Condolences for Helen Marie Menarik

Dennis A. (Denny) Kecso wrote:

Dear Mark, Leslie, and Family, It was always a pleasure to celebrate Holiday Dinners with Helen. I'm so glad that we could celebrate this past Easter together, Helen was so happy and cheerful! She truly was/is a "Valiant Woman" as is declared in the Book of Proverbs 31:10-31. I'm not sure if this website supports hyperlinks, but this is an excellent animation of the passage in Proverbs in Helen's honor:


Paula Hild wrote:

I am really sorry to hear that Helen has passed away. We would go for brunch after the (now) 11:00 Mass with her cohort Irene Hurley and others from St. Mary of the Woods. She was an accomplished artist and whenever I would see her at Jewel she was always not walking but almost running. She was amazing.