Condolences for Dina Roumeliotis

Alexia Koliatsis wrote:

George, I would like to express my most sincere condolences to you on the passing of your mom. She was a beautiful person with such a kind heart and soul who cared deeply about other people. My mom considered your mom to be her best friend...someone she loved, respected, and admired. My mom shared many memories with your mom over the years, all of which were wonderful. I remember them talking on the phone every day, and sometimes I would pick up the phone to talk with your mom which was always a joy! We are deeply saddened with her passing, and we know you are too--but we hope you find comfort in knowing she is at peace, with Jesus, and that you will be reunited with her someday. I truly believe that Jesus inherited an angel when your mom went to heaven to be with Him. I will miss your mom, and she will always hold a special place in my heart. My family and I will keep you in our prayers, and if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. May your mom’s memory be Eternal. With love & sympathy, Alexia Koliatsis (Avra's daughter)


Avra Lavidas wrote:

Dina, it’s been days since we attended your funeral, and we’re still in disbelief. I will miss your smile and your kindness. We met during our college entrance exams and became best of friends. We shared so many beautiful memories together throughout our lives, know that I will treasure every single one of them. We always said we’d be together in retirement, but God had different plans for you. Know you’ll be very missed by everyone, and all who you touched should consider themselves to be very fortunate. Good bye my friend, and know you were loved very much.


maria olczyk wrote:

The meaning of a true Friend. In 1964 ,both from different countries, our paths crossed. We automatically clicked, even tho both with not 1 word of English. We attended same grammar schools and partial high schools. You spread your wings and sheltered me under. You recommended my first job ,and second ,at the same time learning English. I've never experienced such loving person as a friend. We ran a shoe store as management ,at the age of 16. Our love for each other grew stronger by each second. At the age of 18 I found my self in love, my boyfriend went into the Army. You sheltered me again, listened to thousands of hours lamenting and crying of how much I missed him. I had no money to buy a wedding dress, because we wanted to get married, you offered to help. We both went and bought material and your aunt Irene made my wedding dress. Looking back my friends and family ,now are always reminded of love for me. You stood up to my wedding, I moved away to Germany. We reconnected ,you got married ,had a son, who became the most important part of your life. I have 3 children, we shared many days ,gatherings ,holidays as much as we could. When my husband was tragically killed in the military, you became my life support. You again were there 24/7 no matter the time 3 or 4 in the morning ,talking on the phone and telling me of Gods promises ,that pain will get lighter. As you traveled through your life's journey, I tried to be there for you as well. As we grew older w e became so much richer in our faith, our love for each other and our families. Your journey was much heavier than mine. We shared the most intimate feelings , that only a best friends can trust to the end. Many times we shared stories, feelings ,with each other that we couldn't with our children, for the sake of protecting them .When we were young, we never thought life would bring us to this point with so many ,trials happiness and tragedies.My very closest friend a priest who now passed away, once asked me, when I was going through my own tragedy,Mary,you have so many friends all around,but how many you have ,that is your best ,honest and only true friend. Without hesitation I replied 1,Dina.As I visited you later,we again talked about your family ,Michael, Chris your Mom and Dad,of how good they were to me.Not realizing that it might of been the last time I wanted you to know of how Blessed Im to have had you in my 57 years of my life.Now only pictures remain in its physical condition, but you will never leave my mind.Looking back on our lives,I so believe in Gods goodness, somehow somewhere from 2 different places of the map,God sended me this special Angel. You were you are you forever will be my guiding light.Though ,you may be invisible ,you will be with me through eternity.As we believe in God, I believe with all my heart,that God has prepared the most Beautiful Room in His Mansion for you arrival.Surely He has seen your goodness,you never had extra money in your pocket,because when you did ,you automatically shared with others.Ive never known such another human being.I solute you, for the person you are, I solute you for your strenght you had through your life, but mostly Im so Blessed for our friendship ,for knowing such an incredible human being.My family and I are so much more richer knowing you. May God Give You that Special Place In His Kingdom.Your son George ,was and is the most important part of your life, and you must be so proud of him ,through his busy life, he never stepped away from you.And Im so profoundly proud of him.Maria Olczyk Family.


maria olczyk wrote:

maria olczyk