Condolences for Xu Meng

Melissa wrote:

Xu Meng was a friendly neighbor. He was always respectful and humble. He always greeted with a smile. The times I saw him, he was always with his Family. Xu Meng and his family are in our prayers. Rest In Peace, Xu Meng. :-(


David Sandlund Retired CPD 020 wrote:

Rest in peace my brother in blue, thank you for serving.


Henry Lai wrote:

On behalf of the AALEA Executive Board and Chairs, I am deeply saddened by the passing of one of our AALEA Brothers: Xu Meng, CPD, 24th District. He left behind his wife and his 5 years old son. Xu Meng was an honest, humbled, friendly and hardworking officer and I had the great honor to work with him. I recall when I was his FTO, I have found him to be a bright, diligent and enthusiastic person. He was affable to those who came in contact with him, and just about everyone seemed to like him. I can rest assured that AALEA will be there for his family during this tragedy. Brother Xu Meng, you will never be forgotten. May you RIP. Fraternally yours, H. Lai President, AALEA


Simon Li wrote:

Miss cousin officer Meng Xu [tears] suddenly heard cousin police officer Meng dies, and can't express the sad shock 🙏 [tears] (Li Xiangguang's cousin, his aunt's son) Last weekend, another cousin, the son of the second aunt called from Michigan and said that Meng Xu suddenly passed away. He said that Meng Xu had just won the honorary award of the outstanding police officer of the Chicago Police Department a few days ago. WeChat said happy laugh]..... Officer Meng was also one of the image spokespersons for the recruitment advertisements of the Chicago Police Department....We saw the details of the incident from the Chicago News... I remember the first time I met the Meng police officer. At that time, Mengxu Xiao, who was only 8 years old, was at the house of Beijing’s Dongtangzi Hutong Li Xiangguang. A young boy with a big smile on his face was led by the uncle. My aunt and uncle got married late, and it was a pleasure to have a baby son. My aunt went to study in the United States in her forties, studied two master's degrees before and after, and worked to get a green card... Meng Meng came to the United States when she was in middle school. Officer Meng had been in the US military for a few years. I remember that my aunt was very proud to talk about her son’s life in the US military. There are few Chinese soldiers. It is a rare experience to have several years of US military training. A few years ago, my cousin went to Vancouver for a business trip and came to play at home. I was so happy to see the little boy growing up so well. 🙏[shed tears] Seeing the news, Officer Meng’s neighbor said that he was so friendly and kind, always with a smile on his face...RIP


~ ~ Fr. Dan Brandt, CPD Chaplain wrote:

Heartfelt and prayerful condolences from the Chicago Police Chaplains. Xu will be remembered at the next Police Mass. In the meantime, may family and friends know the healing touch of our all-loving, all-merciful God! [Police Chaplains Ministry: or 312/738-7588]


Sgt. Al, (018 CPD ret) wrote:

Rest in Peace our brother in blue.


Angela Long wrote:

I was totally shocked when I heard the news from my sister, who lived in the same city with you. I couldn’t believe what happened on you and your family. In my memory, you’re always young. And you’re always my tall, brave, handsome, and warm-hearted little brother with a smile on your face all the time. The first time I saw you was when we moved to Beijing and you were a student on grade 1. You were very active and might make some troubles to your mother, but brought a lot of fun and happieness to your older brothers and sisters. Just like most of the little boys grew up in Beijing. you had native Beijing accent which had never changed even after you had moved to the US for years. We’d met several times after you went to the US navy and college. You told me your stories about the girls around you, your studies in the college, your career as a skillful salesman…..You always had tons of excuses to let me to pay meals. I always refused at the beginning but always surrendered to pay just like every older sisiter in China did to her little brother. That’s a small game between you and me. What you liked the most was lamb kebab. You know what, now I worked in the area where has the most famous lamb kebab in Beijing. But I don’t have the chance to invite you to taste it. In the past few years, you married and became a father. I saw your pictures and videos from our family wechat group. You had a very lovey wife and cute boy. You spent a lot of time with your family. I could feel you were so happy with your family. All of sudden, you had grown up to be a great husband, a great father, and a great son. Every time I saw those pictures and videos, I saw smile on your face just like the first time I was you as a little boy. I love your smile. Just few days ago, your mother told me your story about how you became a police officer. She told me that’s your dream. This job was full of danger and hardwork, but you really enjoyed the time in that you could help and service people. I’m very happy to know that you found the meaning of you life and made your dream come true. I guess you had a great time. Meng Xu, my dear little brother. I will be always missing you. Wish you rest in peace and be happy in heaven.



Yingsa Long wrote:

I miss you my little brother. I wish to hear your voice again and see you relaxing in my recliner, eating your favorite seafood, drinking beer, and talking about family, your work, your vacation, your happiness, your worries...I love you. May you rest in peace