Condolences for Patrick J. Forde

Linda Dempsey Wallace wrote:

Fond memories of your visits to Mullingar You were s great friend to our Dad Sean You are together now, I can only imagine the craic. We will remember you always


Margaret O'Connor Carlson wrote:

Mr. Forde, I have very fond memories of your smile, your laughter, your generous heart and kind soul. You were the only person who could call me Margie, because you immediately shared your radiant smile. I was so fortunate to become friends with Ann (your daughter) 35 years ago, meeting you and Mrs. Forde, and your beautiful family. You have touched so many people and we are all better people because of your gentle soul. Peace be with you with Our Heavenly Father.


John Dewan wrote:

Pat was my friend and next-door neighbor for over 30 years. What a good man he was! I got to know him most from our Tuesday night trips to the St. Mary of the Woods bowling league. Based on 33 years of bowling together, that’s over 1000 trips to and from the bowling alley together! Here are some of the comments about Pat that were shared by his friends in the bowling league: Frank Ring: Pat and I bowled on the same team for many years, and I can't imagine having a nicer teammate than Pat. Jamie Toohey: My favorite teammate! How many times did this proud man with a high handicap step up and roll three strikes in the 10th. RIP! Tom Dreher: I just met Pat last year, my 1st in the league & very much enjoyed the few conversations I had with him. My prayers are for him & his family. Pat McGonagle: so sorry to hear about our favorite Lad Mike Garvey: Rest In Peace Patrick! Don Marchman: Rest in peace my good man. Mel Winer: regards to pat’s family…at the first week of bowling a league wide toast (to Pat) Taki Kostopoulos: We will miss him. Dave Harrington: Pat was a good man and I’ll keep him in my prayers. Scott Block: The league will not be the same without him. George Saffa: Pat, Rest in Peace..... such a quiet gentleman Pat just celebrated his 40th year in the St. Mary of the Woods Bowling league, the most of anyone who bowled this past year. Jamie mentioned how Pat always came through in the clutch. When the going got tough, Pat got going! It turns out Pat is the second most frequent champion the league has ever had. He was on a championship seven different times. The only person with more championships is his teammate for most of those years, Joe Ring, who had eight championships. (Thank you, Walt Schmit, for your incredible league record-keeping). One of the things I most enjoyed was getting the news update from Pat on our weekly car rides. He would always tell me the latest that he just heard on the news. We really enjoyed talking about the Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, and the Bulls. I even got him to talk about the White Sox once in a while! And when we got to the alley, he really enjoyed himself. Whether it was the Pat Forde fist bump at the pins when he threw a strike, or the thumbs up he would give as he humbly lowered his eyes whenever he was complimented, we all loved that man. Pat was a kind and gentle man with a good heart. He will always be my friend and I will truly miss him. John Dewan