Condolences for Robert K. Waddick

Joy G Mason wrote:

I had the pleasure of working with Bob Waddick for many years on the Board of Sauganash Community Church. He always gave him great advice and support. He never shied away from hard work and getting his hands dirty. He was always a steady, straight trouble shooter. The positive impact he's had on thousands of young men through Boy Scouts cannot be calculated. I have never known such a patient, selfless man. What a privilege to have known him. We can only hope to live up to his standards as a role model and Christian. Rest in Glory, Bob.


Adam Zoeller wrote:

I met Mr. Waddick through my childhood involvement with Scouting troop 834. I still remember to this day the campfire songs we would sing at the weekly troop meetings along with all the fun camping trips we as a troop would go on. He taught me how to to live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law. I will miss his friendship and fellowship. Mr Waddick you will be missed.



Charles F. Beck wrote:

My sincere condolences to his family and friends, I first meet Bob when I was using the Univac 1105 Computer at IIT to process structural analysis and design programs in late 1950’s when The Sargent & Lundy Structural Department first began to use computers. It was a challenging pioneering time when we began switching from the practice o manual design using a slide rule to the new sophisticated Computer. But Bob was their to help us through the ordeal. As we grew in its usage and as head of the Structural Analytical Division I hired Bob to work with us at S&L . He was knowledgeable and had an ability to teach others. He was instrumental in Teaching our senior draftsman how to use the new computer aided drafting programs{CAD). He was a joy to work with and I shall never forget his contribution to our success in implementing this new computer technology. Sincerely. Charles F. Beck