Condolences for Theodore J. “Ted” Tomusiak

Juanita Wills-Harold and Rosemarie Marx Memorial Fund President wrote:

Ted was a loyal friend of the Marx Fund for many years during his tenure at Juvenile Court and after he retired. He always remembered the Marx Fund and we will remember him. We extend our deepest condolence to the family. Stay encouraged.


Rick Tekip wrote:

Ted was the man who interviewed me for my job as a Probation Officer. He was also my first training supervisor. When I was hired, he encouraged me to "give yourself a year" and not get frustrated too soon on such a challenging job. Here it is 29 years later and I'm still with the court.


Tom Ochal wrote:

So very sorry to hear of Ted's passing. We were classmates at Weber HS. I've notified the other 'mates, and we will offer our prayers now and through our Alumni Association's Mass.


Jennifer Prislinger wrote:

So saddened by Ted's passing. Sending prayers and thoughts to his family and friends. May Ted rest in peace. Our dear Kathy I'm sure is delighted to be united with Ted once again.