Condolences for Walter W. Whisler, M.D., Ph.D.


Penny Radke-Bailitz wrote:

Dr. Whisler was a wonderful doctor. He took care of my dear husband, Kermit Radke, Sr. many years ago. Kerm had a brain tumor with only three months to live. However, with Dr. Whisler at his side, Kerm lived over two plus years after two operations. Kerm was even able to go back to work and we lived a very normal life. Dr. Whisler always asked how our sons, Kermit Jr. and Kurtis were doing when we came for check ups. There was no hope for a long life, but we accepted that. On July 7 1985 Kerm passed away at the age of 42 years old. Dr. Whisler called that day to check on the boys and me to see if we needed anything. What a sweet gesture which I will never forget. Thank you Dr. Whistler, will never forget you. Our love and prayers to your family. You will always be in our heart, can’t thank you enough. Penny Radke-Bailitz from Twin Lakes, Wi., Dr. Kermit Radke, Lake Forest, Il. and Kurtis (Heather) Radke, Grayslake, Il.


Terry Sullivan wrote:

Dr.Whisler will forever be an honored name in our family's history. In 1969, Dr.Whisler attended to our daughter,Julie Sullivan. She was born with spina bifida birth defects ., He case was particularly complicated. In fact, it was the most sever case of spina bifida birth defect Dr.Whisler and his associates had encountered to date. Not only did he perform a series of extremely complicated and crucial surgeries to save Julie, he also stayed by our side to help us on what would be a long journey. My wife Marie and i were only 24 years old. Dr.Whisler was not that much older. But he exuded a compassion and a confidence that put us at ease in the most trying ordeal of our lives. Julie is now 51 years old. She is here with us because of him. Still today, we remember him and talk of him...particularly when we are taken by gratitude for our daughter's well-being. God bless him for saving her life. Our gratitude is genuine and will be unending. in his name. . Terry ,Marie and Julie Sullivan