Condolences for Fr. Donald J. Headley

Rigoberto Cárdenas wrote:

San Miguelito recuerda al maravilloso ser humano que fue entre nosotros el Padre Donaldo. Con él, un rayo de esperanza y poder de Dios llegó hasta las casas más humildes, las casas que él visitaba con verdadera pasión y alegría. Era un sabio, pero aprendía de todos y apreciaba a todos, especialmente a los más vulnerables. No sólo hablaba nuestro idioma, hablaba como nosotros...Era incansable, honesto, directo, amable y poseía un gran sentido del humor. Nos dio tanto y con tanto amor, que nunca podremos olvidarlo. Su entrega a la misión de San Miguelito fue total y volvió muchas veces a visitarnos, a pesar de sus enfermedades, él soñaba siempre con San Miguelito y con su gente. La muerte ha venido y no ha podido llevarse nada porque Donaldo todo lo entregó, se donó a sí mismo en una ofrenda de vida y amor, de servicio a la gente. Panamá te debe un monumento, pero tú dejaste muchos monumentos vivos que caminan por las calles de San Miguelito. Descansa, hermano Donaldo, pues el Señor ha afirmado la obra de tus manos y florece sin parar la semilla por ti plantada. Has resucitado entre nosotros y ya brilla para siempre en ti la luz esplendente del Cristo Redentor.


Abdiel Toribio Abrego wrote:

Saludos al Padre Donaldo desde San Miguelito; como su nombre lo dice un gran Don de gente sacaba tiempo de donde no tenía para atender a los demás sobre todo a los pobres y se desvivía por atendernos a nosotros acá en San Miguelito yo soy Abdiel, amigo del Padre y miembro de La Comunidad dónde se desarrolló el experimento de Chicago en San Miguelito ; la misión de Chicago en San Miguelito fue tan inspiradora en mi, tanto así que mi tesis de grado la desarrollé en base a la Parroquia Cristo Redentor de San Miguelito en la licenciatura diseño gráfico. Hoy doy gracias a Dios porque sé que está mejor y en un buen lugar con Dios y que grato y bueno dejar huellas positivas en la historia desde San Miguelito con alto sentimientos de recuerdos de su pueblo que tanto quiso saludos 🙏Gracias Padre Donaldo Panamá, San Miguelito, 19 de septiembre de 2021


Fr. Ken Fleck wrote:

Fr. Don was a faithful member of the ACP and a member of the coordinating board. He was a voice that challenged authorities on issues for the poor, a true witness to his faith and vocation. May he rest in peace. Well done good and faithful servant!


Betty Phillips Posey wrote:

Betty Phillips Posey Fr. Headley was a good friend and mentor to my parents, Ed and Betty Phillips, who were parishioners at Our Lady of Mercy Church for many years. He was at my father’s deathbed offering special prayers and communion and we will always be grateful. May Fr. Headley rest in heavenly peace.


Dennis Phillips wrote:

Fr. Don was instrumental in shifting my faith from adolescence to adult. His preaching inspired me to also want to preach. Although I don’t preach from the pulpit I preach through my relationships and work. He also did the same with more actions than words. My Family was fortunate to have him as our pastor at OLM. May the Angels lead him to paradise. Rest In Peace Fr Don, good and faithful servant. D Phillips, Houston, TX


Ronald Rosito wrote:

One morning during eulogy Father Don asked me what was Jessica cooking for supper tonight I told him Jessica isn't allowed by the stove she's 5 years old He scolded me because every where else in the world children are working younger than 5 And I still believe him He was always there for us all at Our Lady of Merry I miss you Father


David Harwell wrote:

Father Don was my pastor at Our Lady of Mercy parish in the 1990’s, I learned a lot from his sermons and he always had a way of making me a a young child understand the story of the Bible by giving real life examples from his trips to Panama amd life in general! It’s been over 20 years since I seen him last but I still remember him and held him dead to my heart. May he Rest In Peace!


Frank Klein wrote:

Padre Donaldo was a great influence on me when I was a young seminary student. When he was in San Miguelito's Cristo Redentor Parish he opened the doors to a group of young Chilean exiles that included my future wife to call attenetion to human rights abuses in Chile when literally no one else would. He helped arrange my stay with a mission in Panama after he could no longer return there. He will be remembered as a true servant of God's people. May his memory be a blessing to all of us.


Linda Durdov wrote:

My husband “Mike” and I have been parishioners at SMOW for 45 years so we have known Father “Don” for many years. For Mike father Don became the go to “confessor” on Saturday before Mass from the start. After mass they would linger and chat they would become almost “Buddies”. They had a lot in common-same age, dry sense of humor and interests. These last years they shared illnesses had to get used to not being as physically active using a cane a walker and some serious illnesses and setbacks. But they both would recover often through sheer determination and get back to doing what their interests and purposes was. For Father Don it was his parishioners and for my husband Mike it was family. Today these two wonderful men are again sharing similarities - God called both of them Home on the same day JULY 16 2021.