Condolences for Susan Marie Schmittroth

Annabelle White Kania wrote:

For me Sue was a kaleidoscope of opposing qualities blended in to a one of a kind delight. She was pragmatic and idealistic, earthy and airy, responsible and playful. Feet firmly on the ground preparing nourishing meals and whimsically creative making beaded jewelry, leather works for craft fairs, and capturing the essence of people through her portraiture. I have her oil pastel “Owl in a Cactus” still hanging in pride of place in my entry that she gifted to her brother Jim and I more than 40 years ago. Sue was a larger than life person for me. I admired her and wanted to be her at times. She was a significant part of my journey to find myself and be happy with who I am just by being so wholly herself. Sue created many things that added beauty and interest to the world but she herself was not materialistic. Sue was Mother Earth, looking after other people, caring deeply about the environment from way way back, like 52 years ago when I first met her, and caring about her fellow earthlings all while having fun. She contributed so much to the lives around her but I have no doubt she considered her greatest contributions to be Marie and Matthew. I regret that I have never met Matthew, my loss I’m sure. The memory I hold most dear is a spring day spent with 23 year old Sue, 4 year old Marie, and my 15 month old son Tobias: I was about 20. It was a gorgeous, breezy, sunny, soft Detroit day with empty lots filled with pink and white flowers and dandelions. We were walking from a craft shop near 12th and Canfield and stopped in a field overrun with dandelions to rest. Sue had made fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with honey and flavored with crushed mint leaves. So refreshing! Birds singing, bees buzzing and butterflies floating. We all played in that field and made dandelion chains and enjoyed each other and the day. We were young and joyful with a lifetime of possibilities ahead of us! We took different routes but Sue and I did both find that road of happy destiny. I think of Sue now as an earthy, concrete yet lighter than air whimsical creative woman. A light filled being now lifted in to a spiritual world where that fresh, sweet smelling sun flooded day is forever. My life has been richer for having known Sue Schmittroth. My love and heartfelt condolences go out to all the Schmittroths, John, Steve, Teresa, Marie, Mathew and Tobias, an honorary Schmittroth, for this profound d loss.


Matt Sobczyk wrote:

Sue, you were a very special person in my and Holly's lives. The astilbes you planted in our front planter will be a great reminder of your presence every time they bloom.


Marty, Su & Matt Maneck wrote:

Dearest Schmitty, please accept our deepest condolences. Just remember Matt, Marty, and I are here for you!


Brian Amado wrote:

Sue and Jim always treated me like family. Some of my best memories are with Matt during sleepovers and spending time with their family. Matt and I were best friends ever since we met. Sue meant so much to me I am thankful the last few years we would still exchange Xmas cards, and I will never forget the nice gifts she gave us after the birth of our twins.



Sue was very talented artist and incredibly patient with novices like me. I did my first in life pumpkin carving using Sue’s design, tools and under her supervision. It was so much fun! Very grateful for having known her for all those years!


Carol Goldman wrote:

I remember when Sue brought chocolate chip cookies with walnuts to a meeting I was at and I loved them so much!! She was a wonderful baker and a wonderful person. Love and miss her. Carol from Carol’s Cookies


Jackie Feinartz wrote:

I met Sue over 14 years ago on the first day I entered The Chapman Center in Highland Park. There sat a woman approx 10 years older than I (I was 54 at the time) with long blond hair and large earrings. - everything about her said "I was a hippy & still am!" Through the years Sue & I became close friends - we shared a love of gardening, cooking/baking & the fellowship of AA. Her 'free spirit" showed in everything she did. On my 60th birthday she made me a beautiful Menorah that sits in a place of prominence in my living room. Her special laughter will always ring in my ears! Gonna miss you lady - rest in peace ... Love Jackie


Steve Schmittroth wrote:

All in all a pretty good sister


James Brooks wrote:

Garden Star We met Sue at a community garden She shared her sunny smile and Bonny bright spirit with us Our friendship grew like the plants in our plots Unconditionally she gave all of us novice gardeners Her expertise and gardening tips Eyes twinkling and shining She would patiently explain How When Why To plant certain vegetables Her patience was Job-like Her knowledge vast as Lake Michigan Her generosity boundless as the Sahara We grew as gardeners and as friends Our vegetable plants reflected our own natural cycle, they Sprouted Fruited Seeded Died Sue’s spirit will continue to shine on our garden— And our lives. by James Brooks July 2021


Tobias White wrote:

May My dearly beloved Aunt (not by blood, but at least as strong) Suzie rest in peace. I think of her fondly from days as a child in 1976. Though her passing saddens me deeply I am grateful for the last time I spent with her at the TI buffet in Las Vegas.


Chris (Howell) Higgins wrote:

I am so saddened to hear about Susie! That is how I knew her as! We went to Mercy together. I loved being her friend and having her for a friend! We lost touch through the years but reconnected a few years ago. I am so glad we did! What an inspiration she was! My condolences to all of you who will missing this sweet, lovely lady.


Gary Zirulnik wrote:

John, Steve and Teresa, My sincere condolences to you and yours. Although I have not connected with you all for years, I did share a FB connect with Sue. I've never forgotten those formative years and the times we shared. All the best to you as you deal with this loss. Gary Z


Thomas Reitmeyer wrote:

Sue will be missed by many. She was a great friend, always thinking of others and how she could help. I will always think of her whenever I eat a peanut butter pie, turn over my rock, or see a brown eyed Susan. Love you Sue