Condolences for Marcia Diamond


Pam Morris-Irizarry wrote:

I have so many great memories of Marcia. we had a great time in Florida after graduating high school. Marcia was always there when I had good times, and when things were hard. Marcia was the best to talk to about politics. Marcia was full of jokes, humor, and love. I was able to count on Marcia for moral support. She was always there. Marcia was full of laughter and respect. You can not ask for any better of a friend. I can go on and on about all of Marcia's great qualities, and what a wonderful human being she always was. .Marcia, I will miss your wonderful conversations, your beautiful warm smiles, your jokes, your mind, your beauty, and so much more for who you are. I loved you the last 51 years, and I will love you forever. you will be missed so much, but you're out of all the pain you put up with that horrible disease caused. you fought so hard, and now you can stop fighting. No matter are the winner. Rest in Peace my great friend, and we will talk soon. Love You