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Margaret Costello Brockert wrote:

Thinking about you and when we lived in the attic on Rockwell. Miss you Cuz! XOXO


Mary wrote:

Hi Honey, Just wanted to say Happy Father's Day to the best father I know. We all miss you very much. Love you always.


Jose Bejarano wrote:

If granted the power you can bet You’d be the 1st person I’d resurrect Hug you so tight and say “what did you expect?” Tell you I Love you and you’re the best Beg you to smile and laugh and rest Tell you relax now No more stress Promise no one will ever hurt you again Tell you I Love you and you’re my best friend Kiss you and kiss you and kiss you Show you how much I’ve missed you Wipe the tears from your eyes no tissue Tell you I Love you and time is now with you Look into your eyes and cry Tell you how I’ve missed your ray of sunshine Ask you to please never leave my side Tell you I Love you and it’s for all of time Tell you I Love you and you’re above the rest Tell you I Love you because you’re the best


David Schmied wrote:

God bless Dr John, may she Rest In Peace. She was my daughters doctor for many years and we are very thankful we found Dr. John. She was the best.


Peter and Emily Becker wrote:

We am deeply saddened by the great loss you and your family have suffered. I hope that the Lord brings you and your family the much-needed comfort and peace during this sad time.


Vicky Byrd wrote:

JPH ICU will never be the same without you; YOU are truly missed; Rest in Heaven friend and coworker


Julianne wrote:

My heart and prayers goes out to Vince's wife and children as well as to the DeGiulio family.


Avida R Lazo wrote:

I only met Patricia once 5 years ago but she was so kind to me and a very interesting person. I wish I lived closer to get to know her better but that was not to be. I do know she accepted my brother Sean and myself without hesitation and for that I will be forever grateful and forever remembered by me.



Meghan Cepa wrote:

Wonderful Aunt Pat, It was so lovely to have met you. To have had you, be a part of Mike and I’s Life. So appreciative of all the help you offered, to make our wedding day so special. We missed having you there. You sure made my nieces look gorgeous. Dresses they still love to wear a year later. Pictures we will have for a lifetime, a part of you... forever. You were able to meet more of my family, and share your joy of dress making with them, and your quirky, goofy self. They told me how they had so much fun meeting you. You always reached out to chat, on messenger. Always let me know you were available. Thank you for everything, and touching my life in a special way. It’ll be sad to not have more moments in this world with you. But I know you will be with us all, you cared so much about your family. Mike and I, love you and miss you. Rest peaceful, Pat, until we meet again. Xoxo


Margaret O'Connor Carlson wrote:

Mr. Forde, I have very fond memories of your smile, your laughter, your generous heart and kind soul. You were the only person who could call me Margie, because you immediately shared your radiant smile. I was so fortunate to become friends with Ann (your daughter) 35 years ago, meeting you and Mrs. Forde, and your beautiful family. You have touched so many people and we are all better people because of your gentle soul. Peace be with you with Our Heavenly Father.



Maya wrote:

an eternal light to be with you my dear friend🙏 Rest In Peace 🙏



Maya wrote:

An eternal light to be with you my dear friend🙏


Lisa Mertinat and family wrote:

Your mom was a great women, I'm sure she's smiling down on you with John and your dad. We love you.


Lisa Mertinat and family wrote:

Mrs. Ortiz was a kind, loving women. We will miss her and our prayers go out to her family. Sara, you had the blessing and honor of being her caretaker to the end. She knows how much love her entire family had for her. May her memories be of comfort to you all now. She gets to reunite with her husband and John which warms my heart. God bless Mrs. Ortiz and her family members now and forever. Lastly, God had a plan when he took my dad on the very same day. Sara, glad we have each other for support during this difficult time.


susan wolen wrote:

Ron, I am so sorry for your loss.


Alicia Riley wrote:

Ron, I am so very sorry for your loss. May you and your family be comforted by your wonderful memories


Michelle Stella wrote:

Ron, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Eric Wills wrote:




Michael Cepa wrote:

My loving auntie underwear. You brought love,care and happiness to all of the occasions I had the honor of being with you. Love you and miss you.


Mary & Paul Banach wrote:

We always enjoyed visiting with Charlotte at gatherings. She was a lovely lady. It was apparent how much she loved her family. She will be missed by so many. God bless you all.


Caeolyn wrote:

I am lost without you. No one will "Sparkle" like you! I love you...….



Jan Berg wrote:

Keith was a wonderful guy! As a boss, he stood by his employees , but expected his team to always do their best for our guests. He was so concerned if you had a family or personal issue going on and would take the time to let you know he was there to talk. I will miss the last year of our conversations on the way in to Chevy Chase. He exhibited courage with his health issues. I just wish I got over to see him his last week with us. I will always remember those beautiful blue eyes. His sparkle shown and I will miss him dearly!!


Kellie Buda wrote:

Anita, I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Please know that she is at peace and her spirit is always with you.


Lena Rizzo Anastasia & family. wrote:

Our prayers are with the family of Charlotte. Although your hearts are heavy with grief you’ll find comfort in knowing that she is in the Lord’s arms along with her beloved son John Nd husband Manuel. Our deepest condolences and heartfelt prayers.


Lena Rizzo Anastasia & family. wrote:

Our hearts go out to Charlotte’s entire family. Though your hearts are heavy with grief, find peace in knowing she is now with her beloved son John and living husband Manuel. She is at peace in the Lord’s arms.



Anita wrote:

I remember meeting Charlotte in Sun City West, Arizona 3-4years ago at her sister Rosemarys. We had a very nice visit, I definitely felt like we were family, she will be sorely missed by many.


Elena Barengolts, Michael Berman wrote:

To Charlotte's family: our hearts go to you on the day of your loss. She was dear to us even though we knew her for a short time.


Razia Doshi wrote:

Time passes too fast. So many memories


Diane Banach wrote:

To the Family of Charlotte, We are so sorry for your loss. Charlotte was a lovely, strong, and gracious woman. Our hearts are with you at this time. Diane and Pete Banach


Carol Bergeron wrote:

My heart goes out to Charlotte's family. My dear friend for over 50 years or more, Charlotte was a gracious, loving, caring, beautiful person who will remain in my heart forever. I will miss our treasured times together. Love you Charlotte.



Claudia Goetz wrote:

I am so sorry you have left us .All the cousins are very scattered but we always remained close at heart. now you have left me the the inherited job of being the oldest.


John Dewan wrote:

Pat was my friend and next-door neighbor for over 30 years. What a good man he was! I got to know him most from our Tuesday night trips to the St. Mary of the Woods bowling league. Based on 33 years of bowling together, that’s over 1000 trips to and from the bowling alley together! Here are some of the comments about Pat that were shared by his friends in the bowling league: Frank Ring: Pat and I bowled on the same team for many years, and I can't imagine having a nicer teammate than Pat. Jamie Toohey: My favorite teammate! How many times did this proud man with a high handicap step up and roll three strikes in the 10th. RIP! Tom Dreher: I just met Pat last year, my 1st in the league & very much enjoyed the few conversations I had with him. My prayers are for him & his family. Pat McGonagle: so sorry to hear about our favorite Lad Mike Garvey: Rest In Peace Patrick! Don Marchman: Rest in peace my good man. Mel Winer: regards to pat’s family…at the first week of bowling a league wide toast (to Pat) Taki Kostopoulos: We will miss him. Dave Harrington: Pat was a good man and I’ll keep him in my prayers. Scott Block: The league will not be the same without him. George Saffa: Pat, Rest in Peace..... such a quiet gentleman Pat just celebrated his 40th year in the St. Mary of the Woods Bowling league, the most of anyone who bowled this past year. Jamie mentioned how Pat always came through in the clutch. When the going got tough, Pat got going! It turns out Pat is the second most frequent champion the league has ever had. He was on a championship seven different times. The only person with more championships is his teammate for most of those years, Joe Ring, who had eight championships. (Thank you, Walt Schmit, for your incredible league record-keeping). One of the things I most enjoyed was getting the news update from Pat on our weekly car rides. He would always tell me the latest that he just heard on the news. We really enjoyed talking about the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and the Bulls. I even got him to talk about the White Sox once in a while! And when we got to the alley, he really enjoyed himself. Whether it was the Pat Forde fist bump at the pins when he threw a strike, or the thumbs up he would give as he humbly lowered his eyes whenever he was complimented, we all loved that man. Pat was a kind and gentle man with a good heart. He will always be my friend and I will truly miss him. John Dewan



The Ambrogi Family wrote:

Ron, Sorry for your loss


Judy Sheehan wrote:

From all of us at The Rising Stars Theatre Co. To Ron, Diane and all family members, our deepest sympathy. She was a very talented and creative costumer and we will miss her. I personally will miss her willingness to always help me out with costumes-Judy


Lin Carvell wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss Ron. Pat was such a kind, important part of St James and just a wonderful lady.



Leslie and Paul Oslansky wrote:

It was with great sadness and a heavy heart to hear of Joe's passing. From my family to Joe's our deepest condolences. I will miss Joe's big smile, friendship and our long talks about Corvettes, Radiator caps, gas caps and life in general. His knowledge that he eagerly passed on to others is rare to find today. God bless Joe and his family.


Joan Brown wrote:

My condolence to the family for the loss of your loved one, Patricia, and may you find comfort and hope in the scriptural promises of Almighty God (Psalm 83:18) through His written word, the Bible, about His own future appointed time, here on the earth, when He will do away with everything that causes mankind suffering and sorrow. Job 14:14,15. Acts 24:15. Revelation 21:4,5.


Richard & Jody Nyboer wrote:

I’m so sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with your family. I’ve known Ron since college, attended his and Pat’s wedding in 1986. I know they really loved one another. I’m so happy that they shared 33 years together with their wonderful family.


Gregory and Dolores Learned wrote:

Fely we will miss you. May you rest in peace at the right hand of God.


Cathy Neyer wrote:

Pat and I met in a Creative Writing class and spent many hours and years of sharing our humorous stories! We would laugh to tears. She honored me by asking me to stand up to her wedding to Ron, who was her greatest love. They were a beautiful couple. My heart goes out to Ron and her dear children and grand children. I regret that I won't be able to attend her service.


Shanta & Cyrus Kapadia wrote:

You were as brilliant as you were gentle and kind. It was clear to all who knew you, that you were working for the Lord. Cyrus had the good fortune of knowing you during your undergraduate years in Bombay, and the two of us of course were with you in medical school, at the Christian Medical College, Vellore. Thank you for your example; one which made all of us richer. Our heartfelt sympathies to the family. Shanta and Cyrus


Anjee Cole wrote:

You are loved and missed.


Kevin (huttbutt) Huttner wrote:

I just found out my best friend from 6th and 7th grade has passed . As I write there are tears in my eyes. Donnie was the kind of friend movies are made from. He and I would reach out to each other thru the years. I will miss Donnie ( and his squint ). I am blessed to have made friends with him and the Pacino brothers. They have given me memories I still carry and tell others about today. My condolences to his family and friends .





Dennis A. (Denny) Kecso wrote:

Dear Mark, Leslie, and Family, It was always a pleasure to celebrate Holiday Dinners with Helen. I'm so glad that we could celebrate this past Easter together, Helen was so happy and cheerful! She truly was/is a "Valiant Woman" as is declared in the Book of Proverbs 31:10-31. I'm not sure if this website supports hyperlinks, but this is an excellent animation of the passage in Proverbs in Helen's honor:


Justin, Kathy & Greg Milke wrote:

As the family of one of Dr. John's patients, we are heartbroken to hear of her passing and extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends. She is missed so much and will always have a special place in our hearts. It isn't often that you meet such an exemplary person as Dr. John. She was our light in the dark and gave us hope for the future of our son. Her smile was something we looked for and gave us solace. Never a more selfless person have we ever met. We feel so blessed that our Justin was one of "her kids". Thank you Dr. John for everything. There is a special place in Heaven for angels like you. We wish you peace and rest. Your "kid" Justin Milke and his parents.


Paula Hild wrote:

I am really sorry to hear that Helen has passed away. We would go for brunch after the (now) 11:00 Mass with her cohort Irene Hurley and others from St. Mary of the Woods. She was an accomplished artist and whenever I would see her at Jewel she was always not walking but almost running. She was amazing.



Juliet Louis wrote:

You will be missed.


Leslie Jabine wrote:

Dr. John played a critical part in establishing the UIC Pediatrics hemodialysis service, as well as pediatric transplant services. She developed incredible expertise in the management of kidney, liver, and bowel transplant patients. Her deep knowledge and her willingness to share her expertise will live on after her in the trainees she inspired to enter the field Pediatric Nephrology and the countless pediatric residents and medical students she has mentored and taught. She was brilliant, hardworking, and kind, in addition to serving her country in the reserve forces and caring for her extended family. We will remember her always with smiles, and we will always remember her smile! God Bless you and Keep you Dr. John.



Enzo Colosimo wrote:

God Bless you Joe... thanks for all you did for me and the memories will never be forgotten... RIP in Corvette heaven... until we meet again my friend


sheila musolino wrote:

Dearest Steve and Jodi, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear family Love. Sheila and Michael


Denia wrote:

Dr. John ♥ a true picture of love, compassion, joy and life. Your memory will live forever in those whose lives you have touched and those who had crossed your path. To your family and friends, my condolences.


Debbie Levine wrote:

Joe was one of the kindest men that I have ever met. He was an amazing father to Liz and he felt like a father to me as well . I feel lucky that I knew him . He will live on in all of us, and I pray that he is at peace. Love you Joe and of course love you Liz


Jennifer & Kristian wrote:

In heartfelt memory of a wonderful and kind man who was truly the most amazing father to his equally amazing daughter. We will miss you, Joe, your spirit will live on in all of our hearts. Wishing you love and peace. We will keep cheering on the cubs for you.


Alain H. Oller wrote:

So long my friend. Thanks for the laughs.


Anna Mathew wrote:

Beloved mentor and role model, dedicated clinician, and researcher -adored by her patients, trainees, staff, and peers. She was the mentor who modeled an empathetic, intellectual, and independent career and life. She was the inspiration behind my training in Nephrology and research. I can still recall her walking the halls of the peds inpatient wards and clinic. She was so patient in answering our late night calls and her patients. Always with a smile and a positive approach. She will be sorely missed!


Melinda F. Subido wrote:

My deepest condolences..



Patricia Jones wrote:

Debbie you are finally with Bret and Evan


Corina Nailescu wrote:

Dr. John took me for the first time to the ASN meeting. I was a pediatric intern at UIC at that time. This unique experience under Dr. John's guidance convinced me to follow her path.


Priya Verghese wrote:

Dearest Dr. John, I cannot even imagine what my career path would have looked like had you not been that first angel that I met as an intern. You have inspired so many like me by your grace, wisdom, energy and passion for the health of children with kidney disease. Above all, you have set an example for what an amazing human being looks like. It is with deep sadness that I wish you peace as you enter the final chapter. I know you will make heaven bright with your sweet smile and your amazing presence. Love Priya, George & Kids


Corina Nailescu wrote:

Dear Dr. John, thank you for being an invaluable mentor for me, as well as numerous other trainees! Your kindness was out of this world! We have tried to count the number of residents you have inspired to go into your field of Pediatric Nephrology and came up to over 15! What a legacy you are leaving behind! Your mentee, Corina Nailescu and her family (Veronica and Dragos Sabau)


Shirley Tholar wrote:

RIP DEAR EUNICE Heartfelt condolences to the family Joyce, Winnie, Shirley & family & Suzie & family Pune Our prayers with you always.


Cesar Ochoa wrote:

Dear Dr. John, you were a great teacher and a physician who inspired students, residents and colleagues with your knowledge, compassion and care for patients. I am grateful for the time working with you at the UIC Medical Center. Thank you!


Viji and Melita Salins wrote:

We knew Eunice in India and met her in New York in 1970.


Viji and Melita Salins wrote:

At times like this we cannot help remembering how fragile life is...... Eunice was a "gem" a very special person who had been a part of our lives for over 50 years. She was a good friend and a loving cousin -- had a very rare quality to share her time and talents helping others, and showed her genuine concern that she cared for all her patients, friends and family. It is a comfort to us that she is never gone--because she will live in our hearts and thoughts forever.



Lisa wrote:

I can’t believe this it has been two years since God carried you in his arms. Tristan still remembers the sweet moments you shared with him-he misses you very much. I miss you, Grandma.


Peter Noronha and family wrote:

It was an honor and privilege to have known and worked with Eunice. A gracious and gentle person to the core, the perfect colleague to have, and an amazing mentor and teacher to so many for so long. A true Champion to all she cared for.


Nicholas Furtado wrote:

Our deepest condolences to the family, colleagues, and friends of Dr. John during this time of grief. Words cannot describe my privilege of experiencing her grace, intelligence, kindness, generosity and dedication. Rest in Peace.



John n Doris Delgado & Family wrote:

Mr Oco was a great neighbor and always had a smile on his face! We loved our families playing and growing up together for the time we lived there! May he Rest In Peace and the Lord be with his family during this time!


Nolda wrote:

My deepest sympathies to her family


Nolda wrote:

As a CMC alumnas and a fellow Mangalorean, I remember Dr. Eunice, as a kind person and dedicated to her patients. I worked with her during Paediatric Residency and also travelled with her from As a CMC Alumnas and a fellow Manglorean, I remember Dr Eunice as a very kind person and a very dedicated doctor to her patients.I worked with her during Paediatric Residency and also travelled with her from Mangalore to Katpadi in the train. When I left her a Message in her voice mail to congratulate her on her accomplishments, she had the courtesy of responding to my call and I had the pleasure of having a long chat with her I will be missing her a lot and will be praying for her peace in eternal rest


Marquez family wrote:

Our condolences to the Maris family. May the love of family and friends bring comfort during these difficult days. God bless.



Audra Dougherty wrote:

May you be at peace.



Kristy and Mark VanCleve wrote:

Our hearts are broken.


Noredia Alile wrote:

Dr. John was a dedicated Nephrologist and brilliant teacher. Medicine has lost a gem. Rest in peace!



Raj Emmadi wrote:

Always positive and upbeat, whatever the odds. We will miss you!


Frank and Julie Cirillo wrote:

Our deepest sympathy


Sande Mirkovich wrote:

I am so sorry to hear about Debby's passing. She was always such a happy person and I feel blessed for having had her in my life. I know she has been reunited with her boys in a special place. God bless all of them and may He watch over the family she left behind.


Annie Sadler wrote:

Dear Aunt Marge & Cousins Alan, Michael and ‘Little’ Margie, This is Annie Sundberg, daughter of your Uncle Bernie Sundberg (your dad’s brother) & my mom Ann Sundberg. I am sorry for your loss and want you to know that I have very fond memories of Uncle Howie and all your family. My sisters are Bernadette, Karen and Christine. We grew up on 73rd & Halsted in an apartment above the sheet metal company where both your dad & mine worked … so we saw quite a lot of Uncle Howie. He was a blast and made us laugh with his wit, fun and antics … a massive snowball fight with the neighborhood will forever be etched in my memory. And “Everybody in the pool!” Unfortunately, we lost track after my parents divorced. I have no idea when we last saw each other … a lifetime ago indeed … take care. Love & Peace, Annie (Sundberg) Sadler P.S. I wrote this message right after Uncle Howie's service which I could not attend in person. Today I looked up Uncle Howie's obituary again, more or less reminiscing about family since Aunt Dorothy passed away this week. When I looked at the online condolences, I saw that mine was not here ... so I'm resubmitting.


John Kriter wrote:

I only knew Vince very briefly, but in a very trying time I felt so privileged to have someone of his strength, quality of character, and integrity as part of our team. He embodied so many attributes that we strive for that and so many of us struggle to achieve. Let it be said that he was always firm with us, but fair. Let it be said he always faced the truth while keeping us on target. Let it be said he kept us at 120% steam while always watching our backs. I think my favorite memory of Vince was maybe the second time we met. We didnt know each other very well, and we were still trying to decide if we would work well together. We went to dinner at a hole in the wall place in Florida, Basilico Ristorante for a nice pasta dinner. And I was adamant that we discuss things, figure out a strategy, and tackle the hard issues....and about 3 bites into our dinner that all evaporated when he turned to me and said with a completely serious face "John, I haven't heard a word you have said, but this is the best damn pasta I have eaten in a long time. Can you try and repeat that after dinner?" And from that moment on I know I would do whatever I could to work with Vince. Vince will be supremely missed and I think many will continue to try to live by the example he set for us.


Cherian and Kalindi Thomas wrote:

As fellow alumna of Christian Medical College, Vellore, we grieve the loss of an outstanding college mate. We will cherish our meeting in Chicago although it was 40 years ago. Thank you for embodying the spirit of our college motto: "Not to be ministered unto but to minister".


Shantharaj Samuel MD wrote:

You were the most dedicated doctor I have known. Medicine was first and last in you life. It was a pleasure working with you at UIC. You will be missed. May you Rest In Peace Dr John.


Mani M Mani wrote:

Sad to hear of the passing. It is a celebration of a good life lived with authenticity and integrity.


Gita Bhandari wrote:

Always a friend at the time when I was a medical student Gita Australia


Mary Ann Healy Button wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with all the Malouf and Humphries families I remember Debbie from when Maureen and I were in Sacred Heart and Becky and I would ride the tandem bike over to your house. She was a beautiful person and I am so sorry for your loss. Hold onto all o your memories during this difficult time and know that heaven has a new angel.


Alejandro Clavier wrote:

Dr John, you will always be an example of kindness and devotion to your patients. Your commitment to the patients you served inspired us to be better pediatricians, we will always remember and miss you. Thanks for teaching us to be dedicated physicians.


Dr Rachna wrote:

We love her contributions to the society.


Renol Koshy wrote:

God bless ur soul n give u rest...


moyeen khaleeli wrote:

shocked at the sad news about Eunices passing.a quiet unassuming detail oriented classmate who accomplished so much. You have made your classmates proud.RIP Eunice knowing fully well that you accomplished so much. .



Veronica perez wrote:

Deb you will always be alive in my memories.. I will miss you dearly. Two weeks ago we saw each other and you looked amazing with big smile and big hug you gave me.. I'm honestly blessed to see you one last time.. Love you always little Debbie.. Rest In peace baby.


Benz Family wrote:

Our deepest condolences. May he Rest In Peace.


Sudha Rao wrote:

Eunice, You were a wonderful colleague and a dear friend; your accomplishments were many and your generosity huge. You were a good listener for those who needed to talk and your support was immense. I am glad you were with me for part of my journey. Thank You for everything! Rest in Peace!


Asumthia Jeyapalan wrote:

Dr. John was an exemplary physician, mentor and teacher. I’m privileged to have been a pediatric resident that had the opportunity to be taught by her. Dr. John’s legacy lives on in the many lives she touched including her patients, colleagues, students and family. My deepest condolences and sympathy to her family and friends. Heaven has gained an angel.


Robert Arzadon wrote:

You will be greatly missed my dear sister.


Lexine Cramm wrote:

I was so sorry to hear about Debbie's passing. There are so many memories, one of my most favorite was my late husband Jim and myself visiting Deb, Donn & Brett in Florida. I Love you Deb.


John Kalyan wrote:

Our heartfelt sympathies to the loved ones of Dr. Eunice John. I have known Eunice since the 1950s when she was in Bombay doing her science degree and staying at her uncle Edwin and aunt Patsy John. Hope we can emulate her kindness and compassion towards our fellow beings. Love from John and Snehaprabha Kalyan.


Andrew Halter wrote:

It saddened me greatly to hear of Vince’s passing. He was an excellent mentor to me during my years with Accenture, and more importantly a great friend. The memories of our friendship will stay with me forever my friend. Boiler Up!


Colleen Kelly wrote:

My deepest sympathy to the Malouf and Humpries families.


Xochitl Garcia-Klapproth wrote:

Dear Dr. John, the world has lost a Great Doctor. Working with you has been such a privilege. Dr. John as the smartest person I have ever met, you were dedicated, empathetic, exact and courageously strong when it came to helping and treating the children under your care. Helping family, friends and loved ones was second nature and for that we thank you from the deepest part of our hearts <3. As you watch over us may all know that you will be missed and have left this world a little bit better. xo


Marci Kabarec-Lehnert wrote:

It seems like forever since I’ve seen Debbie but I will always fondly remember her as my “second mom” in high school. Quick witted and always pulling in for a hug. Deepest condolences Don, Jill, and Scott.


Arthur wrote:

May the Family find some comfort with the words of Jesus Christ when he had spoken them in John 5:28,29 about a time when he will resurrect the dead back to life again. So may these words bring an everlasting feeling of some comfort to your hearts and minds and see your selves welcoming them all back in you arms again to live forever, Psalm 37:29.


Arthur wrote:

I'm so very sorry for your loss. But may the words of Jesus Christ be able to ease the pain of losing him in death. We find him here in John 5:28,29 about where he is here giving each of you a promise that he will resurrect your dear loved one back to life again and then all of you will be able to welcome them back into your arms again, to live forever on this earth, as the Bible promises us all in Psalm 37:29 so go to for more comfort.


Sylvia, Sebastian, Amanda and Maya Poniecki wrote:

We had the privilege of knowing Vince over these past few years, after our daughters began playing softball together. It was easy to gravitate to this great guy who was always kind, smiling and happy to strike up a conversation. His family was his pride and joy – this was evident every time we spoke with him. He was a fighter to the very end. Vince, you will be missed by so many. Jessica, you too have been a fighter over this past year. Your amazing strength was unwavering at times when others would crumble – to you and your family, we extend our love and deepest condolences!


Manorama Hermon wrote:

A truly giving and selfless soul to all who crossed her path.An alumnus of Christian Medical College,Vellore,India she lived the college motto daily-"not to gain but to give".A life well lived on so many levels.You have certainly earned your eternal peace and rest Eunice,but you will be sorely missed by many you leave behind.


Bob and Sue Poletto wrote:

So sorry to hear about Debbie’s passing. She was a great Mom and baseball fan! RIP Debbie. Sincerely, Bob and Sue Poletto


Vicki saczynski wrote:

Scott- sending you and your family my deepest condolences. Love to you all.


Ramona Bottke wrote:

Dr. John I will forever miss you. You were my friend, my teacher, my boss, you are one of a kind. You have given your life to helping others, your unselfishness, generosity and your friendship to so many. You will be forever in my heart ❤️ and never forgotten.


Roselyn Dimacuha wrote:

Our deepest sympathy to the friends and family of Dr. John. She was an outstanding physician but, most of all, a great human being. She had beauty, intelligence, grace, kindness and integrity. She represented the best of us! Thank you very much for touching our lives, Dr. John. May you rest in peace!


Joanna Betancourt M.D. wrote:

Dr. John was an example of discipline, dedication, excellence, compassion and wisdom for all the pediatric residents that had the privilege of having her as a professor. I am very grateful for all she taught us. Thank you Dr. John for all you gave ❤️


Colleen Kelly wrote:

With deepest sympathy to Debbies children and family.


Joseph Vasquez wrote:

Vince was a wonderful and kind man. So sorry to hear of his passing.My deepest condolences to his family and friends. It was a blessing knowing him.


Melissa Hladik Meyer wrote:

I only know Vince as a mentor and leader through my husband's job at Accenture. I offer my condolences to all of Vince's family and friends. I offer my gratitude for the privilege of being in Vince's circle. He was a tremendous guide, helper and friend to my husband and by extension to our whole family.


Jennifer Rice wrote:

My deepest condolences to the entire DeGiulio family you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Vince will always be remembered and will truly be missed. RIP Vince



Jennifer Rice wrote:

Vince was an amazing person and true warrior. Although he lost this final battle he is now in a better place. He will be truly missed. RIP Vince


Court Passant wrote:

I love you Vince and I will miss you forever.


Deloris and Rod Nielsen wrote:

Vince was one of a kind and such a great addition to our family when he married Jessica. We are forever thankful for the wonderful family they gave us with those three beautiful grandchildren. You were a "gem", Vince, and will be missed by the entire Nielsen/Jacobs family. Fly high till we meet again!


G Crask wrote:

I only knew Len a short time, however, he treated me like a life long friend. Len made it a point to reach out to me when I was between jobs and invited me to a technology networking event. The networking group Len introduced me to ended up helping me land a new job. Len will be missed...


Maureen Cunnane and sisters Patricia Keaveney and Olive Duggan wrote:

We send Condolences to Ann, Sheila, Mary, Kevin, all the Grandchildren, Nora McGing and Gerard's cousins too. We have happy memories of him in Newbrook and when he visited us while on holidays from Chicago. May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen


Ed & Nikki Cruz wrote:

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, And let perpetual light shine upon her. May they rest in peace. Amen


Bob Gonnella wrote:

My condolences on the loss of a fantastic husband, father and friend. I have great memories of playing tennis with Len years ago. He was such a good man who was always so positive and uplifting.


Frank and Julie Cirillo wrote:

Our deepest sympathy Wendy to you and your family. Frank and Julie Cirillo


Rich Blazevich wrote:

Burt was my mentor when I started my History career ar Forest View HS, 1974-82. We taught World History next door to each other, and I worked as one of his "football/basketball supervisors". He inspires me be the kind of teacher he was. I run into his former FVHS students, and they all recall him fondly.


The Aussie Horns wrote:

Our sincere condolences goes out to the family and friends of Len, I never had the pleasure of knowing Len however I know his extended family and how close they all are. You are all in our thoughts and prayers..


Marilyn & George Kerr wrote:

George and I are so sorry for your loss. We have such lovely memories of Len - and we want you to know that you are in our thoughts.


Katryna wrote:

On behalf of my husband and I, we would like to express our condolences for the loss of your beloved John. May you be comforted by the words found in the Bible at John 5:28,29 where God says “the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out” thus promising a resurrection when we can see our dead loved ones again. May these words and the memories of your loved one bring you comfort during this difficult time. Sincerely, Katryna


Andrew Kinastowski wrote:

Ken was a humble and great man that always took initiative in service to others. He was the egg-man at the yearly Breakfast with Santa at the KOC and Grand Knight among other things. Ill miss you greatly egg-man. Rest now.


Jackie Riffice wrote:

My sympathies to Len who was a former colleague and advisor when I was young.


Susan Robertson wrote:

Where to start - it feels unreal that you are gone, your love for your family, golf, puns, the Skarks, the Bokke and life in general is what I will always remember about you dear cuz! My heart is with you all - Wendy, Hylton, Robynne, Adrienne, Rhys, Mad, Chris, Diana, Tim, Nick, Frances, Vicky and all of us who knew and loved Len - he lived his life well and his legacy lives on. Until we meet again cuz 💕


Michael & Helene McNicholas wrote:

Ken was a mentor to me at Holy Rosary Council. He was kind, and excellent teacher and a man to look up to. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him. Vivat Jesus!!! Until we meet again......



Catherine Cordell wrote:

Ken, I will miss you being at the bar and listening to my random stories. Thank You for being one of the first people I met at the KC and for your continued guidance, advice, and heart to hearts over the years.


Ed Morris wrote:

My sincere condolences to Wendy and Len's family. Len and I met in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1980 and have remained in contact ever since. I'll miss many things about Len but especially his humor. He will be missed by me and many others.


David Levine and Tracy Brito wrote:

Wherever you go, Len, is a better place. You bring charm, grace and wit with you to all situations. We are all better people for having known you, a kind, welcoming and forgiving man. A wonderful spouse, father and grandfather; brother and son. An accepting friend and a gentle soul. We will miss you.


Bob and Marla Israel wrote:

We had the honor and pleasure of celebrating family and friends with Len and Wendy on a number of occasions - Len was loved, and will be remembered. This happened too soon - we're so sorry - our condolences to Wendy and his family.


David Reba wrote:

We are deeply sorry for your loss. Wonderful women!



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

My deepest condolences.


Carol Allain wrote:

So very sorry to read of this. You were a shining star to our school district and you will be sadly missed by SO many. Thank you for your contributions and please keep watch over our CCSD15. May your family and friends find Peace in your passing.


Carol Allain wrote:

Thank you Len for your time and commitment to helping our school district. You and your valuable insights will be very much missed. May your family find Peace in your passing. Keep watch over our CCSD15 kids as you always have during your short time on Earth.


Mike Harte wrote:

Ken was a very kind and gentle man. I'm very blessed to have known him and called him a friend. He will be missed. We'll continue to pray for him and his family.


Bob Gedmin wrote: never met a man who was more righteous, just and humble. Everyone who knew Ken had to admire him. My brother Knights and I have missed him at our activities and will will continue to pray for his family. God Bless.



Rad Stypulkowski wrote:

Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss.


Joshua Steuer wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even fully comprehend that he is not on this earth with us anymore. Ed was one of the few guys in Harper Cru that made an effort and succeeded, to hang out and keep in contact. I am truly blessed that I had him as a friend. I will miss those late nights we would spend together playing games or watching anime, which Ed got me into. I know you are up in heaven buddy and I can't wait to see you when I get there.


Joshua Steuer wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine the pain of losing a son or brother. Ed was one of the few people in Cru Harper who continued to hang out with me after I graduated. He almost single-handedly got me into Anime, and I was always asking him questions. I'll miss the late nights we would spend together hanging out. I'll see you in heaven someday buddy until then I miss you a ton.


Noël Abraham wrote:

Thank you everyone for your love, support and prayers and comments! Dad, I will forever miss you and mom but you are with her in Heaven! I miss u guys everyday , but always grateful for all u guys did for us!! Love, Noël


Jayde Ficks wrote:

Edward was so beloved by our friend group: Me, Jake, Josh, Tahj, and Walter. In December, I posted a Facebook charity fundraiser for my birthday to attempt to stop child sex trafficking. Ed donated the most out of everyone, giving $100. Ed would always say the funniest things. I have a list of quotes my friends have said and Ed's definitely have the most. I have never had anyone so close to me pass away and I don't think it has processed at all that you're gone. I hope you're watching anime and dancing with K-Pop stars in heaven, Ed. We love you and miss you tremendously.


Paulo Plaza wrote:

Thank you, Ed, for teaching others to be unabashedly themselves. Your heart was made of gold and your love was a light that shined through. Until we meet again my f friend


Devon Berg wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss. I first met Ed last summer through Cru at Harper and we quickly became good friends. He was so generous and giving and was a loyal friend. He used to bring me orange juice when I was working at the Jewel near your home. He also picked me up many times when I did not have a ride to Cru events or other activities with our group of friends. We shared so many fun game nights, trips to the city, and other fun activities together. We even had a class together this spring, and he was at my home to help celebrate my graduation from Harper just last week. He was a good friend and I will miss him so much. Things will not be the same without him. My prayers are with you, that God will bring you peace and comfort in this difficult time.


Allen D. Sordyl wrote:

Pat, Ken will be missed by us all. He fought the fight and the Lord said come be with me. Our kitchen staff will miss his help and dedication.



Ray Cordell wrote:

Ken, You were a friend, Brother Knight and mentor. Thank you and thank God for bringing you into my life. Rest in Peace my Brother.


Lori Zastrow wrote:

May the Lord God be with you and your family. My condolences.


Nancy Miles wrote:

Mr. Showers was my history teacher at Forest View High School in 1972/1973. He gave me a clear look at both US & World history. Our class loved both his stories & pictures of all the travels he took. Especially his interest in Russia, where we knew little about the people & beauty of the land. He was truly a wonderful man who shared his passion of knowledge. I remember him fondly. Thank you Mr. Showers for committing your life to teaching. Blessings!!


Ingrid Ippach wrote:

Hello Hannalore: I am sorry to hear your mother passed away a few months ago.. Ingrid Ippach, St. Scholastica



Beth & Zachary Demme wrote:

So very sorry for your loss ~ thoughts and prayers are with the family during this time Hugs


MJ wrote:

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I would like to share some comforting scriptures with you found at John 5:28, 29 and Revelation 21:3, 4. They help us to see that we will be able to see our loved ones again. May you find the peace of mind that reading these scriptures bring.



Paula and Michael Furst wrote:

We had the privilege of knowing Georgianna the last few years. Michael and I bring a comfort dog to visit Alden once a month. The dogs, Ladel and Malachi, loved seeing Georgianna and she so enjoyed seeing them. We shared stories of our families and dogs. In fact, our grandson, Sebastien, also visited Georgiana and developed a relationship with her. He shared some photo cards he made and she gave him some postcards. Her spirit and kindness shown through her beautiful smile. What an attitude Georgina had even in the midst of pain! We will truly miss her but will treasure her memory forever. She made us better people for having known her.


Tim Ridley wrote:

I had the pleasure of meeting Burt about 25 yrs ago. I was a new UPS driver, he was working at a photo store in Palatine. He aleays greeted me with a smile and a friendly hello. Upon getting my own service area, I was pleased to discover that he lived on that route. Over the last 20 yrs or so i have gotten to know him better. He always greeted me with that trademark smile and a hand shake. Even though my work schedlue kept me hustling, i would give Burt a few extra minutes, he always had an interesting story for me. I will miss his friendly banter, great smile and his clever wit. The neighborhood will not be the same without him. Thanks you for your time and friendship, rest in peace.


Matt D wrote:

Rest In Peace my brother you where a caring and gentle soul I will miss you I’m sorry we didn’t get out fishing last time we spoke Blessing on your family my sincere condolences


Priscilla T. wrote:

To the family of Teodoro Smits, I offer my heartfelt sympathies. Enduring the loss of a loved one in death can drain us of our will and strength. Yet, we are assured at Isaiah 40:29, God "gives power to the tired one and full might to those lacking strength". May the hopeful words He has promised at John 5:28, 29 empower and strengthen you during such trying


Carol Freedman wrote:

I'm so so sorry to hear about Ted. I will always have the warmest memories of him from our years of friendship. He was truly a special person and he will forever remain in my heart and memory. Sending all my love to Olga, Sacha, Claudia and his extended family and friends. He will be missed.


Van Lam wrote:

I have no words to express how deeply sorry I am hearing about your Dad .My prayers and thoughts are with you during this horrible time.


Loretta Osowski wrote:

Sacha, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time.


Lynn Towler wrote:

Sacha—my sincerest condolences to you & your mom. Thinking of you & sending a virtual hug ❤️ Lynn


Ellen Carp wrote:

I am so sad to hear of Patrick’s passing. I have so many fond memories of him as a child - the foursome of Patrick, Tommy, Barry and Erin playing in the sandbox in our backyard, building forts, eating PB & J sandwiches and then taking them all to Eagle Pool. They had such fun together! Patrick was always smiling and happy. I will always remember that. My sincere condolences to all of the Rooney family. May prayers and happy memories comfort you at this very sad time.


Aaron J Seidman wrote:

Words can't express what I'm feeling right now. You were taken from us way too soon. I will never forget golfing at Twin Lakes and you whipping a club into the lake after missing a shot. We will see each other again one day my friend. I love you.



Ed V. wrote:

I don’t know how God put such a big heart into such a little guy . But he did with you Patrick. You will be missed !


Thomas Gallagher wrote:

Sorry to hear about Patrick ,he is a very good friend of my family he will be missed.Thoughts and prayers for our loss.


Nancy Milosavljevic wrote:

Such a beautiful person. Thru everything she went thru she always had an optimistic view and total faith in God. I will miss talking to her about life and her warm hugs when it was time for her to leave. She loved her Vinko and family so much. She was never afraid to pass only for the sadness she would leave behind with those she cared about. An extraordinary person. She will be missed.



Rick Walls wrote:

I will remember Frank as kind and considerate, a great friend, a railroad buff, a "movie star," royalty, and someone the Old Country Buffet servers loved. Most of all I will remember him as someone who was there if he was needed


Frank and Kathy Mitchell wrote:

We have been praying for your family and hope the memories of your son and brother will console you in the days ahead. We remember Patrick fondly and are so sorry for his passing. God bless.


Leslye Killian wrote:

I remember Patrick as a classmate of my daughter, Teresa — who just sadly posted the news of his passing. I said a prayer and trust he will pray back for all of us. May you be consoled.



Ann Ryan wrote:

Remember Jeff from Girl Scouts events. He was very nice and helpful. Sorry for your loss.


Marcela and Mike Orr wrote:

Sharing in your sadness, please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one. Patrick was more than a good friend. He was like a son to us. He will be missed! Wishing you strength and peace through your time of grief. Marcela and Mike Orr


Vanessa Bonomo wrote:

My condolences to Jeff's family and friends. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Jeff. I had the pleasure of working with him and can say that in my limited dealings with him I found him to be a kind-hearted, gracious, lovely person. Always calm and warm. My thoughts are with all of you. Vanessa Bonomo, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Kit Bryan - Rediehs Freightlines, Inc. wrote:

God Bless Patrick I will miss your happy voice. Peace be with the Rooney family who has help me with my business for 20 years.


Rachael Bell Tazbier wrote:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rooney and Family, I am very sorry for the loss of Patrick. He always had such a big heart, was very generous, and had a lot of love to give. May peace be with you now and in the years that follow. Dear Pat, I’m sorry for the years that have gone by since we last spoke. Thank you for your friendship throughout high school and beyond. Rest peacefully, my old friend.


Greene Family wrote:

Please accept my family’s sincere condolences on the loss of your dear loved one Mr. Rubow. May you find comfort in fond memories of him, and hope in God’s assured promise to shortly awaken those asleep in death to perfect health and conditions under his new earthly government.



Jennifer Harrison Matthews wrote:

I have many special memories of Pat. Besides him making me ask him to senior prom, I remember how we would get of the phone by singing together "you are my sunshine." A piece of my heart is broken, but I will never forget how he made me feel, Loved. I couldn't of asked for a better friend in my high school years.


David Boyles, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada wrote:

• It was with great sadness that I learned of Jeff’ s passing. Jeff was an amazing person, a true friend. Although we didn’t live in the same city that didn’t seem to be an issue in our friendship as Jeff was such an easy person to converse with. Over the years we got to know each other well, shared many stories and many laughs. His love for his family was very evident as he so often spoke of you. Words, however kind, can’t mend your heartache, but those who care for you share your grief and wish you comfort and peace of mind. My condolences.



Daniel & Alison Laurent wrote:

Our deepest sympathies to the Rooney family. We were saddened to hear of Patrick's passing. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


Irma Martinez wrote:

Mike, I am so sorry to hear that your beloved wife Gladys had passed away. I know she was sick but I never imagined it would end this unexpectedly. My family and I offer our condolences. We cannot express the profound grief we feel on your behalf for such a tragic loss. Our prayers are with you, Lisa, Todd, Ligia, Nubia and the rest of your family.


Jane and Michael Hansen wrote:

Frank, we are so sorry for the loss of your father. You are in our thoughts and prayers!


Kathy Phillips wrote:

My dear Patrick, I will forever remember your friendly smile and warm personality. You always brightened my day when you would stop in the library to talk or just to say hi. Rest In Peace Patrick.


Marla Jean Ocock wrote:

I am so sorry to hear about Trish. I hope you had special times together since your retirement. May you feel God’s love during this difficult time. You are in our prayers, Marla Jean, Jeff, Kelly and Corey.


Patricia O'Brien wrote:

Enjoyed spending time with her on OSP Sicily trip. She was a very graciious lady, she will be missed.




Gladys Toth, a beautiful soul and now a guardian angel for those she loved. ❤️


Gerrry Rogala wrote:

I only met Trish once. After reading her obituary I can begin to see what a great loss she is for her family and all those she touched. Please accept my deepest sympathy and prayers


Gyorgy & Anna Veszpremi wrote:

Sincere condolences to the family. Rest in peace Gladys.


Shawn & Christina (Mantas) Peterson Alexander & Stella wrote:

Our deepest condolences to our all of our families. May THEO’s memory be eternal. Zoi se sas.


Jim & Stella Mantas wrote:

May his memory be eternal.


Elizabeth Simon wrote:

Doug was a wonderful man with a true zest for life. He taught me the value of hard work, service to others, and enjoying every moment. He was a wonderful teacher, mentor, and a wonderful human being. We love you Doug. We miss you! We know you are looking down on us from heaven. Love, Elizabeth (Liz) Simon



Pam Morris-Irizarry wrote:

I have so many great memories of Marcia. we had a great time in Florida after graduating high school. Marcia was always there when I had good times, and when things were hard. Marcia was the best to talk to about politics. Marcia was full of jokes, humor, and love. I was able to count on Marcia for moral support. She was always there. Marcia was full of laughter and respect. You can not ask for any better of a friend. I can go on and on about all of Marcia's great qualities, and what a wonderful human being she always was. .Marcia, I will miss your wonderful conversations, your beautiful warm smiles, your jokes, your mind, your beauty, and so much more for who you are. I loved you the last 51 years, and I will love you forever. you will be missed so much, but you're out of all the pain you put up with that horrible disease caused. you fought so hard, and now you can stop fighting. No matter are the winner. Rest in Peace my great friend, and we will talk soon. Love You


Carol Zoladz wrote:

So sorry for your loss. I meet Trish last April on the Old St. Pat trip to Italy. She was an absolute delight. Gracious to all and fortunate to have meet her. I teased her about all the pottery she bought and all of it arrived safely.home.Warm regards



Amy Zehren McNally and family wrote:

I’m so sorry for your loss. God be with you during this difficult time. Trish has left a lasting legacy and will not be forgotten. May God’s Holy Angels bring Trish home and bring the Lynch family peace. Sending love.


Marilee Halpin wrote:

To the Lynch family: We are so sorry for your loss. I knew your mom from teaching and both mom and dad from hanging out at TNTs. We are unable to make the services but your family is in our prayers.


Marilee Halpin wrote:

To the Lynch family, we are so sorry for your loss. I knew your mom from teaching and we knew both Mom and Dad from hanging out at TNTs. Lease accept our condolences. We cannot make the wake and funeral. Jack and Marilee Halpin


Linda & Hans Blaschek wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. We have fond memories of our Italy and Israel trips with Trish. We will miss her and her wonderful outlook on life.


Linda Ray wrote:

Sending love and prayers for God's peace and love to surround you and your family, now, and in the days to come. Ed you always were a good man! Godspeed buddy!


Christina LeBlanc Stanley wrote:

It is with fondness that I recall Uncle Gordy and Aunt Bridget coming to Crosby to visit relatives. He'd take us innertubing on Serpent Lake behind his boat! Good fun. I wish him Peace and Ease in the transition of death.


Dhvani Patel-Shah wrote:

As the sponsor of the Key Club, Dr. Gordon taught us the importance of service to our community. He was always willing to take us to the Volunteer events and would treat us to lunch/dinner afterwards. Dr. Gordon was kind and generous. He was a great mentor. Dr. Gordon will be deeply missed.


Bob and Marlene Fabrie wrote:

remember, Jeff will live on in your hearts as long as there is memory. Our sincerest sympathy, Bob and Marlene


Jennifer Moore wrote:

I knew Shirley from years ago. I was from the same small town in Oklahoma where she was born and grew up. Her youngest sister Connie and I are the same age. We all went to church together. I am very sad she has passed away. But she is pain free now and has joined her parents in Heaven. Sincere sympathy to her family and friends.


Alexandros Makris wrote:

He was my father



Colleen wrote:

Well missed


Sue Krach Hoge wrote:

Frank, Pat and Family, the Krach family is so very sad to hear about Jeffrey. Please accept our condolances.


Heidi and Bill Meehan wrote:

I'm so sorry for your loss. Please accept our deepest condolences!


Bob Johnson wrote:

Frank and Pat So sorry for your loss. Anne and Bob Johnson


Keysi del carmen gonzalez reyes wrote:

Me parte el alma la perdida de un guerrero como lo fue mi adorado tio ARTEMIO que dios lo tenga en su gloria y a nosotros su familia dios nos de resignacion


Mr & Mrs. Roger Africa & family wrote:

Please accept our deepest sympathy for your loss. condolence and may he rest in peace.



Joe and Chris Lasch wrote:

I remember Jeff as a youngster at his Grandparents house on Oakley, for occasions. Excited to be with large family...lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles. His ever present radio and earphones, his front row seat at Northwestern football games, loving the fireworks explosions. He was a well traveled guy, more than most. Even went to lots of sports games! May you rest in peace. Uncle Joe and Aunt Chris


Judy Hammes wrote:

I will always remember the times you guys would come to our farm in Maple Park. Jeff would come with us on our adventures around the farm and he loved my dad's tractors. I am sure he and Karen are with my folks enjoying eternity. Love you all.


Katrina Gorre & family wrote:

May God watch over Rennae and Bill, Steve and Michael Zahn and may you all be touched and blessed by a peaceful angel knowing that Great Aunt Marie is no longer lost and suffering. My sincerest apologies for the loss of your mother. We will be making a donation in her name to the Alzheimer's Foundation.


Katrina Gorre & family wrote:

Our sincerest and deepest condolences to Rennae Glenn and family, to all the Zahn family, and all of Great Aunt Marie's closest friends and relatives. Aunt Rennae & Uncle Bill, you are in our thoughts and prayers!! We pray that soothing feelings of comfort washes over you knowing that she is no longer suffering and can rest peacefully. I also pray for Rennae`s immediate health- Dear God please watch over her. Sending all of our cousins love today. I'm so sorry for your loss.



Angelica Reyes Vanegas wrote:

Que Dios en su infinita Bondad te resiba en su gloria amén



Whiteboy wrote:

Great man. Treated me like I was just like his own. Going be miss dearly



Marina Vazquez wrote:

Mi más sentido pésame para toda la familia. ♥️



Ulysses wrote:

A good man, good father and good husband... Rest In Peace my friend....


Linda Hauer Pacourek wrote:

Harry had a passion for life and having fun. You will always have a special place in my heart. Hope your are no longer in pain.


Billy D wrote:

Love you Dad.


Vince and Anna Nickel and daughter Emily nickel wrote:

How are you were a great nephew sensitive kind generous and fantastic sense of humor you will be missed.


Ken and Helene Venegas Family wrote:

Super sad to hear the news of "Aunt Marie's" passing. I know for the past few years her mind had been confusing her, Alzheimer's I think. Anyway, thanks to Rennae for sharing recent moments and visits with her Mom. We felt like we still new her, even though we haven't seen each other in more than 30 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of her family at this difficult time of loss. May God bless and protect Steve, Mike and Rennae and all family and friends. We'll be making a donation to : in Aunt Marie's name.


Tim Steinbeck wrote:

Condolences from Tim Steinbeck & daughter from Cleveland, Ohio


Barbara Sullivan wrote:

I saw a lot of Aunt Marie when I was little; she lived with Grandma and Grandpa Scherer before she got married. I think she borrowed my pop-beads to wear as a necklace one night when she went out. I was at Aunt Marie's and Uncle Pete's wedding because my mom was one of the bridesmaids. And in later years I spent time with her when I went to visit my mom at her condo in Florida; Aunt Marie had the condo next door, so the three of us did many things together. I think Aunt Marie was the last of the "older generation" of our family; we are the older generation now.



Rose Ullberg wrote:

Memories of special occasions with tables of endless delicious homemade food, playing with my cousins board games and having outdoor fun and Aunt Marie welcoming us by the door; sharing weddings and showers and family times at Easter or Christmas... dad saying “After she came over from Europe, it was like I had another sister.” Spending time with all the cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Scherer’s and playing Barbies on the staircase at the Zahn’s home in Chicago. Cherished memories of childhood and you, Aunt Marie, were a part of those...I appreciated every hug and you calling me, Rosie. Never realized you were Marie Rose and I was happy now in heaven!


Laina Ferraresi wrote:

Hilda, I know this is late, however I was just notified from a mutual friend of Dave's passing. It has been quite some time since I last saw the two of you, but I am so terribly sorry for your loss. You two were wonderful first clients of mine in Real estate and I truly enjoyed getting to know you both., I hope that you and the boys find peace within and hold your memories close to your hearts. Wishing you love and peace xo Laina Ferraresi


Charlie Sineni wrote:

I am truly sorry for your loss. Death brings pain to so many on a daily basis. May your family find the peace that God provides thru prayer. The hope from Jeremiah 29:11 has helped me thru similar loss and I hope it may help you as well. May your sadness soon be overtaken by your happy memories.


Rinalynn Monterola deGuzman wrote:

I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Dr. Gordon when I attended Mather High School and as a friend beyond the campus walls. Dr Gordon was an amazing mentor to me, a great man and a good friend. I am blessed to have had the likes of him in my life. I am truly saddened by the news of your passing, but I know that you are walking on streets of gold in the presence of our Heavenly Father! Doug, you will be missed, my friend!


Chris Connolly wrote:

Dr. Gordon spent many years giving additional time and resources to the Mather community. He helped fund and participated in the student retreats, and his contributions to Mather are historically noteworthy.


Katherine L wrote:

Wow. Such sad news. My sincerest condolences to the family. Dr. Gordon gave life to Mather High School. I have so many fond memories of him. We spent so much time volunteering at Kiwanis/Key Club, and countless trips to Lou Malnati's pizza. I believe I still have a copy of the recommended letter he wrote to help me get into Culinary School. God bless.


Ms. Joy wrote:

Dr. Gordon was one of the smiling faces I met when I came to Mather. I will always remember him for that wonderful smile. I worked with him in the Key Club as well. I have many fond memories of him during that time. He was a great Assistant Principal. He will truly be missed.


Jim Dimas wrote:

Rest in Peace Dr. Gordon, you were a great mentor during my highschool years!


Robert Sullivan wrote:

Dear family, Though anticipated, never welcomed, the mournful passing of our beloved aunt. With fond memories of family gatherings, I see a youthful aunt , uncle and cousins all happy and smiling. Our memories may fade in time, but not so with our Heavenly Father. Job 14:14,15 “If a man dies, can he live again? I will wait all the days of my compulsory service until my relief comes. You will call, and I will answer you. You will long(or yearn) for the work of your hands.” Safe in Gods memory forever.



Nina Arora-Rowland wrote:

Dr. Gordon was a wonderful mentor and friend. I have very find memories of him and will continue to cherish them.



Rose Ullberg wrote:

Dear Rennae, Bill, Steve and Michael and extended family, My heart goes out to you at this difficult time! Tears will be shed for the memories of Aunt Marie. Know that she is holding hands with Uncle Pete now and being welcomed by so many relatives and friends. Her pain and suffering has ended and The Lord welcomes her into His arms. With great love and sympathy, Rosie and family


Shoshana Friedman wrote:

Dear Myrna & Family, I was very sad to learn about Jim’s passing and will always remember his contributions to the fun of Friday lunch group. His enthusiasm & delight for our club events was infectious. His presence was big and warm and he will be missed. May the comfort of family & friends bring you peace. Warmly, Shoshana


Margie Perez wrote:

Mr. Koenig (Harry ), I will miss you and your humor. May you R.I.P.



Linda Stawychny wrote:

God speed my Dear friend. Love Linda Stawychny


Tiger ( Krista ) wrote:

Daddy, you were the best father and friend. Life will never be the same but i know you are with jarvis. I love you and will always miss you. I hope to ,ake you proud as a mother every day. Love you always, tiger



Caroline McCormick Mendyk wrote:

My condolences.



Sandra Kovacic wrote:

Harry my love, my best friend, the best most charming brilliant man I have ever met, till we meet again, I will miss you!!!!!! God Bless You Harry


anita wrote:

Harry you were one of the most generous and kind people I ever knew. proud to be your cousin.I love you and will always remember you fondly.


Julie Lamendella wrote:

Dear Michael. The fog that has surrounded me is slowly lifting and shining brightly though my grief are many bitter sweet memories. So many funny and not so funny stories however I am grateful we made our peace, sad we didn’t have more time to create more memories. Reflecting back to just last year when you came to visit and we had such a blast at the piano bar. It seemed like old times laughing and singing too many of our favorite songs. The positive imprint you left within the hearts of so many by your gift of generosity, caring nature and making people feel you cared about them is a beautiful legacy. You are now at peace and I hope reunited in spirit & soul with Mom, Dad and Joey. “Siblings will take different paths and life may separate them…but they will forever be bonded by having begun their journey in the same boat.”


Stacey Stiles wrote:

Julie, I am so sorry for your loss. Mike has gone so soon, and yet I know he is in a better place. I will forever have lasting memories of Mike (and your entire family) in my heart. So many of these memories make me smile, and so many make me laugh out loud. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Rest peacefully Mike.......


Andy Traficanto wrote:

Ed taught me how to live a life that is joyous, happy and free. I will take Ed's example of selflessness, brotherhood and love with me always. Rest in peace my friend.



Georgene Qureshi wrote:

Howard Litton was a gifted designer. He designed the interior of our home in Bayside Wisconsin many years ago. He impressed me so much that I went back to school to get a degree in Interior Design. A few years after graduating he called me and said "I was told that you told your interior design class that when you graduate you were going to buy Litton Interiors". I don't remember having said that, but I let him finish. He said he was was moving to Naples Florida and asked if I would be interested in buying his business. It took me a few months, but I did buy Litton Interiors in 1986, and loved every minute of owning it. In his office he had a framed picture of himself with President Eisenhower. He was so proud of that picture and told me that at the time he did the design work for Camp David. I will never forget him and am very sad to hear of his passing. It was his called that changed my life for the better.


Ronnie Strew wrote:

I feel so bad to here of Ed passing. He is a great guy,My deepest condolences to his wife Mini and his young children and family. R.I.P Ed,


Annette wrote:

Heartfelt condolences to Meni, Zach and Harvey. Ed was a good man - loving and doting to his family. He will surely be missed. Rest In Peace, Ed!



Tammy DelVallie (Wilbur) wrote:

I am honored and blessed to have know Eddie. He was truly a blessing in my life and I will miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with the Zima family.


Milenka Pervan Crnkovic wrote:

Our deepest condolences to the Djonlich family and friends of Mara. She was such a beautiful woman inside and out. Always with a bright smile on her face and a warm embrace. She will be deeply missed. Very sorry I wasn't able to attend the Services 😞 prayers to all.🙏


Rosalie Simioni wrote:

So very sorry for your loss.I will keep you in my prayers


Terri Bumgardner & Larry Watson wrote:

Joe & Family, Our sincere condolences on the passing of your dear mother! May your loving memories comfort you during this difficult time and warm your heart forever! Your neighbors...



Michael & Michelle Gautsch wrote:

God bless your family and please know you are in our prayers. We are so very sorry.


Jim Coogan wrote:

I loved Dick's enthusiasm and eagerness. He was one of the "old-timers" when I joined ASHRAE 30 years ago. Now I'm one and value the example he set. His influence lives on in ways both obvious and subtle.


Mary Lou Brodnik wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


Dennis Joy wrote:

Great guy to work with as one of our long time customers! He will be missed a great deal. Our Thoughts and prayer are with his family and loved ones. Dennis Joy - Simoniz USA



~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Mary will be remembered at the Police Mass on Sunday, 28 APR, 11:00 a.m. at Mercy Home - 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Eric and Judy Vancil wrote:

We are so very sorry for your loss Laura. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Although the loss and pain you feel now is very overwhelming, the memories live on forever in your heart. Love and hugs


Marlo W Massey wrote:

May you rest in peace Ed, Our deepest sympathy to your children, Wife and family. I will remember you always. Love Marlo Massey and Eugene Carden


Virginia Kachmar wrote:

My sincerest sympathies and condolences to the Zima family. He was a great man! May he rest in the peace and presence of God our Loving Father. Keeping all in prayer. 🙏🙏🙏



Primite nase iskreno saucesce. Pocivala u miru !



Mate & Vesela Varvodic wrote:

Počivala u miru Božijem,obitelji iskrena sućut🕯


Joel, Edna Bacayo and Family wrote:

Our deepest condolences to Menie, Zach, Harvey & the Zima Family and the Presnillo Family. May Ed rest in peace🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Marinka Moric wrote:

Primite Nasu sucut od Moric obitelji



Katarina wrote:

Dear Mare, I remember your smile from Liskovača time ... you left a wonderful mark on this world through your family


Rollie Baldwin and family wrote:

Jim, Barbara, Bob and families - We are so sad to hear of Judy's passing. Cancer is such a dreadful disease. We pray for the day it is conquered. We understand Judy was a very special person. We are so sorry for your loss. Sending our love and prayers,



Ante Đonlić wrote:

Počivala u miru Božjem


Iva and Mirko Caleta Canada wrote:

Dearest cousin Vinko and Family, Please accept our deepest condolences for the passing of your wife, mother, and grandmother. You are all in our thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time. from Cousin Iva and Mirko Caleta and family from Canada



Fran ( Francis) Charak-Abramovitz wrote:

So many memories hanging out at the house with Kathy. Mary was the only one in the world that I let call me Francis. I stopped correcting her because she said I knew she loved me.. Fran .. Francis .. whatever. And i did know she loved me even when she didn’t see me for years. There’s was always a plate of my favorite cookies she made as a warm hug and smile. You will truly be missed by so many



Adrienne Vaccarezza-Isla wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. Miguel was a part of our family since I was little. So many memories of our families sharing in picnics and family gatherings. May his memory be eternal. Hugs to all of you.


Raymond wrote:

Mom, I am honored to be your son of 60 years. You will never leave me as your in my heart forever. Please rest in peace now as your suffering is over. I love you Mom!!


Linda & Jose Espinosa wrote:

Judy was one of the nicest and special people we knew throughout our years at United. Jim our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Linda & Jose Espinosa wrote:

Judy was one of the nicest and special people that we knew throughout our United years. Jim our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Patricia Munoz wrote:

Mi mas sentido pésame Annette, Elsie y Yvette y la familia Marin y Silveyra. Lamento mucho esta pérdida de una gran amiga y los acompaño en este momento de dolor. Sinceramente, Patty Munoz


Maryrose Elizabeth Cicchetti (Balciunas) wrote:

Dearest Cousin, It broke my heart to hear the news. What a fun childhood we all shared. My heart goes out to Jim, your children, grandchildren, Barbara and Bob. You were always so much fun to know. May you dance forever with the angels.


Don and Marcia Morman wrote:

Dear Myrna, We are so sad at Jim's passing. I will miss his informative insights on many subjects at the Friday morning get-togethers. You two were always so warm and welcoming to Marcia and me, and we so appreciated you coming to my mother's funeral Mass. We loved his warmth and his smile. Praying for you for God's peace that surpasses all understanding. Don and Marcia Morman


Rochelle LaRue Williams wrote:

Wishing you peace during this time of bereavement. Be well Ms Dadigan. We love you here in California



What an absolutely beautiful and caring woman. It was a pleasure working with her. May God bless her and the family who she adored and treasured. She was one in a million.


Kurt Wlasak wrote:

I'm very sorry for your loss. The memory I have if Tom is many years ago. I was 16 when we met through the St. Norberts Softball Team called the Angels. He was our pitcher, ( actually he was are one and only). It was until recently we reconnected through St. Norberts once again, this time it was through the Mens Club and the Northbrook Public Library. I was glad to rekindle our friendship, however, I wish I would have more time with him. He was someone I could look up to all those years ago, I just wish I would have more time.... Again, my heart felt condolences.


Susan Vranich wrote:

Myrna, I am so very sorry, my heart goes out to you and your family. You are in my thoughts.


Elaine Anderson Raisanen wrote:

I have fond memories of Dick Hegberg running the Sunday School at Edgebrook Lutheran Church. He was a wonderful man and as a child in the Sunday School, I also had great admiration for both him and his wife Lois. He will be missed. My condolences to his entire family.


Gene Ratkiewicz wrote:

Paul, Jill and I offer our deepest condolence to you and your family. Our heart is with you during this time.



Jim Rynott wrote:

Such a wonderful wife and mother. So sad to learn of her passing.


Frank Brady wrote:

Remembering one of the kindest men I’ve ever known. Tom was like a brother to me. Of all the good times we shared the one that keeps recurring is the charity event we attended a few years ago when we rode the horses on a merry-go-round. For a moment we were boys again riding our trusted steeds. Ride on, Tom. We will ride together again one day.


Karen Ehrenhofer wrote:

Jim was one of the greatest person I have ever met. He was so smart in so many topics and I learned so much from him especially about the Civil War. He was so caring and kind and always there for you. Jim will always be one of my greatest friends and so blessed to have had him in my life. I will always cherish the memories we shared.


Mike & Linda Gaimari wrote:

Myrna, in the years that Jim has been the Model A club and my relationship with him, it was a honor to know him and to be his friend, may he now rest in God's hands. We will all miss him .


John & Donna Silvestri wrote:

Myrna and family - our deepest sympathies on losing such a great guy. We’re remembering all the good times like he would want us the Three Amigos: Jim & Myrna, John & Donna and Mark & ‘Lil Val barreling down from Niagara Falls in 300 miles of rain and another 350 on top of that - all the way home. Jim taking the stage in Pontiac.....And so many more wonderful memories.....God Bless You and rest peacefully, JRP.


Kathy Cousino wrote:

We are sorry to hear about your loss. Our deepest sympathies to you and your family. From HUBER+SUHNER, Inc.


Mark & Val maron wrote:

Words can not begin to express how we feel, a wonderful man, and friend, he will be forever in our hearts


Mike & LaVerne wrote:

Dear Myrna, so sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful man and a great friend. We will miss him. May he rest in peace.


Marykutty Kuriakose wrote:

Heartfelt condolences to the Kalayil family for the loss of their beloved mother, grandmother, great grandmother and matriarch, Annamma Kalayil. She was the none-blood related, fond older sister of mine whom I met on the day I arrived in Chicago, on March 1st, 1975. She guided me, mentored me, fed me, and counseled me in times of need. Although my contact with her had decreased over the past few years due to many factors, I always loved her. I miss her gentle gaze and beautiful smiles. The realization that chechy is gone for ever is painful. Nevertheless, I feel that it was an awesome privilege to know her and to be the beneficiary of her great kindness!!


Murray Katz wrote:

Michael, you were always a kind and Kindred spirit. Your kind and generous nature enriched our lives greatly. Your overgenerous nature made you give my sister your grandmother diamond wedding ring when you were 5. When my mother returned it, she became my mothers closest and most trusted friend. The same happened with our fathers soon thereafter. You didn't gain a wife, but you did forever marry our two families. What a blessing you gave us. Your sprit will forever Shine brightly !


Marty and David Banks and family wrote:

Thoughts and prayers for strength and comfort to all the Ingraffia family. The Banks’



Lisa Spragia wrote:

Tosca was a very special lady. She will be missed. RIP


Kim Zeitler wrote:

My deepest condolences to your family for your loss.



Sandi Murbach & family wrote:

Athena - Forever bright


Sandi Murbach & family wrote:

Dear Lou, Effie, George and Family - Athena was like a second mom to me and my daughters. She was a joy to work with and even more as a friend. She will be missed but not forgotten. You all are in my prayers.


National Acquisition Center wrote:

Dear Effie, George, Lou & Family - Athena's Marketing Center/National Acquisition Center family remember her for her thoughtfulness, kindness, yummy Rum Cake, and friendship. She will be truly missed.


Adam wrote:

Mike was a close friend of mine I've known since college and whom I'll fondly remember. He was a fun, generous and charitable person who could be proud of the life he's left behind. While I'll dearly miss Mike I am happy he's at peace in heaven with his family. One day we'll see you again good friend!


Randy & Nina Heller wrote:

The Heller family passes along our deepest condolences!


Kenneth Bartels wrote:

Sam Thank you for being a friend to me and. a great Uncle to My children. I was so blessed to have you as a friend.You raised such a great family with Cathy. Will hopefully meet you again —- THANK YOU


young family wrote:

My sincere condolences to the family may God's promises found at Acts 24:15 bring you comfort at this difficult time.


Jeremy Hutchinson wrote:

I enjoyed working with Steve at S&C. I will always remember that he had a "can do" attitude... We enjoyed talking cars and the car website Jalopnik (particularly articles by David Tracy). I am saddened to hear of his passing. He will be missed at S&C.


Jenna M. wrote:

I am terribly sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort provide your family with strength during this very difficult time. (2 Corinthians 1:3,4)


Alan Butman wrote:

Michael was my best friend's little brother and i will miss him. He is in a much better place.


Jose and Ana Benitez wrote:

We have been neighbors of Steve and Rebecca for many years. We enjoyed their company at our BBQs. Steve was always willing to lend a hand with projects we were working on whenever possible. Our condolences to the family. God Bless.


Jose and Ana Benitez wrote:

We are neighbors of Steve and Rebecca for many years. We had the pleasure of having them both over for BBQs. We always had such a great time. Steve was always willing to help with projects we were working on from electrical to mechanical. We have Steve and their family in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless.


Wayne and Bette Rakers wrote:

Fear Effie, Please know that we have you and your family in our prayers.


Jose and Ana Benitez wrote:

We have been neighbors of Steve and Rebecca for many years. We both had the opportunity to hang out at BBQs and enjoy Steve's and Rebeccas company. We always had a good time. Steve helped us with electrical projects at our home and other things we worked on. Steve was always willing to help. Our condolences go to Rebecca and the entire family. Our prayers are with Steve and the family.



Phillis Our LOVE to you and Family on the loss of your brother! we are Thankful for YOUR LOVE AND CONCERN TO our lord'S house!


Heather Bersch Tyzer wrote:

MK.....I am so sad for you...May Michael’s love for you continue to be in your heart and all the fond memories carry you through this awful time. All my love, Heather Bersch Titzer


John Minas wrote:

I remember Sam all the way back to grammar school. My Uncle Dan Jacobs graduated with him from Lane. Dan and my dad would occasionally meet me at the bar "back in the day" when the police station was still there. I remember him being this big, larger than life and always had a smile from ear to ear. He always gave me Beer Nuts and quarters for the Submarine video game at the back of the bar. I'm sorry for your loss. He will be sorely missed.


Phil Haskett retired CPD wrote:

You will never be forgotten Dan!



Maria Coorlas Welch wrote:

Best Dad Ever!



Sandra Frazier wrote:

I worked with Steve at S&C Electric! He would always walk through the Company with a bag of Flammin Hot Cheetos munching away. But if he was called to the production for a problem, he would solve the problem & a lot of humor behind it!! He's truly missed at S&C. May his family find peace in knowing he's not suffering anymore.


Rachel and Jim Beckett wrote:

Rebecca, Earl and Francis. We are so sorry for your loss. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Love to you all.


Craig and Renee Schwartz wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss Rebecca. You are in our thoughts and hearts.


David Elia wrote:

Danny, my cousin was a great guy. He always made it point to spend time with me when we made the family trips to Chicago. He always made me feel important and had a great sense of humor. He was one of Chicago’s finest in the true sense of the word.He introduced me to the Harley and took me on my first ride which inspired me to love riding as well. My deepest condolences to the family for such a great loss. Danny will always live on in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.


Ray & Luanne Wild wrote:

Earl, Francis and family, our deepest heartfelt hugs, thoughts and prayers are with you! May the Almighty God blanket and comfort you with His peace as only He can. Great love, Ray and Luanne


Amy Butler wrote:

Rebecca, may you find strength and comfort during this difficult time. Praying for you and your family.


Eilene Heckman wrote:

Steve was a great guy and a joy to work with. His intelligence and sense of humor will be missed.


Nicole Rush wrote:

Rebecca, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts.


Takesha Kidd wrote:

Khamphoui you will be greatly missed. Sometimes we don’t know how much a person is missed until something happens. My condolences goes out to your family. May your soul continue to rest.


Jim Elia wrote:

My cousin Danny always made me feel good about myself. I loved visiting him on our trips to Chicago. I will never forget the rides he gave me on his Harley, teaching me how to stoke a furnace, how to properly wash my hands! Bragging about Danny to my friends about how he was the best Chicago police officer! I will never forget his laugh, the sound of his voice and great sense of humor! Say hi to my Dad for me! Love your cousin Chimmy!


LouEster Petty wrote:

Rebecca, my deepest condolences to you and your family. Praying for your continued strength, healing and faith.


Buddy Casanova wrote:

Just a great guy and polite to everyone. RIP


Stanley Szafranowski wrote:

Sorry to hear about Danny, always enjoyed working the wagon with him. Real nice guy to be around.


Dwayne Wilborn wrote:

For the short time I have known Steve he has been one of a kind, when working with Steve he always had something funny to say the guy was witty with his come backs. He definitely will be missed by me REST IN HEAVEN STEVE.


Matt Smith wrote:

Julie, my prayers of condolence to you. I will always remember Mike. Our friendship made grade school and high school fun. May his memory be a blessing


Jose M. Perez wrote:

My deepest sympathies to the entire family during this extremely difficult time. I worked with Steve at S & C Electric and he will be greatly missed. May God give you comfort at this time, praying for your family.


Pam Andrus wrote:

Michael was the quintessential nice guy who would do anything for anybody. He was a fellow boating companion and dog lover. He was extremely thoughtful, kind and generous. We will miss his spontaneous and adventurous fun loving attitude. We will find comfort in knowing he is watching over us and find happiness in the memories that we shared together. Ahoy Michael, you will be remembered forever and deeply missed. All our love, Pam n Nick


Tom Clark wrote:

I remember meeting you many years ago while you were hiking in the San Jacinto mountains near Idyllwild California. I've been best friends with your parents since our own college days at Loyola University in Chicago.



Aida Sanchez wrote:

Steve was always willing to help others even if he did not know them. Where ever you are now I am positive you are trouble shooting something and working on it already. You will be missed.


Colleen Bragiel wrote:

Michael will be missed by many. He was a very kind and a gentle man. I am sorry to hear he has left us this quickly.


Jeanne Ann & John Sattler wrote:

Michael, you have always been a generous, sensitive, and caring cousin. Rest in Peace your suffering, Anxiety and Pain are over. You can now enjoy your New Life of Glory with God.


John Pagan wrote:

I worked with Danny in the 1st district. He was a very quiet person. I remember he loved to ride his motorcycle. You will be missed. God Bless you.


Priscilla T. wrote:

To the family of Anna Piazza-Smith-Corcoran, I offer my sincerest condolences. Suffering the loss of a loved one in death brings much pain and turmoil. However, Psalm 46:1 gives the assurance: "God is our refuge and strength, a help that is readily found in times of distress". May the comforting words He has promised at Isaiah 25:8 provide you refuge and strength during this most distressing


The Roll Family wrote:

We are so very sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers go out to all of you at this difficult time


John wrote:

Uncle Danny, you were one of a kind. You were like no other. Whether it was a Sunday dinner at Grandma's, a birthday, a graduation or holiday gathering you were always there for all of us. I know these late few years were difficult and as sad as it is to say, I am glad you can now be free of those physical burdens. You will be solely missed. You were a great uncle, and we will never forget you. Love John, Gina, Megan and Lauren



ronald milco wrote:

Lilly Simons was a wonderful classy lady, my mother would always speak highly of her I'm sure that there sisterhood continues in heaven. I'm sure there sisterhood continues in heaven.


Dylan Armstrong wrote:

I remember when I used to come over with his son and my family, he was one of the most genuine people I knew. I will always remember that he made the best fried rice I have ever had. He was someone that seemed to always give and never take. He will be remembered in a truly great light



Hilda and family, Dave and I participated in a number of mens weekends. I appreciated his deep faith and know he is with the savior he cherished. I wish you all peace in this difficult time. Rest in peace my friend Dave.


Stephen & Laura Prange wrote:

Paul, our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family. We are so sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Stephen, Laura and everyone from SMP


Mark Pustizzi wrote:

Please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your father.


Margo and Bob Stanek wrote:

We’re very sorry for your loss. We knew David as Nick particulated in the STV RCIA lessons a couple years ago. We knew him to be of deep faith and devoted family man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.


John Horwitz wrote:

Hilda, and the family of David Asta, Judy, Rebecca and I send our deepest sympathy for your loss.


Connie Hickey wrote:

Hilda, I am so sorry to hear about David. He was always such a kind man and great family man for you and your three boys. Always involved. I am sorry for this very difficult time. You and the boys are in my thoughts and prayers❤️



Eva Garcia wrote:

My condolences and prayers to all the family especially the mother that's hurting so bad God will give you comfort God bless🙏🙏🙏


LaToya Purnell wrote:

In my short tenure at IAFC, Khamphoui Singvongsa was one of four contact center supervisors. Even though he was not my direct supervisor, I felt that he still was. He took on the “father approach” when the other supervisors were not available. He took his time with us to show us how to do things the correct way. He complimented when you did well. He checked on us to make sure we were able to do our jobs. He made sure we were ok. His demeanor and mannerisms were reserved, yet Khamphoui would surprise you with his sense of humor, which to me, was the greatest thing to see. To see and hear him laugh was a joy. His leadership, service, dedication and kindness will always be felt in spirit & highly respected. Family, friends, & co-workers, my deepest & sincerest condolences go out to all of you. May God’s mercy & grace be with you & provide you peace & love during this time of healing.


Veronica Rodriguez wrote:

My deepest condolences. May the love of our Lord Jesus embrace your family and give you his peace.


Kathy and Chuck Veglia wrote:

Hilda and boys, We are so sorry for your loss. It's so hard to grasp. Please know that we loved talks with Dave over the fence and his sense of humour. We will miss him dearly. Praying for you as you remember him.


Ellen Gutierrez wrote:

Mrs. Lorenz was such an important part of my childhood as I spent many days and nights in the Lorenz family home growing up and being "besties" with her daughter, Anne. As an adult, Mrs. Lorenz was my connection to Anne, Jerry & their daughters as they were stationed in various parts of the world. She always made me feel like part of the family when my daughter, Kelly and I would come over to the Lorenz family home to visit when the Szybist clan was in town. When I had my own personal losses, Mrs. Lorenz served as the "ambassador" for the family sending Kelly and I the sympathy, flowers & regards from the Lorenz / Szybist family. Most recently, through the magic of Facebook, Mrs. Lorenz and I have "liked" and "loved" each other's posts on a regular basis. I will always be appreciative for the time I had with and learning from my best friend's mom. Thank you, Elaine


Sandra Valle wrote:

My deepest condolences to his beloved family, friends and loved ones. He was a truly great person. May God bless him! Rest in peace Khampoui!


Cindy Burrell wrote:

We knew Elaine and Frank through our marriage Encounter group. Elaine had such a good sense of humor and always had an interesting story to share. We will miss her and we send her love to Frank. Love Cindy and John


Ted Weiner wrote:

Thoughts and all my love to you Beverly. Some of my greatest times and memories were with Roger. Haven’t been around for years but the love and memories are forever.


Miché wrote:

Khamphoui, you have left a great impression on your work family and have been an impactful presence in many ways. I have many memories during my time working with you and you will truly be missed! I send my deepest condolences to your loved ones during this difficult time and I pray for their peace. Rest well!


Joyce Ramirez Knight wrote:

My prayers for both peace and comfort for Khamphoui's family. I knew him for about 15 years. What a wonderful person. Though we cannot see him, he is with us in the community of the saints. He is in the faces of his children and family, and in the hearts of many of those who's lives he touched. We will miss you Khamphoui and we hold you in our hearts. Til we meet again


Pat and Jolanda wrote:

Dear Hilda and family, we are so very sorry for your devastating loss. Dave was a very special man, who left a lasting impression on so many. We feel blessed having had a chance to have known him and keep you all close to our hearts and in our prayers! Love you! Pat and Jo


Donielle Dial wrote:

My prayers to Khamphoui's family and friends. He was my supervisor for 4 out of the 6 years that I was at IAFC. We had our disagreements but could laugh about it later. He had a great laugh. I know it's a different atmosphere at IAFC now that he's no longer there. You did a lot for the Lao people and spoke to some of us about that. Thank you for your kind words and advice that you gave me when my father passed. You will be missed.



Vanessa Lozada wrote:

May he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.



Kelly cummings wrote:

No words can even begin to explain how much we miss you and love you so very much..


Charlita wrote:

My sincere condolences to the family. We are praying for you; we know how much you loved them and they loved you. May you wear your wings proudly because you deserved them. Your actions always spoke volume! You were a true man of God and your presence will be missed, especially here at IAFC. You were always thoughtful, loving and genuine; I will miss you and your warm personality and soft voice! You have touched so many and your legacy will live on. Rest in Peace and in Love!


Rachel Jacobson wrote:

My heart is broken for you, Hilda. Grace loves and misses you very much. I am so sorry for your family's loss; it's incredibly unfair. I am here to be supportive and helpful at any time.



Kae Tylutki wrote:

Khamphoui was truly one of a kind, a legend to IAFC and will be truly truly missed. My thoughts, prayers, and love to his entire family.



Steve Lundell wrote:

We mourn your loss, celebrate your life, and pray for your family as they grieve your sudden loss. Rest In Peace my friend.


Adriana Hare wrote:

We miss you so much Dave!


Maria C Gonzalez wrote:

My sincere condolences to his family and friends, He was a great supervisor and coworker. His presence will be truly missed in the IAFC office and in all the lives he touched. Rest in peace.



Marlene and John Pufpaf wrote:

To The Family of ROGER NASH John and I would like to express our heartfelt condolences on your loss. He was a Kind Witty and caring person. He will be missed by many. R.I.P. Roger


Robert Coates wrote:

Khamphoui: It seems so long ago when you and I first met and worked together at Chicago House, back in the '90's. Years later, I was surprised and delighted when fate led our paths to cross again and we were reunited as co-workers at what was then DCAC. I'll never forget how you told me and my son your story of leaving Laos for his school project and how fascinated we both were with your courage. I've missed you over the many years since we last talked. I wish we had stayed in touch. I want to send my deepest, most sincere condolences to your family. We have all lost a real-life hero.



Adriana Hare wrote:

We are missing you so much. I know you are looking out for your beloved wife and your 3 boys. RIP Dave. We love and miss you.


Tiffany Thorne wrote:

Khamp, I will never forget how cool your walk is...and you laughing when I would sing the theme song to Staying Alive to you! You will be sorely missed, rest in eternal peace...friend!



Ashonti Jackson wrote:

Rest In Peace and may God Bless your family asho


Betty Washington wrote:

My sincere condolences to the friends and family of Khamphoui. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and work with Khamphoui for 8 years. He was a very kind person and someone I will always remember. Rest in Paradise My Friend.


Sharay Johnson wrote:

Khamphoui, I miss you already. Gone too soon, missed by many, and your impact will never be forgotten. Thank you for always being the man that you were: consistent, dedicated, thoughtful, kind, and dependable. A Friend. Illinois Action for Children will not be the same. My prayers go to the Singvongsa family, your wife, your children, and all who loved you. Rest peacefully my friend...



Columba wrote:

Khamphoui was a great man. My most sincere condolences to your family. You will not be forgotten. Rest Well.


Keven Kerr wrote:

My heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, Coworkers, and all those who were lucky enough to know Khamphoui. He was a man dedicated to his work, family, and serving others. The positive impact he played in my life and the life of many will be cherished. I will deeply miss the presence of a truly kind and compassionate person! I love you (work)brother!!



Tracey Robinson wrote:

My sincere condolences to your family you will be missed thanks for always being a nice pleasant upstanding person! Rest Well


Lily Deng wrote:

Khamphoui, you will forever be remembered as the hardworking and dedicated supervisor as well as the friendly and humorous colleague. I still remember the contact center days where we all work together and you backing us up and providing coverage. Even now at processing, you will always greet me with a smile and asking how me and my sister are doing. I will truly miss those memories. May you rest in peace.


Chris Tokarski wrote:

Khamphoui was a dedicated, generous, and caring colleague. He cared deeply about his work and his team. I loved his laugh, we shared so many through the years. He will be so deeply missed by his Illinois Action for Children family. We love you Khamps.


Catherine L. Gregory wrote:

Khamphoui, I have know you since day 1 at work. I absolutely loved me some you!!! You were my supervisor and my friend. This is so very hard, not just for me, but for all of us. You will truly be missed my friend. Rest well.


John Hobbs wrote:

Jodi. So very sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. Our deepest sympathies and wishing you and your family all the best.


Kimberly Dobrescu wrote:

Khamphoui was a great co-worker, and we miss him here. Many are grieving his loss, as almost everyone knew him. He was one of the first people I met, my first day on the job 6 years ago and made a good impression for this company as he embodied a friendly, humble and helpful demeanor. He always said Hi to everyone he came across at work as he passed by in the kitchen, hallways, or popped into cubicles and gave a wave. He would chit chat sharing stories of working on his house, or spending time with his family. He was full of smiles and jokes. Sending prayers to his family and friends.


Ruth Cruz wrote:

You will be missed at work. Every morning you would ask about the coffee and I would tell you that I buy coffee and you would ask if I could show you how to make coffee you thought it was so difficult to make. May you rest in peace Khampoui you are now working close to God.


Juanita Wescott wrote:

I knew you for 20 years you were a good person always talked about his family his daughter in high school I will miss seeing you getting your coffee in the morning and having are small talks


Erika Nevarez wrote:

Khamphoui you will truly be missed. IAFC will not be the same without you. You were a Man of God and a devoted father and community member. You always put a smile on many peoples have. May God bring your family the serenity they need.


Raven Moore wrote:

Khamphoui always inspired me and pushed me to do better and excel at my job. He was also so supportive of my education and would always ask me, "how's school going?" He was a great supervisor and it was so evident that he had a big heart. Illinois Action for Children and Pod 1 will never be the same without you. Rest in peace Khamp.


Lucy Cordon wrote:

Khamphoui you have been an inspiration to so many of us and it was honor knowing someone so special like yourself. I will always remember how dedicated you were with anything you did in life, I know this especially while working with you on Renew My Church. I will never forget your laughter and we will always carry you in our hearts and will continue to work hard on the things you wanted to make happen at our church and community. God Bless You and Rest in Peace.



Debra L. Williamson/pod1 IAFC wrote:

We will miss you Khamphoui. May God keep you in his arms. My sincere condolences the family.


Anasone Silivongxay wrote:

Ai Khamphoui you are more than my friend, board member or mentor. You are like a family member. The sadness I feel can't be described in any words. The only thing that brings me a little peace is knowing that you are with God. I will never forget all the advices you gave me, the countless hours we spent organizing conferences, the laughter we shared, and the love we had for the community. Thank you so much for leading the way. Thank you so much for the many sacrifices you have made for the community. Thank you so much for being the best Chair of LANA. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace with God.


Linda and Randy Balla wrote:

Elaine was such a caring and prayerful member of our Marriage Encounter group for many years . . . She will be missed. Linda and Randy


MaryJeanne Monhardt wrote:

Our Elaine, All of the girls from St. Patrick Academy remember Elaine as the Sweetest Soul. I am so very saddened and remember her so very much. We had such a good time and met several times in the past few years for Lunch. Our meetings were few but every time it was just like rolling back the years and the laughter came easily. Her smile will be embedded in my memory forever.


Ted Daytz wrote:

Roger was an intelligent and friendly person. I have fond memories of attending concerts at Grant Park with Roger. RIP, Rog.



Candace Billups wrote:

Khamphoui you will be missed, you were a wonderful supervisor and a great man. Rest peacefully.


Koy Nyatso and Chaleunesouk family wrote:

Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us everyday. Condolences to your family. Khamphoui was an amazing man full of compassion.


Bouakeo Singvongsa wrote:

I will always cherish and remember the many laughters I had shared with my brother. He was my laughing partner at my parents’ house on a weekly brunch, right after a Sunday mass. While eating larb, aut, Kapoon, and sticky rice with Laotian ginseng salsa, we would talk about anything and then laughed about it hysterically nonstop til our cheeks and stomache hurt. Our other family members would just looked at us and started laughing too, but had no idea why. I will miss my brother dearly. It wouldn’t be the same without my brother Phoui. He was one of the hardest and ambitious working man I’ve ever known in my life. He was a good brother. Sometimes, a little bossy lol, but overall good. Rest In Peace brother. I love u.❤️ Keo Keo


Amy and Fred Angeles wrote:

May God's love make your grief bearable.Condolences to the family.


Andy and Gwen Ginocchio wrote:

We were blessed to become friends of Elaine through World Wide Marriage Encounter. She made a great impression for her energy and passion for social justice. She walked the walk and now rests in peace!


Denise Delves wrote:

Jodi, So sorry to hear about the loss of your father. As I will not be able to see you during any of these services, know that I am thinking of you in your time of grief. Blessings to you and your family.


Sue Marzonie wrote:

I have fond memories of visiting Elaine when she lived at Marina Towers, when I was a teenager. She will be missed by all.



Julie Brownlee wrote:

Hugs and prayers for you all from Iowa. May the bright life of your mother continue through you all.



Karen Kase wrote:

Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your heart. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



Candy Catanzaro wrote:

May the light of the lord shine on the Ramos family, sending prayers for you all.


James Nicolau wrote:

may his memory be forever eternal God bless all of you


Sue Robinson wrote:

To all of Dinah’s family a sincere condolence, Dinah has been a good friend through the years, and through her became friends with Shirley, I’m grateful to have known her,


Ananth wrote:

Mary aunty, was like a second mother to my sister and me when we first arrived in the US around 40 years ago. She was the embodiment of all that is good in a person - warm, caring and with a big heart. I remember spending the long weekends and other holidays with uncle Lucas and her, and thoroughly enjoyed her pampering (and cooking :)) - good memories and I am certain that she will be always remembered by those who knew her for her warm and loving nature. She has been reunited with uncle now and is definitely feeling the warmth and love of His grace. May her soul rest in peace.


Vijaya wrote:

I met Mary in February of 1977, her sisters Shanti and Sheila had given me her telephone number. This was my first visit to the US, she and Lucas helped my children and me settle down. Over the years we became very good friends, and an extended family. Mary and Lucas were wonderful human beings, we will cherish our time spent together over the years always, and we will miss her very much. May her soul Rest In Peace.


Annapurna wrote:

Mary Aunty and Lucas Uncle were always loving and welcoming. They made us a part of their family and help us adapt to this country. They were encouraging and gave us counsel, when necessary. Aunty was always there to lend a helping hand and be a surrogate mother to me. I will miss her. Aunty and Uncle, whom she sorely missed, are together now.


Shirley Heinselman wrote:

My condolences to the family of Shirley Marx, especially to Dinah, a very dear friend. I met Shirley several times and she hosted my husband and me in her Las Vegas home. She was a very generous and fun loving hostess and I’m pleased to have known her. May happy memories sustain you!


Deborah (Gottmann) Boyle wrote:

My condolences to the Marx family, my cousins. It has been a long time since I last saw Shirley, but I remember her like it was yesterday. She was smart, strong, and really fun. Her joy of life was contagious! I am sorry I am unable to be with you, but please know all are in my thoughts and prayers.


Marc Kravets wrote:

My dad, Hyman Kravets, who passed away in 2014 had wonderful memories of both Shirley and Ed as manager of the Ace Hardware. She will be missed.


Rick Rohr wrote:

Sorry to hear about Jack and best wishes out to all of the family. I'm honored to have known Jack while growing up and seeing him at family gatherings and I'm grateful he took time out to visit my mother and sister from time to time. He will be missed.


Wendy Cash wrote:

Jimmy, you were such a ray of sunshine, always laughing and having a great time. You were a wonderful friend to Jim and I. We were so very glad to have you stand up at our wedding. You will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace. Love Wendy and Jim Cash


Julie Butcher wrote:

He was greatly respected and loved by the staff at the Elgin Mental Health Center. Sincere condolences to family and friends.


Bob Marshall wrote:

Bev, so sorry for your loss.


Barbara Johnson wrote:

Elu Kochana, serdecznie, najserdeczniej Wam wspolczuje, jestem z Wami mysla I modlitwa w tak tragicznym, smutnym czasie. Caluje mocno, Basia Niestety, przepraszam, ale nie moglam przyjsc.


Jim Cash wrote:

Loved you as a brother ! U took me under your wing when I came into towing for Sts. & San. in 1992. I learned so much from you. You were there for me when I had my 1st heart attack. You took me to hospital & picked me up. You & Linda would see me walking streets @ 10:00 p.m. & invite me into your yard to have a drink or a bite. You were & are one of the kindest, gentlest souls I ever met in my life. You standing up for my wedding meant the world to me. Love you my brother. .


Tricia Temple (The Geiger Family) wrote:

Jack was a dear part of our family, and will be very missed. Many fond memories. Sending love for all of you.



Julie Dineen wrote:

Sending hugs and lots of Love💕


Chris Kritcher wrote:

A great man and a good friend......Jack, until we meet again on the other side.....Shalom!


Debora Layne wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss, You all are in my thoughts and prayers!


Pam and Dave Carlson wrote:

Jim was loved completely by our family. He is missed terribly. His warmth, his unfailing love of his family and friends were all parts of a wonderful man, who was bigger than life. Jim took care of the people he loved and wasn’t afraid to tell the world he loved them. It’s a terrible loss for all of us. We miss you Jim every single day. 😢❤️😢❤️



Patrice Goostree wrote:

Many happy memories of times with the Rohrs.. thanks for introducing our family to boating. Jack was a great friend to my Mom and Dad, Tom And Sheila Sammons. He was one of a small handful that regularly visited both my parents when they were in nursing homes. A true friend!!!. May he Rest In Peace. Patrice Goostree(Sammons)



Heather Buckley wrote:

R.I.H. Uncle Jim! You will definitely be missed and are loved by many. Your are now with Aunt Linda smiling down on Adam (Robin). My condolences and prayers for you Adam! We love you and if there’s anything we can do please let us know. Love Always, Heather & family 🙏😇🙏


Diane Krier-Morrow and Michael Morrow wrote:

Aunt Shirley will be greatly missed. I have known her since I was 3 yrs old, and I am now 71. We talked frequently and saw each other when we could. We always enjoyed being together. Family is important. I worked with her side-by-side for 7 years during high school and college when the business was called Economy Movers. I started at $1.25 per hour and left after my LU degree at $3 per hour. I always told her that I learned more from her than I did from my MBA. I asked her recently when she began to actually like me, and she quickly responded, “when you became an adult!” So she liked me longer than not liking me. Michael and I will truly miss her. We enjoyed all our visits with her. We so missed her at Christmas and the 100th celebration of New World Van Lines. Love and Prayers, Diane and Michael


Bartek G. wrote:

Głębokie wyrazy współczucia całej rodzinie. Pokój Jego Duszy.


Bartek G. wrote:

Please accept my deepest condolences in this hard and trying times. Pokój Jego Duszy.


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Jim will be remembered at the Police Mass on Sunday, 14 APR, 11:00 a.m. at Mercy Home - 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Alina i Jan Foryt wrote:

Kochani,trudno jest pogodzic sie z odejsciem bliskiej osoby, jeszcze trudniej jezeli jest to syn, ktoremu dalo sie zycie, kochalo i wlozylo wiele wysilku w opieke i wychowanie. Laczymy sie z wami w tym ogromnym smutku, przyjmijcie wiec od nas szczere wyrazy wspolczucia. Alina i Jan Foryt.


Sasso wrote:

Catalina, was a wonderful woman who cared a lot about her family. She joins her husband Domindor in heaven now.


Anita wrote:

Kochani, z powodu smierci kochanego Syna przyjmicie szczere z serca plynace kondolencje !!!!


Dagmara Johnson wrote:

For those of you that knew Tom, I am sure there are many moments you shared together. He was a very special person with a big heart and an even bigger smile on his face. For me he was much more than that. As cousins we were very close. We grew up together, played together, danced together, laughed and even cried together. I can remember everything we did, from when we were kids to the adults we are now. We experienced a lot of firsts together. Like learning how to ride a bike, skate, to swim and how to drive our first cars. When we were young Tom and I would hang around our grandmothers house (Babcia Ludwika) and we would chase chickens, pick raspberries and spend time climbing the cherry trees. We even worked our first job together. ” Memories, Thats what lifes all about as we share them with the ones we love. Remembering others as they pass on to those pearly gates above. ” As we grew up we still enjoyed eachothers company, we took numerous trips together, we stood up in each other’s weddings, celebrated each others birthdays, and even our kids play and laugh together. Tom was not only a great uncle to my kids but he also was an amazing Godfather who loved them with all his heart. You truly will be missed Tomcio, may God bless your soul. Rest in Paradise Tom 🙏🏼 Dagmara



Ellen Voyles wrote:

My beloved Aunt Bee❤️


Jolanta wrote:

Jak trudno zegnac na zawsze kogoś kto mógł byc wśród nas - nasze szczere wyrazy współczucia - Jola i Maciek K .


Kuba Jozefczyk wrote:

Szczere wyrazy wspolczucia dla calej rodziny Blonskich.


Frank Trotto wrote:

AJ and family, I feel deep sorrow for the passing of Peg, and will always remember our good times of the past.


Peggy Schnepel Long wrote:

My deepest sympathies to Ann, Lori, Harry and the rest of Leslie's family. She was a wonderful childhood friend. Remember the time we all brought home puppies from Lois Harmon's farm in Wisconsin?



Marek wrote:

Wieczny odpoczynek racz mu dać Panie, a Światłość Wiekuista niech mu świeci na wieki wieków. Amen.



SharylLynn wrote:

Prayers to the family of Mary at this time. It was great to spend so many events with you at Eric and Melissa's.


Jennifer Georgiafandis wrote:

Wonderful memories of Aunt Bernice cooking Thanksgiving Dinner. She was an amazing cook and host!! Best Thanksgivings ever!!!! Christmas too!!


Rose Grabavoy wrote:

Sweet and Genuine Lady ..I Will Always Think Of You....Thank You! 🌹


Ken and Nancy Malloy wrote:

Janice and Family. We are so sorry for your loss. Our sincere sympathy to all of you.



Donna Lucier wrote:

We will truly miss you, Dan. You were a great friend, keyboard band mate in the early 70’s and spectacular soundman. Most of all, just an all around good guy and such a happy character. So sad you left us this soon. You will always be remembered. May God Rest Your Soul In Eternal Peace! 😔🙏❤️



Crisi wrote:

Our trips to Walgreen's or the thrift shop, perfect pancakes cut in strips, and days and times with you. Things I will forever cherish & adore- thank you, Nana.


John Seck wrote:



pamela martinez wrote:

She had her own way of doing things. Rest in peace Mary.


Christie C wrote:

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family. May you find comfort in your many treasured memories and in the loving support of God and family. Psalm 55:22



Chris Flam wrote:

Dan's spirit will always be in our thoughts, hearts, and deeds. A friend and mentor whom I adored for his no-nonsense demeanor, and "do it right" work ethic. A friendly guy with a genuine soft spot for animals of all types, especially giraffes. :) I miss him dearly. May he be at peace. Chris


Ivica Brezovic wrote:

Dragi nasi, suosjecamo u vasoj tuzi. Primite iskreno saucesce od Ivice Brezovic, mame i Djurdjice s obitelji. Molimo za dusu drage nam tete. Pocivala u miru Bozjem...


Ilija Milovanovic wrote:

My sincere condolences. I was one of his soccer assistants at Ridgewood HS and have always remembered his lessons and humor which still continues to help me coach in Texas.



Hebert-Holcombe family wrote:

Sending our Love




Sending love and Prayers


Michael Goode wrote:

Ned was my best friend when were kids. We lived in the same building. His dad, Frank, to us to Wrigley Firld, my first MLB game. Ned was a great guy and I will forever cherish the memories of him, Angie, Frank and his sisters Val and little Nancy. RIP good buddy



Ron Rome wrote:

Tommy, Terry, Mike, Mary, Brian and Tracey, First my apologies for not being able to attend the service for your mom!!! I pray mom is celebrating with your dad, my mom and dad and so many more. I have such great memories of all of you and our family vacations and celebrations those indeed were special times, simpler times, loving times and so much laughter again great memories!!!! My deepest sympathy all my love I miss all of you! Ron


Judy Leven wrote:

Please accept my sympathies and condolences. Larry and I volunteered at the hospital together and I always enjoyed his upbeat personality. I will keep your familyl in my thoughts and prayers


Jim & Susan wrote:

Our deepest sympathies to the Bolonas family. Our prayers are with you.


Tom and Nancy Callan wrote:

Nancy and I offer our sincerest sympathies for your loss.


Kevin Burns wrote:

So sorry to hear about Coach Houlihan's passing. He gave me my first job in teaching as he was a supervisor for Mack PE Service in addition to his responsibilities a Little Flower. He was a great mentor with a big heart. His " Ours not mine! " speech at the final Homecoming rally as one for the ages. He certainly had a special passion for Little Flower High School. Rest in peace, Coach. God bless you always.


Fr. Adam MacDonald, SVD wrote:

My condolences to the SSpS community on the loss of your friend and sister, Sr. Martha. Please rest assured of my prayers for the repose of her soul, and may you take comfort in knowing that Sr. Martha now shares fully in Christ's resurrection!


James Ball wrote:

John I will miss your fellowship, you were always a welcome friend to see at Emmett’s - we talked about life and family. You were generous and kind, a straight shooter who didn’t put up with anyone who was disengenous. God Bless you🙏


James Ball wrote:

RIP Brother


Rod Esbrook wrote:

It was very sad to hear about John's passing. I had the pleasure of serving on the board of PAFA during John's tenure as its president. He had great leadership qualities, a gregarious spirit, and never ending energy as he volunteered countless hours to the program. This was his gift to the kids and families in the Palatine area. I plan on going to Ost Field this weekend and walk around the track in his memory. He was a good man.


Mark Zimanek wrote:

I'm so sorry to hear the passing of John. He was absolutely my favorite customer while working at Wickstrom Auto Group. I always enjoyed catching up with him whenever I saw his Lincoln LS pull into the service drive. I'm sure John had that effect on everyone that was lucky enough to know him. I knew he was related to classmates of mine from Fremd, but only learned today that he was their father. My condolences to the entire Bullen family. John was a great man and will surely be missed.



Bob and Lori Rea wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you


Peter Schmidt wrote:

To my friend, our memories of talking chemistry or computers and going out to Capizzi's (or for that matter any pizza place) will always be treasured. I know that there is a special place in heaven for you. If only we could have gotten together one more time. Ann, my condolences to you and your family during this difficult time. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

Rest in Peace Mr. Bullen....


Paul R Schmitt wrote:

So sorry to learn of your dad's passing. I spent many hours talking with your dad both as a parent, Board member and employee. He was constantly thinking of new and better ways to communicate with the students in order for them to obtain a worthwhile education in the Science program at Ridgewood HS. As he neared retirement he constantly commented on how he felt that he could have done so much more to help the Students. Many times I would find him in his classroom after hours coming up with new ideas on how to get thru to the kids. He will always be remembered as a staff member who put the Students students first. Your family are in our prayers!


Frank Batinick wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family.


Roy and Wendy Svenson wrote:

So sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with you at this difficult time.


Pat and Bill Wilde wrote:

Ann and family, we are so sorry for your earthly loss of Craig, May the treasured memories you hold tucked closely to your hearts comfort you at this time, Pat & Bill


Chuck Lovelace wrote:

Craig and I were at Ridgewood together for many years. He was a good friend with a terrific sense of humor. He was always willing to step in and help out, as can be seen by the many activities/sports with which he was connected. He'll be greatly missed.



Profile Food Ingredients Family wrote:

In memory of a great friend and family member to many.


Peter Foley wrote:

Nora, our heart and prayers are with you and your family.Dennis was a terrific guy with a big heart.



I worked with Craig at Ridgewood. He always had something nice to say and I thought the world of the man! God bless him and his family.


Nicholas Iacullo wrote:

He was a great teacher at Ridgewood always had a smile and made learning fun,RIP, I know your driving that grey Monte Carlo in heaven.


Denny Rosen wrote:

He was my buddy. We shared many laughs together ( most of them were at his expense ). His naivety, trust, loyalty and kindness made this refrain of his precious, “ You got me again. I don’t know why I like you.” Then would would laugh together As I fellow teacher at Ridgewood I was his sounding Board. He was like my little brother and I will always cherish the times we spent together.


Wilma Hartleben wrote:

Sorrry to hear this. Keeping you in my prayers',, Tim, Gina and boys


Susan Binkis wrote:

Dear Ann: Craig was a dear cousin, a colleague in education, and a fine man. We are so sorry for your loss. Susan and Paul Binkis


James Krepel wrote:

So sorry for your lost Craig was my cousin and even though we haven't talked for quite a while he will be missed by our family.


Mary Rowan Carkhuff wrote:

Dear Nora, So saddened by your loss. I will hold you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Sending love and light to you.


Arleen Noel wrote:

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Craig was a great teacher! I was a secretary while Craig was at Ridgewood.


Mary Colgan McNamara (Sister Marie Bernarde) wrote:

Dear Ann, my deepest sympathy to you and family in the loss of Craig, a being of uplifting light equal to your own. Should you ever want to speak with another widow, my email is Much love, Mary


Verena wrote:

We miss you


Heather (Holdway) Ritter Class of 1990 wrote:

I remember Mr Bolanos as one of the good ones at RHS. Always great to us. Strength to his family.


Tracey Bobitz wrote:

Ann, I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. You are in my prayers. <3


Gregor Lauterbach wrote:

Rip - Kirchenchor St. Laurentius Waldrach/Germany


Diane Gudel wrote:

I was a fellow teacher of Craig's at Ridgewood H.S. He was the kindest man I ever met. A gentle giant with a heart of gold. May God's Angel's bring him home.


Diane Malnati Brzezinski wrote:

To the Ziocchi Family, I am so very sorry for the loss of Mark. My deepest sympathy to you all. Mark was one of the nicest men around and had a heart of gold. He will be deeply missed by many. Everyone has the most beautiful memories if him. He is gone, but not forgotten. Rest In Peace my friend! Love, Diane Malnati Brzezinski & Family


Jim Vear wrote:

Graig welcomed me to the Ridgewood staff in such a helpful and friendly way that I felt at home right away. He was a great leader and role model for all of us. I am honored and thankful to have worked with such a wonderful person.


Patricia and Thomas Nelson wrote:

May all your happy memories help to sustain you during this difficult time. May Elaine rest in Eternal Peace. Love, Tom and Pat Nelson



Gregor lauterbach wrote:

Gebet aus der alten Heimat,Waldrach im Ruwertal, für die liebe Kreitz Martha,Gregor aus der stooch


Robert J Luber wrote:

Dear family of Ann and Louis Gross: please accept my condolences. Your parents were very kind and gracious welcoming me and my late wife ,Shula to the Inverness community. They went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.



Gregor Lauterbach wrote:

In herzlicher Verbundenheit aus Waldrach, DiözeseTrier, der alten Heimat im Ruwertal, beten wir für Sr. Martha um ewiges Leben, Geborgenheit und erfüllende Glückseligkeit bei Gott. Requiescat in pace, liebe Kreiz Martha! Gregor



Sue wrote:

Elaine was such a dear. Peace to her family.


Patrick C McKeon wrote:

Mark, I didn't know you for a long time, but I quickly connected with you and became a friend. Loved your determination and willingness to jump in to help the Skylarks. The Skylarks, and the community, has lost a terrific person. Rest in Peace. Your friends at the Skylarks RC Flying Club.


Mark F. Schauwecker wrote:

Sorry, for your loss, Jean. May God continue to give you the strength you have shown. I regret I will be unable to attend as I am still recovering from surgery. You will be in our prayers, Mark and Nadine Schauwecker


Steven matan wrote:

I'm sorry,Janja and the family.Prayers and love to you all. Rest in peace Branko.


Rose Marie Magiera wrote:

Dear Jean, Kaitlin and Brian, So sorry to hear about the passing of your mother- grandmother. I know she will be missed by all of you. I hope your memories of all the wonderful times you shared will help to make this difficult time a little easier. My prayers are with all of you.


Judith Doebler wrote:

We are so sorry to hear about the passing of Mary, a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. Our sincere condolences go out to Jean, Kate, Brian and extended family members. Prayers sent your way! Sincerely, Judy and David Doebler


Patricia Lofthouse wrote:

Dear Carole: I am very sorry to learn of Dave's death from Julie Devine and Carol Downs. I remember him from my time at St. Ignatius as a tall and strong man with a wonderful smile. I have made a donation to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in his memory. My late father suffered from the disease as well. Sincerely, Pat


diane zegar wrote:

Carl was part of a group from the Sauganash Restaurant (now closed) that went to outings, diff restaurants and gatherings on George Benchak's deck. Also helped me when I had to remove remnants and floor staples at my apt. We would go for ice cream sometimes. He was missed when he moved and we couldn't get in touch. We would bring up his name in reminising and the fun we had.


diane zegar wrote:

I was very sorry to hear of Carl's passing. I and George B. had tried to get in touch with him thru his sister's phone but did not hear back after the initial contact. Please accept our condolences. We liked Carl very much. He went to lunches & dinners with a bunch of us from the Sauganash restaurant ( no longer in business) God Bless.


Sophie J Byrnes wrote:

So sorry, Bob, Peter, Matt, Eric and families on the loss of your wife, mother and grandmother. May your memories of happy times be with you at this difficult time. Prayers and love to you all. Sophie Byrnes


Fortino Bautista wrote:

REST IN PEACE MR HIRO TSUCHIDA. He was a wonderful man. I had the chance to meet him a couple months ago, he was my realtor helping me buy a building at 4611 S. Archer Ave. He was very professional in his job. A very on time person and very helpful. My closing was very fast MY GOD HAS HIM IN HEAVEN, ENJOYING ETERNAL LIFE.


Jenelle wrote:

To the family of Joan Marie Mohr please except my deepest sympathy for the loss of your loved one , may the God of comfort help you during this tough time 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 .


Scott Zonis wrote:

I'm very sorry for your loss.... I had the honor of knowing Virgil from ROMEDS and the Masons. He will truly be missed.


Janet Spector Bishop wrote:

Learned this sad news recently and my heart aches for you so, Don - and your family. Since I’ve known you, your complete and utter love for Rachel and your family has shone through. I so often thought of that great happiness as John and I raised our boys - I always thought that if we could do as well as you and Rachel, well, that would be something - that would be a wonderful goal. There’s never anything to say that works, but know that you are in my thoughts.


John Williams wrote:

Virgil gave me some great advice on starting a business, sending a kid to school in Chicago, genealogy, and life in general. He was great man.


Dale Richmond and Gail Richmond wrote:

Our prayers are with Dorothy and your whole family. Our deepest sympathy for your loss.


Denise Schoenberg and Stephanie Schoenberg wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. We will always remember Virgil with a big smile and remember his generosity and caring spirit. Being neighbors on Louis Street is one of our favorite times in life. Although my father is gone ( Frank) he loved your family and appreciated Virgil's sense of humor and caring way. Wishing you God's healing Grace during this difficult time Stephanie and Denise


Laine and Ed Davis wrote:

Dear Dorothy and family. It goes without saying that we are so sorry for your loss. Our trip to Alaska was so memorable as we got to know each other. He always had a smile and was ready for an adventure. We know your precious memories will surround and sustain you. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. Prayers to you and your family. Lovingly...Laine and Ed Davis


Allan Jacobsen wrote:

My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Allan and Maria Jacobsen


Marie hansen wrote:

The Knowland family - People come and go in our business; but Virgil was a Special friend. He was the kind of customer that makes us go to work each day. He treasured your family, his whole world was the health and happiness of all of you. A true gentleman, and a Beautiful soul. Please know our hearts are broken for all of you. We wish you love and support. Chris and Marie


Don and Janet Trout wrote:

We are so grateful for knowing Virgil for as long as we did. He was such a fun person and enjoyed being here in the winter.


Ron and Donna Riggle wrote:

Dorothy, Our deepest sympathy to you and the family. This news has devastated Donna, me and the Lake Village community and all your friends here! The flag is at half mast in honor and remembrance of Virgil. God Bless You and may he give you strength going forward. Love You!


Randy Gentry wrote:

My deepest sympathy to all of you. I have no certain memory to share other than it was always a joy to visit and talk with Virgil. I feel deeply honored to have known him.


Nancy Gentry Lowery wrote:

I didn't see Virgil often enough as adults. So many precious memories of our childhood. Love him dearly.


Kate wrote:

My condolences to Joe's family. I didn't know he passed away. But I've wonderederingd where is that guy who got gas and was smoking at the same time? Then he would say "don't worry, listen to this, a song in French "no regrets', by someone named Edith. Sounded really pretty. Hope Joe had no regrets.


Sate wrote:

I'm so sorry to Joe's family on your loss of Big Joe,as I knew him. His sense of humor was both with and wry. He made me listen to Edith Piaf while she sang in French,and he sang in English ""No regrets". I didn't get it at the time but what a beautiful piece of music he introduced me to at a gas station!!!


Stephanie Wilson wrote:

I am blessed that I got to know Rachel as a Skokie School parent. She was a bright spot in my day when I saw her. Her kindness and loving spirit will live on in us forever. My deepest love to her family during this sad time.


Bill and Linda Malone wrote:

Dear Family, our love and prayers are with you. Virg was an awesome cousin always adding life and laughs to any family get together. We love you.


Chuck and Connie Winkler wrote:

So sorry for your loss, he was always enjoyable to be with. God bless your family during these hard times.



Sandy Weiland wrote:

Rachel you will be greatly missed.


Sandy Weiland wrote:

I worked / job shared the position of Entrance Hall Monitor with Rachel at Skokie school the first year the school re-opened to 6th graders. I am so saddened to hear of her illness and passing! She had a genuinely warm spirit and kind heart! She was always smiling and had a positive outlook everyday! She was a wonderful person with kind words and actions! I am grateful to have known her - I am so sorry for your loss.



Bernadette (Sundberg) Wilke wrote:

Dear Aunt Marge, Alan, Michael, and Margaret, so sorry to hear of Howie’s death. I remember when we would have snowball fights after Uncle Howie would get off from work. I feel bad that we have not been in touch throughout the years. I think of all my dad’s relatives often. Aunt Dorothy has my email if you would like to correspond. I will keep you all in my prayers. Love, Bernadette


Brian Langkan wrote:

Every day without you is a day without your infectious smile, your contagious laugh and your delightful spirit. You were one of my closest friends and I look forward to seeing you again. My sincere condolences to anyone that knew you, for to know you was to love you, and we all lost a great friend the day you departed for heaven.


Luz Ramil wrote:



Luz Ramil wrote:



Gail Tomczyk wrote:

Mary Lou, we will all miss you and Rose Marie, especially at the holidays! We love you both and RIP!


Vanessa Leong wrote:

I worked with Rachel at Skokie School many years ago. She was so kinda and so sweet. She always had a smile on her face, and made me feel at ease. I was shocked to hear of her passing. Know that she touched many during her time here on earth. I wish strength and peace for her family during this difficult time.


Deborah Alani wrote:

Thank you, Rachel, for always knowing just the right thing to say, for always sharing your smile, for always having a plan, for always caring about everyone, for always de-stressing situations, and for not just keeping things afloat but for genuinely making others' days better. How did you manage doing all of that with an entire staff and a substitute pool? "Ask Rachel," was a Skokie School mantra many days! You, however, were always one step ahead, and your calm and collected persona always made me want to be better. Not very many people have the gift of always bringing out the best in people. Thank you so very much. My heart goes out to your family, and I wish them strength. My older sister passed away from the same cancer. I learned that you cannot make sense out of nonsense, and despite your grief, life will hold together somehow. Rachel would want it to. With sympathy, Deborah Alani


Margo Serlin wrote:

Thurman was a wonderful man who loved life and had the best laugh! He was so lucky to,have n amazing wife and wonder7sons who made each day the best he could have. He will be missed. My love goes out to,the family.



The Von Sydow Family - Brad, Kris and Judy wrote:

To: Al and his entire family, In Sympathy, May the love of Christ comfort all of you during this difficult time.


Laura Henzlik wrote:

I knew Rachel through the PTA at Skokie School. She was ALWAYS sweet, kind and helpful. Truly one of the nicest people I’ve met. She will be greatly missed. Deepest condolences.


Laura Henzlik wrote:

I worked with Rachel through the PTA at Skokie School. She was ALWAYS kind, sweet and helpful. Truly an incredibly nice person who is gone too soon. My deepest condolences.


Sandra Cohn wrote:

Dear Owen family , I know your hearts are aching, as her good friend I know all the things we all loved about her , her smile, her laugh , her kindness ,her friendship I could go on and on, I will most remember , ladies night out with our friends , sometimes we would laugh so hard , I thought we would be thrown out of the restaurant for disturbing the peace. She takes a piece of all our hearts with her , she was more than special . Bless your heart my friend. 💔


Ronald and Sandra Cohn wrote:

Remembering girls night out to dinner with Katie Rachel Sandy Mary and Dottie , Sharing food , stories , and laughing so hard sometimes , I thought they were going to throw us out of the restaurant . We will all miss her so much 💔


Kathleen Lally wrote:

Dear Raddatz family, please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your loved one. Shirley was a very sweet and special woman. I have many fond memories of spending time with her on Christmas Eve dinners throughout the years. May she Rest In Peace!!


Pamela DiPrima wrote:

I met Rachel several times during my work career at the Village of Glenview. She was always gracious and lovely in both heart and soul. My condolences to Don and the family on their loss. Sending prayers.


Kim Barbaro wrote:

Rachel will always be in my heart. She made everyone in her presence feel special. She was truly the kindest person I have ever met. No one can ever replace her.


Thomas Knorwalski wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort, Jehovah, look after you during this most difficult time. In the book of Revelation 21:3,4 there is a beautiful promise he gives where he says that soon will come a time when death, mourning, and tears will be no more. May thoughts and scriptures like this be of comfort to you during this most difficult time;



Joe Wise wrote:

Always a smile, always asking how my family was doing.....a beautiful, kind heart and spirit. I truly will miss you. God Bless Rachel~


Thomas Knorwalski wrote:

We are so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort, Jehovah, look after you during this most difficult time. In the book of Revelation 21:3,4 there is a beautiful promise he gives where he says that soon will come a time when death, mourning, and tears will be no more. May thoughts and scriptures like this be of comfort to you during this most difficult time..


Candy Gordon wrote:

It was a joy and privilege to know Rachel. She was a wonderful friend, encouraging staff member, and a wonderful human being. Memories of her warm smiles and infectious laughter should sustain us in this difficult time.


Sheryl Nussbaum wrote:

Dear Owen Family, I had the pleasure of working with Rachel for the last 20 years. She was such a bright light with an infectious laugh and genuine smile! She will be dearly missed. Thoughts and prayers to you in this difficult time. Sincerely, Sheryl Nussbaum


Jeanne Burke wrote:

You were there when our last son entered the Skokie. You remembered me when I became part of the staff. You never forgot anything, about anyone. A truly, unique, loving and caring person-one I have never met before. Thank you for your presence dear Rachel. God bless you and your loving family.


Collins Fitzpatrick wrote:

David, Mrs. Manning, I said a prayer for you and your family. I think your husband and father was a lucky guy to have the family he had. I never new him but have always thought highly of you both and I’m sure he contributed much to the people you are.


D.R. wrote:

To the families and loved ones of Mrs. Owen, who we know will be dearly missed. Almighty God promised at Relevation 21:4 that he will wipe away all our tears. And death, pain, and sorrow will be no more. So, you can take great comfort from drawing close to God in prayer. And he will help sustain and support your families to endure. During these difficult times and in the months to follow. My deepest condolences to all your loved ones.


Suzanne Piper wrote:

She was my life long, best friend. I will never forget her. Until we meet again.


Christina G wrote:

I’m so sorry for your loss. May the peace of God safeguard your heart during this difficult time. The day will come where we will no longer have to loose a loved one.(Philippians 4:6,7&Revelation 21:4)


Nicole wrote:

I’m so sorry for the loss of your parents! They took private dance lessons with me, and I was honored to know them, and to experience them dancing together. They were both so special, and showed such love and respect toward each other. I will always remember how they danced their routines together, and the fun we had during their lessons.


Michelle & Robert wrote:

Our Thoughts & Prayers are with you All! We will miss Jimmy! We Love you All!!


Denis Curran wrote:

Beautiful example of sanctification. Lived for our King.


Jackie Gombo wrote:

Our family is keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers. Turbold & Turbat’s Family


Michael Warheit wrote:

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing. Treated her feet for many many years and she was always upbeat and such a positive person. I know she will be missed


Ken DeCoster wrote:

My prayers are with you and your family, Carole. Dave was so kind and welcoming. I’m blessed to have known him.


Pat O'Connor wrote:

Thank you dear Sr. Agnes for being such a kind teacher, dedicating your life to serve the Lord and teach us girls at SSA.



Jennifer Costello wrote:

May you Rest In Peace. God bless you and your family as you watch over them 😇 and are eternally with them in spirit🙏



JOANnE Loxas wrote:

To my beloved sister Clara who I will miss for my remaining life. A very kind and caring sister may she Rest In Peace.


Richard Halstead wrote:

Chuck was one of the most all around talented people I have ever known. And a real gentleman on top of everything else. I will never forget him. A great loss to the world. My very best hopes for all of you in coping at this difficult time.


Tom & Peggy Kloempken wrote:

Dear Carol and family, we are sorry to hear that Dave has gone on to be with the Lord after facing such a challenge for many years. God bless you and everyone that took such great care of him. We are sorry that we will not be able to be with you for his Celebration of Life but we will remember all of you in our prayers. God bless all of you!


Rev. Roger & Rita McManus wrote:

We send our deepest sympathy to the family of Chuck Sisson. Rev. Roger & Rita McManus


Rev. Roger & Rita McManus wrote:

We send our deepest sympathy to the Family of Chuck Sisson. Rev. Roger & Rita McManus


Michael Schnitzler wrote:

Chuck had an extraordinary musical talent and was a true artist, but an even greater person. On the stage, he had a unique and powerful gift of conveying authentic, believable emotion. He was a great teacher and friend, and I loved listening to his perspective. He will be sorely missed. Please accept our sincere condolences.


Gary & Dotti Bartholomew wrote:

We send our deepest sympathy to family and friends of Chuck. He will be dearly missed by many. He was incredibly talented in so many ways. He always greeted us with a big smile and positive attitude. Heaven gained a gem.


Chris Callaghan wrote:

Our deepest condolences to your family from the Callaghan’s in CT. Love Chris, Kathy, Chelsea, James and Lexi.


Marie Beaton Crean wrote:

Carol, I am so saddened to hear of Dave's passing. I have so many memories of Dave and all the guys in their class. Bob is welcoming his friend. May you find peace knowing that he is no longer suffering. God bless. Mab


Nancy Krackenberger Kamp wrote:

Dear Carol and family, I am so sorry to hear about Dave. I remember him very well from years ago. Hopefully he will be meeting up with my brother Bill. I know they were good friends as kids. My prayers are with you.


Rudolf & Trudy Muessig wrote:

Dear Carol so sorry to hear about Dave’s passing. I always loved to see his smiling face! Dave was a good man.Our deepest sympathy!


James Doumouras wrote:

Good Bye Uncle Jimmy......we will miss you! Jim, Gina and William Doumouras


Sue Whitney wrote:

Chuck was a wonderful artist. I met him while leading plein air activities for our local Barrington Cultural Art Center. I painted with him just this January. Such a fine gentleman and very good artist. Condolences to the family and may your memories of him give you strength during this difficult time. He rests in peace til you meet again.


Bob ward wrote:

Dear Carole I am so sorry for your loss. Dave was a good man and a great friend of Jerry. May he Rest In Peace.


Sharon S Gries & Gary J. Gries wrote:

Dear Carol and family we were saddened to hear of Dave's passing, but understand it was peaceful.. We will miss his smiling face and cherish the good times. I am sure he is now at peace after fighting bravely. Our very best to you all.



Dear Carol and all members of your family, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in his Son. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am." John 14:1-3 Dave probably has a very large room with a wonderful view. Harry McCabe


Larry A. Little wrote:

I was shocked when I heard that Mel had passed, while visiting his brother in Florida. I know he was looking forward to playing some golf while visiting his brother in Florida. I only knew Mel for a few years as he and I became golf buddies while playing at Palatine Hills, Schaumburg golf club and Chevy Chase golf club. Our foursomes will never be the same, he will be missed. Thanks for all of my awesome memories. God bless the family in this time of mourning.


Frank and Regina Bonanno wrote:

You have our deepest sympathies. Stan was a super father and grandfather. We are thinking about you.


Helen Theodosakis wrote:

My sincere sympathy is extended to the whole family of Stan Lersch. Stan was a classmate of mine and we worked together with several others to resurrect memories of our high school years thru reunions. Brenda became an integral part of that committee as well. Stan will be remembered as an outgoing and soft spoken individual with a lot of patience and perseverance. May God grant you strength to endure your loss. May his memory be eternal.


Linda cook wrote:

Dear Carole, I am truly sorry to hear of Dave’s death. You and your family are in my prayers. I am out of town or I would definitely be there for his funeral.


David Lekousis wrote:

My deepest sympathy to your family


David Lekousis wrote:

My deepest sympathy to your family. He will be greatly missed


Brendan Conroy wrote:

Carole, I am so sorry for your loss. As we all know, Dave was a terrific guy with a heart of gold and plenty of entertaining stories. I will be traveling when his wake and services are held but will keep you in my prayers. May he rest in peace. Brendan and Terry Conroy and family


Cj wrote:

I’m so sorry for your loss. Grief can be a difficult emotion to deal with. There are, however, 12 basic guidelines that can help you cope with grieving. They’re used by many grief counselors and they’re also biblical. You can download a free copy of the magazine titled “Help for those who Grieve “


Micheal Drake wrote:

So very saddened to hear of Chuck's passing! He was a great encourager and friend whom I met through the Illinois District. May our Heavenly Father comfort Becky and her whole family as they walk through this dark valley of shadows. We are praying for you all!



Jim & Ginny Blazek wrote:

We wish to extend our deepest condolences to all the family. Your dad and brother will be missed by all of us in some way. We always looked forward to hearing about the family in the Christmas newsletter and enjoyed visiting with him via email or in person when the time came. We have many memories of our gatherings with him and will cherish the time we had forever.


Russ Hook wrote:

Chuck was a great guy. I have known him for years through our membership with the New Tradition Chorus. What a loss to his family, his friends and the world itself. God always takes the good ones! I wish I could make his memorial, but unfortunately, I cannot. My sympathies are sent to Becky and his whole family.....


Harry Trumfio wrote:

We loved Alice, she was a fun member of our bowling team at Beverly Lanes. We missed her the last few years. Good bowling in heaven, Alice.


Don Sprague wrote:

Chuck was a real sweetheart it was my pleasure to work with him when he was an actor at and a marketing material desiigner for Porchlight Music Theatre. Condolences.


Bill Schwarz wrote:

Our God received into his arms a cherished brother with in-depth musical soul. Chuck's beautiful voice and artistry filled the hearts of people over decades with his tender love ballads. His virtuoso and songs will always be a resounding joy in all our memories and grateful hearts. Thank you 😊. Rest In Peace Chuck.


Jeff and mercy angello wrote:

May she be in God’s arms and may her live be in your hearts forever.


Dan jorndt wrote:

February 13, 2019 Dear Nancy, We are all so saddened by the news of David’s passing. He was a most caring and unique man. His head and heart revolved around you, Nancy. In the office, or on the road, he would constantly mention your name We worked together at Walgreens for over three decades. David and Laurie Meyer were the key individuals who were able to inspire thousands of employees with their splendid communi- cation and technology skills. He was both a leader and a great team player. David’s wry wit and “can do” attitude kept his team going .... sometimes for 24 hours straight! He could handle events of 20 people to 5,000 people with aplomb. In fact, he did his best work at the mega-meetings. So much of Walgreens success rode on the shoulders of dedicated individuals like David Harnish. Now he is at rest. This good, good man. We will always remember David Harnish and smile...we were so lucky to know him. Sincerely, Dan Jorndt


Brian M. Berg wrote:

June & I would like toi convey our condolances to you & your family. Chuck was a fun guy to be with. His talent & humor will be missed here but Jesus will enjoy his addition to his choir.


Russ and Valeyne wrote:

Dear Jodi & family, We are so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your dad was an amazing man and so loved. Praying for comfort and that you feel his presence with you always until you are reunited in Heaven. Love, Russ and Valeyne


Jeff Selano wrote:

A kind and gentle man. He will be greatly missed.


Jeanene (Bagley) Fowle wrote:

I'm sure him and Donny are singing together again.


Monica and Steve Szalaj wrote:

Love and prayers are with you and your family.


jim bagby wrote:

the only thing we'll remember longer about chuck than his magnificent voice is his wonderful, all-encompassing smile. in a world of champions, he stood out as a gifted actor. but we'll miss him just as a warm, caring friend. rest in peace, chuck.


Bob Hodges wrote:

Heaven's choir gained a few decibels and a lot of heart. Rest in Peace Champ! Thanks for the beautiful, loud, fun, heartfelt, exciting music.


Bud Roche wrote:

Greg and family, You have my deepest sympathies on the loss of Steph. Even though the years have passed I’ll never forget Steph kindness, sincerity, and sense of humor. She has always remained a friend in my heart. Greg I just wanted to reach out during this time of loss with my prayers and my heartfelt friendship.


Susan Sheaffer Cantwell wrote:

Nancy and Paul- I was so sorry and sad to hear about Dave. My sincere sympathy to you. Dave and I were friends since early childhood. I will miss our conversations and laughter together- so many great memories. Dave was very passionate about all that he did; may he now Rest in Peace.


Bobby Gray Jr. wrote:

Chucks music will remain in my heart! So thankful to have been a part of his musical brotherhood! God bless you, Chuck! Prayers of peace for you and your family.


Dsn Jordan wrote:

What a happy soul. A giving man with a big smile and a voice to match. Your contagious and giving nature. We will miss you, but you will be with us through the many memories, music and performances you have given to us. Thank you Chuck. Rest in eternal peace.


Marcia Haefner wrote:

Greg and family, We were so saddened to hear of Stephanie’s passing. The neighborhood will not be the same. So often, as I was heading to work, I would see Stephanie and Lucy out running and will miss seeing that. Unfortunately, we are out of the country on vacation and return late on Saturday. Please know you all are in our hearts and prayers. Andy and Marcia Haefner


Scott A Young wrote:

I enjoyed working with David over our many years together at Walgreens. What an fascinating guy! Many fond memories and experiences at Las Vegas meetings! Farewell old friend.


Sue Valentino wrote:

My heart goes out to Nancy, Paul, and Dave's furry friends. Dave did a FABULOUS job with Dave Whiskeyman when all of us worked on the Echo yearbook for J P McCaskey High School in 1971. One of the Daves gave me a 10 minute lesson on how to use a 35 mm camera, so that I could take photos of the school spring musical, for the yearbook supplement. I was editor in chief of the 1971 yearbook. I wish peace to all of you! We have lost a great friend!


Lisa Hardy wrote:

So sorry to hear of Dave’s passing. I’m Dave Whiskeyman’s sister. My brother has also passed on. I like to think the Daves are together again. I saw a cardinal in the yard this morning. Thinking my brother was there to say he knows.


Mark Rosenberg wrote:

I have fond memories of Stephanie and the 4 boys in my office. From the well visits to the various illnesses, she was always bright and cheerful. May her memory be for a blessing. My thoughts are with the family.


Bill Houck wrote:

Dave was a great guy and respected classmate to all, growing up in Lancaster. Condolences to his wife and brother and friends.



Dennis R Baxter wrote:

Wonderful man


Betty Jansik wrote:

Dear Armida, Sandra, Lucy and Elia sending you our deepest condolences on the loss of your dear mom, and our very dear aunt. Las queremos mucho, sus primos Arenas Rivera.


Nkr~James 4:8 wrote:

Sending warm thoughts and condolences to the family at this difficult time.


Don Sprague wrote:

For twenty years Mona blessed me with her friendship, her kindness, and her delicious biscotti. It was a delight to have her along on many a Classics Tour -- from Turkey and Greece to Scotland and Portugal. Her devotion to Frank and her family, especially her grandchildren, was heartwarming. May the angels serenade her!


Teresa Positano wrote:

Prayers to your family during this difficult time.


Betty, Pete, Katie and Patrick Lazzara wrote:

Our heartfelt sympathies to the O’Brien family. Barb and Roger, I hope your memories of happier days and knowing all your family did for Kevin will bring comfort. He could always count on your never ending love and support. You both as well as Tommy, Sean and a Lauren were always there for him and could always make him smile. He is at peace. God bless.


Patsy and Mike Nick wrote:

Kevin had a smile that lit up the room and a funny story to tell wherever he went. I am so sorry for your loss to everyone who loved him dearly. Roger and Barb it was heartwarming to see how kindly you cared for him and about him. Our love and prayers are with you.


Teresa Positano wrote:

Prayers to you and your family during this difficult time.


Vince and Teresa Positano and family wrote:

Thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.


John, Bernadeta, Andy, and Kasia Blake wrote:

Rest in peace, Kevin. Our deep condolences to KD and Jett and the entire O'Brien family, as well as Jeanette.


Fr. John McGivern wrote:

My sincere condolences to Terry and all the Ozima family. May the angels lead this dear woman into paradise, and may she experience eternal love and peace.


Mark Grimshaw wrote:

Barry always treated everyone he met with a smile and a good word, made you feel at home, good person to be around, I am glad are paths cross in this life my prayers are with the family


Collette Stack wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with Gregs family and many friends. Growing up Greg was like a big brother to many of us, we would annoy the heck out of him but he was always laughing and joking with us. To say this is not fair and really sucks doesn't help but is so true! RIP Greg


Fr. John Hergenrother wrote:

Dear Emily and many cousins; I can't be with you in person but will celebrate Mass for Tom up here in Delavan. I join you in giving thanks and remembering many good and serious conversations we've had over the years.



Andy Matijevic wrote:

Praying for the Dahlem family in this difficult time. May Jesus the Good Shepherd welcome Mark into eternal light and peace.


Bob O'Leary wrote:

The best! from one of the older guys.



Linda Rice wrote:

Prayers of comfort for all of you. Hold on to all of your precious memories. God Bless


Tony & Kathy McMahon wrote:

Rog & Barbie, We are so sorry about Kevin. He had some rough years recently, but both of you and your kids were always there for him. Thank God he could always count on you. Tony & Kathy I have nothing but fond memories of playing football with Kevin at NABC. He was a true badass but always a great guy! Tony


Natalie G. Norton wrote:

Mr. Obrien, when I remember you I remember what a great father you were to my best friend. You could always put a smile on our faces or crack a joke at any minute. I remember how Olivia and I would go with you and KD to the Daddy Daughter Dances when our dad was at the firehouse and how our safety was your number one priority on Halloween. Thank you for bringing my best friend into this world and know that I am still by her side. May you rest in peace and watch over KD and Jett.


Olivia Norton wrote:

Dear Mr. Obrien Rest easy, you deserve the everlasting peace brought upon you now. I am content knowing you'll always be watching over KD, Jett, Natalie, and I.



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

Mr. Skinner may you Rest In Peace......



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

Rest In Peace Mr. Morrissey....



Marilyn Wolter wrote:

Rest In Peace Officer Dahlem.....



Suanne & Ray Humbert wrote:

Dear Uncle Finn, Frank, Jennifer, Eric & Family, We were so very sorry to hear about Aunt Mona. I have so many fond memories of her. She was all class and heart. Though we can't be there to pay our respects in person, our hearts are back home with all of you. Wishing you peace. Our love & sympathies, Suanne, Ray & Raymie Humbert Chandler, Arizona


Love, Jean Sinderson & Joan Dvorak wrote:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the children of ROSALIE FRANZEN. Our friendship[ goes back to our days at Nazareth Academy, and being part of their wedding party. She was always a very caring and loving person whom we will miss very much.


Tom & Jeanne Brannigan wrote:

We will miss dear Mona. She gave her all to her children and an inspiration to us. We pray to God to bless the Barth Family with the strength and hope to cope with the loss of this wonderful woman.


Kelly O'Connell wrote:

Terry my sympathies go out to you and your family. May your mom rest in peace.


Inara Bundza wrote:

Having known Mona a number of years, I will always remember her as a lovely woman who was devoted to her husband and family as well as kind to everyone around her. My deepest condolences to the Barth family.


Geralyn Siptrott wrote:

Kevin, May you rest easy in the hands of God, your Mom, Dad and brother Tom, you fought the hard fight, rest easy my friend. While in this life you had the true love of a brother, Roger, who was there for you at every turn. We have witnessed first-hand the love he showed while caring for your Mom, Dad and then you, Kevin. No other individual was there for you like Roger was. Steve saw first hand the care he gave to you and your parents. The loyalty Roger has shown you is beyond measure with selfless sacrifice. Roger and Barb were there for you and provided you with shelter, food and loving care. Roger was there for every doctor appointment, numerous tests and procedures. Roger and Barb spent countless hours helping you through your life’s hard journey you faced. They made sure you had food, clothing, money and any other possible necessity to live a comfortable life. Whether you had lost your cell phones, bikes or money Roger was there to take care of you with compassion and love like no other! Despite this horrible disease that stole your memory, Roger made sure you never lost you honor your dignity. Roger you first hand gave Kevin all the Honor, Courage, and Commitment you could give. I am proud to know you Kevin and Steve is and always will be proud of both you and Roger. Prayers always Kevin - The Siptrott’s



Christopher Somers wrote:

In support of her loved ones and extra prayers for all of the immediate family



Kevin and I have been friends for a little over fifty years. One of the finest gentlemen I have ever known. From high school right up until his illness gripped him we had countless great times together. You will not find anyone more honest, loyal or sincere. He knew how to put people at ease and loved to see people laugh. Being with Kevin over the past seven or eight years I though this day may be easier when it came. It is not. This man will be greatly missed. Mike Foley


Sean O'Brien wrote:

Uncle Kevin, I can't thank you enough for always being there for me! My favorite times are when you taught me how to rollar blade in the SMOW parking lot, teaching me to drive in that old buick LeSabre when my parents were too scared to, taking me to WWF events and finally all the pranks you pulled on my Dad at the 18th District golf outings. Your songs, bright orange clothing and love for Da Bears remind me of you. You raised Lauren, Tom and I like we were your own kids, I love and miss you Kevin. Keep the music loud and never stop dancing until we all see you again.


Sammy wrote:

Dear ate Ajhay, I wish you were still here. I could have visited you when i was going to Chicago. But since you are gone I can not see you. I am almost out of siblings. I love you so much. Love Sammy


Saul & Gloria wrote:

I’m sorry for the loss of you mother.To lose your mom is to lose a very close and loyal friend who has known and loved you your entire life.


Lauren O'Brien wrote:

Uncle Kevin, Although you were taken from us too soon, I am so thankful to have had you in my life as long as I did. You were always there for us, opening gifts on Christmas morning, teaching us to rollerblade, cheering us on at various events - you never failed to show up for Tommy, Sean, and I. You taught me to not take life too seriously, to always have fun, and to be there for the ones you love. I know you are up there having a party right now playing one of your favorite tunes :) I will make sure to live my life to fullest just like you did every day. XO, Lauren


rosemary serio wrote:

Rog... I was so sorry to hear about Kevin... my hat goes off to you.. You, Barb and the kids were his constant support system... you made sure he was happy and safe... you are a true hero... don't minimize your roll in another persons life... he is now in heaven the safest place ever....God bless you


moira dowell wrote:

I know that Kevin's energy and spirit are lightning up heaven . Kevin's love for KD and Jett will shine on them forever. Kevin was blessed to be cared for with love by the most loyal person I have ever known, his brother. Barbie and Roger you have shown us the way.



Theresa Bohr Sup wrote:

My favorite memory of Bernice would have to be the family time tradition of Sunday Supper! They weren't fancy but always a beautiful table set and a hearty meal with the family. As the weekend addition to the Barry Stagl family I was fortunate enough to enjoy many Sunday suppers and Mom and Dad Stagls' (as well as many rides back to the Worchester House for another grueling week of nursing school!) Bernice will be missed! She was a role model and a class act! Rest in peace!


Melanie Ziegler wrote:

Our family has been blessed to know the Barth family since 1986. Mona was a loving and selfless wife, mother, and grandmother. Her life was one of faith in God and dedication to her family. Our deepest condolences.


Virgilio Esteban wrote:

Rest in peace Bro.


Virgilio Esteban wrote:

My deepest condolence Brother. May you rest in peace..


Tom O'Brien wrote:

I had the best times of my life with you. I love you and miss you very much. ~Tom-Ass


Rae Humphrey wrote:

My saddest and deepest condolences to Andrea and Tina and everyone else that knew and loved Greg. I will always cherish the memories of our family gatherings and the good times we all shared. Greg always had a smile on his face and a willingness in his heart. RIP Greg


Craig Moffat wrote:

May Her Memory Be Eternal .


Frank Morelli wrote:

I was lucky to have known Kevin since 1st grade at St couldn't have asked for a better class mate, team mate, or friend......I have many great memories that KOB was a huge part of....RIP my'll be missed by many....:(


Sgt. Al (018/CPD ret) wrote:

Kevin, May you now rest in peace as God welcomes you into His open and loving arms. It was a pleasure to know you,'on the job' and your kind and pleasant demeanor is how I will always remember you. Rest in peace kind sir, your work here is done. God Bless.


Marilyn O'Brien Conroy wrote:

Kevin's obituary would not be complete without an acknowledgment to his ex-wife, Jeannette O'Brien, the love of his life, who cared for him tenderly and consistently until the day he died.


Patricia Esbrook wrote:

Our heartfelt condolences to the Ozima family, we are sorry we could not be there but I have nice memories of your mom. Once when you had a barbeque your mom made great sushi, I also remember her being with us at Christmas eve. May she rest well as she deserves. Prayers the Esbrook Family


Marianne, Danny, and Jimmy Rone wrote:

Wishing you peace and love during this difficult time-prayers and love to you all


Jeannette O'Brien wrote:

My sweet will forever be in my heart and soul. I will always cherish our memories you live on in our beautiful children. May you rest in well deserved peace.


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Kevin will be remembered at the Police Mass on Sunday, 10 FEB, 11:00 a.m. at Mercy Home - 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Patricia Wilcox & Shirley Hoffman wrote:

Our Dearest Susan, It is with very heavy hearts that we send our love and condolences to you and your family. We're thinking of you at this very sad time, and sending you love to carry you through the most difficult days. There’s no way around grief, only through it. May Matthew's light forever shine in your heart and in the hearts of those lives he touched.


Peter Wood wrote:

Dave and family I am sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace


Peter Wood wrote:

Comiskey family I am sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.


Juan Martinez wrote:

My deepest condolences! I worked with Kevin in the 18th District many years ago. A good man and Police Officer. RIP Sir!



Vicky Messier wrote:

May his memory be for a blessing. May his selflessness be a light for us all.


Kelly Hensley wrote:

Our hearts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. Matt was so sweet, polite, funny and well mannered. What a brave young man he was. He will truly be missed by many. May God bring comfort to all during the time ahead. God Bless, the Hensley Family


Victoria Zadler Frontzak Marcus and Naomi Zadler wrote:

May God watch over you all in this time of great sorrow what an amazing and Brave young man my family knows all to well the pain of the loss of a child keeping you in our hearts and prayers may God hold him gently in his arms and watch over your family in this most heartbreaking time and Mateos bravery and heroism will not ever be forgotten peace be with you and your family and God watch over you all


Victoria Zadler Frontzak Marcus and Naomi Zadler wrote:

Mateo went to school with both my kids and they were friends my deepest condolences to you and your family for your loss of such a brave and heroic young man my thoughts and prayers are with you and you family my God hold in his arms and watch over you family and try to give you some peace we in our family know all to well what you are going through you are in our prayers


James Bollinger wrote:

We r donating to our food pantry at church in honor of Jack. We know he would like that. Are prays are for Jack's, family. Cousin Jim Bollinger and wife Mary


Bunny Baggarly wrote:

To the Doetsch Family.....We are sad to hear that Bernie passed away, and were shocked to hear of your Mom's passing too when we searched for your Dad's obituary! They became friends back in the late 1950's before any of us were married. In fact, Bernie was a groomsman in our wedding.....tomorrow that will be 59 years ago. Because of distance (we've resided in California for over 40 years), we weren't able to spend much time together over the years, but we kept in touch nonetheless. We will always remember your parents fondly, and thank God for their friendship! Knowing their characters, personalities, and faith, it is with certainty that we can all find comfort in knowing that they are now at peace, resting in the loving arms of Jesus! May God bless all of you and bolster your spirits at this time of sadness with a myriad of happy memories! With love, Brad and Bunny Baggarly


rosemary puckelwartz wrote:

So Sorry For Your Loss. My prayers are with the Semisch Family at this sad time. Jack will be remembered by many who knew and loved him.


Am wrote:



Paul wrote:

I didn't know Barry very well, but whenever I had the privilege of going to a Hynes family gatherings, he was always welcoming and treated me like family. He was a man of humility, reserve, and kindness. To every member of the Hynes Family, I hope you can find solace in Barry's memory and work through the grief as a unit, I see you have always been.


The Karagas Family wrote:

Susan and Karina - We are so very sorry for your loss. Matt was such a sweet kid. We are thinking of you during this very difficult time. Please call if there is anything we can do for you.


Greg and Noreen Berger wrote:

George was one of those guys that as soon as you walked into the room, he took the time to make you feel welcome. He raised a great family that continues this legacy. We are truly sorry for your loss and it was our privilege to have him touch our lives in so many ways. Love you all and God Bless.


Greg and Georgine (Lianos) Pipikios wrote:

George and Louise were very involved at St. George. I remember them always active with basketball and GOYA. Our sincerest condolences to the family. May his memory be eternal! Greg and Georgine (Lianos) Pipikios





Maureen O'Shea Glass wrote:

God Bless Bernie and may he rest in peace. I knew Bernie in his later years of life as he was my brother Matt’s father-in-law so we would spend holidays and other family events together. Bernie was always polite and friendly to me. He kept up on the news and weather and liked to discuss these topics. I appreciated how he was an interested and engaged audience member in the many, many photography programs my husband showed us in Matt and Cathy’s family room. Even though he hadn’t been to many of these places, he took an active interest. Bernie struck me as a gentle soul, and as an honest, hard-working man in his lifetime. He raised three beautiful daughters, and I like every one of them! He and Madeline were such a nice couple and I will miss them both. Holidays and family events just won’t be the same. It’s comforting to think of them together again. May God Bless them and keep them.


Karen Lea (Diakoumis) Cline and Chris Cline wrote:

Much sadness, upon the passing of our Uncle. Praying for strength to Aunt Louise and family . A wonderful man! And loving Uncle💕


Kit and mary wrote:

I will forever be grateful for " Ma Comiskey" to be part of my life, there will be a great loss in my heart and a selfish one, I am sorry that she is gone, but happy she is with "pa Comiskey". She has taught me great things in life, and to this day are engraved in my actions. I talk about our trip to Disney as if it was yesterday. I see her reflexsions in her children, I am sorry for your loss, in that said, she will never be forgotten. May her life always guide the ones she touch. Kit and Mary Clark


Serrano family wrote:

Auntie Rose, Gracie, Gemini, and Rob--our prayers, thoughts, and condolences to you all. Uncle Bob will truly be missed.


Daphne Norwood wrote:

It is hard to say goodbye to a very dear person that I have known all of my life. I’m not saying we never disagreed but what I remember most is his support and encouragement during difficult times in my life. Thanks George Diakoumis for your listening ear. I’m glad you were my brother in law.



Donna Rupelt wrote:

I will always remember the holidays, Uncle George was a big teddy bear that could always make me laugh. He always was in good spirits and had great stories.


Judi Spinelli wrote:

I only knew Dan the past year or so. I would see him twice a week while volunteering. Although he seldom spoke, at times after playing catch or just having a visit (where I had learned to do all the talking), he'd reach out to shake hands or just have a smile and say HI!. Once I heard him quietly singing along with the music. That would be the highlight of my week -- Just to know that he may have had a moment of happiness or felt a level of comfort in his surroundings. I had lost my brother about 2 years ago, in the same way that you have lost Dan. The two were very much alike. I think they would have gotten along well together. Dan will be missed by many. He was one in a million-irreplaceable. To Dan's family - you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please consider listening to a song by Casting Crowns - Oh My Soul (you're not alone)


Fred & Llura Quinol wrote:

Dear Rose & family, May your friends and family help ease your sorrows . Fred and I will always remember him. He was one of our groomsmen.💕💕


Francine Revelos Ulrich wrote:

May his memory be eternal.


Alan Rembos wrote:

So shocked and saddened by the news. I will miss our reminiscing wonderful conversations of Clam Lake, Papou, UncleTed, my father, and you! You made my day when you and Louise would come to the office. You are a great example of a caring, loving gentle soul of a man with always a story to share. I will miss you greatly. I always loved you like an Uncle to me.



Amanda Medina wrote:

My dear sweet Matt. You were always smiling and ready to hug everyone the second they walked thru the door. Your hugs always made my day, I love you and I will miss you everyday. Ariana misses you and will never forget your funny jokes and how you always made her laugh.


Nancy and John Young wrote:

Our love and prayers are with you all. I fondly remember Peggy coming to Phoenix to visit my mom and dad, Charlotte and John Newell. We had some great memories of family dinners while they visited! May God comfort you and give you peace. Love, 🙏🏻♥️✝️🙏🏻


Mindy Comiskey wrote:

Well Miss Daisy aka Grammie, we sure made some great memories. I love you so much and you know how much you will be missed. You were Aunt Peg to many. Ma to many. You were one of the strongest, most bullheaded and loving women I have met. I am honored to have called you my Mother in Law for the past 25 years. I love you to the moon. I ordered a scotch and water for ya. Cheers!!!! Miss Daisy Love Min.



valerie fay wrote:

Peggy was a giving,caring, outspoken and loving woman.I'm very glad to have had the chance to meet and get to know her when Mindy and Dave were married. Hugs and love to the family! ;(



CC wrote:

Rest in peace,Joe. Thanks for the memories and introducing me to your all time favorite,Ms.Pasty Kline. Your strength and fortitude much admired. I am honored to have known you and will always remember you. Till next time.


Lorraine Diakumis wrote:

A wonderful man and my heart is heavy! Love to Louise and prayers for the family!



Nina Taylor Baignoche wrote:

Rest in Peace Georgie Porgie. I will miss you but I know you''ll be in heaven waiting for Louise and the rest of us. We love you


Irene Firios wrote:

Van and I send our sincere condolences.



Bill and Sandy Reid wrote:

Such a beautiful soul. He will be missed. We love you Georgie. Please let us know Louise if we can help you with anything ok? Love, Sandy


Chris Kujanki wrote:

Aunt Sally the only name I knew her by was Wonderful Genuine Caring Individual. I knew her over 30 yrs. Her warmth and loving gestures will remain with me forever.


Terry Maher Magden wrote:

Lisa was a good friend from Carmel High School. She date my brother Tom through HS and was so much fun to be around. I'm so sorry for her family's loss. I know she touched so many people in her life, and I will pray for them. I'm glad I was able to be a part of her life. I will keep her in my thoughts and memories always.


Mark Beckman wrote:

I have many years of good memories with Barry. Barry was always a happy guy my life was better having a friend like you God speed my friend. I send my love to the Hynes family. I feel your loss.


Daphne wrote:

Sally has known Heather since Heather was born . Heather and her son Michael was in town and visited with Sally.


Daphne Booker wrote:

Arlene, Deloris, and Sally


Daphne Booker wrote:

Sally was always kind, thoughtful, and easy to talk to. She was so proud for her daughters and grandsons. Their accomplishments in school and jobs. She always put family first, making sure everyone went to doctor appointments. She loved spending time with her family especially during the holidays.


Louisa S Aliferis wrote:

Our deepest sympathies for the loss of your mother, she was a loving, beautiful, accepting women. She will be missed. May she rest in peace.


Marilou O. Scroggs wrote:

You will be terribly missed. You were loved by all of us and you will be cherished in our memories forever. Rest In Peace Auntie.


Connie Rolon wrote:

Wow, it has been two years since you have gone to be with the Lord and I am thinking of you at this moment. So, I searched your name on Google to find a pic of you and found this obituary. I miss you my dear friend and will always remember your kindness and you great laugh. Love ya kiddo.


Kathy Nolan wrote:

My heart hurts for all of you.I am so sorry for your loss of such a wonderful lady.I will miss her deeply. Hope the memories you have of Sally will help you through this sad time.Love Kathy Nolan ❤


Arjelio Cabrera wrote:

I took care of Dan for the last 15 months as his nurse, it was a pleasure to take care of him, he was awesome, and he would call me buddy once in a while, even though he barely spoke, I hope I made a difference in his last few months, hopefully I made his life a little better. RIP Dan, you will be missed



Jay Ambrose wrote:

You checked out a little early brother. You were always my friend and always will be . You will be missed. Gods Speed bro.



Zonia Pascual wrote:

Your kindness and love to us will forever linger in our hearts. Love you auntie.



Terri Wallace Hanson wrote:

A candle because you have been such a bright light. As the flame and smoke from the candle rise and permeate the room, may God's Spirit spread that light of your spirit to permeate our memories, broken hearts and souls until we are reunited.


Allan Gabriele wrote:

My deepest condolences to Maria and Kiki on the loss of their loving mother and grandmother. She was the rock and caring matriarch. I always enjoyed her company and treasured her Pasticcio. Rest In Peace.


Erin (Cotner) Stuedemann wrote:

I just found out about Lisa and Mary and the horrible accident that took them from their wonderful family. Lisa and I were friends when she attended North Central College. Lisa was brilliant and fun, generous and kind, she was a dear friend whom I will never forget. I send my love and condolences to her family. I am so sorry for the loss of Lisa and her lovely mom, Mary.


Jimmy L. Emory wrote:

First encountered Ski during training prior to deployment to Nam with the 3rd Bn. 5th Marines....Actually even the training they put us through before joining our unit. Then upon return to the states, we once again were reunited at the same duty station to serve out our last 2 years. Got to know Jerry quite well during this time as he was much "the giving sort of person". If he could help you with any problem you had, he was there to do so. Got some stories of trips we made home on quick weekends from Tenn. (he to Chicago and I to Battle Creek) as well as squad bay living at the Marine Barracks. He was definitely a dedicated Marine having survived Operation Hastings and the battle that took place on top the hill which devastated his company. Didn't see him much in the later years although we keep in contact thanks to the Internet. He'll always be one of my fondest memories of my military service. Until we meet again my brother....Semper Fi


Sandra Eacker wrote:

I remember George fondly as a man of manners, kindness and generosity. I moved away in 2002 so his passing is quite sad. May his HARD WORK have provided a special place for him in heaven and may he rest peacefully. Comfort and love to his family. Thank you for sharing such a magnificent man with us all. Vicki....blessings and strength.


Allen/Exzur Atordido wrote:

Our sincere condolences & deepest sympathy on your loss...may she rest in peace 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Tara Kovach wrote:

With a dear daughter like Suzanne, you were a great Mom. You made the world a better place and you efforts will live on.


Katie Zaruba Tomasiewicz wrote:

Sally was a second mom to me growing up. Beginning in 1976, Kris, Franca and I were attached at the hip....Sally always welcomed us to hang out at their house, almost daily. I remember her laugh, her smile, her kindness. I remember singing so loud in the basement to many albums throughout the years (and she never yelled for us to be quiet). Many sleep overs, many meals.....a second mom whose memory will live with me forever. Your family will miss you as will many, many others you have touched throughout your life. God Bless "Mrs. Welz". P.S. Please say hi to my mom and dad -- they are there for you to hang out with, just like me and Kris when we were kids. Watch over us -- we still will always need you all!


Kelly Mansfield wrote:

Aunt Sally-your smile and warmth will always be remembered. You had a special way of making everyone feel like they were your favorite. I will forever miss your hugs and stories. Our hearts hurt deeply with your loss, but your legacy of love and kindness will live on in our hearts and in our family. Until we meet again...


Susan (Russo) Scott wrote:

The years I knew Barry he always had a smile on his face and always wanted to have fun with family and friends. I’m truly sorry for your families loss and will continue to lift you in prayer.


Jim U wrote:

Great boss....better person It was almost 16 years ago to the day of Dan passing. Our twin girls came about 3 months early (at 26 weeks). We lost Ella but Emily lives on. Dan has been there for me and my family countless times over the years but at that time he was truly a great friend and a strong shoulder for me to lean on. Thanks’re in our thoughts and prayers.


Amor Eden Saenz-Seneris wrote:

My sincerest sympathy and condolences to you, Rene and your family for the demise of your mom. She immediately followed your Dad. May she and your Dad Rest In Peace! Amen.


Bob & Dawn Rosen wrote:

Just heard about Mr. Moy-HOW DEEPLY SORRY I AM....I will always remember his friendship


Cindy Grimes wrote:

My warmest condolences and expressions of sorrow to Marian’s family. he will surely be missed by all. May the word of God and the good memories you shared bring comfort, peace and a hope for the future, Jeremiah 29:11. Kind regards,



Carol Ramos wrote:

Beloved Christos Papadimitropoulos you were blessed with family and friends in this life. Your family and friends will continue to be blessed with happy memories of you.


Patti Van Keulen wrote:

Dan, was a resident of ours at Sunrise Fountain Square. I am the concierge and Dan would come down every day and sit by my desk. We would have great conversation but what I remember most is one day I was upset about something and was crying. He came over and put his arm around me to console me. That really touched me. I will never forget him. I looked forward to seeing him everyday when I came to work.


Bob Manno wrote:

Walk with God Brother !!


S.O. wrote:

To the Horan family sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in God's promise "to swallow up death forever...and wipe the tears from all faces." (Isaiah 25:8)


Gloria Catuira wrote:

To Rose and Family So sad to hear of Bob’s passing. Lino and I extend our deepest and sincere condolences. Fond memories of our friendship will always stay in our hearts. Bob will be sorely missed. Offering our sympathy and prayers to the entire Mittenthal Family


Chilian family wrote:

Please accept our sincere condolences for the loss of your loved one. The bible assures us that our heavenly father is aware of our pain and he is near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18). It also gives us the promise that there will be a resurrection and that God will bring an end to death once and for all (Revelation 21:4). It is our hope that the power of God’s Word will help to ease your sorrow as you cherish the loving memories you shared together.


Bonifacio Cenir wrote:

May God include you at the “Book of Remembrance “ at His promised resurrection.


Donna McKamey wrote:

To the Mittenthal family, I am so sorry for your loss.My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very difficult time May he Rest in Peace!


Noel &. Cely Orpilla wrote:

Our Deepest Sympathy To. the. Family ( sorry. we can. not. come, we. are. going home. to. the. Philippines, the. Kids. might. be. coming. for. the. wake )


Noel &. Cely Orpilla wrote:

4307 N. Melvina Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 60634


E. Marton wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a loved one in death is one of the hardest things we ever have to face. I get comfort from the sctiptures. John 5:28 tells us there will be a resurection. Please view the video to see what that will be like.


Kim Sherwood Ziegler wrote:

Darrell and I are both deeply saddened to see this news. We are sending prayers and strength during this time.



Linda Hoover wrote:

In memory of beloved Danial Bieze, now in the arms of the angels.


Dawn Pscherer wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with you all 💜🙏May you rip Danny All my love your cousins,DawnPscherer,Randi Grossman and Sherry Doyle(The Pennington Girls)


Matthew Youell wrote:

My condolences to The Czarnowski family for the loss of Jerome. Jerome dedicated his life to his loving family and country and community and is a role model of a great man. Jerome brought light and laughter to everyone he met. He was certainly a joy to be in his company at our family reunions. Jerome will be sadly missed but his loving memory will always be with us all. Sincerely Matthew Youell



KDP wrote:

Love you



Kathryn Wojcik wrote:

My sympathy and prayers. Patricia was a great gift to St. Andrew. She was a kind gently and lovely woman. God blessed us with her for a short period to time. She will be missed.


Danielle wrote:

My deepest condolences to the family. May the God of all comfort be with you at this time.(2 Corinthians 1:3,4)


Alena McCarthy wrote:

It was an honor to know Dan. He was so kind, friendly, and always so helpful to anyone who needed help. Dan was a wonderful man who loved his wife, his children, his family, and fishing. May you rest in peace. Prayers and condolences to Becky, the kids, and the family.


Amy Olson and Patrick Dolan wrote:

Our deepest condolences for you and your family with your Dad's passing Susannah and Anita. Prayers for healing and happy memories to shine through your sadness.



Wes and Lisa Eberly wrote:

Our condolences to all the family.


Susan Ohlandt wrote:

We are so sorry about your dad, Susannah and Anita. Sending prayers of healing and strength to you and your families.


Tom Colbeck wrote:

Uncle Joe was an Iconic figure in my life and will be sorely missed. The good times spent with him and the entire Cousineau family will be cherished by me forever. From afternoons at Stanley’s lake; nights at Niles West High School and every family get together in between, he was truly the straw that stirred the drink. Uncle Joe, I love you and thanks for the memories. My heartfelt condolences go out to the entire Cousineu family


Tom Cunningham wrote:

During my life Uncle Joe left me with so many great memories and taught me some faluable lessons. Thanks Uncle Joe and Aunt Marge.


Ron Shelton wrote:

Rest in peace. Me and my wife Mary extend our sympathies to the rest of the family, especially Susannah and Anita.


Maria Parker wrote:

A Pillar of the 3700 N. block has passed 😥 I spent Summers in the 70s and through High School on that block. So many great memories usually playing basketball in alley. Prayers for the family and the legacy he left behind. May he RIP with his wife and family in heaven. XO to the Cousin Cousineaus and family. Maria Parker


Marianne Domaszek wrote:

Those in our hearts are never far from our memories. May God Bless you during this time.



Murillo wrote:

May your Father rest in peace! My condolences to the family..



Linda Trullinger wrote:

You're family is in my prayers.


Bryzinski Family wrote:

Our condolences to the Spiess family. He had been under the watchful loving care of his daughters. Susannah had mentioned that although her father is no longer suffering, she will miss her daily conversations with him, her routine of making sure that her father had everything he needed and his wonderful jokes. With much sadness, Mark, Marie, Frank, Katy Bryzinski


Robert James Kennedy wrote:

Jerry was such a fun guy. I remember him coming to our home in Cicero and telling us delightful stories about basic training in the Marines. We were amazed by what he could do (we were just kids at the time) and that amazement of him...continued through the years. What delight he every place he went. I am sure he is busy now building some great furniture in heaven, and delighting all those around him. Our condolences to all who were closest to him. With love and best wishes...


Beth Avila wrote:

My Deepest Condolences to the Family


Pam Walus wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May you find comfort that he is in the hands of the Lord.


Christine Friend wrote:

Thinking of all of you. With love and sympathy from Nana, Aunt B, Alyssa and Shelly.



Helmut Filian wrote:

My Condolences to the family.Colette and I will miss you Fritz, may you rest in Peace my friend


Mariluz Rivera Rodriguez wrote:

To one of the most amazing grandfather I've ever met. Thank You for being a loving grandfather to my nephew Joel and taking him as your very own.


Charlene Jacobsen wrote:

So sorry to hear of your father-in-law’s death. Julie the words on your face book page were beautiful and filled with love!


Richard weir wrote:

Jeremie, I still think about you regularly. Your passing has effected me. You are one of my best friends. Fishing and car stereos was our thing. I miss you buddy


Teresita wrote:

Mis más sinceras condolencias.



Lt Murf (retired) wrote:

I am so sorry for the lost to your family. I lost my parents so I can appreciate what u r going though but can't say its the same.



Marielle wrote:

Roy will be missed.


Cynthia L Palm wrote:

I am so sorry to hear of this terrible loss. I remember Dane well as one of my former students at St. Margaret Mary. He always made me laugh...even if he wasn't supposed to. RIP, Dane. Prayers for the family are storming the heavens.


Don Casey Jr. wrote:

Lisa and I are so saddened by Jim's passing. He was a true gentleman and scholar in very sense, and a long time friend to the Casey family. Our prayers are with the Hasten family.



Georgia Nick wrote:

My Condolences to the family. You will be missed Gus, may you rest in peace.



Irene Tziforos wrote:

Evan love and prayers your way



Monica Hyder wrote:

Uncle Bernie, Cathy, Peggy, Anita & families— Sorry we couldn’t be there but please know you all have been in our constant thoughts!! Love & Hugs- Love Monica, Jimmy, Maverick & Madelyn


Niece Peggy Sebetka wrote:

With loving memories of a beautiful person to so many. She is Aunt Madelyn to me with her generous heart and huge laugh. We loved looking at pics of she and her sisters together. Visits with her family were always fun. We loved hearing our moms plan sister reunions where the only real necessity was laughter. My heart is heavy to hear of your loss. May our beautiful Aunt Madelyn Rest In Peace. She will forever be missed, loved and prayed for.


Kathy Jasica wrote:

My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Sheniqua Williams wrote:

Debbie when I heard This devastating news my heart sunk to the bottom of my stomach; for something so awful to fall upon someone soooooooo great is unjust, unfair, and a huge lose to the world, and to our family here at Regis! I remember the first time we met, you did a surprise visit to the Wisconsin salons and I'd always hear about you but hadn't met you AND boy do I thank goodness I was on my A game that day you came in! You walked in the door, and I had the biggest smile while greeting you, and you had the biggest smile saying "Hi I'm Debbie and I freaked out!!!🤗 You told me how nice my welcome, and customers haircut was, and to keep up the good work! I shed tear as you've aways made me do; I gave you a huge, and I stepped back, and looked at you, and told you how pretty you were, and you said I was just about to tell you the same thing (lbvs) and from that moment... smh😥 you were the most amazing regional manager you always encouraged, complimented, and though you knew I was a brat made myself, and I'm sure others see there full potential!!! you where an amazzzzzzzing person with a beautiful spirit, and the warmest heart which I'm sure will fit in perfect with the angles above! I will never forget you, and may 🙏🏽God bless, and rain healing 🙌🏽over your family's broken hearts & aching souls Amen🙏🏽


Lydia Polo-Savaglio wrote:

Debbie, I enjoyed working with you and valued your insights as an RD. You will be missed. Sending prayers to your family.


Hermien, Troy and Sharon Wrren wrote:

We share your pain on the loss of your beloved mother, Lita, and send comforting prayers as candle are lit in her honor. We hope this poem will be meaningful to you and the entire family at this difficult time. "Though her smile is gone from us and her hand we can no longer touch, we still have many memories of one we loved so much. Her memory is a keepsake with which we never part, God has her in His keeping and we have her in our heart



lillian quiles wrote:

sorry for your loss !!! god bless you and your family RIP from Susan and Cruz Quiles



lillian quiles wrote:

very sorry for you loss... will his mother is my cousin Rosie my name is Lillian Quiles.. my parent name is Susan and Cruz Quiles … I will pray for your family god bless you


The Warren family wrote:

We share your pain on the loss of your beloved mother and send comforting prayers as candle are lit in her honor. We hope this poem will be meaningful to you and your entire family at this difficult time. "Though her smile is gone from us and her hand we can no longer touch, we still have many memories of the one we loved so much. Her memory is a keepsake with which we never part, God has her in His keeping and we have her in our hearts."


Christy Russell wrote:

I remember Dane from SMM. I worked there and remember him as a caring, kind and nice young man. I’m so very sorry for your loss!


Peggy Nolan wrote:

Madelyn was my older sister, we were three girls, all artists and first taught by our artist father. Madelyn was a great example of how to do things right. I learned from Madelyn, whether as a high school Student Council officer creating and changing massive walk in bulletin boards for the halls; or by her friendship when I wasn’t as knowledgeable as she; or how to whip up posters for those poster parties we three were always invited to. Religion and art were our common ground and we enjoyed discussions related to them. She was the best to go to the Art Institute with, I learned something every time. I will always remember my first pay check and Madelyn offered to take me shopping, I still feel the sense of pride I had about the outfit she helped picked out. I will always remember her spectator pumps, her constant reading, her wonderful designs, her creativity, how she hated to light our gas oven and her acceptance for life itself. Good by my dear friend I will miss you forever.



Tierra C. wrote:

My Deepest Condolences... Whatsoever brings you peace Soothes your soul and brings you comfort is what I have wished for you at this difficult time you’re in my thoughts and prayers.


Denise Swanson wrote:

Was saddened by the news of Mary’s passing...she was my mentor at IDPH and a legend in our division! The knowledge she imparted on many of us continues to protect the health & welfare of the people of Illinois. A fabulous patient advocate and loyal partner to her team. Thoughts of her will always warm my heart & make me smile. God speed Mary💕


Steve and Hollie Himmelman wrote:

We did not truly know Jerry very well. However, what we did know of Jerry and Mary is that they were truly wonderful folks who made our neighborhood better, safer, and a really great place to live. Always a smile, an hello and concern for how things are going. In other words, solid caring. He will be missed by all who knew him, certainly us as well. May he Rest In Peace for all eternity.


Maureen O'Shea Glass wrote:

We’ve lost a wonderful woman who is so well described in the notice. I just wanted to write a short, heartfelt tribute. I knew Madelyne as my brother’s mother-in-law, as Cathy’s mother, and as a wonderful grandmother. I spent so many Easter holidays, Thanksgivings, children’s birthday parties, first communions, graduations, 4th of July barbeques, Mother’s Days, and other family events at the O’Shea home with Madelyne. She was the one who sang “Over the River and Through the Woods” with me at Thanksgiving, and “Here Comes Peter Cottontail at Easter.” She was always up for singing with me and never turned me down. In recent years she tackled jigsaw puzzles with some of us and this past Thanksgiving she and I tackled a wonderful 500-piece jigsaw of Ireland – and Madelyne was good! I would ask for her help with a section and she was right on it. She had a great eye. I will remember Madelyne as a kind, loving spirited woman who greatly loved her family and others. She was kind to me and I am sad to say goodbye to her. Our holidays and family events will not be the same without her – and that’s the least of it. But Madelyne has now taken her sweet energy and smile to heaven and if it’s possible, heaven is an even better place because Madelyne is there.


Angie Constantino Rodillo wrote:

My deepest condolences to Tita Lulu’s family. May her soul rest in peace.


Vicci Rodgers wrote:

Over 30 years ago, when I came to Old Irving Park, an amazing couple welcomed me. It took years before I could get their last name right, so imagine my delight when Jerry said we could call him "Ski." I always called him Jerry, but as our children were growing up under his watchful eye they found the shortened versions of Ski or Mr. Cz very helpful! Jerry was always present to find a solution to the problem at hand ... especially if it involved a tool of some kind. Whether it was a stud finder, power drill or carpentry solution, he was at the ready. When Ruby needed help with an award winning science project (about the validity of being an eye witness), Jerry stepped forward to be the "neighbor" who spotted the thief. There was the time we cluelessly drove all the way to a Wisconsin Badger/Western Illinois football game with Jerry's team's banner on the back of our Suburban. Helping edit his book on Vietnam was a journey I'll never forget, nor will my family forget his dedication to this country and how proud he was to have served. Jerry will always be the Chili Challenge Champion! I won't light a candle without hearing my favorite fireman's voice warning me about an open flame. My stories go on and on ... and with great joy I will share them because I will never forget my dear and treasured friend, Jerry. Deep love and heartfelt prayers go out to Mary, Amy, Jill, Paul, Sara and the rest of the remarkable Czarnowski family. Jerry made a difference in the lives of my family as he did for so many, many others. He will be missed, but joyfully remembered, for the rest of my days until we meet again.


Yosief Lebab wrote:

I will miss your laughter and constant humor. My condolences goes out to your family, your loved ones, and to all the lives you touched. Rest in peace in eternal life with all the angels and saints my dear friend.


Tommy Jo wrote:

Debbie you were one of my best friends in H.S. I'm gonna miss you so much!! You were a special part of my life as well as many others. I will always cherish the memories and all the good times we had and the way you used to make me laugh. Thank you for being a part of my life i wouldnt be the same person i am without you and the world will not be the same without you. I miss you and love you girl!!! May you rest in peace. My deepest condolences to the family.


Sharon Gonwa wrote:

Many memories and our shared future hopes and dreams flood my mind. I loved talking with you, being around you, joking and our shenanigans-plotting and counting months! Oh how I will miss you. Our loss here though is heaven's gain. Till we meet again my friend and sister in Christ.


Aunt Annie wrote:




Gracia María Iglesias wrote:

my deepest condolences for such an irreparable loss of my great friend


Eileen O’Donnell (Ret. CPD, daughter of Jim O’Donnell) wrote:

Jeff and family, I am so very sorry for your loss.🙏🏻🙏🏻😪


Bob Fitzgerald wrote:

Jane Ann & family: You have my heartfelt sympathy during this time of loss & sadness. I have very fond memories of growing up as neighbors on Winchester Street. Neal’s safe return home from military service is remembered as a celebratory occaision.


Misty Ogawa wrote:

Debbie, I’ll always remember your beautiful smile, and warm spirit! Our team here at Regis valued everything about you. You will be missed, may your beautiful soul Rest In Peace. May Jesus walk with you through those pearly gates. All our love❤️


Alma Hilgenberg wrote:

I've worked for supercuts for many years Debbie was our RD and a fine woman so sorry to hear of her death my deepest condolences


Lito & Violy Cagadas wrote:

Our deepest sympathy and condolence to Art Sison and family.


Steve Pinkston wrote:

My heart breaks for the Johnson family. I just learned of Bob’s passing today. He is a legend to Tommy’s buddies from Iowa State. He was always quick with a joke and I could tell how much Tommy looked up to him. Susanne, Tommy, and Pat... the Pinkstons are thinking about you and are here if you need anything!


Donald D Gabriel wrote:




Gill Brociner wrote:

May your memory be for a blessing. I remember Dane from the 400 Theatre twenty years ago and through Jeff about Dane's police career.



Candice Loveday wrote:

May she rest in peace.. she was always a great manager.



Christy wrote:

Sincerest sympathy to your family and all those that held you dear to their hearts. You will be greatly missed.


Todd Dovey wrote:

Debbie, thank you for all the laughter. Your sprit was bigger than life. I pray you find peace as you now fly among the angles.


Tammy Christian wrote:

RIP Debbie. I will miss you, our talks and our friendship. Everyone needs a friend that makes them laugh, drives them crazy and will tell you the truth even when it’s not what they want to hear.......this was you! All who knew you, knew that you were passionate, spoke what you thought and sometimes ruffled a few feathers but that was what made I will miss you my friend, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten; your memory will live on forever!


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Dane will be remembered at the Police Mass on Sunday, 13 JAN, 11:00 a.m. at Mercy Home - 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]



cheryl wrote:

Sending healing light and magic to all.


Candace K Sutfin wrote:

Andy, how saddened I am that you have to go through this experience. Losing your partner is life changing but as time passes your memories will ease the pain. Thoughts and prayers, Candy Sutfin


gale paradise wrote:

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved family member Dane. There are no words that can ease this pain but please know that you are my thoughts and prayers



Stacey Houseman wrote:

Sorry for your loss. Debbie was a great mentor. Prayers to your family during this difficult time


Brian Lee Bardsley wrote:

Dane was a warrior and it was an honor and privilege to call him my friend. 'Til Valhalla, brother.


Joanne and Phil Gonwa wrote:

Our deepest sympathy and condolences to you and your family. May the Father of Mercies and God of all comfort sustain you.


Mary Panno wrote:

Olivia and family, So very sorry for the loss of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sincerely, Mary Panno


Maria L Cartagena wrote:

My sincere condolences may he Rest In Peace. Prayers



Candy Doogan wrote:

My prayers and love to all of you.


John Osborne & Family wrote:

Jim & Family, we are sorry for your loss. Jim, I remember how your Mother graciously allowed us boys to invade her house and take over her kitchen table to play board games many years ago.


Friend wrote:

I think about her almost daily. Wish I had more details :(


Nini Sison Centeno wrote:

My sincerest condolence to Art Sison and family!



Ashleigh Mason wrote:

Dane was a part of our family for a short time. Between him and his dog he found a way to light up a room. I am forever grateful for the memories we shared and send love to those impacted by his loss.


Megan Hewitt wrote:

A couple years ago, I apologized to Dane for giving my opinion pretty strongly. He said “That’s bullsh@*(the apology part), you are family”. One of the nicest words I ever heard. He wouldn’t suffer idiocricy but had a huge heart. Sending much comfort & love to all.


Tiffany wrote:

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time


Noel Padilla Sr. wrote:

My sincere heartfelt condolences. I remember little Daney when I baby sat him. I'm in shock and saddened by this. Incredible funny human being, godspeed.


Linda Casupanan and family wrote:

Our deepest condolences to Nanay Lulu's Family. May her soul rest in Peace.


Julia Moy wrote:

Andy, my sincere condolences to you and your family. Sending prayers your way.


Donna Wilburn wrote:

Andy, my sincere condolences to you and your family during this time. Please know that I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


R Jackson wrote:

For your recent loss you have my deepest sympathy. This is a difficult time for most people who grieve. There are basic things that can be done in order to help anyone get through the pain, no matter what age, gender or religious beliefs. Many have been helped with doing the twelve basics or just a few. When you are ready you can go to and get the help we all need at times, with no cost ever. Please see the article “Help for those who grieve “ in the magazine section. Anyone can get help and comfort.


Victoria Burke wrote:

Terribly sad about Neal Many wonderful memories of him wargaming with my dad and holidays spent together. Much love Victoria Burke and family


Fr. Donald Rowe, S.J. wrote:

Jim was a brilliant history teacher when I was president of St. Ignatius College Prep. It amazed and delighted everyone when, in his first years, the students voted him "Teacher of the Year," an honor usually for someone who had been here many years. Not only did he teach and assign work well, he was very personally helpful on an academic or spiritual basis with this students. I could always have an interesting conversation with him about current events. It was a pleasure to visit with him. Others on the faculty and staff had a similar experience. I am now in a Jesuit assisted living facility near Milwaukee, not very mobile, or would certainly concelebrate his funeral and offer condolences to Andrea and the family in person. I will offer Mass for his peace and that of his family towards the end of this week --- and keep you all in my prayers. All God's blessings, Donald Rowe,S.J. \


Marlene and Sonny Hersh wrote:

Dear Andy, Our sincere condolences to you and your family.


Elizabeth Larkin wrote:

To Brian and all members of your family - prayers for you and your family during this difficult time.


Frrank DiMaria wrote:

Allow me to express my sympathy to you, Tom and also your family... May the coming year bring new memories


Laurie Settelmayer wrote:

Rest In Peace sweet Jenny! May your children and family and Jeff feel how loved you were . So glad we reconnected a few years back with our St. There’s family.


Ashley Hakim wrote:

My deepest sympathy to James’ family. I had the pleasure of having Mr. Hasten as my economics teacher at Saint Ignatius and he was, without a doubt, the one person who has inspired me the most. I look back at my memories of him with immense gratitude because he changed my life. I will never forget the smile he had while walking through the hallways in the morning and I will never forget how he always jumped to help when I would drop a stack of books. He was an incredible educator, an honorable mentor, and a kind man. If I could say one more thing to Mr. Hasten it would be: thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in myself. Your anecdotes about success will continue on in the lives of all of the students whose hearts you have touched. May he Rest In Peace.


Billy O'Leary wrote:

Dear Andrea, Jared, Maria, Olivia, Tim, Julia, Brendan, Grace and Nora, The O’Leary family extends their condolences on the loss of Jim. He welcomed all the O’Leary’s into his life and heart which we valued very much. The kindness and love Jim bestowed on Andrea was second to none. To his children, your father was very proud of each of you and that you are in many ways like him with compassion and consideration for others. To his daughter in law and son in laws, he was very proud that you married into the Hasten family. Grace and Nora, the happiness and joy you brought into Poppa’s life made his final time on earth very enjoyable. Being a teacher Jim did leave his mark in this world with those he taught but the greatest achievement of your father were the three children he brought into this world to make it a better place. May God grant all of you the strength to endure this time of sadness. Sincerely, Billy O’Leary


Jerry Mazurczak wrote:

Iskalis wrote: Iskalis wrote: Andy, my sincere condolences to you and your family.


Robert Jazo wrote:

I just want to extend my sympathies to John Reynen's family for their loss. I did not know John, but I had the pleasure of knowing his son Brian.


Della Baldwin wrote:

Dear Jennifer, May you now rest in peace, surrounded by God's love. I pray for your family and friends, and all many lives you have graced with your love.


Dawn Marquette wrote:

Rest in peace, Jenny. I wish I could be there. Thank you for being my friend.


JoAnn Klopack wrote:

Dear Jennifer...May you be with the" Angels" in Our Lord's "Heavenly Garden" and have seen His "Blessed" Face...for now you are free of pain and can share in the everlasting Peace and Joy only Heaven can bring.. You fought a great fight and now your reward is here! But, know you'll be missed and loved by so many forever!


Thomas Iskalis wrote:

My most sincere condolences to you Andy and all of Jim’s family as you draw upon Jim’s courage and strength in recent years. You loved and cared for Jim with such dedication. Andy, I am out of town thus week, but you and your family are on my mind in my heart. Fondly, Tom


Delia O'Connor wrote:

Deb, I’m so sorry for your loss. May the good memories help you through this difficult time.


Jeanne and Ron Ohr wrote:

Dear Bob , we always loved talking with you as you were a wealth of knowledge and so very interesting, we loved running into you in the neighborhood and always a surprise to see you’ve walked a mile or miles from home. You were truly an inspiration to us. It was a gift to have been lucky enough to know you for the past 20 years, and we so appreciated how good you were to your neighbors, our grandchildren. You were the life of the parties and made the best drinks! You will be missed by so many so sorry for Sue and your family. We will always remember you until we meet again.


Roy Walker wrote:

Andy & family: My most sincere condolences on the passing of your husband. Jim is now in heaven, looking down, together with my recently deceased wife,Diane, on us. God and weather willing, I will be the service on Wednesday. Roy


Shirley Henning wrote:

Rest in Peace ???? We will meet one day ????


Nancy Lyon wrote:

I remember Jim was very very happy at Jared’s wedding in August. Jim, you will be missed....


Vicki Swanson wrote:

Susanne, Tommy, & Patrick. So sorry to hear about Bob’s passing. We will keep you all in our prayers and thoughts.


John Mundy wrote:

I knew him from Calvert House at the University of Chicago. He was a shining light during my years there. Fr. Bill was witty, funny, compassionate. It was a joy to know him. May he rest in peace and intercede for us.



Linda Podraza wrote:

Jennifer may you rest in peace.



Linda Podraza wrote:

Jennifer may you rest in peace,


Don & Brenda Struve wrote:

We are deeply saddened to hear of Mick's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


Donna Pitts wrote:

So sorry Judy to u and your family. Micks at peace now and may God comfort u and yours


Mark Pietz wrote:

Our condolences to the Kiely/ Ozima families. We will cherish many fond memories of Carol and her kind and generous soul. The Pietz family.


Douglas Swanson wrote:

Thanks so much for the email. We are in Texas for a family Christmas. We will try to make it over. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


Joyce B. wrote:

I wish to express my deepest sympathy, allowing time to become a healing factor. In God’s Word the Bible it speaks to us about the healing that God will provide. At Job 14:14,15 it gives us the peace of mind that I wish to extend at this time of loss.


Maureen M. Drees wrote:

Judy, I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so very sorry to learn of the loss of Mick.


Susan Lietzke wrote:

Judy and family, So very sorry for your loss. Mick was such a good man. My prayers are with you. Susan Lietzke


Susan Lietzke wrote:

Thinking of you



Brad Benton wrote:

My sincerest and heartfelt sympathies to Judy and her family.


Frank Avila wrote:

I am very sad, and sorry, to hear about the death of Mr. Petar Tomic. May Petar Tomic's Memory be Eternal! Mr. Tomic was a good husband, good father, good provider, hard worker, and a good man. He was always kind to me. I am very sad to hear about his death. My prayers for the repose of his soul and prayers that God comforts his family in this time of loss and grief. Frank Avila and Family


MaryJeanne Monhardt wrote:

Donna, you and your family are in my prayers. You know you have always been a special favorite.


Derek Justmann wrote:

To the Pallazzolo Family - my sincere and deepest condolences on the loss of a wonderful man, it was always a joy watching him and my Dad chat along the fence in Palatine. I am also sorry I could not attend the visitation in person, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. Derek


Valerie Serzen wrote:

Dear Hope and family My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Olga Ortiz-O'Connor wrote:

Dear Palazzolo Family - With my mots sincere and deepest sympathy. Please know that I'm sharing your sorrow in the distance and keeping you in my prayers. My candle is lit in your dear father's memory. With all my love and friendship! Sincerely, your friend Olga Ortiz-O'Connor and Family.


Mark wrote:

I Love You, Mom


Daniel McFadden wrote:

Mr Schuld was a blessing in my life he was a great example of a hardworking man and he always spoke words of wisdom to me concerning life and having balance, he told me years ago not to be so busy that I forget about my family, I will miss our talks that we had from time to time they where not just about work they had great substance ( family,life,death,God,life after death ). He always made me fill like I was more that and employee, I will miss him for now but I believe I will see him again. Schuld family you will always be in my prayers as well as RPS family


Wayne Cozzolino wrote:

Hope, I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. You and your family are in my prayers.


Kimberly Vogel wrote:

Jody and Walter outside Kimberly's college dorm at Carthage College


Kimberly Vogel wrote:

Jody at Waikiki beach, Hawaii


Kimberly Vogel wrote:

Sarah, Walter, Jody, David, Ellen


Kimberly Vogel wrote:

Kimberly, Walter, Jody


Sr. Mary Frances SEELEY wrote:

David, you will be sorely missed. May God grant you His peace in His mercy and compassion.


Mom wrote:

Dear Mikey, Merry Christmas Love and Miss you every single day! Love Mom, Fergie and Mollie


Rosa G wrote:

My sincere condolences to your family. May you find comfort in knowing that God promises to "recover our loved ones from the power of the grave." (Hosea 13:14) Then "the righteous will possess the earth and they will live forever on it." (Psalms 37:29) The Bible gives us hope for Ms. Josephine.



Mary wrote:

Hi Honey, Could not let Christmas go by without thinking of you. Had mass said agin last night for you. You are missed daily but the Holiday time is always the worst. Rest in PEASE my Love, Love You ALWAYS.


Ruby Stephens wrote:

Paul, so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.


Jim Kapolas wrote:

One of the most wonderful human beings any of us could have had the honor to know, Nate was the essence of "family". No matter how much time passed between seeing each other his warmth and genuine love was always present. As one of my Mom's all-time favorites, he will truly be missed.. On behalf of Melodee, myself, and our whole family, "May His Memory Be Eternal".


Amanda Jakupovic wrote:

I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph and Joan at the gym. They always melted my heart.. It was easy to see the love they shared for one another. I will always remember when I'd give Joseph an exercise to try and he'd just reply with "you're the boss". He would be rooting for Joan as she went through her strength training routine. It seemed like they were each others biggests fans as they would always make some kind of connection even just passing by eachother for a quick second. I would see him and Joan sitting and chatting with Liz from the spa. Liz and I would always say how we hoped to have the kind of marriage that Joan and Joseph have. I only knew Jospeh for a short while but I learned from him and he made an impact on my life forever. I am very thankful for that.


Josephine Bruno wrote:

Dear Ann and Bill, So sorry for your terrible loss. I will keep Sammy, his family, and you and Bill in my prayers. Love, Jo



Robert Ojima wrote:

A candle will always be lit for my cousin Carol and in our hearts forever.


Robert Ojima wrote:

May fond memories of brilliance of Carol bring you comfort during this hard time in your life. Look back on all the good memories we were able to have and smile at the fact that you were able to share these before Carol passed away. Our hearts and prayers go out to you, cousins, friends and your family. Carol will always be alive in our hearts! The Ojima's of Gig Harbor WA. Robert, Sharyn and Andrew


Mae Chelyn Oallares Abag wrote:

May you rest in peace Uncle


Cheryl Thompson wrote:

Anita was a wonderful and hysterically funny mother-in-law for me! I could sit for hours and listen to her funny stories!! I learned a lot fro her and Will and I am happy they are together again! My condolences to the Genovese all had an imprint on my life while I was married to Geno! My wonderful memories and their faith comfort me. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to attend any services as I am in California for two months. Take care of each other...Love, Cheryl


Vee Manc wrote:

My sincere condolences to family and friends at this time of loss. There are Bible passages that comforts me greatly. Jesus promised he will resurrect our loved ones. John 5: 28 and 29. When earth becomes the place of peace Jesus talked about at Matthew 5:5, then we will live the promise of everlasting peace. Psalm 37:29. We have a promise from God at Revelation 21:3,4. There will be no more death and pain. There is more comfort to be read about in God's Word, the Bible concerning the resurrection and reuniting with our loved ones. May God’s peace be yours. Isaiah 26:4.



Georgia Polidoros wrote:

So very sorry for your loss Natalia and Family! My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to you!



Mike McGarry, Tom murphy wrote:

We are old old friends of Gary and Kevin from 51st and Lawndale. Very saddened to hear of the passing of are dear friend. We send our condolences to his family. We will always remember him.



Paige wrote:

Wishing you peace in knowing he's in a better place. Love you girl stay strong I KNOW you can!


Wendy Burger (Layman) wrote:

Fond memories of Mr. Palazzolo and time spent with the Palazzolo family. Thinking of you all at this difficult time. God bless



Natalia wrote:

Love you Daddy with all my heart now and forever!



Susie wrote:

My memories are of everyday things and I cannot pick just one. Everyday, I miss him.


Cherished Place Staff wrote:

Shirley will truly be missed here at Cherished Place


Glynis Hirsch wrote:

My dear Wendy I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Your dad was not only special to you and to your family but to me and my family for years and years. His warm smile and enthusiasm greeted us each time we visited Kow Kow. He was the glue. He was the host with the most. He will never be forgotten. I hope a lifetime of good memories will ease the grief of your loss. Your dad was a "giant". My sincerest condolences. Glynis



Lori Kimmel wrote:

So sorry for your loss


Josephine, Richard, Janice, Frances, and Leah Zaloudek wrote:

Our deepest sympathies to your family. Will be keeping you in our prayers.


Ray Maddock wrote:

Anita will be greatly missed. Anita knew ALL the lyrics to every song I played and loved to join in. I got to know her pretty well over the years; we were both from Missouri. She told me a lot of stories, including about her musical father, how her grandmother killed a snake, and how much she loved her grandmother. Anita was always such fun. God bless her.


Wally Theefs wrote:

Marian and Family: I am so sorry to hear of Joel's passing. May God comfort you during this troubled time.


The Brege Family wrote:

Kelly- Our hearts are with you and your family. Our sincere condolences.


DW wrote:

To the Family, so sorry for your loss. Hope you will be comforted in knowing that Anita has the prospect of being resurrected, healthy (in the flesh), to Paradise Earth just as Jehovah God has promised. In fact , the vast majority will enjoy everlasting life right here on earth as God had intended from the beginning. God's Kingdom will do this under the rule of Jesus Christ. READ John 5:28, 29, Job 14:14, 15,Psalms 37:29,Matthew 6:9,10, Matthew 5:5 and Revelation 21:2-4



Mary wrote:

I will miss our talks. ❤️


Andrei wrote:

Kat, My sister. My best friend. You were always my go to for advise on anything. I will always remember you as the strong tuff big sister. Lola and Lucy will be my number one priority and I will never let you down. I miss you so greatly. Life will never be the same but you will never leave by heart. Mom, Tat, the girls and the whole rest of the family miss you so much. I will keep this family together no matter what it takes. I know if the tables were turned, you would be the strong one as you always were. I love you my big sister! Your brother Andrei


Arne B Warda and Marne S Warda wrote:

Marc we are very thankful we shared with you and Gina two Dinners and Shows at Drury Lane this year..A real treat...You were always Loved and will be missed. Our Prayers go with Gina and the family.. May our good Lord fill them with his Mercy and Grace.... Forever may you rest in the Kingdom of God...



Maria Niazi wrote:

Dearest Lynn, Zoe, and Zach, I didn't know your husband-father well, but from all you told me he was a loving husband and a fantastic dad. I know that whenever his name was mentioned, your smile said it all. Loving, kind, giving and generous with his time on all activities in the community. He was definitely a pillar of his surroundings. Your children are such shining stars of the great job that both of you did in raising them. They will always be a blessed reminder of his love and influence on them. You are in my prayers. Your Friend Maria


Jo Ann Petterson wrote:

I just found out about Eileen's passing. This was a great shock to me as we worked together for many, many years. She is missed by everyone. I will light a candle for her at mass today and for her family. She loved them dearly.