Condolences for Peggy Creech

Russell A Creech wrote:

Moms often say the best thing they have ever been called is Mom. I was one of the few who was so lucky to have her as my Mom and that has always made me feel proud - Proud of her, proud to be her son and proud to call her Mom. Mom, you are my hero. Everything that I hoped to be and every success I ever celebrated was made possible because of you. You believed in me and taught me to be strong, and now more than ever I have to be, but I miss you so very much. I can't help repeating the last words I spoke to you just moments before your beautiful spirit ascended to heaven. I love you.


Patricia Creech wrote:

Peggy will truly be missed by so many people, but especially her family. She was the best mother-in-law a person could have and I hesitate to even use the term "mother-in-law" because she was more like another mother to me. Peggy would a lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. She always had a smile on her face and wanted to make sure her family was happy and comfortable. It was hard to offer help to Peggy because she was too busying helping others! Peggy, you will leave a huge void in our family, but your smile and laughter will always be remembered! Love you and miss you!!