knit family. Hopefully this will help you and your family carry the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



Kathleen Heidersbach wrote:

Joyce & I worked in the Student Loan Department at Corus Bank in Chicago. We shared many laughs (and some sorrows) about family, Twin Lakes, & growing older. Joyce was a remarkable woman who will be missed, but my hope is that your cherished memories will always keep her alive in your heart.


Juliet Bennett wrote:

Dr. Finan, my condolences to you and your entire family. May your mother, the aunt, the dear friend to everyone she met, may her soul Rest In Peace. Thanks for sharing your mother's loving memories.


Yvette wrote:

Ila, Dave,Daila@Dean And the entire Seguban family Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May Jesus keep his gentle hand by your side as you mourn the loss of your mother sending prayers to all Yvette And Tom


Obitelj Medić wrote:

Pokoj vječni daruj mu Gospodine. Iskrena sućut obitelji.



Haruko Neal wrote:

Peace be with Thank you



Bob and Sharon Sanders wrote:

We wish we could be there with you during these difficult times.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Adela González wrote:

Joyce, sé que estás muy feliz. Fuiste un corazón, alegría y generosidad. Dios habrá abierto sus brazos para ayudarte a llegar muy cerquita de Él. ¡Nunca podré olvidar cómo te portaste conmigo! Cómo nos divertíamos sin yo saber el inglés ni tú el español. Tú amiga Adela, que siempre en su mente te tendrá. Joyce, I know that you are happy. You were a generous heart and joy. I’m sure that God has opened his arms to help you reach him, and that you’re really close to him now. I would never forget how much fun we had even though I did not know English and you did not know Spanish. Your friend Adela will always remember you.


Nancy McGinnis wrote:

Dear Finan family, so sorry to learn of your mom’s passing. She was a wonderful woman, full of warmth and laughter. She and you boys were great neighbors on Linden, and I think of her often.



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

Rest in Peace dearest Kendall......


Steve Northey wrote:

Dear Marty, Matt, Tom & John, What a well lived life your Mom led. One of the strongest people I have ever met. I remember disappointing her once. Through her grace she taught a valuable lesson, I never forget. So happy your Mom & Dad are together again. Our Mom Winnie Northey at 92 has fond memories of her friend Joyce. Peace, The Northey's


The Gagliardo Family wrote:

To the whole Finan Family, We are so sorry for the loss of your mom. She was a great lady and mother. She is now with your dad!



The Mocka Family wrote:

Sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.


Hagop Jehezian wrote:

RIP. Unger ARf is strong because of you


Jeanne Davito wrote:

John, I am so sorry to hear of your beloved mother's passing. I know she was a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother based on how amazing you are as her son. May God bless your family with the peace of knowing she is now reunited with your father, the love of her life, in a beautiful place.......heaven. Love, Jeanne



Sandra and Ante Simundic wrote:

Please accept our deepest condolences 💐. Pocivao u miru Bozjem 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Cynthia Gonzalez wrote:

Christina was my student, colleague, and a wonderful nurse. Prayers for her and her family. May she rest in peace.


Lee Lupi wrote:

Dear Marty, Matt, Tom, and John: My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your families on the passing of your Mother. A wonderful woman, full of life, and always supportive. I will be keeping Joyce and all of you in my prayers. Sincerely, Lee Lupi


John Serban wrote:

May Martin Rest In Peace and Rise in Glory. May his memory be eternal. Prayers for you all, God Bless!



Ja sam wrote:

May he rest in the warmth of the Lord’s eternal light.


Ante Dukic wrote:

Počivao u miru Božjem



Laverne Russo wrote:

This is for my dear friend Lea Seguban, I will always be there for you during this rough time, God bless you and your family


Linh Huynh wrote:

We shall miss you dearly with much love and affection. Wishing you peace and comfort in heaven. Forever in our thoughts.


Tenielle Aré wrote:

My sincerest condolences to Jennifer Teleback and Family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May you find comfort in precious memories with your loved one.


Sandra Schuster wrote:

I am so saddened to hear of Mrs. Kurt's passing. I was truly blessed to have her teach me in 5th grade and in 7th grade. She is a beautiful soul. Lots of Iove and prayers to her family and friends. RIP Mrs.Kuhrt.



Ruth Eusebio wrote:

Rest In Peace in God’s loving arms. We will miss you dearly, but we find comfort in knowing that you will no longer have pain and tears. You are a great Father-in-law and grandpa. Thank you for helping raise Ruchelia and Sophia. We are very sad to walk in the journey of life without you, but we will cherish the memories that you left with us.



Ruth Eusebio wrote:

Rest In Peace into God’s loving arms. You are a wonderful and gentle person. Thank you for helping raise Ruchelia and Sophia. We will miss you dearly, but we find comfort in knowing that you will no longer have pain and tears. We love you dad/grandpa!


Wally & Michele Rabenda wrote:

Bobby, our deepest sympathies to you on the loss of Camille.


John and Fran Cernuska wrote:

Camille you were a beautiful person...inside and out. John and I wish we could be with you Bob and will keep you in our prayers asking for comfort and loving memories of your sweetheart. We have many memories of Camille and will treasure them always. Sending our love and sympathy........



Alfredo Eusebio wrote:

Will miss a good conversation with you Mr. Lai Lieu. You’re one of rare generous easy going good hearted people I know that always have a smile on their face. Rest In Peace Mr. Lai Lieu.



Kamini Bishoo wrote:

Dear Kate and Family Sending my prayers and warm thoughts during this time.


Don savage wrote:

Camille, a wonderful lady. She always made a person feel like family. She leaves us with many happy memories. Bob, my friend, we regret not being able to be with you to give you our support and love at this sad time. We will keep Camille in our thoughts and prayers. She will be sorely missed. With love and sympathy, The Savage Family, Don, Ginny and Peggy



Joe & Pat Zaccariello wrote:

Bobby, Sending Our Deepest Sympathy On The Loss Of Your Beloved Camille. May She Rest In Peace With Her Loving Son.


David Christensen wrote:

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Bill's passing. I have known Bill and his family since we were 7 years old, and Val since OLM grammar school. I have fond memories of us riding triple on my bike. We had adventures and misadventures all over Chicago! We've stayed close all these years through our marriages, the birth of their boys, playing softball, superbowl parties and talked often since our move to Arizona. My condolences to all of Bill's family.


Yimam wrote:

I met Art Sison in January of 2000, right after Y2K, and had the pleasure of working with him for many years at the CTA. In a room full of Engineers, Art’s wisdom, experience, and sense of humor was exceptional. He was a mentor and good friend to many…. My family and I send our deepest condolences. You will be greatly missed; may you rest in peace Artemio.





Tho Ho wrote:

Art and I have known each other for twenty six years, most of those from working at CTA. Through stormy winters and the hot summer days of Chicago we were able to form a friendship. We shared many memories during those years that I will never forget. He used to echo my name as if there were more than 1 O in Tho. You can always count on Art to deliver his trademark funny phrases. Past his comedic side and love for eggrolls, you can see how much he loved his wife, whom he always playfully called his roommate. My condolences go out to his three children and family. My family extends to you our deepest sympathies. There are few who can compare to Art and I will cherish the memories I have of him. Wishing you healing, Tho Ho


Judy Linton wrote:

Camille was a Gentle, Loving Friend We had a lot of Good times & Laughs I’ll miss her smiles. Condolences to her “Bobby”. My Heart ♥️ is with you & Yours



Tom and Carol Healy wrote:

So sad to hear this terrible news about Camille she was such a sweetheart. Heaven will be a better place with her in it. Condolences to Bobby and the entire family.


Dr. George Okwadha wrote:

I first met Prof. Ayot in Mr. Wilson Ojwang's in Naperville, IL promised to visit her. Later in the year l drove 80 miles from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Prof. Ayot's house in Chicago in 2008 to fulfill my promise. We took Kenyan tea together and chatted for long. A great story-teller. We shall miss you. RIP Prof.


Dr. George Okwadha wrote:

I drove 80 miles from Milwaukee-Wisconson to Prof. Ayot's house in Chicago in 2008. We had Kenyan tea together and chatted for long. A great story-teller. RIP Prof.


Cristina Casis McKinnon wrote:

We have known Tito Art since my siblings and I were children and he and Tita Lita were always a permanent fixture at all of our family parties and celebrations. So many wonderful memories of Tito Art, his stories, his magic and his jokes. We will miss you very much.


Alice Buzanis an John Russillo wrote:

Dearest Petrov and Tsolakidis family: My deepest sympathy goes out to your family. I am unable to express the sadness I feel for your loss and cannot make sense of it at all. Joanna was an amazing mother and a beautiful person inside and out. Joanna truly embraced her beautiful daughters, family and friends. She cared deeply for those she loved and had such a beautiful heart and dynamic spirit. I am honored that I was able to know such a great person and I will cherish the memories I shared with her forever. Joanna will truly be missed here on earth, but I know she is in heaven watching over her beautiful daughters, family and friends. ❤️ May she rest in peace and may her memory be eternal. 🙏🏼 Please know we are always here for all of you and may God bless all of you during this very difficult time.


Alice Buzanis an John Russillo wrote:

Dearest Petrov and Tsolakidis family: My deepest sympathy goes out to your family. I am unable to express the sadness we feel for your loss and cannot make sense of it at all. Joanna was an amazing mother and a beautiful person inside and out. Joanna truly embraced and adored her beautiful daughters, family and friends. She cared deeply for those she loved and had such a beautiful heart and dynamic spirit. I am honored that I was able to know such a great person and I will cherish the memories I shared with her forever. Joanna will truly be missed here on earth, but I know she is in heaven watching over her beautiful daughters, family and friends. ❤️ May she rest in peace and may her memory be eternal. 🙏🏼 Please know we are always here for all of you and may God bless all of you during this very difficult time.


Kevin Loftus wrote:

My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to the entire Nicholl family at this time. Bill was such an important part of the Kraft / Alliant / US Foods family that I cant imagine how that gap will ever be filled. We've heard from many parts of the company since hearing this news and every person has a personal story to share and thanks for having the chance to have known Bill. I'll miss him dearly


Leo Bazelewski wrote:

I first met Art when I started at CTA , 25 years ago. He was a mentor to a lot of us new young engineers and a dear friend. One of his favorite sayings that I find myself repeating was " To look with your eyes not your mouth". I will miss him dearly. Prayers for the family. May he rest in peace.


Ereena Komo Ayot wrote:

I've been reflecting on the precious moments shared with mom. She was everything a child could ask for, she sacrificed to make sure our dreams came true. She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Life has been a wonderful adventure, we traveled the world together and experienced adventures. I'm forever grateful to God for giving us this time together. Heart to Heart...l will forever love you.


Dawn Jurasz (McDonald) wrote:

I’m so sorry for your loss. Please give your mom a big hug, Linda. No parent should bury a child. You are all in my prayers. God Speed!!



Sharon Cohen wrote:

Barbara was ever welcoming and generous as I became an “extended” family member for many years!


Sharon Gonwa wrote:

I first met Art and his beautiful wife, Lita, at an engagement celebration for our children AJ & Lisa. Conversation flowed so easily as if we’d known each other forever. We were laughing, sharing stories of our kids and dreaming of our combined futures together as we jointly enlarged our families together. It was with great sadness we lost Lita weeks after their wedding. And now we say good bye to Art. Lisa and AJ were blessed with a baby girl, whom Art treasured being around, just as he did his two grandsons. Art was such a great man. Generous, very kind, compassionate and outgoing. We will miss him greatly. But we are assured he is happily at home in Heaven reunited with his beloved wife Lita.


Sue and George Kirkland wrote:

Dear Phil, Ashleigh,Tyler and family, Words can’t express how shocked and saddened we are by this devastating loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this terrible time of grief and suffering. We pray that Jackie is at peace with the Lord and that He will be your comfort and consolation. Our deepest condolences to you all.


elsie norberg wrote:

My deepest sympathy to Barbara's family. I knew her STC-Chicago Chapter.


Henry Kashfi wrote:

The most precious souls you were I will treasure my memories of you flying to Tel Aviv seafood meals on the beach drinks and laughter. Your warmth and kindness was infectious. You will be dearly missed.


Edward G Dykla '51 wrote:

My deepest sympathy on the passing of Ed, enjoyed his company at the Weber luncheons at the WE. He was a gentleman. May he rest peacefully in the hands of Jesus in paradise, God bless you all are in our prayers at this sad time in your lives. Ed & Loretta Dykla '51 Pres Emeritus Polish Roman Cath. Union. Boynton Beach , Fla.