Condolences for Jill O’Brien

Susan Kasluga Regina ‘65 wrote:

For Jill, family and friends I am singing prayers of sympathy. Susan Kasluga Regina’65


ilene De wrote:

Though I wasn't blessed to know Jill, I was blessed to know Judith and Jill's nieces well. What an incredible family and how amazing Jill was in life. My love and prayers go out to her family, people I came to love and admire over the years. God bless all.


Dr. Kathleen Burke wrote:

Jill was a year behind me at Regina Dominican. She entered the Adrian Dominicans shortly after I exited, but our paths crossed at DePaul & again at Regina when her nieces attended. Jill gave tirelessly to the Dominican and DePaul communities, and to her family and friends. I know the angels have led her into paradise where, at last, she can rest in peace.


Kathy Manrriquez wrote:

As a volunteer Girl Scout Leader for her 3 nieces' Brownie troop, Jill shared her enthusiasm, professional skills, and creativity to make a memorable experience for all the girls. Jill and Judy presented a "Broadway-level" production of the "Brownie Story" that brought down the house! The girls learned so much with Jill and Judy as leaders! Jill was a gift to us all.


Mary Lee Odders wrote:

Jill was a long-time Lay Dominican in the Central Province, whose contagious laugh and joy are legendary! She was deeply committed to the Nona McGreal Center for Dominican Studies (archives) at Dominican University, especially after being a past Lay Dominican provincial president and provincial secretary. Lay Dominicans of our province stand on Jill's shoulders, as she was responsible for the strong foundation of our Provincial Council bylaws, our governing document based on the Rule and Guidelines of the Central Province. We were all the grateful beneficiaries of her wisdom and ability to communicate effectively. Jill will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, dear friend.


Honora Werner, OP wrote:

Jill was a faithful, joyous, and generous member of the Board of Parable Conference for Dominican Life and Mission in the 1990’s. Her ideas, her hearty laugh, and her constant energy gifted us all. Thanks Jill. Rest in glory and pray for us!!


Michelin Lentino wrote:

Very saddened to hear of the passing of a longtime friend. I knew Jill at Queen of All Saints and Regina Dominican. She was a very kind soul and we picked up where we left off whenever I saw her. I urge her family to think of her spirit as a flame glowing within their hearts fir eternity.


Mary Lu O'Halloran wrote:

Jill, I will always remember you as your obituary described you. You were a professional since our high school days at Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette, Illinois. You are and were a warm loving precious person… kindhearted, gentle, fun, brilliant and compassionate. You led a blessed life. You will be missed. God Bless you Jill I am so glad I knew you-you touched my life in a very positive way. Love, Mary Lu Loari-O’Halloran


Joseph Komadina wrote:

My sincere condolences to Jill’s family. I have known Jill for many years as a fellow member of the Central Province Dominican Laity. She served us in many roles in the Provincial Council over the years. She served as Provincial President any years ago and continued after her term ended to take an active part in Council affairs over the years as, variously, Inter-Provincial (regional) Delegate, Recording Secretary, Co-Promoter of Preaching, a Provincial delegation member at the Congress for the Mission of the Order at the Angelicum in Rome, and most recently as Archivist and our presence in her role as board member of the McGreal Center. Her competence, meticulous attention to detail, wit, charm, warmth and faithfulness will remain a constant memory and model for those of us who were her sisters and brothers in St. Dominic.


Josette Buehlman (Miller) wrote:

Jill and I were friends at Regina. We lost touch after graduation. She went on to live an amazing life. I am sad she died while she was still doing so much. All her family and friends will be in my prayers


Marianne Strumberger wrote:

On behalf of a fellow sister Girl Scout, we send our condolences to Jill's family. Both Jill and Judy lead troop #28 at QAS for years. Jill will be missed.


Bruce Evensen wrote:

I knew Jill for 33 years. I was one of the first hires in 1988 for the Communication Department at DePaul University that Jill helped to create. A great many of us have found work at DePaul in the years that followed because of Jill's great skill and vision in helping to create the department and in building its future as one of the great colleges in the country. That is quite a lasting legacy. Jill was a wonderful sister and aunt and loved her family. She fought the good fight against an autoimmune disease with great fortitude and equanimity. It is a wonderful example of courage under pressure. She is a heroine of the Catholic Church. Jill always wore a ring to show her devotion to the church and its teaching. Jill, you leave us triumpantly after an enduring record of service that moth and rust will never corrupt. You now enter into your Father's home with great gladness.