Condolences for Betty A. Dillhoff

Nancy Wysocki wrote:

There are a few people that I have been blessed to know in my lifetime that sets the bar to being strong in the face of life's challenges, and Betsey is one of them. Being her hairdresser for the past several years, we would talk about many things. Betsey was a beacon of strength for me. Her ability to speak from the cuff and tell you like it is, made her the most impressionable person to anyone that knew her. Generous, and a true caregiver to animals and those that matter to her, she will be truly missed. I know because I miss her...



Arlene Mckittrick wrote:

Betsy was always so kind to me. We had so much fun on our trips to dog show in Michigan with Betsy and her sister Marylou , Adam, Marylou and I those were fun. When I go by the house she always welcomed me with open armed and asked how I was doing. Rest In Peace Betsy. Your our angle 😇😇😇